New Distance Record :: 5 Miles

I’m in a bit of a fitness funk right now. I haven’t met with my trainer since before I left for vacation. Now she is on vacation. And my running has been . . . sketchy.

It started when I was in Maine and I was trying to run on the rocky camp roads. I’ve done it in years past, but this year the bugs were particularly bothersome. They were actually attacking me. I came home one day with welts on my arms and one even on my back, where one of those nasty demons actually got under my shirt.


I don’t do bugs, y’all. But I was trying to tough it out so I could keep up with my running. Unfortunately after my third run, the bugs won. I caved. I didn’t run again until I got home.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve barely been doing enough to keep my momentum. Rather than running 3-4 miles 5-6 times a week like I was doing before vacation, I have barely managed to run 2 or 2.5 miles every other day since I got home.

It’s an inner battle each and every day.

Today should be my running day, but I’m sitting here instead. My husband had to leave early for work, or I’d get up and put on my duds and hit the road right this minute.

I’m heading to BlogHer later today, and I know I won’t get much running in while I’m there, although I am signed up for the BlogHer 5K tomorrow morning, and I have my running clothes packed. I really hope I can motivate myself to get out there. I know tonight will be a late night, and my schedule is insane, so I’ll have to see how I feel come 6am tomorrow morning.

Yes, I am fully aware this is NOT the right attitude. I am setting myself up for failure. I should be gung-ho and determined I wil do it! But . . . we will have to see. Right now surviving BlogHer is my primary goal. (And those who have been know how very challenging that goal can be!!) I can get back on the fitness bandwagon when I get home.

I’m really hoping that once I get back, I can get back in the groove with the running and strength training. I miss feeling strong and powerful and energetic.

A few weeks before I left for Maine, I hit a new distance record. I meant to write about but never got around to it. I found this post in my Drafts folder and thought I might as well dust it off. Maybe it will motivate me to get my tushy out on the street again.

I set out that day to do 5 miles. I knew I could do it if I paced myself. I had a route all mapped out. Part of the motivation to run farther is just to see some new sites. I get tired of the same couple of loops I do time after time.

I told myself that time didn’t matter. It was all about completing the 5 miles. I didn’t want to walk unless I absolutely had to, so I started out jogging verrrrrry slowly. I’ve learned that if I start out running slowly for the first mile, and work up to a more respectable pace during the second mile, that I have a lot more endurance to finish the third and fourth and . . .

Long story short, I DID IT!

And it didn’t even seem that hard. Running on some new roads was fun and helped pass the time, and when I got back to familiar territory, I felt like I was on the home stretch even when I had 2 miles left to go. I stopped and walked twice for about a minute each time. All in all, not bad at all!

Even though I wasn’t running for time, I was thrilled to see that I averaged a 10:21 minute mile. That is pretty typical for me. I want to get it under 10, and every once in a while I surprise myself but usually I’m closer to 10:30.

I put together this photo collage on my iPhone to celebrate my victory.

I know some people think I’m insane taking photos of myself at the end of my runs. The vain girly-girl inside rebells every time I do this. (But I’m wearing no makeup! AAAHH!)

But I do it because it is proof. FOR ME. That I am doing this.

I am really doing this running thing.

For going on 3 years, now!! And no one can take that away.

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  1. I envy your running. I wish I was a runner. I have tried. I have taken the running classes, I have set up schedules and goals. But, my knee is not such a fan. So, I walk, and do cross fit, and try to fit in cardio elsewhere.

    Bravo to you on your running!

  2. Awesome Job! And in barefoot shoes with a great time….good for you!!
    I’d love to do 10 minute miles. I’m still in the 11:30 range. Ahhh…someday 🙂

  3. So great! I am trying to work my way back up to 5 miles. It is so hot and humid here that it is tough to get 3 done, even when I start at 6:30 in the morning. I’m accepting that I’m in a maintenance phase right now and I can work on stepping things up once school starts and we’re in more of a routine. The thing that makes exercise work long-term is knowing there will be stretches that are less intense and accepting it, knowing it doesn’t have to be a permanent slowdown. So don’t beat yourself up–you will get right back to it, I know it.

  4. You are an inspiration! The part that said “It’s an inner battle each and every day,” really resonates with me, on many levels. I live with dysthymia (long-term, more mild depression), and that describes much of my time, with fitness just being one example for me. I think I will make this my new mantra. 🙂 Again, kudos to you. This is indeed quite an accomplishment, and it is wonderful that you are taking care of your temple so well!

  5. apart from birthing babies, (and of course other personal health battles) running is easily the most inspiring, impressive thing, to me, that other women do. you’re a beast!! anybody who thinks you are nuts for posting that photo can eat all 5 miles of your dust.

  6. That’s awesome, Jo-Lynne! Good job!! Every time I run a new distance record, I think that there is literally no way I can top it. Right now, I’m only at four miles, but I’m training for a half marathon, so I sometimes wonder “How in the world will I ever get to 13?” But I’m just gradually increasing my distance and I feel like I can get there… eventually! lol I’m glad you’re sticking with it! Good luck in the BlogHer 5k! =)

  7. Way to go Jo-Lynne! You should be very proud. I’ve been back at the gym for 2 straight weeks now and it feels SO GOOD. It took me 2 years to get back and I’m so glad I finally did. I had a “moment” a few weeks ago which gave me the motivation I needed to get my butt to the gym. Breaks are needed and you’ll get back on it when you’re ready. But congrats on your running goal achievement. I’m easing myself into running. Hope you had a great time at BlogHer.

  8. I am new to your blog, and I am overwhelmed at all you do. I want to get back into running, but by myself I don’t seem to have the motivation. Maybe you can become my new coach. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That is awesome, JL!

    You inspired me to buy the Nike Frees in a post you did a few weeks ago. Between those and a video that showed me how to walk (who knew you could WALK wrong!) I can now walk 4 mph without having to run (my fibromyalgia body prefers I not run). I used to only get to about 3 mph or a little faster and I’d have to run to keep my heart rate up (short short short legs! 5’5″ tall and 29″ inseam, I’m all torso), so the shoes have been a blessing!!

  10. When I hit that rut, I do two things — I hit the track and do sprints/long jump/hurdles and I cross train (power yoga, spinning, weights). 10 days of those activities, on and off, and 2-3 short runs (1-2 mi) mixed in get me out of the rut and back into logging 3ish miles again and keeping a good pace. But if going longer distances is your goal, do the shorter runs during the week and the longer run on a weekend…like up and back on Kelly Drive. It’s a series of mini goals and meeting them.
    I am doing a 5K at the end of this month – unheard of for this winter runner – but I wanted to be back in shape for the fall, especially since it’s my conference season in the arts, and I needed to bust my pace plateau so I’ve been going out on very short – but faster – runs. 1-2 miles at a quicker pace. And getting ripped up with Jillian Michaels weight workouts. Hoping I can beat my PR which was 34:44.

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