Ode to the Minivan

Well. WE DID IT. After nine years of driving the same car, three or four years of pining for a new kid hauler, and at least six months of fervent test driving and saving and researching and negotiating, we finally pulled the trigger. Say hello to our newest family member!

I’ll admit, driving away from the dealer with Big Blue in my rearview mirror was a tad bittersweet. I’m usually not the sentimental type, but as my husband pointed out last night, we raised three kids in that vehicle.

But over the past year, the Check Engine light has become a permanent fixture on our dash, the Tire Pressure light flickers on and off at will, and our rear windshield wiper has broken twice. The driver’s side door handle is cracked clean through (although it somehow continued to open and close the door; I have a feeling I was on borrowed time with that one.) Not to mention the times that I’ve had to drive with our temperamental sliding door ajar and the overhead lights making a fish bowl of our vehicle.

I am MORE than ready to move on and make new memories. Out with the old, in with the new, I say!

So with that, I give you…

Ode to the Minivan

Over the years, you answered to many names:
Mom Mobile, Kid Hauler, Big Blue,
and my personal favorite,
Swagger Wagon.

You were there through it all:
Nursing babies and preschool carpools,
Diaper changes and baseball games,
Road trips and mall runs,
Drive-thrus and Happy Meals,
Grocery hauls and business trips,
Silent treatments and late night chats.

On Saturday you were put out to pasture.
Be good for your next owners.
Fare thee well, my faithful friend.