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As the kids get older, it is becoming harder and harder to find good quality, modest bathing suits for my girls. I’ve always been one to grab whatever I can find at Target or Kohls. I don’t really care that they’re cheaply made when they’re younger because they just outgrow them anyways. Even when I have bought more expensive ones at Gap or Gymboree, they tend to fade before the summer’s out.

But as my oldest daughter heads into adolescence, I’m having a harder time finding bathing suits for her that I approve of. I’ve always appreciated the quality and modesty of Lands’ End suits for me, so it makes sense that they would be the first place I’d look to find such a suit for her.

Conveniently, I was contacted by Lands’ End a few weeks ago and offered one of their kids’ bathing suits to try. Gotta luv that!

My daughter chose this one:

Lands' End Girls' Ruffle Front Adjustable One Piece Swimsuit

Isn’t that precious? I love that my 9-year-old still likes ruffly one-piece suits! The adjustable straps enable me to fit it to her so that it doesn’t gape in the front or pull too tightly through the body. It is lined so you can’t see through it, which is more than I can say for the last one-piece suit I bought at Gymboree (and I think that was $30), and this one even has sun protection built into it.

I guess you can tell — I’m thoroughly impressed!

It comes in slim and plus sizes, and on sale right now at $16.99, it is quite affordable. I spend almost that much at Target, but those only last a season. I’m trusting that this one will get passed down to her little sister. I have to assume the quality will hold up — does anyone else have experience with Lands’ End’s kids’ suits? Is this a safe assumption?

I’m reading the reviews online, and there seems to be an issue with the butterflies peeling off. I’ll be watching for this, but given Lands’ End’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, I know they’ll replace it with something else it if it proves to be defective.

I’d love to show you a photo of my daughter wearing it to see how well it fits and how cute it is on, but I’m not a fan of putting swimsuit photos of my kids online. Suffice it to say, I will be ordering more Lands’ End suits for my kids — and I’m planning to take full advantage of the excellent sale they have going on at the moment.

Have you ever tried Lands’ End Swimsuits for kids? What is your opinion?? Worth it?

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19 Responses

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE lands end suits for my girls. They all survived last summer (which is more than I can say about any other suit I have EVER bought them). My girls are still rocking some of last year’s swim separates now (although I am sure they won’t fit in a few weeks).

    RUN, do not walk, RUN to the nearest Sears store with a Lands End section. They have all their kids suits for 40% off ON TOP OF SALE PRICES. That butterfly suit you just bought would have been $11. I stopped by ours on a whim last Thursday and walked out with 2 new suits for each of my daughters, new swim cover ups and rashguards all for no more than $11 each. CRAZYTOWN!

    And those suits will LAST, so much of a better deal than scoring a Target clearance item. And you can top that with Lands End’s amazing lifetime guarantee and great customer service. If the stretch out or fade before they grow out of it Lands End will replace it NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

    And no, I don’t work there – just love amazing quality kid stuff at good prices. I’m actually a little miffed they stopped carrying slim sizes for little girls (starts at 7S now). I have skinny girls and their slims are truly slim which is hard to find in swimwear especially.

  2. I have never bought Land’s End suits, but I think I’ll take Lisa’s advice and run to the Sears store to check out their selection. We seem to go through 3-4 suits during the year (my kids swim year-round). I mostly get them at Target and they stretch out, before they even have a chance to fade out.

  3. Just bought a cute, modest two-piece for my daughter! We are going to the beach soon and she barely fits in the (cheap!) suits from last summer. Thanks for the review and sale info!

  4. I must be the only person who has had issues with LE suits. We predominately swim in lakes, and all of my kids LE suits lost their elastic before the end of August (to be fair, we have one that has made it several seasons). When we do swim in pools, the suits are rinsed so chlorine should not be a problem. Fortunately, they do have the 100% guarantee because I have returned a lot of suits that did not even make it 3 months.

  5. How fitting – while I was reading your post, my nine-year-old daughter was sitting at the table eating lunch in her Lands End bathing suit. (We’re headed to the pool momentarily.)

    Both of my daughters have been wearing Lands End suits for the last several years and we love them! Sometimes they are able to be passed down, sometimes not, but since I typically get them at an excellent price on sale, I really don’t mind replacing them every year. I appreciate that they make modest bathing suits that are cute and of good quality.

  6. love love love LA suits but once your daughter gets to around age 11 she won’t wear those anymore ! Or at least that is what happened at our house. Plus they started adding ruffles to almost every suit. Here is what they need to do:
    -offer a teen and tween line of tankinis without ruffles
    -offer tankini tops that are padded (trust me, tweens need these !!!)
    -they can contact me if they want design help, lol !

  7. Love Land’s End suits… planning tomorrow to go for my girls – glad to hear they are on sale! My daughter still wears hers from last year!

  8. I’d love to see the swimsuit on your daughter but understand about not wanting to post that photo. Please let us know later in the summer how the suit is holding up. I, too, have bought expensive and inexpensive suits for my daughter and find they only last a season either b/c she outgrows it or it fades/doesn’t hold up. I’m fine with it only lasting one season since my daughters taste changes. What bothers me is the lack of modesty and how revealing most of the suits are available for young girls. I’ve had good luck with other Lands End items but for some reason have never bought a swim suit.

  9. I always buy Land’s End tops for myself. Last summer I bought two piece tankinis for my girls. Other than a sizing issue with one set of bottoms we were very happy. And I know I could have returned our second set of bottoms for another size, I was just too lazy. I love that you can return to a Sears store if needed. My 9 yo is wearing her suit for a second summer and if the bottoms fit my 10 yo could too.

    We had a really hard time finding a suit for my 10 yo this year. She wanted shorts on the bottom, but we couldn’t find any in stores (we were in a time crunch) or even a skirted bottom. She eventually chose a one piece from Justice, but I realized that the same suit one size up is padded on top!! I’m not ready for that!

  10. Love the Lands End swimsuits that I bought for my daughter on sale this time last summer. She wore them then and is still wearing them now. We both love the convenience of a tankini, but {call me a prude} I don’t want her tummy to show. That was the problem with the two tankinis we tried from Target last summer. No issues in that area with the Lands End suits. She loves them! I love them! Not to mention when you can get them on such a super sale.

  11. I have two girls that are 18 months apart. The Lands End bathing suits are the ONLY ones that can be passed down from year to year. I’m the 8 years I have been purchasing them, they have never sagged, thinned, or stretched or lost the elastic. There is very little, if any pilling. Not all of them are ruffly and I’ve seen another L. E. Devoted mother at our pool stick with them through the tween years and they always look cute! Not too little girl, yet modest. How’s that for an endorsement? 🙂

  12. I too love the Land’s End suits. This was our first year buying one, as my 12 y/o daughter was getting very picky about what she would wear. She is modest and wants to cover up as much as possible. I searched online for something and finally found these. We have the exact same suit with the ruffles, only a different material/color. We also purchased the swim shorts that matched. I like that it goes high enough at the top that you can’t see anything we shouldn’t be seeing. It seems like great quality and something she will be able to wear again next year

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