2019 January Favorites

Greetings, and hello Monday! I’m home from my quick weekend jaunt to Maine, and it feels good to be back in my office although I sure do miss that beautiful lake view.

Today I’m sharing my January Favorites. This is basically a roundup of new finds and old favorites that I’m particularly enjoying right now.

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Before we get started, LOFT is running 50% off plus free shipping today with code NEWFAVES. I just got my order from last week, so I’ll do the try-ons today and share on Facebook and/or Instagram. Meanwhile, you can check out my Loft Favorites in The Shop!

January Favorites

#1. Jagger Ripped Skinny Jeans 

These jeans are a new find, although I have tried this style before so I knew they were pretty much a sure thing. I’m totally addicted to my AG legging ankle jeans, but for those who prefer a budget-friendly option, these Vigoss Jagger skinnies are a great substitute.

The fit is very similar, and I think they’re as flattering as the AG jeans. The denim is also fairly soft and feels good on. I don’t like the wash quite as much, but it’s still pretty good, and I really like the way they applied the distressed details.

I shared a few pictures of me wearing them in Saturday’s Try-On Haul, if you care to see them on someone other than the Nordstrom model. For reference, these are the 28 — the same size I usually wear in AG. In my experience, these do stretch out some, so I recommend buying them snug.

#2. Halogen Solid Cashmere Infinity Scarf 

I have this scarf in grey and red, and it’s so cozy and easy to throw on with any coat or jacket — plus right now it’s 40% off!

This is a great price for a cashmere scarf; in fact, if you’re one to buy Christmas presents a year ahead, this would make a nice gift.

#3. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt 

This tee cracks me up. I am always correcting people’s grammar in my head. Incorrect grammar drives me batty. I often feel like I’m a lone ranger in caring about such matters, but the fact that they even make this t-shirt gives me hope.

#4. Urban Decay Naked3 Eye Shadow Palette 

I did an eye shadow tutorial with this palette, but in case you missed it, this is a gorgeous assortment of rose-hued neutrals that create a fresh and pretty look as we head into springtime.

Urban Decay eye shadow has a ton of pigment, so a little goes a long way, and it goes on smoothly and lasts all day if you wear an eye shadow primer underneath. The quality is definitely on par with the price tag, in my opinion.

#5. Tarte Shape Tape 

I purchased this at Cyndi‘s recommendation, and I love it! I ordered online so I totally took a gander at the color, but it’s worked out great. I have the 16N Fair-Light Neutral (fair to light skin w/ neutral undertones.) It feels heavy when you put it on, but somehow it blends into the rest of your makeup and your skin without creasing or drying you out.

I also take Cyndi’s advice and make sure to apply eye serum or eye cream before I use this.

FYI, Colleen Rothschild is running an Anniversary Sale! Take 20% off site-wide with code 5AVS.

#6. Blondo Ellie OTK Boots 

These boots are a workhorse in my winter wardrobe. They’re absolutely the best boot for a stylish option in inclement weather because they’re waterproof. When it’s raining or snowing and I don’t want to wear rain boots or snow boots, I wear these.

I also wear them when I’m going to be doing a lot of walking because they have a memory foam footbed and a lug sole. I also get compliments almost every time I wear them.

#7. SHASHI Women’s Warrior Double Pendant Necklace 

I ordered this necklace on a whim, and I’ve been wearing it a ton. I like it a lot on crewneck sweaters because of the length. It isn’t adjustable at all — it doesn’t even have a clasp, so you can’t use an extender, but if you like the length (24.5″) it’s a great piece to have. You could also layer it with other delicates.

#8. Veja Esplar Sneakers 

I finally decided on a new pair of sneakers after trying almost a dozen different pairs.

I decided the Veja Esplar was the perfect marriage of style and quality, and I’m enjoying them so much already! I can definitely see wearing these a lot as the weather warms up.

#9. Madewell Inland Mockneck Sweater 

I’m totally laughing because when I searched “Inland” on my blog for pictures of this sweater, I discovered that I also included it in last year’s January Favorites. Yes, this is an oldie but goodie that Madewell brought back for a second year! It stands alone nicely because of the flattering fit and subtle knit details (note the extra long ribbed cuffs and hem) but it’s also great for layering. I often layer it under a moto jacket.

I have it in ivory and Hthr Cement and Hthr Burgundy, and I love both equally. I’m also kind of crushing on that Heather Dahlia. If I didn’t already have two of these sweaters, I’d snap that one right up. For size reference, I have one in a small and one in a medium, and both are fine. I feel the medium gives me more wiggle room while keeping the flattering silhouette, but you can size down for a more body-con fit.

Sizes are getting depleted, but you can get 40% off the sale price with code DOUBLEYAY. I also love it in the Donegal Smoke. That one isn’t on sale at Madewell, but it’s 25% off at Nordstrom, for some reason.

#10. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour(R) Cream Fragrance-Free Skin Protectant 

This is a late addition, so it’s not pictured in the image collage, but this cream is saving my hands this winter. Elizabeth Arden sent me a few items to try out last fall, and this was in that box.

This product was created more than seventy years ago and has won tons of beauty awards over the years. It goes on thick, but it soaks in and isn’t greasy. I use it every night before bed, and my hands haven’t gotten dried out this winter.

#11. MOLOCH Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings 

Finally, another last minute addition, these tortoiseshell hoop earrings are super cute and only $8. I linked them in my email newsletter a few days ago as a Finds Under $50 feature, and they sold like hotcakes.

Tortoiseshell is a classic that is also trending right now, and it’s a great way to add a subtle pattern to an outfit.

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27 Responses

  1. Thought of you this weekend when I came across an article on Megan Markle’s style choices….she likes the Vejas, too…lol.    
    I actually stumbled on the Vigoss brand last year and have loved them.  They seem to have discontinued their high-waist style, which is a bummer for me (no pun, intended) bc, they stay up the best over my problem area without causing muffin top.  SIGH!  Really like them on you, too.

  2. Welcome back! I can also recommend the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Purchased it at Cyndi’s recommendation & it is great for under eye dark areas! I wish the Vigoss jeans came in Petite – but alas apparently not. Are they ankle length on you?
    Thanks for all your work for us!

  3. I have two questions. Do you see skinny jeans sticking around? I saw that big jeans are coming in for spring. I hate them! Maybe a fad. My other question is If I wear a black dress, tights and black boots is that too much black. Necklace or scarf of course with it. You can answer on FB live. I won’t be able to participate but can check it out later. Thanks. Cute sneakers. A bit pricey for me but I like them alot. Glad you are home and your grandfather sounds amazing.

  4. I have a question for your Facebook live chat. I feel silly asking, but how do you determine which denim wash (light, medium or dark) to wear with your tops. Should there be a contrast, or should the color tones in the top kind of match the shade of denim? Or maybe none of this even matters when pairing tops and denim… I am very curious about your thoughts on this though..

  5. Wow 102 years young glad you got to visit him, I just checked out on Netflix Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries added it to my list to watch so tired of regular TV same ole stuff over and over again. I received my eye shadow in the mail can’t wait to try it on like you showed in the video. Stay warm

  6. I finally bit the bullet and ordered the suede Vince C over-the-knee boots. Now I’m wondering if I only have one pair of otk, should I get the smooth black leather? I plan to wear them with jeans, but also tights, skirt, and sweater. Thoughts? Also, LOVE the graphic t-shirt. I may have to buy it!

  7. I think you posted a segment one time about how to support your favorite blogger(s). I find lately that I’m ordering more things that you have shared with us and want to be sure you are getting the “credit” or whatever that does. Can you send us the link to that post? Thanks!

  8. What great finds and favorites!  Our DIL is a 2nd grade teacher, so I’d love to buy that tee for her. I’m so glad that you had some quality time with your grandfather and your mom, and that both of you made it home safely.  Government offices and schools in the metro Atlanta area and north are already announcing that they will be closed tomorrow due to the winter storm threat.  And there’s already activities around the Super Bowl taking place, so things up there could be rather interesting.  We don’t have enough equipment to keep the city open in these types of situations.  Our issue down here Wednesday morning could be ice in the roads, and you would know that we’ve got to hit the road at 9:15 for appointments over in Warner Robins.  Today the sun is out and I’m sitting on the front porch soaking it in.  Enjoy your day!

    1. We live in Columbus GA and I don’t think we’ll get much but rain. But my son is in college in Dahlonega (north Georgia) and we got the alert that the university is closing tomorrow for winter weather. Of course, he is excited about possible snow and thrilled to have a day off! LOL

      1. Denise, We are basically neighbors.  We live in Mauk, off of 96, half way between Columbus and Warner Robins.  We are always 5-10 degrees colder than Butler., and have been really lucky when it comes to severe weather either weakening or falling apart before it reaches us.  We do 95% of our shopping, etc., in Warner Robins.  We still don’t know our way around Columbus, like some of our neighbors.

        1. My other son goes to college in Milledgeville which is pretty close to you, I believe. We aren’t terribly familiar with the Warner Robins though. Really we just know the road between Columbus and Milledgeville very well. 🙂 Stay safe tomorrow! I hope that the freezing weather misses you!

  9. Love that you got to spend time with your Grandpa. I always say that although my Grandpa wasn’t always able to come up with my name, he knew I belonged to him the moment I walked in the door! Simply the best. Monthly favorites posts are some of my favorite types of blog posts! Love that grammar tee and silently do the same thing. 🙂 Added the Tarte makeup to my cart as well! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great roundup of fun and practical items! I always love when you do a monthly faves post. And you are NOT alone on the grammar thing. My husband and I do this all the time. At home we often pause the tv to comment on the atrocious grammar on shows and even the news. And we gave one of our kids a magnet with that same saying in his stocking this year. I guess it’s a family trait. 🙂

    1. Yes. I wear 8.5 or 9 in most sneakers, and I got the 39 (US Women’s 8) Medium at Zappo’s, and the Size 8 Women’s / 6 Men’s M at Nordstrom. They are roomy — I almost tried the size down, but I’m pretty sure they would be too short.

  11. Hi! What size grammar t-shirt did you buy? Love your posts; my all-time favorite was your Holy Grail Beauty Products. Thank you. Andrea

  12. How are the Vejas breaking in? Know you said thru weren’t comfortable out of the box but you kept them (I love the look too). Wondering if they are getting  ore comfortable as you wear them?

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