Coffee Talk 01.28.19

Good morning from Maine! It’s another gorgeous day on the lake, but there’s some weather coming in later today. I actually changed my flight time so I can leave earlier. As much as I’d love to see some snow, I really don’t want to get stuck at the airport tonight.

We’ve had a nice visit. My grandfather has been in great spirits, and it’s been good to spend time with him. We took him out riding around yesterday — he has a van that is wheelchair accessible. He likes to ride around town and see the sites and talk about the buildings and his memories.

We drove down the street where he raised his five kids, and he and mom pointed out the houses of all their old neighbors and chatted about the old days. When I was growing up, we visited my grandparents every summer and stayed in that house, and it’s funny how much smaller it looks now. I have memories of it being much bigger.

Fun fact: that house is on the same street as Stephen King’s house… a mile or two away, but still. Pretty neat. He’s lived there as long as I can remember and still lives there today. We used to see him at the mall sometimes when my grandmother would take us shopping; he’s very unassuming. I’d have never known he was anyone famous if she hadn’t pointed him out to me

After we saw all the sights, we drove over to Chick-Fil-a and got lunch. Grampa loves Chick-Fil-a. It only came to Bangor a few years ago, and he never had it until then. He can’t get over how everyone says, “My pleasure.” He thinks that’s fantastic.

That outing was about all he could handle, so mom and I left him to take a nap and came back down to the lake and hung out for the rest of the day. It was nice to just sit and relax. I don’t do that very often, as you all know! We watched a few episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. They’re good, light entertainment.

It’s been a short trip, but I’m glad I came. We made some nice memories, and even though I didn’t see much snow, it was good to get away to one of my favorite places.

I woke up this morning to find my laptop dead — or the power charger. I’m not sure which, but I’m typing this on my phone. It’s a bit cumbersome so I’ll sign off and get my day started here. Fortunately I wrote most of this post last night when my computer was still working.

Have a blessed Sunday!



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  1. Sounds like a nice visit. We love Chick- Fil-a and we usually go there first when we visit Bangor. That’s a 7 hour drive for us… safe travels home. We are getting more sun today and 36 degrees Celsius this afternoon.. so nice to see that ☀️. I better start getting ready for church.

  2. How wonderful to be able to spend that time with your grandfather. And your mom! Having grown up living near my grandparents and great-grandparents who have now all passed, I still miss them. They were so much a part of who I am today. Have a safe trip back, Jo-Lynne.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful visit, and I’m sure you’re thankful to have gotten some time with your grandfather. Have a safe trip back home today.

  4. Awe! So glad you were able to get away and your enjoy you mom and grandfather. My mother is no longer with us anymore and all my grandparents have been gone for years. You are blessed to still have them both and making more wonderful memories. Safe travels today on your way home. 

  5. I pray that you and your mom get back to your homes safely and before the snow hits.  I’m so glad that some special memories have been made this weekend.  Those memories will be even more precious in years to come.  Does your grandfather live in an assisted living facility?  God bless!

    1. Yes, he does. Both mom and I got home safe and sound — the weather didn’t turn out to be anything. Oh, well. It was good to get home earlier. I had planned an evening flight, but I got to see Grampa 3x and mom and I had a really nice visit, and it was good to get home before dark.

  6. Such a wonderful blessing to spend time with your grandfather and listen to his recollections!  Both my grandparents on both sides have passed and how I miss hearing their stories.  ❤️

    Isn’t it so funny how when we go back to places we were as children we feel like they shrunk? I’ve done that too.  Everything is so much bigger when you’re young.  Lol.   

    Safe travels home today …

    1. Yes, I was thinking that! I always thought it was a big home — it was bigger than the one I lived in at that time. I grew up in a ranch, and it was a 2 story colonial, so I guess I thought it was big, but it was actually quite modest. Such a pretty New England neighborhood, though. It was fun to drive through again.

  7. It sounds like you had a fantastic time with your mom and grandfather! Have a fantastic day and happy travels!!

  8. It sounds like you were able to have a lovely visit with your mom and grandfather, and the picture of the lake just looks idyllic. It’s so nice that you were able to get away and visit. Safe travels home!

  9. What a pleasure to wake up this morning and read about you creating memories with your grandfather and mom.  My grandmother is also still around (she’s 97) but in a nursing home and suffering from dementia, so our visits with her are not like what you described.  Sad….  Anyways, I knew that I liked you for more than just your fashion sense and advice, and this just illuminates that fact!  Have a safe trip home!

    1. Thanks, Katie. I’m home! So sorry to hear about the dementia. That makes things hard. Grampa is confused sometimes, but it’s typical old age. He was sharp as a tack up until a couple years ago when he took a bad fall. That is what started the downward spiral. He was living alone at that point — at 98. Crazy, right!?

  10. What a beautiful sunrise shot of the lake. So glad you could make the trip and make some wonderful memories with family! Safe journey home.

  11. What a wonderful weekend you had spending time with your grandfather and mom!  Loved reading about your weekend and seeing the gorgeous pictures you posted.  Safe travels home! 

  12. What a beautiful sunrise! It would make a lovely painting. It has the colours of your foyer carpet.
    That was a quick trip! I’m happy you were able to get in a nice visit with your grandfather and spend some together time with your mom. Those moments are important. 

  13. Hello – it’s so lovely that you are spending time with your Mum and Grandad.   I really enjoy your blogs and your house is beautiful.  I live in St Albans England but reading your posts realise that basically we are all very similar- I too hate and stress about those all important finishing touches- they are an art in themselves.  
    In my opinion your outfits always strike a perfect balance and you look very classy and fab! 
    Thank you for what you do and how you inspire us all with your insights but also your modesty as kindness.
    Best wishes 

    1. Hi Jane, thank you for your sweet comment! I love to think someone is sitting across “the pond” reading my blog! How fun. I hope to visit England sometime soon. I’ve never been, and it’s at the top of my travel bucket list.

  14. I love the story about spending time with your Grandpa! All they want is to spend time and chat with the ones they love! Sounds like you made the most of your short visit. Safe travels this afternoon.

  15. Jolynne, I teared up reading about Grandpa.  I love those kind of visits.  How precious for him too be able to share his memories with his family.  The picture of you in the backseat was so cute.  Did you feel like a kid again being back there?  Good idea to take a flight earlier.  No need to end a lovely visit with a possible bumpy flight.  🙏 For a safe trip home!

  16. Sounds like you made some very special memories this weekend with your grandpa and mom.  I enjoyed the pictures that you posted.  Praying for safe travels home!

  17. Sounds like you had a nice trip. I had to chuckle when you spoke about Stephen King. We live in Venice Florida and Stephen King is our “winter” neighbor. He has a beautiful mansion on the water in Casey Key Florida. It’s about 10 minutes down the road from our house. Of course no one can technically drive right by his home because his driveway is gated and his house is secluded.

  18. Funny thing. We took a trip up north in 2017 and we stayed in Bangor a couple nights and yes we ate at Chic Fil A!!!!

  19. My son worked at CFA through high school and still says “My pleasure!” We were so glad he got to work there – they teach a great work ethic – it helped him get his part-time college job! And we love the chicken!! =)

  20. What lovely memories you are making and will look back on in future years. And I’m so glad you enjoy Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. Filmed in my hometown of Melbourne Australia ( and some rural locations), based on books written by a much loved Melbourne author as well. The costumes are gorgeous and there are regular exhibitions of them locally as they are so finely detailed and beautifully made. I do enjoy reading about your USA life, but it’s nice to know you are seeing a little of my local life too, even if it’s just some of our beautiful old buildings! 

  21. Oh what blessed memories to get to share with your mom and grandpa. Hope you took pictures. Does your mom look like you?  Safe travels. 🙂 

  22. Such a gift to have a grandparent at this stage in life. I’m glad you are enjoying all the moments and giving him the most precious gift of your time.

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