2018 January Favorites #FashionFriday

Greetings, friends! TGIF! How did everyone fare with the snowpocalypse? It’s done snowing here, but the cold temperatures and high winds remain. I’m so grateful we still have electricity. The kids are on a two-hour delay this morning so here’s hoping that doesn’t change before I can get them on the bus. I love my kids, but they need to go to school today so I can restore some order to my house before the weekend hits.

2018 January Favorites

I haven’t taken any outfit pictures yet this year, and with the current weather situation, it will be a while before I do, so I put together my January Favorites for this week’s #FashionFriday.

This is basically a roundup of new finds and old favorites that I’m particularly enjoying right now. They’re not all fashion-related, but most are. I try to include a variety of products and price points.

2018 January Favorites

#1. Milo Loafers // I know it’s January and I should probably be all about the cozy boots, but I’m obsessed with loafers right now. I find myself wearing these Vince Milo loafers whenever they work with my outfit — which is often! I love their minimalistic style, and they’re really soft and flexible.

Unfortunately, these loafers are low inventory at Nordstrom (but they’re 50% off, so yay!) This Halogen pair is similar (and under $100) and I also like the Me Too Audra loafer a lot.

#2. Rails Plaid // These are the softest plaid shirts I’ve ever worn. The price it steep so I recommend getting them on sale. Rails shirts at Saks Off 5th are 56% off right now, and Nordstrom carries them as well. These shirts run small, so I recommend sizing up one; mine is a medium, for reference.

I’ve had my Rails plaid shirt for a year or two. I don’t wear it a ton, but I’ve found myself going for it a lot recently. I like that it’s different from my typical pullover sweater but still soft and comfortable.

And yes, that’s me wearing Converse in the snow. I just stepped out onto my front porch to snap that picture; otherwise I was inside all day. I did end up switching into my slippers for the rest of the day, but I usually wear those sneakers with my Rails plaid because I like how they look together — especially with distressed jeans in between — so I threw them on for the picture. The reaction on Instagram was kind of funny. People were worried I was cold. (Don’t worry; we keep our heat cranked in our house!)

Oh, and also, these jeans are $88 and really soft and comfy. Highly recommend!

#3. Madewell Inland Turtleneck // Oooh, look, there are those loafers again! LOL!!! I have a lot of pullover sweaters I’m loving right now so I had a hard time choosing a one to feature, but this one is super soft and a really good price for the quality.

Sizes are picked over, but there are a bunch of great colors. I’m tempted to order the blush (hthr blossom), but as I’ve shared before, I don’t like to have duplicates so I’m holding off. It runs true to size; I have the small but I think I could probably wear the medium. You can probably go either way on this one.

#4. UGG Dakota Slippers // Need I say more? Well, I will anyway. I snagged my UGG Dakota slippers at the UGG Outlet last summer, and I’ve been so glad I have them this month with these crazy temperatures. They are soooo cozy and comfy, and I wear them a lot when I’m just around the house.

I also have the similar style Abeo Halifax slippers with the built-in orthotic that are great as well, but I go for my UGGs more often than not simply because the Abeo ones I have are a half size too big and slip off my foot. I recommend either if you’re in the market for cozy slippers. (The Abeo slippers are on sale, so that’s a plus!)

#5. J.Crew Cocoon Coat // My mom gave me this coat for Christmas, and I love it. I can’t wait to shoot a look with it, but that will be a few days because the wind out there right now is not conducive to a photo shoot. I did grab this mirror selfie in my bedroom, though, so you can see it on. I think it’s so much prettier on than it is in the picture online. Even my daughter mentioned how much she liked it when I put it on for the first time.

For size reference, I have the 6, and it’s perfect. I can sometimes take an 8 in coats, so if you’re in between sizes, I’d recommend sizing down. Also, this coat is currently 40% off with code NEWYEAR! It also comes in black and a beautiful camel as well as a few other brighter colors that are really fun.

#6. Rib Trim Long Cardigan // I had to include this because it’s such a great cozy little sweater to wrap up in whether you’re just around the house, or if you’re going out. It’s a great one to throw on over your pajamas in the morning too. I can’t believe it’s still fully stocked in all sizes, and it’s only $29! (Unfortunately the scarf is long gone.) I have the sweater in the small, and frankly, I wish I’d ordered an XS. Point being, size down if you order one!

#7. CND Hollywood Nail Color // I discovered this nail color right before Christmas, and I’ve really enjoyed wearing it for the holidays. I’m including it in my January Favorites because I’m still wearing it (well, as of the time of this posting — I’m actually headed out this morning to get a manicure, and I’ll probably change to something else. I never get the same color twice in a row. Yes, I have lots of  crazy arbitrary rules like this and the duplicate sweater rule. Ha!)

ANYWAY, it’s a fun color to brighten up these dreary winter days, and I’ll definitely get it again — maybe for Valentine’s Day!

#8. Rodan + Fields Essential Daily Body Moisturizer // I love this stuff all year-round, but I especially love it right now because I tend to get really itchy, dry skin in the winter time. If I use this daily, I don’t get itchy. It’s such a life saver!!!

#9. Let It Snow Mug // I know it’s not available online, but you may be able to find it in your local Target it you want one. My daughter gave me this mug for Christmas, and I love it. It’s perfect for this time of year, plus the shape helps hold the heat in and keep my coffee hotter longer.

So that’s what I’ve got for this month! I hope it was fun. Be sure and safe and warm this weekend!

Fashion Friday

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35 thoughts on “2018 January Favorites #FashionFriday

  1. Jo-Lynne, this post has totally made me smile this morning!  I love it all especially your pink slippers.  I am needing new slippers myself so I may have to check these out!  I got all dressed yesterday, took some photos, then spent the day at home wearing my beat up old slippers.  It is so cold where I live that school was canceled today due to real feel temperatures of -45 degrees.  We don’t often cancel for snow, however, because it basically snows every single day throughout the winter months. So while I love your “Let It Snow” mug, I kind of need one that says “Let It Stop Snowing”!  You would think we lived at the North Pole not upstate New York!  But I hear you on getting these kids to school…they do upset my routine when school is closed!  Stay warm this weekend!


  2. love the pink slippers! I am enacting the no duplicate sweater/top rule this year, too! It is in an effort to minimize my closet and maximize use of all of my clothing!

  3. Love the post.  Quite a few things caught my eye, but I really don’t need a darn thing!  Love wearing sweaters with jeans with this cold. I’m selective in which ones I wear when it’s grandkids day!  Like yesterday. Little guy had a tummy issue & christened Grammy!  Good thing chenille is washable!  Schools closed again up here. Our daughter’s school district builds in 10 snow days, so she already knows when their last day is. That coffee cup is making me want another cup of something warm… Happy Friday! 

  4. For a lower price point, I also love the Jcrew Factory flannel shirts – so soft and comfy. I’m taking a break from spending but you’re making it hard!! (of course I could just not read your posts…ha ha!)

  5. I love your Jan favs! You are so great at self photography as well..I wish I could get it down :/ I love the leather jacket and burgundy top look, Have a great New Year Jo Lynn!

    1. Tank you! The photography did take some practice. 🙂 And I still don’t always love my shots, but I work at getting them to look good. Sometimes I take 10 selfies before I get one I want to share. ☺️

  6. Great post!  Like you, I have the no duplicates rule for my tops.  I am so looking forward to the free  From Frustration to Functional 14-Day Challenge!  I think it will be the perfect kick start to help me enjoy walking in my closet.  I’m so glad your power stayed on!  Come on down south if you get too tired of the snow and bitter cold!  Happy Friday!

  7. Fun post.  The plaid shirt intrigues me.  Is it warm (you compared it to a sweater)?  I looked up one of the Off Fifth site (my favorite store of late), and it said it was rayon.  That makes me think more silky than casual, so I was curious. Oh, and I have the same slippers (also pink, although mine are a darker pink).  I LOVE them too (especially because we keep our house the temperature of a meat locker), but I would say they run small.  I normally wear an 8.5, the slippers are a 9, and they were on the tight side when I first got them.

    1. I wouldn’t say the plaid shirt is as warm as a sweater but it’s so soft it feels cozy. I always layer it over a tank or tee so I’m not cold when I wear it. (We do keep our house warm, though.) It’s rayon but it feels like a very thin flannel. It’s glorious. 🙂 🙂

      I can’t remember what size slippers I got, but I did get them tight b/c the next size up slid off my foot, which was a problem with my Abeo ones. The sales associate advised me to get the snug ones b/c they do loosen up some with wear, which I’ve found to be true.

  8. Happy New Year Jo-Lynne and family! 
    Loving your white plaid shirt. I love the layered sweater over a shirt, but being rather busty, I get stumped and discouraged. Could you show us how to style it that way? 
    Love your blog and look for it every day in my emails :))

    1. This is precisely why I never layer a sweater over a button-down shirt. 🙂 It makes me look frumpy dumpy. I think an important part of developing your personal style is realizing what styles simply do not work for your unique body. I kind of knew all of that instinctively before, but taking that Adore Your Wardrobe course is what made it all come together for me. I highly recommend it. Registration for the next course starts on 1/21 –

  9. Love this post! You are offering me SO MUCH help right now. I have signed up for the From Frustration to Functionality 14 day challenge and I have begun the process of purchasing Rodan and Fields products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Love your post.  I too don’t buy duplicate on tops/sweaters but will if its a tee shirt or jeans.  Love the coat your mom got you.  Its nice she got you the right size.  Nothing worse to get a new item to wear, have the size wrong and by the time you open it for Christmas and go to get the right size they are gone.  Your mom must know your sizing well.  I wish we had snow.  We had just a little Christmas Eve that lasted into Christmas Day……VERY unusual for us to EVER have Christmas snow, so it was fun, but now we are back to mild and some rain. (Northwest Oregon).  BUT……I guess after seeing the news out East, I should be thankful we aren’t having those terrible storms.  Sounds like you got just enough to enjoy, but not cause havoc.  Boston looks terrible.  

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