My Daily Looks: What I Wore

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve done one of these! Actually, I can when I look at how many pictures are in this post. Anyway, this is a roundup of my daily outfits from the past couple of weeks.

I wore this first outfit to host friends in the backyard one night. This tee was a Christmas gift from one of my good friends, and it cracks me up every time I wear it. She found it on Amazon, and I’m wearing the medium.

Run Now Wine Later Tee // similar white jeans // TB Miller sandals

This is what I wore to Back to School Night at the middle school, and it was still August so the look is rather summery. I wanted to look polished, but I needed to be able to do a lot of walking.

This blouse has been getting a lot of airtime lately because it looks good with white, black, or denim bottoms.

denim jacket // floral blouse // similar white jeans // TB Minnie flats // bracelet // necklace // earrings

I wore a simple tee and jean shorts to run errands and to host a cookout on Labor Day weekend.

white tee (wearing a 2; more sizes on Amazon) // Gap 5″ denim shorts // TB Miller sandals // necklace // earrings

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This was my Sunday church outfit on Labor Day weekend. I was on nursery duty (thus the jeans), but I still threw on some heels. What can I say, sometimes I feel like being a little extra.

floral blouse // similar jeans (size down; wearing 28) // sandals // bracelet // earrings (sold out)

I wore this casual look to host a cookout that night in our backyard. Yes, I hosted two get-togethers that weekend. #overachiever

It was a mild weather day, and I felt like wearing a sweatshirt with shorts so I grabbed this one. (Yes, I know Labor Day is not a patriotic holiday — as someone on Instagram pointed out.) I don’t only wear stars on patriotic occasions. 😉

sweatshirt // similar shorts // Veja sneakers (option) // bracelet // earrings

Now that Labor Day has passed, I’m gravitating to darker colors. I wore this to take my daughter to the ortho, and then we ran over to the mall one day last week.

grey tee (size up; wearing medium) // cargo pants (option) // TB Millers // necklace (also on Amazon) // bracelet c/o

Yep, another white tee and jeans outfit. I’ve realized recently that I don’t have a lot of casual tops. I put away my summery linen and bright color tops, and I’m left with a bunch of solid tees and pretty floral blouses.

The blouses are nice for dressing up, but for my everyday, I’m looking for a couple graphic tees in darker colors to pair with jeans and layer under cardigans when the weather cools off.

NOTE: I didn’t actually wear these shoes out of the house; I decided I wanted the taupe color (see below) so I posted this to Instagram and then switched into sandals so I could return these.

white tee (wearing a 2) // AG Prima skinnies (wearing 29; ON SALE!!!) // snake print slip-on sneakers (natural snake)

This next outfit is what I wore to my new Bible study one morning last week, and then I tweaked it that evening to see Hamilton in Philly.

In retrospect, it was a little much for the Bible study with the shimmery top and the black jeans and all. I was running late, so I had to go with it once I got dressed, but I did feel a bit overdressed. I think I’d like this top better with light wash bluejeans for daytime.

shimmer tank (wearing small) // black jeans // peep-toe sandals // denim jacket (wearing small) // similar tote // necklace // earrings (sold out)

For the evening, I just swapped out my tote for a smaller bag and brought along my black leather jacket, but I didn’t end up needing the jacket so I carried it all night.

I hate it when that happens, but I also hate to be cold, so I always err on the side of having an extra layer with me.

Friday was a lazy day, since we had been out so late the night before at Hamilton. I threw on some comfy favorites and pulled my hair back in a pony, and later in the day, I crawled into bed and took a 2-hour nap. I’m not even sure why I put on jewelry… habit, I guess!

old LOFT tee // Mother skinnies (TTS; wearing 29) // old UGG mocs

I took the girls to the mall on Saturday to shop for wedding guest dresses, and it was a beautiful mild fall day. I put together some of my favorite wardrobe basics with my snake print slip-on sneakers.

white tee (wearing a 2) // denim jacket (wearing small) // #NSale jeans (sold out; options here and here) // snake print slip-on sneakers (taupe snake)

Sunday was church, as is our usual, and then we drove down to have lunch with Paul’s parents. They take us out, so I like to look nice, and I was happy to get another wear out of this dress. I fussed a bit with the shoes, and I’ll show you my options.

I wanted to make it more fall, so I first paired it with these peep-toe booties, and this is how I wore it to church.

I realized as I wore it that the dress is a little long for the booties; I’d like it better if some of my leg was showing. I mean, it’s fine, but since we had to stop home before heading down for lunch, I ran upstairs and changed into sandals.

First I tried these block heel sandals in the oatmeal suede, which I like a lot, but they’re 4″ and we like to walk to lunch from my in-laws’ house.

So . . . I ended up in my trusty Weitzmans. These are my go-to when I want walkable heels.

floral maxi dress (wearing small) // denim jacket (wearing small) // necklace // earrings // bracelet

This last look is from Monday night — I hosted a ladies’ event for church. It was warm out, so I leveled up my favorite light wash jeans with this blouse.

The colors are light, but it has the black background, so I feel like it works for this time of year.

floral blouse /// AG Prima skinnies (wearing 29; ON SALE!!!) // TB Millers // earrings // cuff bracelet // diamond bar necklace c/o

And that’s all I’ve got! I didn’t do much with myself yesterday, so I didn’t take a picture.

There’s no doubt about it, this is an awkward time for dressing! Our weather is getting hot again today and through the weekend, and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I’m tired of my summer clothes, but fall is eluding us at the moment, so I’m going to pick up another casual top or two that I can wear now and layer later.

How do you get through this awkward time in-between seasons??? Do you make do with what you have or pick up a couple of transition pieces to get you through?

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50 thoughts on “My Daily Looks: What I Wore

    1. Thank you! It’s this one: https://shopstyle.it/l/7UJm

      I love it. It’s small enough for evening events and big enough to fit all the essentials. I actually took it with me to NYC last year at Christmastime for a day trip with my daughter. I was able to fit everything I needed for a very long day, training it from Philly to NYC, shopping, theater, dinner, etc. I never buy duplicate bags, but I am so tempted to get this one in black.

  1. Thanks for sharing!  I love the star sweatshirt!  And I really love the maxi dress.  I’ll have to locate something similar. 

  2. JoLynne—I have a question a little off topic.  Just wondering if you’ve ever had your colors analyzed?  I notice you wear almost any color and I recall you saying you mostly look good in cool colors, but I can’t figure what season you would be classified.  Maybe you’re a neutral and can wear most everything?   If so, you’re lucky.  I’m a winter and it’s frustrating when you see a lovely piece of clothing and it’s not offered in a shade that would do you any justice.  I have to steer away when all the beautiful fall colors come out. 

  3. Love this post, I always get so many ideas from your ”what I wore” segments.  Thank you.  For fall,   I’ve moved my darker summer tops to front and center in the closet. I bring along a cardigan or denim jacket when I’m out and about, vary up the crops and ankle jeans. At outlet mall yesterday I saw the cutest fall tops at Loft. It was one of those days where everything was looking good. Yikes!  I overcame my urge to impulse buy and walked away. It was hard….  I stuck to my list like a good girl. My self-discipline was repaid by scoring Tory Burch light brown leather riding boots for $112 incl tax and a cute Kate Spade crossbody for $53 incl tax. They were the items on my list and I left the mall immediately.  I’m still pondering the tops.  One of them is haunting me. Dang. 

  4. Wow, you had a busy week and looked so pretty in all of your outfits.

    To the other poster, I’d say Jolynne is a winter.  I always think she looks best in cool tones like purple, magenta and black.  Warm colors such as rust don’t work as well on her, but she styles everything so nicely, she can pull anything off.

    What confuses me is body shapes.  Jolynne says she’s an hourglass.  I would have thought a slim apple.  But she does have a bigger bust and hips, so hourglass does make sense too.  I guess we can be a combo of different body types.  Regardless, I ta so refreshing to see a blogger with a “normal” body and attainable fashion.

    1. Hey Corinne. I thought I was an apple too, before I took the Adore Your Wardrobe course. I do carry weight in my belly, but that doesn’t really affect the waist measurement, as my waist is wayyyyy above my belly, lol. (I’m short waisted.) My shoulders/chest and hips are about the same measurement, within an inch or two, and my waist is 8″-9″ smaller than both, so that puts me in hourglass territory.

      And you are right on about the colors. I’m a classic winter, but I do wear warmer tones sometimes – especially this time of year, and I think it helps when there are other cool colors involved. I think I look best in deeper/darker colors if I’m going to wear warm tones.

      1. Thank you for the explanation on body types.  That totally makes sense.  I’m also short/high waisted and this info helps me rethink my own shape.  

  5. We’ve cooled down a little here but it’s still quite warm. I switched out shorts for cuffed chinos or cropped jeans and tops a little heavier and darker. I’m not wishing away summer but enjoying every last bit. 

  6. The snake skin slip on shoes are growing on me. Love these “what I wore in real life” pics. So much fun for us to get ideas. You look so stylish and polished! The odd time I run out with no make up, ball cap and joggers is when I run into people I know! The stars sweater is terrific anytime. Who says you can only wear patriotic items only on Memorial Day long weekend? Thats nonsense.

  7. I agree that the time we are in between seasons is rather challenging.  Since I only need to add two specific colored tees to my closet, I make do with what I have.  I do wear darker colors and intentionally chose shoes, etc., that say Fall instead of summer.  I kept a few pairs of sandals in my closet, but I am already questioning WHY!  For some reason, I can’t nap in the bed.  Instead, I nap on the loveseat while Larry naps on the sofa.  Did you hear the recent report that naps are actually very good for us!  Have a great day!

  8. Love the way you make the most simple outfit look so polished, love the post!

    On another note I purchased the Leith long cardigan (love it) but should I store it hanging or folded, sometimes sweaters tend to grow.

  9. How do I get through these crazy weather days? Well I change about 3 times a day.. one day it’s summer the next it’s fall. I added some translation pieces to my wardrobe and go towards the fall colors but not the heavy items that won’t be worn until it gets really cold. Love when you share your daily outfits .. always fun:)

  10. I am having a very hard time dressing.  I have about 4 tee shirts that look appropriate for this time of year.  Even a lot of my pants, I’ve retired till next spring.  I’m wearing the same things so often, they’ll probably be worn out this year.

      1. I just need to get out to buy them!  I wanted to tell you I got the Kut Meghan high rise and like them.  They are the bottoms I’m wearing every day this week.

  11. I love these posts and all the explanations, thank you! Would you consider doing a post on ultra casual work outfits with flats or no more than 2″ heels but no jeans except on Fridays 🙂

      1. Ha, that’s my problem! I can’t seem to find a “look” that I like and is comfortable. Today I’m wearing the Wit and Wisdom cargo pants with flats and a tie at the waist blouse. I think I look okay and it’s comfortable. Yesterday I wore Ann Taylor ankle pants, a thin sweater and snake skin loafers. I felt frumpy and dumpy all day 🙁

  12. Right now, I’m wearing short sleeve tees in fall colors, and three quarter sleeve tees.

    I also like peasant tops this time of year. They give arm coverage, but are light and airy.

    I think short sleeve, lightweight sweaters are nice for fall – but it’s still too hot here for them.

  13. Love these posts!  Usually I am getting tired of my summer wardrobe by now, but we had such a puny summer, I wore my spring clothes more than my summer clothes, so I still have tops I didn’t wear much that still feel fresh.  I’ll wear the darker ones with a cardigan or jacket for awhile.

  14. I love the first floral blouse, and it looks like a great transition piece for our crazy hot fall weather. I assume you are wearing a small – does it run true to size in your opinion? Also, those jeans are tempting (though more than I usually spend)! They look so good on you. Do you like them better than your CFH jeans (which I think have a similar look but no cuff)? I agree with your decision to return the first snake sneakers – did you keep the other pair (I believe you were iffy on the color the last time you posted them)? I love the snake stuff in theory, but have yet to like it on me.

    1. Yes, wearing a small in the floral blouses – both run TTS. I do like the Primas better than the CFH I think – in fact, I was putting the CFH away, as I only wear them in spring/summer, but the Primas I’m keeping out b/c I like them with loafers and with booties too. I’m keeping the taupe sneaks. 🙂

  15. I love this time of year with its erratic temperatures because I get to change a few times a day.. I start with a fall outfit, change into a summer like outfit when the warm afternoon temps arrive and then it’s back to a fall combo for the evening. So. Much. Fun. 😁

  16. I did go get some of the new fall colors today, mind you it was in the 90s here in FLA but the colors are so pretty. Got three outfits that can be matched together giving me really 6 different looks. And if it does get cool at some point can throw on my jean jacket. Shoes will go from flipflops and tennis shoes to flats maybe a heel depending on wear its to be worn. Love your looks, thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Jo-Lynn – First, I loved this post and all the ones like it. Question, if I follow a link to one of your items, and it is sold out in my size, if the page has another clothing item shown on the page, and I click on it and buy it, do you get any credit for it? Or do I have to purchase the exact item you showcase?

  18. I love these post! Lots of great looks. I am wanting to buy a denim jacket and see you have these one and have seen other bloggers with a Kut from the Kloth denim jackets. Have I seen that brand of jacket on you as well? If so which one do you like better? 

  19. I love these type of posts. Provides us with day to day inspiration and are very helpful.   Looks like you’ve had a busy two week’s wrapping up August! ☀️ 

  20. Boy you bet this is an awkward time will be what index od 100 degrees here in the Midwest again today. I thought I’ll read JoLynne ‘s post from yesterday and see what she’s been wearing. I think you’re just a tad cooler than the St. Louis area. Anyway I decided to throw my hands in the air and just keep acting full out summer! I think most around here are doing that. 

    I can’t wait to wear the fall clothes I bought, though. Love the FB page. So much fun!! 
    XO Sharon 

  21. I love these posts! It’s great to see what you wear “normally” during the week on outings. I was disappointed to see the Wine shirt you wore to a school function. I feel this was not appropriate but this is just my opinion. Maybe it is is different in your part of the country. Have a great weekend!

    1. Um. What? I wore that to host friends at my house – the friend who gave me the shirt. I don’t think I’d wear any graphic tee to a school function, but certainly not a wine tee. LOL!!!

  22. Loving so many of these looks!! I fell in love with those black peep toe booties from your Hamilton pic, found them tonight on the Nordstrom site for 30% off! I was checking your site to see if you had a Macy’s link since they are on sale there and then clicked Nordstrom to check their pricing. Score!

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