On Keeping Those New Year’s Promises {Cute Activewear Is A Must}

A few weeks ago I shared my New Year’s promise to myself to get myself back into a routine of being active, now that the holidays are behind us. And of course a New Year always gives us all the fresh start feels!

I started out the new year with a bang, and I was feeling good and starting to add on miles, and then Old Man Winter reared his ugly head, and I started letting myself get away with making excuses again.

Well, no more! I joined a gym last week so I can use the treadmills, and now I have a place to go when it’s too windy or too rainy or too icy or any other hurdle the weather can throw at me. As long as the electricity is on, I can get my run in!

Every woman knows a key motivator to getting to the gym to work out is having cute workout gear, so I’m super excited to team up with Kohl’s to share some fun and affordable new year activewear looks with you.

As a bonus, right now they’re running one of their Kohl’s Cash events, so you can earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend! (National Brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are excluded from earning Kohl’s Cash, but they’re able to be redeemed using Kohl’s Cash.)

I’m actually a big fan of their value brands, though. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Tek Gear, Fila, and Gaiam, and they’re not excluded from any promotions.

This Tek Gear mesh panel base layer tank is the perfect top to wear to the gym because it’s lightweight and breathable, it has a really flattering shape to it, AND it’s bra-friendly!

There’s no need for a racerback bra with this top. My regular one works just fine.

This color is the black/pink marble, and for size reference, I’m wearing a medium. I usually size up in workout clothes because I don’t like anything to be too tight.

I also think this Giam essential yoga wrap is too cute for words. I hate it when I get to the gym and I take off my big winter coat and I’m still too cold to be in a tank top — this little cardigan is the answer!

It fits comfortably under my winter coat, and then I like to wear it while I warm up and take it off when I’m ready to really hit it hard.

When  I’m done, it’s the perfect thing to throw on as I start to cool down. Sometimes I don’t even want my heavy coat when I leave the gym because I’m still overheated, and this is just enough to get me to the car.

The Tek Gear grey swirl print is also available in leggings, and this Tek Gear base layer v-neck tee is the perfect top for when you want modest coverage while still keeping cool when you’re working out. I have both pieces in a medium.

Top it all off with this cozy Under Armour hoodie, and you have the perfect outfit for walking the dog on milder winter days.

Finally, when you get home and just want to veg and be comfortable… Kohl’s has something for that too!

I’m a sucker or a fun graphic tee, and I couldn’t resist this one. They have it in a tank top version too. And these joggers are super soft and lightweight — they make good lounge pants, or pajama pants as well.

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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27 Responses

  1. I love Kohl’s for workout gear. (I try to go when I get a 30% off coupon as well.) There’s nothing like a cute, comfortable work-out outfit to get motivated.

  2. I loooooove Tek Gear stuff! I have so much of it and it holds up really well. I still have workout capris that are ten years old. I highly recommend and they are a great price point!!

    1. Good to know! I got turned onto the brand years ago when buying for my son — he lives in workout clothes, and they are so much more affordable than the national brands and look just as good.

  3. So what you’re really saying is now I have no excuse not to work out since these are cute and affordable?  😜🤣

    I see you’re wearing the New Balance shoes. I didn’t see where you commented about them so was wondering how you like them?  

    Have a blessed day and stay warm!  

    1. I wasn’t able to find the exact ones to link so I didn’t expand on them. I do like them — I haven’t tried running in them b/c I’m pretty committed to my Sauconys for that, but they are great for gym workouts and walking the dog and things. Plus so cute. I love the color!

  4. Cute pieces and I agree fun workout wear is a must. I just bought a cute comfy pair of joggers and finally found a pair that fit the way they’re suppose to. Well speaking of working out I better get going lol..,

  5. Thanks JoLynne! Between Kohl’s and TJMax, I find a lot of workout outfits I love. I also buy the New Balance sneakers at Kohl’s which are very comfortable and supportive. Their toe base is a little roomier than other sneakers- my toes don’t get squished on top of each other making a run/workout very uncomfortable.

    1. Thanks for sharing about the New Balance shoes.  I haven’t used those but will certainly look into it.  I hate it when my toes are too squeezed too.  Lol.  

    2. Yes, New Balance were recommenced to me for running, especially on the treadmill. The wider toe box not only allows extra room for your toes but gives you better stability. These are the only brand I buy for that purpose. I have different ones for yoga or the street. 

      1. I agree!  I’ve tried many brands, but always go back to New balance.  Just walked 180 miles in 2 weeks, on a hike in Portugal in them….they did not let me down!

  6. Super cute work out gear! I love Kohl’s and TJ Maxx for cute and affordable clothes. That graphic tshirt is right up my alley!😂
    Stay warm and safe in this polar vortex!

  7. Thank you for sharing the kohl’s workout gear as I have a store about 10 mins away but I forget that they have some good workout wear. So I put a few things in cart if I don’t find them in the store 😃. I also enjoyed your FB live as I was cooking dinner last night. It’s so nice to see you (kind of in person) and your makeup looked flawless. It also helps to see some of your outfits and that motto jacket is gorgeous up close but sold out in a small. I was really considering it because someone said they are petite and it fit just right. But it was just fun to watch and lots of good info was shared. 

  8. Kohls is a great place to buy workout gear and athletic shoes (or any shoes, for that matter). I like the range of brands and prices, and they have great sales.
    If they don’t have a size I need at the store, I order using a kiosk in the store, and get free shipping.

  9. Love that work out gear! Hmmm – maybe that’s what I need right now to get motivated. 🙂 that or maybe just some shopping LOL!

  10. I almost always buy my workout clothes from Kohls… can’t beat their sales! I usually get the Tek gear or Fila brand and have had great luck with fit and durability. Haven’t gotten into the jogger pants yet but those look really cute on you… what size did you get them in? Have a great, productive day!

  11. You look cute in all the active wear. Great post. Could you please post the link to your LIVE  like you always do on Weds?  Did I miss it?  Don’t see it today. Thanks. Always look forward to them Wed. 

  12. Love this post ….I tend to get overwhelmed by all choices in store!
    So glad to hv a few chosen pieces …purchased for a gift.
    Looking forward to watching Facebook live this cold
    Afternoon ….everyone stranded in from cold!

  13. Silly question, but in the pictures of the water bottle- is that the removable label around the bottom of the bottle?

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