5 Ways to Wear a Puffer Vest

A puffer vest is one of those wardrobe items most of us seem to have, so I put together another 5 Ways to Wear post with this winter closet staple.

Jo-Lynne Shane shares 5 Ways to Wear a Quilted Puffer Vest
These looks will be particularly applicable to those of you with milder winters because you don’t have the coat issue to contend with, but most of us probably get some mild winter days here and there when we can make use of our puffer vests… although maybe not this week! This approaching polar vortex sounds quite ominous.

5 Ways to Wear a Puffer Vest

#1. Puffer Vest + Striped Tee & Leopard Flats

This outfit is an oldie but goodie, and fortunately the striped tee is still in stock because it’s a good one! I really like the fit on this tee, and the wide neckline is flattering. For size reference, I have the small.

Almost any color puffer vest will work on top — red, green, navy, pink, camel… to name a few.

I think the leopard flats add a fun pattern to the mix. Leopard print booties would work too.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing green J. Crew Mercantile Women's Puffer Vest, Long-sleeve striped artist T-shirt, AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans, and Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats in leopard print patent leather, with Love Always Classic Monogram Necklace 3XL in gold dipped. #fashion #womensfashion #puffervest #jcrewmercantile #fashionover40

quilted vest // stripe tee // skinny jeans // leopard flats // bag options

#2. Printed Puffer Vest + Crewneck Sweater & OTK Boots

If you don’t have (or want) a leopard print vest, but you can use this same outfit formula with a houndstooth or plaid puffer vest, if you have one of those.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing LOFT leopard print puffer vest with camel cashmere sweater, black AG legging ankle jeans, and Blondo Olivia over-the-knee boots with Stella & Dot double pearl pendant. #fashion #womensfashion #winterfashion #leopardprint #leopard #winteroutfit

similar leopard vest // camel crewneck sweater (similar) // black jeans // black OTK boots // necklace

#3. Puffer Vest + Turtleneck Sweater, Skinnies, and Boots

I really like the burgundy puffer over grey with black skinnies (or I’ve reversed it and worn it over a black sweater with grey or blue jeans).

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing burgundy Marc New York Performance Quilted Systems Puffer Vest with black Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, grey cashmere turtleneck sweater, and black BP. Lance ankle boots.

similar burgundy puffer // grey turtleneck // black jeans // black booties

This packable vest from Amazon was one of my top sellers when I posted this outfit the first time. It’s very flattering with the chevron quilted pattern and vertical side panels. I’m wearing the cold green in a size small, and yes, it looks brighter in these pictures than it really is.

I think the white jeans are fun for a change, and the riding boots keep it classic.

packable vest (mine is the cold green) // camel turtleneck // white jeans // Frye riding boots in whiskey (other options)

#4. Puffer Vest + Pullover Sweater & Infinity Scarf

These next two outfits are from 2016, but they’re still relevant even though most of the components are gone now. Of course there are so many possible color combinations with this outfit formula.

A scarf adds another layer of interest and gives you the opportunity to add another texture or pattern to the look.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing J.Crew Excursion quilted down vest with camel cashmere crewneck sweater, AG the legging ankle jeans, burgundy suede ballet flats, and plaid blanket scarf. #fashion #womensfashion #winteroutfit

camel cashmere sweater (exact) // quilted vest // skinny jeans // burgundy flats // plaid scarf options

That scarf was the inspiration for this outfit — I just repeated the red and blue and ivory from the scarf in my various outfit components. You can do this with any plaid scarf.

And the pompom beanie is a fun addition, and I do recall that it was quite cold that day!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing red J.Crew Excursion quilted down vest with ivory cable knit turtleneck sweater, DL1961 Emma legging jeans, Hunter classic rain boots, and plaid infinity scarf. #fashion #womensfashion #winteroutfit #hunterboots

similar red puffer vest // similar ivory turtleneck // skinny jeans // Hunter boots // plaid scarves // beanie

#5. Puffer Vest + Striped Turtleneck & Fashion Sneakers

This look is so simple, but it’s also very practical, and dare I say chic! I like the black and white look with a hint of color in the burgundy bag, but you could easily do this with a colored vest too.

I love the way the fashion sneakers take it down a notch and keep the look from being too preppy, and they also make this a great outfit for moms or grandmoms who are trying to keep up with young kids.

I linked to the exact turtleneck I have, and I take a small, for reference. It actually says it’s navy, but it’s so dark, it looks black to me! I wear it interchangeably with both black and navy.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing black J.Crew Excursion quilted down vest with striped tissue turtleneck, AG the legging ankle jeans, and Adidas Originals Superstar. #fashion #womensfashion #winteroutfit

striped turtleneck (exact) // quilted vest (exact) // black jeans // Adidas Superstars // burgundy backpacks

Do you have a quilted puffer vest? If so, I hope this post helps you shop your closet and find some new ways to wear it!

If not, I highly recommend any of the ones I’ve shared here — they’re all affordable, good quality, and flattering on.

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24 Responses

  1. Hi, Jo-Lynne!  Long time, no post — but still following!  LOL.  Love the puffers, wear them all the time.  I have a question on them though.  I bought some Old Navy super soft T’s with slightly puffed sleeves.  I can’t make up my mind if it looks good with the puffers or dorky.  Not sure if my eyes are adjusting to the 80s sleeves.

    Also, for FB live question, am scoping out the Zella workout gear, want to get back into jogging (signed up for a 5k in July with my 6 year-old son as motivation!). I’m a plus-size pear, 14 on top, 16 on bottom.  I know you aren’t plus size, but for running, you think I should size up in the regular women’s workout pants to a XXL, or do the women’s plus department and do 1x or 2x?  I hate the crotch sliding down and then chafing.  Wondering about how the Zellas hold up with movement, especially since I carry weight in the thighs.  I know this isn’t your particular bugaboo, but you like the brand, didn’t know if you felt the waist slipped down after a while or anything to keep in mind before I pull the trigger.

    Here in MA, we’re awaiting the Polar Vortex and have an ice sheen on the roads, so no need to kill myself outside just yet, but I have my eye on March to get going outside.  Cabin Fever!  Too much longer inside and I’ll be as OCD as Kathy Bates in Misery when she freaks out on James Caan and discovers the penguin isn’t facing due south anymore!  I’ve already Marie Kondo’d the bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, kids’ closet, pantry, linen closet, and am eyeing the basement next.  I’ve got my label maker ready and loaded with Tz tape!  LOL.

  2. Good Chilly Morning. It’s 36 degrees in South Texas so I know it’s got to be pretty cold most everywhere. I am so glad you got out to run while you could. I encouraged my husband to at least go for a 30 min walk yesterday. He works from home and sits a lot and doesn’t like the gym. Anyway I have to say that I do wear a lot of vests. I have about 5 of them and would still like to add a few more. Lol. They are a great laying piece when you don’t need a heavy jacket.  So I have to tell you my funny vest story….Last fall I ordered the Loft leopard vest (waited for the sale). I had to stop by my neighbors house on the way home from work and she has 3 dogs. As I entered the house one of her dogs jumped up and nipped at my new vest and tore a whole in it 😣. She was so embarrassed and offered to replace it and I felt so bad and said no, I have several vests so it’s okay. But she insisted and luckily was able to get it at the sale price again and did replace it. She is now sending her dog to training! 

  3. I’ve become more of a vest fan after realizing I could wear it over a jacket too. I’m always so cold in the winter, so having it over a top or little sweater isn’t enough for me.
    The funny thing is I just took off the sleeves of a lightweight puffer coat to make it a vest like your examples. And I even wore it this weekend!!

  4. Love a puffer vest. I find that they are always my first option in the winter (unless it’s bitterly cold) for doing errands. Coats are too bulky getting in and out of the car and running into stores. I have a blue vest with a hood with fur around it from Lands End that must be 10 years old and it’s my favorite. Lots of pockets and zipped up, it’s warm. It looks great with jeans and any color sweater, gives me some shape, and it’s a little out of the ordinary.

  5. I can’t believe this was your post today lol.. I just looked into how to style puffer vests? on Pinterest last night and pics of you  wearing your vests came up especially the green vest… We did have a few mild days 30-40 degrees Celsius and  that was nice.. however back to the minus double digits today and yes snow coming then rain… yuck. I love the black vest with camel and the striped tee with vest but they’re all cute:)

  6. I live in my puffer vests down here when it’s cold. I need as much arm movement as possible and vests are what work for me. That green vest with the striped tee is one of my all time faves from you, and I’ve worn it many times!

  7. I hope you are able to get a run in this morning.  It’s already raining here.  I have one puffer vest in grey, that I hardly ever wear.  I still really like the hooded puffer vest with the double zippers, but buying a second one isn’t a good use of $$ if I’m not sure I will wear it enough.  I would love to save this post to a Pinterest board, but I have no clue how to do that.  Have a fabulous day!

  8. Good morning from Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the Polar Vortex has arrived. We are expecting-40 to -65 windchills this afternoon. I’m dreaming of warmer weather so I can break out my vests again. Love the looks. Especially with the cashmere sweaters. Have a great day. 

  9. Love all the looks…especially bright colors!I will dream about
    Spring as our temps dip to fifty below!
    Not Alaska….but Chicago!

  10. Great post!  I have a fairly good collection of vests.  Seeing these in one post reminded me to try different combinations I could try!  Have a wonderful day.  We are getting dangerous wind chills today.  Yikes!

  11. I hope you can help me. Your posts suddenly began showing up in my junk mail instead of my inbox. What the heck? How can I fix this?

    Love your posts and look forward to them daily. 

    1. Ugh! I hate hearing that. Yes, you can do a few things. Add my email address: [email protected] to your address book or your contacts so your email provider recognizes that it’s a legit address. Also, make sure to move all of my emails from your junk folder to your inbox — that also signals to your email provider that it’s an email you want to receive. If there is an option to click “not spam” – do that as well. Finally, if you have gmail, you can set up a filter to filter all my emails to your inbox — or where ever you want it to go. I hope that helps!

  12. Puffer vests are a great third piece making any outfit look cuter. But, I know I won’t wear it. I bought a cute one, wore it once and discovered if it was cold enough for a vest, I needed sleeves. Donated! 
    You really are getting a cold winter this year. Getting out to run must be hard with too cold temps and/or slippery surfaces. I admire you’re determination, JoLynne. 

  13. I love my puffer vests and wear them often.  Your green one with the striped top is one of my all time favorite outfits of yours.  I’m kicking myself for not ordering the green vest way back when you first posted it because I don’t think the color is the same now.  Thanks for all these ideas in one place!  I do get in a rut and wear my vests with the same tops. Hoping to watch your FB Live today! 

  14. Enjoyed this post as I just bought my first puffer vest a few weeks back. Found a great Charter Club one at Macy’s. Do you ever zip your vests up all the way or partially? In #1, I was wondering why a black vest wouldn’t work with this combination?

    1. I just said not black b/c the stripes in the tee are navy – I don’t usually mix – but then I did in the turtleneck, lol. The striped tee definitely looks more blue.

      I never zip my vests – it doesn’t do anything for me, and I like the column it creates when left open. 🙂

      1. Hello. I was searching on how to use a vest because I just got one and had to go one size bigger to be able to zip-up. But now I think the under arm looks too big.what do you think is the best? Too keep the size up and accept that the way it looks or size down and not zip-up? Thanks

        1. Hi Raquel. I actually don’t mind if they don’t zip because I rarely zip mine (if ever.) I do think this one zips, but if the under arms looked big, I’d size down and forego the ability to zip. I hope that helps! 🙂

  15. Hey great post! I do have a couple of puffer vest! But I have to be careful that one doesn’t accentuate my wide shoulders! lol!

  16. I’m new to your blog and really enjoying your great style, photos, and excellent writing – it is the best one I’ve found that fits my lifestyle and fashion preferences! I love the bag you are carrying in photo #1 so I’m wondering what the brand is and if you know if it’s still available any where? Also, I would enjoy a post on the various bags/styles/colors you recommend for different outfits but if you have already done one, the link. Thanks!

  17. Always love a puffer vest! I have the burgundy one you’ve shown and recommended a few time as well as the leopard vest from Loft. Vests are so great living in the South especially because I like that I can forgo a coat if I wear a sweater underneath. Such great outfits that can be copied ❤️ So happy I finally caught a FB live today! 

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