Coffee Talk: It’s May! 🌸

Wow, friends. It’s May!

I don’t know about you, but I am MORE than happy to bid adieu to April. What a month it was! While some states are starting to open up this month, we are all still very much in the thick of it, but one day we WILL look back on this time and share our stories.

For some, it was just a few weeks hunkered down with our favorite people. For others, it was a month fraught with fear and anxiety.

Some have grieved the loss of a loved one, the loss of income, the loss of milestone events or travel experiences they were looking forward to. Others just see it as a mild inconvenience — a disease being suffered by those from afar.

Some appreciated the time to slow down and re-evaluate priorities, while others found it a time of extreme loneliness and isolation.

For most of us, it’s been a bit of a mix.

Our family has had it pretty good, all things considered, but we’ve definitely mourned the loss of experiences we were looking forward to.

My younger daughter is missing the end of her middle school career with the awards and promotion ceremonies, dances, and band concerts and events. Not to mention the Quebec trip with her French class.

My son has missed out on a portion of his college experience, while we pay for an apartment that lays vacant. He was about to start a job he was excited about, which is now on hold indefinitely, and we’re still waiting to hear if his last year of summer camp will be canceled.

Then there was a Sixers game (Paul’s birthday present), a Phillies game (D’s Christmas present), a family vacation on Easter weekend, and our 25th anniversary trip to Paris… #allcanceled

I think my older daughter is the only one who has escaped this thing relatively unscathed. She was already used to schooling at home, and she’s quite the introvert by nature. She’s one of those who says she’s been practicing her whole life for this.

And of course, there’s Ozzy to distract us all.

As for me, I’m actually shocked by how fast the last six weeks have passed. I just try not to think about all the things we’re missing out on, or what living in a coronavirus world will look like as things open up, but every time I scroll my Facebook feed, I’m struck by how good we’ve had it while sheltering in place.

Paul and I are both able to work from home, and both of our jobs are relatively secure, plus they keep us from being bored. Our kids are old enough to be self-sufficient with their schoolwork, but young enough to be home with us.

Plus we have reliable internet, enough space to spread out, plenty of yard, and a walkable neighborhood. I realize not everyone can say the same, and I don’t take my situation for granted.

I mean, we even managed to finish our kitchen reno just before everything shut down! Talk about good timing.

And while the weather has certainly left something to be desired, at least this didn’t happen in the dead of winter.

Of course, our biggest blessing so far is that no one we’re especially close to has been touched by the virus… yet. I know people who had it and are recovering, I know people who work in healthcare and have seen the horrors firsthand, and I know people who have lost parents or grandparents to it. But none of that has affected me personally, for which I am thankful. I hope that continues to be the case, but only time will tell.

The big question is, what’s next? What does the “new normal” look like?

As some states start opening up, I can’t help but wonder how this will all play out. While I’m anxious to see some progress, I’m kind of glad we’re not going first.

We did what we set out to do — we flattened the curve and slowed the spread of the virus so our hospitals didn’t get terribly overwhelmed, but that doesn’t mean we have escaped this virus unscathed. Antibody testing isn’t reliable or widely available, and there is no proven treatment or a vaccine, not that I care to be a guinea pig for a new vaccine that was rushed to market.

So yeah, we are still very much in the thick of it, and of course everyone has different opinions as to how we should proceed. I’m not here to debate that, but I think it’s important to record these moments for posterity. It will certainly be interesting to look back on this historical event and discuss it with the clarity of hindsight.

In other news, we’ve had some beautiful weather this weekend, and I am so happy about it! We’ve finally been able open our windows and spend time outside on the deck, enjoying the view and the warmth of the sun.

This is what I envisioned 6 weeks ago when we went on lockdown. I remember thinking, Eh. It won’t be so bad! We’re having an early spring, the weather is going to be nice, we have plenty space to spread out… Haha! Famous last words.

Not to suggest this isn’t a lovely spot to shelter in place no matter what the weather, but spring/summer is my favorite time of year in this house because of our backyard. That’s what made me fall in love with it — almost exactly two years ago.

It was mid-April when we went to the Open House and saw this house for the first time, and early May when we finalized our offer and decided to make it our home.

Anyway, suffice it to say, my mood is on a major upswing right now, despite the fact that we will be sheltering in place for quite a while longer here in my neck of the woods.

In Ozzy news…

Reality is setting in with a new puppy in the house — especially with my youngest. She’s the one who convinced us to get another dog, and she has taken on most of the responsibility, but she confessed a few days ago that she didn’t realize it was going to be this hard.

She’s done a great job with him, and she adores him, but he definitely monopolizes most of her free time.

I’m not surprised by how much work he is, but it’s definitely been an adjustment, and last night was a rough one. For some reason, he couldn’t seem to settle in his crate. Usually he goes in easily and sleeps well. A few nights, he’s even slept through the night!

But last night, he could not calm down. He was awake a lot yesterday and played hard, and I thought that meant he would sleep well, but it was just the opposite. When R put him in his crate in my room, he kept barking, and when we tried to settle him, he got more agitated and aggressive.

We took him outside one more time, tried the crate again, but it was a no-go, so we took him back downstairs for a while. I returned to bed, and later on D tried to bring him up and settle him in his crate, but he was having none of it.

I think there was too much stimulation with all of the kids down there late at night. He usually stays down here with them after I go up to bed, and then they bring him up to my room or R’s room after his last potty opportunity, around 10 or 11PM.

But he’s no longer the puppy we brought home two weeks ago that falls asleep on a dime and sleeps through anything. He’s far more alert now, and I’ve noticed he’s a lot more likely to be affected by what’s going on around him. I’m wondering if he needs more time to quiet down and unwind before bringing him up to his crate.

We finally brought the crate back down to the kitchen, attached it to his pen where he could play with toys, and my older daughter stayed with him until he fell asleep sometime after 2AM. (That’s when I went back upstairs.)

He’s still asleep now at 9 AM. I’ve gone in and made coffee twice, and he hasn’t budged. He hasn’t even been up to potty! (Yes, I checked, and he’s breathing!) This is very unusual, as he’s usually up at 5 or 6 AM, so he must have really worn himself out.

Whoever said this is like having a baby was only half right. At least with a baby, I can nurse in bed and put on a diaper!

I don’t know if it was just one bad night or the beginning of a new era, but I’m really hoping it was just a fluke. He’s been so good about going to sleep in his crate in one of our bedrooms, and I was really hoping that was going to stick.

Otherwise, he’s so much fun — into everything, but fun! He’s also getting big.

Alison came over earlier this week to get some pictures for us. (Outside, with proper social distancing, of course.) She took the picture of us on the front porch, and a few of Ozzy too. I just love this one.

He loves to be outside, digging in the yard, and he will eat anything, so we have to keep a close eye on him. He learned to get through the back fence yesterday, so we ordered him one of those puppy bumpers like Savannah has.

He’s growing my leaps and bounds too; he’s already as tall as she is. They’re still not overly fond of each other, but they are getting adjusted.

I guess we’re all getting adjusted in our own ways.

So one more change of subject…

I saw my doctor for my hip labral tear this week. This was the appointment we rescheduled when PA but the kibosh on non-essential medical visits a few weeks ago.

He referred me to PT (I had no idea they were even operating right now) and I start on Thursday. I’m excited to finally make some progress on my hip, but also to have a reason to go somewhere.

I know that sounds crazy, when so many are afraid to go out anywhere, but they explained their protocol and how they’ve altered the practice to accommodate all the new restrictions, and I feel like any risk involved is worth the potential benefit. I can’t keep going like this with my hip, and PT is a heck of a lot safer than surgery… which would be the next step.

So that’s the latest!

It’s kind of chilly and dreary here right now, but it’s supposed to burn off and be another pretty day. I plan to enjoy it while it lasts because it’s threatening to get cold again.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. That picture of the seven of you on the front step is beautiful! I’ve been so jealous of how green your backyard area is, because it seems like it’s been taking forever for our trees to even bud. However, I was walking back towards our yard on Friday w/ one of our dogs, and noticed that the leaves ARE coming out finally! It almost seems to happen overnight. This weekend has been low-70s, which is fantastic, but for the upcoming week, we are back down into the 50s. Brrr. In fact, one day, the high is ONLY 50. Then slowly creeping back into the 60s the following week. However, I always assume the 10-day forecast isn’t necessarily very accurate anyway. 😉

    Hopefully it was a fluke with Ozzy not being able to settle down. And he’s so stinking adorable! We’ve been struggling with our female boxer getting territorial towards our male w/ regards to our bed. So we left her in our living room last night. We’ll see how that goes for awhile. He’s pretty easy-going, and they’re usually best buds, but the territorial behavior cannot continue.

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. I also meant to comment on how awesome it is that you are able to have PT for your hip! I really hope it will be effective! I totally understand being excited about having somewhere to go. My husband and I actually ordered from Panera today (Going out for Sunday breakfast hasn’t ever been a weekly thing, but we’ve generally done it 1-2 a month), and went to pick it. Besides it being a beautiful day, it was just nice to drive somewhere, even if it was just a pick-up. (Also went through Starbucks for an iced flat white. ;-))

  2. I enjoyed your update and your pics. I was kind of shocked by how big Ozzy has grown already. His legs are so long and his paws so big!  My neighbors were told their mini golden doodle would only be 20 pounds and she is 35-40 pounds. Of course, I have miniature dachshunds, so what do I know about long legs?  Anyway, I think his behavior last night was both normal and a fluke. I think like a toddler, he is trying to see how much he can get away with, and he was having so much fun, he didn’t want it to end! I hope you have a nice, peaceful night tonight!

  3. Find guidelines for dog obedience training online.He is the perfect age to start training :heeling,sit-stay,come,etc.Dogs love a job,and the praise they get in the training, and it will bring you all closer together.

  4. Ozzy is sooooo cute! If his issue of sleeplessness continues, you might try pet formula Rescue Remedy. It has natural calming agents. A couple drops might help him if he’s too wound up at night. I used it with my lab who had severe storm anxiety (at a higher dose) and it worked really well.

    I do appreciate your continuing to post. I like the ‘normalcy’ it brings to my life in a abnormal time like this :).

    1. I use the human version of Rescue Remedy! (Works so well to take the edge off anxiety!)  Didn’t know there was one for dogs. 😊

  5. Ozzy: I remember when my daughter was a toddler, 2-4 years, that when she would get a bit out of control, antsy, etc. (not really bad, but not her usual), it was usually before she would have a growth spurt or a developmental spurt. The daycare workers said it was very common as their bodies are ready for something new (next stage), and that their brains weren’t ready for that yet. Once she went over a hurtle (either a physical growth spurt or she jumped developmentally), she was back to her normal self. I haven’t had a puppy in awhile so I don’t know if this could be the same for animals. (We have adopted rescues usually 2-3 years old, one was 6 years old, and I know that it took them all awhile to grow into their personalities, if that makes sense.)
    Luckily you have more of you to work with Ozzy and be with him, so it is not all on one person. He looks like a bundle of love. One of my friends has a Labrodoodle, and he is the sweetest dog – just all heart and love.

  6. Just wanted to comment about the historical aspect of this coronavirus SIP. As a 5th grade teacher, one of my remote learning assignments is an “I Survived the Coronavirus Pandemic”.  I’ve tried to impress upon my students that they are living through an historical time and that one day their journals will be used to teach future students about this time in history. It’s actually one of the assignments I’m most proud of from my 26 years of teaching!!

  7. Ozzy is really growing fast! I noticed on Instagram that he was chewing a pine cone. A word of warning – my neighbours poodle ate one which wouldn’t pass and ended up having surgery. 

    I count my blessings that we live in a nice home in a quiet neighbourhood where we can get out and walk, enjoy gardening, and not encounter too many people while out running errands. Our weather on the west coast has cooperated and we’ve had an early, mild spring. So that is a plus! We’ve flattened our curve as well. But…I’m still staying home until I feel safe. 

  8. When our dog was a puppy we purchased  a «snuggle puppy » from Amazon. The snuggle puppy comes with a battery operated heart beat  and heat pads. It proved to be a worthy purchase as it helped sooth her and she loved snuggling with it. She is now 7 years old and still cherishes that toy. 

  9. Hi JoLynne, thank you for this thought-provoking post today. And I have to agree, Ozzy is absolutely adorable! I know you are all enjoying him! Regarding the PT— I just wanted to mention dry needling as a part of PT. I had some problems with my achilles and also my piriformis (glute). My physical therapist used massage, dry needling, and of course therapeutic exercises to help me heal. The dry needling was definitely the factor that gave me the most relief — within the day of the treatment! It is a little uncomfortable in some spots but overall I have been very satisfied with the results. In my experience I also discovered the healing benefits of doing ALL the exercises prescribed every day on my own, between the PT visits😩😩😩 It truly pays off in the long run. I wish you well with it, don’t get discouraged, it can be hard work to heal our bodies! Sending warm fuzzies your way….🐣

    1. Dry needling is used to treat inflammation, like plantar fasciitis, or neck pain but, it probably would not be used for a tear which is what Jo-Lynne is having treated.

  10. Ozzy has definitely grown taller.  Having a puppy is a lot of work, but it’s also a fun & very memorable time.  I actually have a puppy photo album of Java.  It is interesting to watch how the different states are handling this pandemic.  Since we cannot control how others do things or impact the decisions our state government makes, we are doing what we know is the best for us.  I sure hope that the PT will help your hip to the point that surgery won’t be necessary.  It’s sunny and hot & humid here.  We reached 89 yesterday and it will be even hotter today and tomorrow.  Thank goodness for central air!  Enjoy the rest of your day!

  11. Great post! I often say how blessed we are to have lots of food in our house and a roof over our head and lots of hobbies to occupy our time during this. And I think puppies are harder than children! BTW… your eye makeup  is so good with that mask!! The mask really makes them pop! Lol! Enjoy your day.

  12. Hope your OR goes well and you are some improvement! Our last 6 weeks have been similar to yours but with mostly great weather and Georgia is opening up slowly with some guidelines. Got an oil change in Saturday and they would wipe the counter each time a customer camenin. They will make their lobby larger to accommodate more spaced out customers..

  13. Yes the eyes hv it all with the mask! I keep forgetting and
    Applying lipstick!
    Love the family pic…yes very fortunate to hv your adult
    children close by!
    Wishing you well with therapy as I sit and ice my hip…
    a little to much exercise for me!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. When my children were babies, my mother in law told me if they slept well during the day, they would sleep well at night.  Maybe Ozzie needs less stimulation in the daytime and a little more quiet time.  

  15. Oh, how I enjoyed reading this newsy post.  I remember that the very first time I heard the phrase, “flatten the curve”…it was from you.  I just love the family picture on the porch and the updates on your new dog.  I laughed at the line, at least with a baby, I could nurse in bed and put on a diaper.  Hope he settles back down soon.  

  16. Beautiful family pic! Thanks for your summary…..we are cautiously optimistic about our re open here in Alberta, Canada. PT clinics are able to resume practice next week with appropriate PPE and temperature checks. Good luck at your appt! Your blog will be a record of this time in history. Its nice to hear how others are doing around the world. Its a welcome distraction. Your blog is a community of lovely, pleasant women!

  17. Love the newsy post today!  The pictures of your family and furry babies are so fun.  Hoping PT really helps your hip!

  18. The warmer weather and blue skies definitely makes me feel happier too. Although we don’t have the snow and cold you guys have in the East, the whole month of March and most of April was pretty dreary, cloudy, and we got a ton of rain! It all made the news even more depressing. But things turned last week and it’s been in the 80s with a wonderful breeze – we’ve been spending most of our days outside. I even took my laptop outside for a few of my group Zoom meetings on Friday. Feels like I’m on vacation in my own backyard. 
    I wanted to tell you that I ended up using your link for the Sanctuary floral top you posted (through Zappos) & it arrived a few days ago; I love it! It was more expensive than through Nordstrom (all smalls were sold out) but I’m glad I got it. I envision myself wearing it a lot starting now, through summer, and even to work in the fall (since we have a mild fall season). I think I might’ve told you before though that I saw it at Nordstrom back in early March in the store and it was really short on me- almost cropped so I passed on it. But the one I just got is cut longer. Perfect length! Isn’t that weird? I guess clothing cuts can vary …IDK. 
    One last comment about your Ozzy. As you know, my family adopted two puppies a little over a year ago and I agree – it’s so much work- like raising babies! We got some helpful advice from a dog trainer friend who told us early on that puppies need a lot of sleep, and should be given lots of downtime throughout the day. We also stopped using the crate after a couple weeks. I know everyone has an opinion on that, but it worked for us bringing them on our bed. They like to be wrapped in blankets at the foot of our bed and sleep so soundly. They want to be near their human family. We all take turns with the dogs so they’re comfortable in all our rooms. Where does your older dog sleep? Would Ozzy want to sleep near her? 

  19. Glad to hear you’re going to begin therapy for your hip. Our daughter continues with PT on line as the clinics here are still closed. Her surgery was last summer. Our province( NS) has state of emergency extended for two more weeks; although walking trails, and gardens and parks ( for walking only) re opened this weekend. Also fishing, or boat work at the pier. You could go to your cottage but no mixing with other families. Go there and back. Still a max of 5 per gathering and no mixing with other households. Drive in church services but cars kept in distance and no getting out or passing things from car to car. Everything else remains the same. Still need to keep 6 feet distance in all areas. Weather here was divine today for May probably in the 70’s in our back deck where it’s sheltered. Sat out by the pool in shorts and tank top, then spray painted my planters  by our front doors black to shine them up a bit. Now they look like new:) love your family pic! 

  20. Hi JoLynne, always enjoy your posts! I have to laugh at your puppy experiences, been through it a few times. The first couple weeks are the calm before the storm! I always found early morning and evening to be the most trying. Don’t know what the answer is! I’ve heard walking is one of the best things to do with a pup, and a routine. That first year takes a LOT of patience and work. We take our 2 year old, very high energy,  husky mix to daycare a few times a month to get some socialization And playtime with other dogs and give us a break! Money well spent!

  21. Love your family picture on your front porch! Are those natural waves in Caroline’s hair?? It  looks so gorgeous like that!!!!

  22. I feel the same. Fortunate that we are blessed with what we have, and what we have managed to not loose. The new normal will definitely be different going forward. Our state opened up two days ago. Most are still sheltering. We ventured out this morning for brunch. It was nice to sit, be served and to leave the dirty dishes for someone else. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Ha! We’ve got a new puppy too! 10 week old shihtzu…I feel your pain on the nights… mostly good tho… and yes, will eat everything he can find in the yard!

  24. Another great post! Thank You for staying in your routine, it helps me stay in my routine. And I always look forward to your Sunday post. I live in GA and even though our state is “open” it is sooooo far from life as we knew it. Very few restaurants returned to inside dining(which is fine with me). And my favorite Fine dining rest. are still closed. So we continue to eat at home & 2x week do PU for dinner. I did get my have cut & roots touched up last week, it was far from normal. Salon doors are locked, you call in from your car when you arrive and someone escorts you inside. Stylists wore masks. Only half the staff was there , to prevent overcrowding. My stylist said they were only working 3 days a week so they could all take turns working. But, praise GOD I got a trim and roots colored. Feel like a new woman. Nail salons are open as well. Masks and plexi glass every where. Also, after mani they give you nail files and cuticle oil they used on you in a baggie. You are to bring that back with you when you return. Price was Higher as well, about $5.00. I guess that is to cover the files & oil. Not sure why they can use same polish on people but not the cuticle oil. ANYWAY, that’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods!

  25. Best of luck with PT Jo-lynne! I completed a session just before New Years for my knee which I twisted while tailgating before a Virginia Tech game in October. Wonderful therapist made it fun and motivating. And you get to go somewhere! Enjoy!

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