My New Favorite Sneakers + How To Style

Happy Monday, friends! It’s a new week, and depending on where you live, some of you are able to get out and about a bit. I’m curious to hear if you do, what things are like and what kind of modifications are taking place to keep everyone safe.

Today I’ve got an outfit I put together to feature these Saturday sneakers with leopard calf hair detail from J.Crew.

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

I shared these in last week’s Try-On Haul, but in case you missed that, I love these because they have the look of a classic Stan Smith, but the leopard calf hair trim and contrasting black laces really take them up a notch.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew Saturday sneakers with leopard calf hair detail and AG Farrah skinny ankle jeans.

They do come with white laces too, if you prefer! Plus, they’re leather inside and out, so they look and feel far more luxe than Adidas.

Isn’t this leopard print tab at the heel so fun?

J.Crew Saturday sneakers with leopard calf hair detail

It looks like they’re backordered again at J.Crew, but I promise, they’re worth the wait! I ordered mine in February, and they came in April, and I was so glad I held out.

There are also a few sizes on sale at Nordstrom Rack, but they’ve been selling quickly.

I ordered the 8 and the 8.5, and the 8 fit perfectly, so they’re true to size, or size down if in between.

If you like the leopard and black laces on a white sneaker and don’t want to wait, Evereve has a pair of P448 sneakers that I’m seriously crushing on, but they’re on the spendier side.

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

I’m sure some of you will mention the J.Crew bankruptcy situation. It’s a shame, but no surprise that retailers are struggling right now.

According to The Times, J. Crew will continue its e-commerce operation throughout its bankruptcy case, and it plans to reopen its J. Crew and Madewell stores once lockdowns are lifted. All that to say, I wouldn’t worry about orders not being fulfilled or anything like that.

I’ve already worn these sneakers with joggers and a hoodie for an elevated athleisure look

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

For this post, I wanted to style them into the kind of casual but edgy outfit I like to wear when I’m out and about.

My denim jacket is older, so no longer linkable, but Everlane tee and AG Farrah jeans are current; and there may be a couple of this belt left in SM/MD, but I needed the large size.

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

I’m super excited to tell you that this necklace just came back in stock! A lot of you ask about it when I wear it.

I love how the hammered silver jazzes up a casual look without being fussy, and it’s adjustable so you can get just the right length.

Lucky Brand does a great job with jewelry for my more casual outfits; here’s another one that would also work great with this look.

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket

You know how much I love these jeans, and they’re still 25% off at Shopbop. I cut a half-inch or so off the bottom to get the length I wanted. I like to show a bit of ankle when I’m wearing jeans with sneakers — it’s slimming, and it looks cleaner.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: How To Cut Your Jeans For A DIY Raw Hem

This tee makes a great layering piece. It’s on the thinner side when worn alone, but I don’t feel the need to wear a cami under it. It has that laid-back vibe like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s t-shirt, and it’s made of a smooth, soft cotton and has a nice drape.

For now, since I don’t really have the need for a leather jacket, I may throw a cardigan on with this outfit, or just wear it without the jacket since it’s finally warming up here!

jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and fashion sneakers

Outfit Details:

J.Crew Saturday sneakers (also at Nordstrom Rack) // AG Farrah skinnies // Everlane tee // leather jacket options // belt // necklace // earrings // sunnies

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I ordered these shoes from Nordstrom Rack and they are due to arrive tomorrow. I was excited about them when I saw your first post and now after this post, I am SUPER excited. 

    Indiana begins “phase one” of opening up today. (the different phases have us fully open by July 4). I am currently watching two grandsons full time because my son farms with us and his wife went back to work two weeks ago (she is employed with the local juvenile probation office). We can now gather in groups of 25 or less, businesses may open allowing customers at 1/2 capacity, salons don’t open until next week and it is by appointment only and everyone is asked to wear a mask while out and about. They are still encouraging those of us over 60 to remain at home if possible. I am not too anxious to go anywhere…content to stay home, and safe, on our farm. 

  2. Cute sneakers but not sue I can get use to the black laces but you did a great job showing a variety of ways to wear them. I recently bought a pair of white sneakers and since it will be sandal weather soon I want to buy a few cute sandals instead. But I do love the necklace and the price is great for Lucky Brand. I work in a senior active community and they are ready to get back to their amenities so I will be staring back at my part time job this week. They are only opening their library and tennis courts for now and limiting the number of players but since most residents are over 65 I doubt I’ll see many out yet but we have to start somewhere and some are very ready to be active again. Just when I was getting use to working at home lol but it’s time and I miss my little residents and I’m in a single office and it will be off limits so I’ll be safe and will use my mask when interacting with them. I’m excited to be able to wear some cute spring clothes before it gets too hot in Texas. 

  3. We are up here on the Idaho/Montana border and both states are reopening. Masks are almost non-existent on customers in stores. The social distancing x’s taped to store floors are the only noticeable difference. Stores are packed. Staying at home never sat well for people in our parts, so they simply didn’t. There is a rarity of covid cases in these parts. Churches are also opened in both of these states so all feels normal. We can even sit down to eat in a restaurant dining room soon.

  4. So cute….now if it would just warm up so I can wear it!
    We are still very cautious in Chicago …numbers still climbing.
    I will venture for essential groceries with mask and gloves.
    Other than that not at work and daily walks everyday in sunshine.
    Have a great week!

  5. I LOVE those sneakers! I saw you linked to them over the weekend, and I bet I clicked over 4 different times hoping my size would magically appear lol. I haven’t been buying much of anything over the last year, but those need to be mine!

    Texas has started the first phase of reopening (Friday), but I haven’t been out yet. My husband said our nearest city was packed and my best friend in Dallas said it was absolutely nuts up there. I’m so glad people are finally able to get out and about some.

  6. Things are opening a bit in Texas but we will plan to stay home at least another 2 weeks and see what happens. Staying home for us means out once a week in masks and gloves for groceries plus walks with the dog in the park or neighborhood. I can work from home while my husband is fully retired and dearly misses his church choir family and bridge groups. Haven’t seen our grandchildren in 8 weeks so that is tough but we feel us older folks (66) need to be extra cautious right now. My favorite fashion blogs help! 😘

  7. Love this outfit, so edgy and the sneakers, wow! of course with animal print how can you not love them? I am in NS Canada. Our state of emergency has been extended for another 2 weeks. This past weekend, you could go fishing, but must keep 6 feet space. You could go to the pier to work on boats only. You could go to your cottage there and back, no mixing with other families. Parks, gardens, and trails were open for walking only, no outdoor play or picnic. You must still stay within your household for gatherings, and no more than 5 people. Drive in church services could begin, but distance between parking cars, and no going from car to car or passing things. Our province is planning on doing things in phases depending on how each one goes. Schools will probably remain closed until next fall. University’s of course are already done for their school year. ( our son finished in mid April). Only essential businesses opened right now( only so many allowed in at one given time, and social distancing is a must). I am glad we are taking it slow, like our Prime Minister has said” We can not rush this, nor undo the good that’s been done in trying to control this virus. We do not want to go backwards. ” We do not want to cause a second wave too soon and make things worse, undoing all the good that’s been done, by our STAY AT HOME ACTIONS since late March. So yeah just day by day….

  8. Great outfit! I live on the Gulf coast of AL. Our beaches opened this weekend. They were crowded, but people were social distancing with no more than 10 in a group.  Retailers could open at 50% occupancy, but we did not see many open. Restaurants are still take out only. Our family is 6 hours away . We are hoping they can come in a couple of weeks. My husband is a physician, and he hasn’t seen a positive case in almost 4 weeks! So we are praying that continues! I am not changing my “quarantine routine” at this point. 

  9. Question on the jeans. Can they be hemmed when they have that slight cut out at the bottom at the side? Asking because I ordered those exact Farrahs during the ShopBop sale but returned them because I didn’t think they could be hemmed.

    1. I just cut them off some, but not so high that they totally lost the slit in the side. You could hem them, I think, with or without the slit. If someone knew what they were doing. I’m sure it depends on the length you want too.

  10. The sneakers are a nice touch! Alberta, Canada is considering phase one economy relaunch on May 14th if cases stay stable which includes restaurants allowing dine in service at 50% capacity and hair salons re-opening with PPE for staff and masks for clients and not using blow dryers to avoid making virus air born.

    PT, dentistry and chiropractic care can resume today if clinics have PPE. Elective surgeries are being phased in at hospitals. Private golf courses can open with changes to golf practice. Schools stay closed through end of June in Alberta. Groceries stores monitor the numbers of shoppers with foot print signs on floors to maintain social distancing. The provincial government has introduced a voluntary contact tracing app using Blue Tooth for those who wish to download. Quebec is opening elementary schools May 11. They are the 1st in Canada to do that so nervous for teachers and parents there.
    Cautiously optimistic about upcoming changes.

  11. hi,
    Great post! I love the sneakers but wear wide. The leopard and black laces really advance and elevate the style!

    The six local counties are on lockdown through May 31, as is California. A So Cal town sued the state to open the beaches and was denied.

    We walk our dog morning and evening in our neighborhood. We pick up groceries through e-shop drive thru every 10 days or so. My husband and I are both able to work from home.

    I’m thinking July before haircuts or sit down restaurants return. Maybe August.

    1. Where in So Cal are you? I’m in the OC and looks like people are ignoring that state order -stills tons of people went down to a local beach the other night to view the bioluminescent tides. I didn’t but a friend of mine did. Her pictures were really cool! 

      1. Hi Heather,
        I’m in NorCal near San Franciso, but have family in SoCal. Up here, people in the six counties around SF are doing SIP, but we see in the news about SoCal people being at the beaches and increasing community spread. I think its a county by county decision to SIP in addition to the state’s SIP order.

        1. Ah yes- there has been some local beach protests, but overall the SIP order is still being followed and people are all wearing masks while out at stores etc. (not on hiking or biking trails but people seem to be keeping their 6 ft distance). A few restaurants in a local beach city reopened over the weekend and I heard they had enormous crowds all day long w/ no one wearing masks or social distancing (which is a little disappointing to me). We took a walk in a nearby popular hiking trail yesterday and there were tons of people out. Now that temps are in the 80s and so beautiful, it’s going to be harder to keep people indoors. You know as a fellow Californian how much our people love our outdoor activities and the great weather! ☀️ I’m a rule follower though and won’t go out to restaurants until I have heard from the “experts” that it’s safe. 

  12. I love these sneakers. I don’t love the white leather ones I have now, but I don’t wear them a ton, and they are only a year old so I am resisting ordering these. So far. Lol. I love this outfit, though. Simple, just a wee bit edgy. Definitely my style and I feel like it’s appropriate for me at 58, and I’ll be wearing it at 68. I am tempted to order the necklace. I have lots of good jewelry but I feel like I could use something a little more updated.

    I’m in central Delaware. I have a son who is an RN, a daughter who is an epidemiologist, and a daughter-in-law who is a respiratory therapist in a hospital and they are seeing COVID-19 up close and personal. Because of their experiences, I will be joining the world again very slowly when it happens. Delaware is still on lockdown, until May 15 at least. Our numbers have been climbing, but we’re hoping to see a leveling out this week. We had major outbreaks in our chicken processing plants and that has really raised the state numbers. We are still under a stay-at-home order and must wear masks in public. Anyone working in public must wear a mask. That said, I was out Saturday morning and Lowes was so busy that I had to take the long way around to avoid people in the aisles. But everyone was wearing masks and keeping their distance in line. Only essential businesses continue to be open– restaurants only for take-out.

    Happy Monday!

  13. I love this look on you but that short jeans thing is just not for me. I always laugh when something becomes “in” but has nothing to do with a good “look” and everything to do with making the item cheaper for manufacturing…..shorter jeans, less fabric, same price and the company wins. I have very long legs and that shorter thing just looks like I am wearing high water pants….and I sure don’t need a “longer look”.
    Those shoes look like a possibility especially since they are all leather….plastic shoes make for sweaty smelly feet when the weather (finally) gets warm. I would rather spend a bit more and have fewer shoes to have something that fits and feels comfortable even when it is warm

  14. I loved J Crew – it just filed for bankrupcy, along with Madewell, I am so sad!  Loved their jeans and shoes….

    1. hi there are different kinds of bankruptcies. They may reorganize and come out of it. You never know.

    2. Yes my daughter just texted me saying they filed for bankruptcy. Hopefully it’s just for financial protection and the doors can stay open. Hopefully not a sign of things to come. I heard Neman  Marcus did too.. 🤷‍♀️

  15. I love the black laces & leopard tabs in back. They seem a little edgier. I would be hesitant to order from JCrew if there is a bankruptcy case. I wasn’t aware of that. 

    BRitish Columbia is being cautious even though we’ve flattened the curve and always have had fewer cases than Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. I’m ok with that. Even as things open, I will play a wait & see for a few weeks. I would be excited to eat out and to shop retail, if and when it feels safe. 

  16. The shoes are so cute and love the entire outfit on you.
    I live just north of Houston, and Texas is opening up a bit. Hubs and I went to a local Tex-Mex restaurant over the weekend. Tables spaced out and staff wearing masks. There were young families, couples, groups of four, and the experience was wonderful. We must get our country back to work…to me, the sooner the better. Our national parks are open, and i plan on doing a hike this week with a group and we intend to behave and social distance ourselves. We are going to visit one of our kids and grandkids in Austin this weekend for Mothers’ Day. Just so happy to see a light at the end of that tunnel.

  17. Wow! I love your outfit. My size in the sneakers is gone. One thing I noticed is YOUR WEARING A BELT! looks very nice and all pulled together. Have a Blessed day!


    1. Love the belt look too. I always add a belt, never seems to look right without one. Seems to help define the waistline, even though I’m built a little smaller but have a short waistline.

  18. I’m in GA Some things are open nail and hair salons. Most restaurants are not. Food trucks are the big thing. I’m among the elderly but no health issues so I feel safe.I’m just cautious.

  19. Hey JoLynne!! Love the Sneakers. They don’t look as bulky as Addidas. Not so sure about the black shoe laces, but I like the shoes. I didn’t even know J.Crew sold sneakers. Adidas are my go to shoes. I wear them til they look rough. I wear my shoes out on the inside. Thank you for this post. I may try. I love J.Crew. they have the best tee shirts. Glad your weather is good. We had a great weather weekend here in NC. But we are going to be cool, Rainy and cloudy the rest of the week and in the mid 60’s. Our stay at home orders are supposed to be over Friday. Then we have two phases to get every thing open. I so tired of looking of looking at these four walls. You have a Great rest of the day. Take care!!❤🌷

  20. I love this outfit – but then again, I’m a sucker for a leather jacket!!

    I’m in coastal South Carolina and am finding that just because retail stores are allowed to open doesn’t mean that they will. Our non-essential retail was allowed to open over a week ago, and almost none of the “national” stores have. Whether it’s our mall or our outlet center, places like Loft, Old Navy, H&M, Talbots, etc. remain closed. Not sure that I’m ready to get out and shop anyway, but having most things still closed is certainly a deterrent!

    As of today, our restaurants are allowed to offer outdoor/patio dining, so I’m interested to see how many of them actually open. Sadly (for my hair!) I think it will still be a while before hair salons open back up!

  21. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Thankfully, we haven’t been hit as hard as many places in the country, and things around here are beginning to open up. A regional department store, Von Maur, opened up last Friday, and I went there for awhile in the afternoon. I was excited to go, but it was pretty surreal, and I felt a mix of emotions while I was there. The store, which generally has a customer service model like Nordstrom’s, was operating with very few employees. I talked with an employee there who told me that the store’s plan is to bring staff members back in phases. Also, the merchandise was pretty much the same as it was in mid-March, right before everything shut down, so there wasn’t a lot to choose from in terms of late spring or early summer merchandise. I’m not complaining, though, because I went there mainly to support the store and to try to experience some sense of normalcy. I don’t claim to have any knowledge of supply chain logistics as they pertain to fashion, so I’m not sure if summer merchandise is stuck in a warehouse or distribution center somewhere and will arrive later in the season, or, if that just won’t happen this year.

    I was excited to go to a routine doctor appointment today and then to the nail salon to get a pedicure. Right now, the nail salons are only allowed to have ten people at a time, including employees. The nail techs not only wore face masks but big plastic helmets / face shields, as well. Customers had to wear masks, as well.

    Our hair salons have also been able to open, so I am really relieved to be able to get my hair cut and colored later this week. I apologize in advance for how shallow this sounds, but I haven’t been able to embrace or even accept grey and shaggy. My stylist has her own salon, and both stylists and customers are required to wear masks, so I’m comfortable with going.

    Also, churches are now open here, so I’ll finally be able to attend church on Sunday. I think the rules allow for only fifty congregants to attend at one time, and I know we have to maintain all the other social distancing rules, including remaining at least six feet apart from anyone who’s not in our same household. Also, no communion, no passing the offering plate, and no sharing of Bibles or hymnals. Still, I’m so happy to attend in person because online church just hasn’t been the same for me.

    I had two part-time jobs from which I was furloughed when our lockdown began. Neither of my former employers wants to reopen at this time and is unable to say when they would like to reopen, so I think I will start searching for a new part-time gig. It is so difficult to know what to do because things are so upside down right now, but I’ve spend about as much time as a human can spend on projects around the house and yard before lockdown lunacy sets in.

    Things will get easier with your new puppy, Jo-Lynne. He is just growing so quickly and processing so much new information every day that it is understandably hard for him to settle down at night, but this won’t last very long. I promise! Once his puppy brain can grasp that your home is now his home and that you are his people, he will relax into a routine better. I bet in a week or two, you will see significant improvement. Hang in there because this, too, shall pass.

  22. Those are great looking sneakers!  They are very versatile and a pair that I think you will wear with various types of outfits.  

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