A Peek Into My Closet

I get a lot of questions about my clothing and closet organization, so I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted to do this post. Today I’m finally ready to tackle it!

Basically, the way I organize my clothes is to keep everything in my closet that I wear regularly to create outfits, then everything else goes in my dresser drawers. I like to be able to see all of my clothes and shoes together because a lot of my outfits come together simply by seeing their components sitting near each other in my closet.

I keep pajamas, workout clothes, swimwear, and loungewear in my dresser, and I put all out of season clothes and shoes in plastic pins in the attic. Our coats are all downstairs in the coat closet in the foyer.

I spent one morning last week doing the KonMari approach — taking each item out of my closet and dresser drawers and determining if I love it enough to put it back into my closet. (Read more about that HERE.) I’ve done that before, but I still like to do it once a year because it’s amazing what one can accumulate in a year! Plus sometimes I leave things in the closet that I probably should have gotten rid of, and that all becomes clear after a year of not wearing them.

Paul and I share a medium-sized walk-in closet, and a few years ago I won a custom makeover from EasyClosets, so that makes keeping things organized very easy. When you open the door, this shelving and drawer section is front and center.

I keep socks and undergarments in the drawers on the left. My husband uses the drawers on the right, but I confiscated his side of the shelving years ago, and I’m not giving it back. LOL!!!

I’ve been asked a few times how I store my sweaters, and as you can see, I fold most of my sweaters and stack them on the shelves. The shelves are all adjustable, which is nice.

I keep my clutches on that top shelf, and I use acrylic shelf dividers to keep them standing upright.

To the left of the drawers is a set of double rods for hanging shirts and pants. I hang my shirts and blouses on the top of the double hanging section, and all my jeans and pants on the bottom. I’ve read that it’s bad to hang your jeans and you should fold them instead, but I prefer to have them out where I can see them, and if I put them on the shelves, I wouldn’t have a spot for my sweaters.

Sorry the lighting is weird. I did the best I could with my iPhone.

This section is for longer hanging pieces, mainly dresses. I also hang my jackets and vests in this section, and you can see that I have one scarf hanging there. I keep my heavy, wintry scarves downstairs in my office, which is located near the front door. I moved them down there so I can grab one when I’m leaving the house. Scarves that are more accessories than winter gear hang on pants hangers in my closet, but I only have the one at the moment.

My larger handbags go on the shelf above that hanging rack. I love those acrylic shelf dividers for keeping everything standing up properly. I also stuff my bags with the paper that comes inside them to help keep their shape.

Then on this wall, I have shelves for shoes. I can fit 4 pairs across if I put them in this way, one going forward and the other going in backwards. I also like how it allows me to see my shoes better this way.

Much to Paul’s chagrin, I keep my boots outside of my closet on this bookshelf turned “bootshelf.” Ha! There clearly isn’t room for them in my closet, and this was the next best solution I could come up with.

I assured him that I’d be happy to return the bookshelf to its intended purpose if he wants to give me his side of the closet, and he can share closet space with one of the kids. (He declined that opportunity, so a bootshelf it is!)

Okay, so here’s my dresser. I like to keep my jewelry out where I can see it, so that beautiful jewelry armoire over there in the corner is almost empty. I know, it’s criminal, but when I put jewelry inside it, I forget about it.

I bought these organizers at various places — some are Stella & Dot, and some I got on Amazon. The lamps are from Pier 1 Imports.

I hang my long necklaces on this clever little contraption I found on Amazon years ago. Unfortunately I’ve found nothing like it recently.

Finally, this hanging rack sits outside of my closet, and it is usually full. That’s where I hang clothes I’m planning to style for the blog or things I’m still debating about keeping.

I also use it as an overflow for my handbags that don’t fit in the closet. I know, it’s not really a good way to store nice bags; but I use them all often so they don’t really have a chance to get too dusty.

So there you have it! I’m not sure I have any great organizational tips to pass along. I’m fortunate to have a custom closet with organization built in. I just wish I had a better way to store the overflow of boots and handbags. I know I could probably pare them down a bit more, but I do wear them all.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my closet! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments.

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108 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Closet

  1. Hi JoLynne,  I am wondering how you keep your “costume” jewlery necklaces from smelling like tarnish. I have a number of pieces that you (or Cyndi) have featured and they smell so bad that I can’t even wear them!  I too hang my necklaces on my closet wall.  Thanks for any help!

    1. I don’t have any problems with my jewelry but I keep most of my jewelry in tarnish resistant jewelry boxes. The brand I have is no longer available (it’s quite a few years old) but Lori Grenier’s Silver Safekeeper ones have the same fabric lining. Jewelry needs to be clean and free of tarnish before putting them in the first time and it will stay that way.

    2. Hi Dawn- I’ve had this issue too and unfortunately couldn’t find a solution so I ended up throwing the worst ones out. 🙁

    3. Hi Dawn, I have that same problem. I can’t stand it! It’s weird though, I’ll ask my daughter if the jewelry smells and she will say no, but I swear I can smell it. I’m very sensitive to many things, are you?

      1. Hi Katie, smells do bother me more than others! Glad to know I am not the only one with smelly jewelry 🙂 Someone in my office just suggested that I may be spraying perfume on the jewelry and that’s what makes it smell like tarnish??!

    4. I have noticed that on several of my costume pieces as well…. and I have a LOT of it too!! (Premier Jewelry parties & free jewelry!!!) I’d be interested to know the answer to this question as well!!

    5. I know just what you are talking about!  I have a sensitive nose anyway and when I begin to smell “that” smell, in the trash it goes!  It bothers me so much, that I’ve tried to be a bit more choosy about the costume jewelry that I buy.  It seems silvertone is the worst offender. I have a couple of pieces of Stella and Dot (goldtone) and so far, it’s been fine. I also seem to have fairly good luck with most pieces from JCP.  

    6. This is all so interesting. Who knew!?! Glad you guys can commiserate. I wish I had some advice, but I’ve never had this issue. Now I’m going to go sniff all my jewelry. Haha!

    1. Here’s an idea: take photos of all your things, shrink the photos down to wallet size or put as many as can fit on regular typing payer, and put on a bulletin board in or near your closet. You can also put together a binder or photo album if you don’t have a place for a bulletin board. Then you can put everything away out of sight and refer to the photos when getting dressed. This works great for jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc. I also like to photograph outfit combinations and pin those up for future reference. If I find myself thinking I have nothing to wear I’ll look at my photos and suddenly there are 10 cute things I can wear today.

  2. Love it! And love your boot shelf! My boots don’t fit in my closet either, and are stacked in the boxes in my bedroom… I think your way looks much tidier, and as you said, easier to see! My jewelry is another story… I need to rethink it badly! Very inspiring!

  3. I noticed 2 cans that looked like ariisole cans tucked in the back side of your sweater shelf on the shelf with the grey sweaters   Are they useful for some type of maintenance ?

    1. Ha! Those are spray starch. I removed them for the last round of pictures. We keep the ironing board in our closet, so those are stuck back there behind my sweaters. I also keep the iron under my hanging blouses but I took it out for picture purposes. 🙂

      1. Good to know you are keeping it real. I had my ironing board in closet for years and finally got disgusted having “family ironng board in my closet, so now its out in corner of room in  view but i dont want to be reminded of chores when its finally my turn ????

  4. Very helpful post. Also Facebook live was so much fun. next time i’ll try to get in on the beginning. Loved it. We had snow in Savannah yesterday. Not alot but it has been 30 years since last one so we were all excited. So I saw snow in Atlanta a few weeks ago and again yesterday.:)

  5. I always get inspired when I see someone else’s neatly organized closet! I’ve been eager to tackle mine, but my hands are tied for the next couple weeks. It’s driving me nuts! I’ve been trying to convince my hubby to move his gun storage cabinet to our guest bedroom so I can move my shoe rack from our closet in it’s place and install more shelving for sweaters and tall boots. They just sit out and it makes me crazy. My dog tried to hide a bone the other day, and she dug through them, scratching and slobbering all over a brand new pair! I was horrified…so, yes, they need a safe home pronto, haha.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Oh, and I enjoyed the live yesterday also. I was quiet, but I was there 🙂

    1. Holli, Larry had a gun cabinet in our family room/den that I’ve wanted moved for some time.  So, when it was time to put up our slim Christmas tree, the logical place for it was wherebthe gun cabinet was standing.  I found a place in our middle bedroom where it would fit.  So, when Larry was out of the house for a bit, I took the guns out and used my furniture movers to move it to the new spot.  I have not given Larry an option to move it back in the front room.  Ha!

  6. I can dream! I have a tiny Closet but now that we have empty nest I have 2 more closets and 1 bureau. It’s little spread out, but it’s better than before. Where are your scarves or did I miss that?

    1. Oh, yeah, scarves! I used to fold them and stack them on one of the sweater shelves, but I have since moved the thick winter ones downstairs to my office. I have them stacked in my office on a bookshelf/storage shelving unit. I also have a basket for my gloves on that unit. My office is right by the front door, so it’s easy to grab one when I’m leaving the house. Those are the ones I wear with coats, notsomuch to accessorize my outfits. There is one silky leopard one hanging on a pants hanger beside the vests in the closet in my room, and if I add more lightweight ones like that for accessorizing outfits, I will hang them in my bedroom too. I use those pants hangers you get from the dry cleaners. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for showing us your closet, Jo-Lynne. I’m going to be building a house this year– the last place I’l ever live and my #1 priorities are my walk-in closet and my master bathroom. I’ve never had built-in shelving of the type in your closet– always the “wire” type, and seeing your closet has sold me. It’s just not the same thing, seeing the closets set up in a store. By seeing your clothes (and the fact that we organize similarly) shows me how well this could work for me.

    1. I would love to custom build… maybe one day! Yes, this closet system was life changing, lol! I mean, that is dramatic, but really. My closet before was a nightmare. I have before/after pix in this post: https://jolynneshane.com/master-bedroom-closet-makeover-with-easyclosets.html

      You can see that since that post, I have organized my shelves better with those acrylic dividers for purses, and we have installed lighting so it’s much easier to see what I have now.

  8. I always love to see how others organize their stuff, Jo-Lynne!! And you are a fabulous example of making sure you can see things so you wear them.
    I keep my necklaces on a curtain rod with “s” hooks almost like what you have, just not quite as pretty!!

  9. simple tip = buy swim noodles and cut to fit inside of your boots to keep standing and in shape. I’m lucky that I have a dresser with this weird middle section that had two shelves….I guess someone would put folded up sweaters in this section but instead I put my boots in this section – laying them flat with the swim noodles in them. This way they are contained and don’t get dusty

  10. Tip for your boots.  Use those pool noodles cut down to the height you need. I have them in my ankle and knee high boots.   It helps with the sagging and keeps them upright.  ????

    1. I have heard this. I keep the stuffing in them that comes in them, but it works better in some than others. I like the pool noodle idea – I just never think to buy them.

  11. Jo Lynne: thank you for these suggestions. I just bought the KonMari book on your link— I have been curious about that method and could still clean out more. One thing I was wondering does your closet system go to the ceiling? When we added ours we put additional shelving all the way up which I use a step stool to get to but it decreases need for storing outside my closet. Looking forward to donating more clothes – for me finding a place I really like to support their work i.e. women’s shelter – adds to the joy of the cleanout. Stay warm! Julie L 

    1. No, there is space above the top shelf. We store boxes and memorabilia up there. I cropped it off in pictures b/c it doesn’t look so tidy, lol, although it’s not too bad at the moment. I just cleaned off some stuff.

  12. I”m working on my closet right now so this post is timely! I like the idea of using your closet for only the items you grab on a regular basis. I do think I need to begin folding my sweaters so they don’t get stretched out of shape. Do you find you have to steam them each time you wear them though? Also, I noticed you use wooden hangers instead of plastic ones. Is this just your preference or do you find wooden hangers keep your clothing in better condition? And one final question; how do you store your scarves?

    1. I think the wooden hangers look nicer. 🙂 I don’t know if they’re better for my clothes or not. I don’t steam my sweaters. They do get some wrinkles but I just ignore it. Ha! I try to fold neatly so as to avoid that issue, but it’s impossible to avoid them all.

    2. I keep my wintry scarves in my office on a shelf near the front door so I can grab and go. Fashion scarves, I hang on pants hangers in my closet. I only have one at the moment. I love thick winter scarves, but I don’t love the filmy accessory scarves so much.

  13. I searched for a way to keep my boots from sagging and found that swimming pool Noodles are perfect for keeping your boots standing up right. You can easily cut them to the length you need.

    1. It sounds like a lot of you do this. I’m definitely going to try it. I think the problem I have is, they’re not available in the wintertime when I’m wearing my boots, and by the time summer rolls around and the stores have them, I’ve already put all my boots away. I need to make a note for myself in my calendar or something so I don’t forget this year. 🙂

  14. Your closet looks great! Mine is a disaster. My husband and I joke that we have to tell each other when one of us goes into the closet so that if we are not out in ten minutes, a search party will be sent in.

  15. This was fun to see your closet! Just watched your FB live – pretty cool to hear you talk about various things. I’m currently doing another round of Faster Way to Fat Loss to get back on track with eating better. I’m surprised you haven’t tried it, as it’s GF … https://fasterway.samcart.com/products/faster-way-to-fat-loss/
    https://www.fasterwaytofatloss.com/ Glad to hear you are getting back on track with your running – I know you really like that. Good luck with your 5K!

    Oh! Have you tried castor oil for lashes/eyebrows? I recently started using it and my issue is my lashes tend to stick together and look thin but the castor oil at night seems to make them separate…I definitely think they are looking thicker than before. I got mine on Amazon and it came with some lash brushes.

    Stay warm! We’re getting pummeled with snow today in CT!

    1. I never heard of castor oil for lashes. Interesting!

      I know Cyndi loves Faster Way to Fat Loss. I’ve considered looking into it. Not sure I’m into the fasting, but I should read more before I decide for sure. Also I work out with a trainer, I don’t know if that works into their workout plans or not.

      Stay safe up there, it sounds dreadful!

  16. Thank you for the inspiration to organize my closet , I will be starting that to day . I use the pool noodles too in my tall boots , they work great . I have signed up for the 14day closet challenge and I also took advantage of the coupon on the day after Christmas for the adore your wardrobe classes . I can’t wait to start both of them . I have decided not to buy anymore clothes until I finish the course to see if I have been buying the right clothing for me .
    Thank you again and have a wonderful day !!!

  17. I found a clever storage unit on Amazon a few years back for boot storage. I’ve provided the link below. The product name is Household Essentials Boot Organizer with Adjustable Pockets, Natural, if you want to search for it. The unit itself is very sturdy and nice looking. I am able to store 5 pairs of tall boots and 3 pairs of ankle boots. You can configure the compartments as needed. You could also store items on the top, like shoe boxes or ankle boots or even add a basket, etc. My tall boots generally stand up as the pocket they sit in is just narrow enough to provide some structure. I’ve also used foam pool noodles, cut to the size of the height of my boot shaft, and then stuffed one in each boot. You can find the pool noodles at the dollar store as spring/summer approaches.


  18. Thank you for sharing your closet and I knew you would have lots of clothes and shoes for being a full time blogger but it was really nice to see that you live and organize like the rest of us. You share a part of your closet with your husband as I do and it’s so hard not to want to take over the whole thing and kick them to the spare bedroom closet lol. I always worry that my husband looks at all my shoes and counts them if I keep them all out so I do keep some in the boxes and since we live in Texas I’m able to hide some of my boots until I want to wear them. ????
    I wish I had shelving for my sweaters because hanging them is not good but I fold them in half and hang them on padded hangers and up until this year we hadn’t needed many sweaters but boy has that changed. It’s been super cold. Stay warm and safe  

    1. Haha! My husband asked me once how many pairs of shoes I have. I asked “What does it matter?” That was actually before we got married. I don’t honestly know how many pairs I have. But, as long as I’m able to save for retirement and my daughter’s college, and stay out of debt, I’m going to buy shoes!

  19. I love your ideas , I hate an unorganized closet. I share a small walk in closet with my husband who fortunately does not require much space (he lives a very boring retired life, unlike me) and have through the years come up with some workable storage ideas. Years ago I bought tie racks for my necklaces, and have since seen the same idea at bed bath and beyond with hangers designed for necklaces. I organize them according to color or metal. I keep earrings in small tool (screw) organizers drawers color labeled. I have found a neat over the door shoe organizer at BB&B that has square pockets in clear vinyl that I roll up my long scarves and store in color groups. If you only have a few (less than 10 or so) scarves, wall (command) hooks work great. Years ago my husband made for me purse organizer shelves which are narrow and high (about 6 wide by 11 high) which store “Most” of my purse collection. These shelves fit under my hanging clothes in the closet. My jewelry is displayed on the wall around my make-up desk, makes for easy access and wall decor. I use wall hooks for my watches. Yes I have a big wardrobe, I collected scarves and jewelry for most of my adult life. (77 years) I will let my kids get rid of it when I die!

  20. My closet!! 🙁 let’s not even talk about it LOL!! I’m in the process of organizing it, I’m also gonna go ahead and purchase a clothing rack to lay out my weekly outfits.

  21. Thank you for the peek! Seeing how your jewelry is organized makes me see that I need to go through mine and organize it better. I did recently go through my closet, and I feel much better about it, but I’m still debating the 14-Day Closet Challenge. I’m sure I would benefit from it! Thanks again!

  22. Thank you so much for telling us about the free closet course.  I am signing up!  Oh how I’d love to have a nice closet like yours.  I have wire shelving, which can be challenging.  Due to the lack of storage space in our small home, my closet also has other items stored in it, and I do not have any chest of drawers to use, so my closet stays crowded.  Larry has the chest of drawers occupied.   I keep all of my footwear in their original boxes, which makes it easier to move them to the attic when the seasons change.  I love what you have your necklaces on!  I am going to take a picture of it and shop the aisles at Home Depot & Hobby Lobby to create something similar.  Good luck with the weather!  I sure hope y’all don’t lose electricity.  A generator might be in order.

      1. I get it!  After Hurricane Irma we bought a big generator, which sat in the box for over one month, with no gasoline or oil for it.  Finally, it got put together, filled with gas & oil, but we didn’t have strong enough electrical hook up for it.  That finally got corrected a couple of weeks ago.

  23. I have the boot shapers that have a hanger on the top and I just hang them up.  I only have 2 pairs of tall boots & my 3 pairs of ankle boots just sit on a shelf.  My necklaces are on a framed board I made by wrapping fabric around drywall & using push pin hooks I found online.   It works really well except when one of the cats decides to it on the windowsill and bat at them.  The husband & I split the closet 50/50 – he has as many shoes as me!

  24. Hi! I have the same closet as you, and similarly organized, except all my shoes are in the spare room closet, lol! The day we closed on my house, I had my husband install a closet system immediately!
    I noticed you have a mirror hanging over your door. Where did you get that? I currently stand on the side of my bathtub to see myself full length in the master bathroom mirror ????

  25. Jolynne! Great ideas and inspiration! I need to go through my closet and this post was very timely for me! Another great way to keep boots to stay upright is to roll up a few old magazines and secure the roll with a rubber band and place the roll upright in your boot! It works great!  I also use the top drawer of my dresser for my jewelry! I bought the jewelry trays that they have at BedBath&Beyond or on-line from Amazon! 

    1. I also keep some of my jewelry in a jewelry tray in my top dresser drawer. I forgot to take a picture of that. That’s where I keep things that need to be kept in bags, and also some dressier pieces I only wear 1x a year but when I need them, I need them.

  26. I didn’t get to watch your Facebook Live yesterday while it was happening but I did watch it this morning. I really enjoy them and hope you continue to do them! I agree that an evening one would be great for those who work outside the home.
    I love your closet organization- you have inspired me to get mine more organized!????
    I use a thing I bought at the Container Store called The Little Black Dress. It hangs in my closet and has one side for hanging necklaces and the other side has clear pockets for earrings etc. It has worked well for me.

  27. BootShelf!! That is brillant!! I have a bookshelf that had my ex-husband’s books on it in my bedroom. I think I’ll make it into a Bootshelf!!! That is the greatest idea I’ve heard in quite some time!!

  28. i was thinking on the drive to work this morning about your hair loss. Do you use a 100% natural silk pillowcase? They are supposed to be much nicer for your hair and your skin. Just an idea!

  29. A note for Dawn, whose jewelry smells like tarnish: A jeweler told me we have a lot of sulfur in our local water, and that creates water vapor in the air that tarnishes jewelry. Clean it as best you can and then keep anything that tarnishes in plastic. You can use sealable snack bags or get a jewelry organizer with plastic pockets. If cheaper chains get too tarnished, I pick up extras at a church sale where all jewelry items go for $2. I can’t say I’ve smelled tarnish, but I do occasionally smell sulfur.

  30. Holy Moly! You have a lot of boots! I won’t go into all of my feet issues, but I have a super hard time finding boots to fit and be comfy…I’d love to have half of your boots! 

    I’m inspired to organize my closet–I did a pretty big purge last fall, but I’m not naturally organized so it gets a bit messy. The New Year-time for organization! 

    I actually keep a lot of my jewelry in drawers and even grouped by color in plastic bags. Not so elegant, but I’m pretty good at remembering what’s there. The plastic bags keep silver from tarnishing–although I don’t have a ton of silver anymore. 

    1. Haha, yeah, the boot situation could be pared down. But I do wear them all.

      I also keep my best silver jewelry in the cloth bags they came with, and then I keep some of the Stella & Dot and Silpada in the plastic bags they come in wit those little black papers. I keep those in the top drawer of my dresser – I have one of those jewelry dividers inside. I should have mentioned that in the post. Honestly, it’s one reason I’ve started buying more gold than silver – I hate the tarnishing. LOL!

  31. Great post ! I love an organized closet !  You gave me something to think about . Since I have a snow day today I may work on that 

  32. I just tackled my closet this morning and am struggling with letting things go so this post is perfect timing! Love the idea of a bootshelf!!

  33. Wonderful post and inspirational! I’ll be implementing some ideas. It will be easier, because I don’t have as many shoes and purses as you! I have a question regarding how you organize your clothes when you’ve worn them once and you want to wear them again before washing them, but don’t want to hang them back up because then they might hang there too long before getting laundered? Like jeans and sweaters that can be worn more than once b4 washing. I tend to just pile them on a chair in my room and then there is no place to sit. Also, we have our hamper/sorter in our closet, too and I really hate that, but it is unsightly in my bedroom, or anywhere. (we have a large closet, but washer/dryer is in the garage). Sorry this is a practical question I can’t seem to figure out… Thanks!

      1. I do the same. And I put them at the front of the closet. That encourages me to wear them again soon, so they’ll get washed lol.

  34. Thanks for sharing!  I really enjoy your blog and how down to earth and regular you seem to be.  I started the Faster Way to Fat loss after reading about it Cyndi’s blog and I’ve been trying to eat similarly the last 6 months or so and found it really helps with health, headaches and joint pain. I agree about cheese and wine though. 
    I am desperately overdue for a closet org so thanks for the inspiration.  I hate those closet recommendations about getting rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year. I get frustrated as I sometimes will get rid of things and then find I need them later. Example – I got rid of some great Cabi skinny jeans land others ast year after deciding I would never fit into them again. After the Faster Way to Fat loss., al my jeans are too big. So bummed I got rid of those jeans. My style is pretty classic so I can wear clothes for years and they don’t go out of style. 
    One question – do you dry your jeans in the dryer or hang them?  I assume you’ve done a post on caring for jeans but I missed it. 
    Enjoy the snow!!

    1. Gina, I hear you there. I usually give stuff away if it doesn’t fit b/c I figure if I lose the weight, I’ll want new clothes anyway. But when I lost 8-10 lbs in August of 2016, I put some of my bigger jeans away in a bin in the attic and labeled it. They were expensive and almost brand new, and I know how hard it is for me to keep my weight where I want it, so I saved them and I’m glad I did because guess what I pulled down from the attic a few weeks ago!?! LOL!!!

      That said, I definitely recommend removing things that don’t fit from your closet. Put them somewhere – a bin in the attic, another closet, even the back of your closet if they fit, but definitely get them out of sight. Having clothing in your closet that doesn’t fit is depressing, plus it makes getting dressed more difficult because they’re distracting.

      I hang my jeans to dry, and if they seem stiff, I may toss them in a dry load in the dryer for 5 min but usually they loosen up as soon as I put them on and they don’t bother me.

      1. Exactly! That’s a great idea to put them somewhere else. I hate having a pile of stuff I don’t wear in there. I guess I’ve done that before because in November I found a box of clothes that I had put away probably 10 years ago and had a sparkly black/silver turtleneck that was perfect for the holiday season. It was a nice surprise!

  35. I put rolled paper in my tall boots, so they stand up. Like you, I need to see what my choices are. I love an organized closet. Feels good, doesn’t it? 
    I laughed over your comment to hubby and suggested to mine that the guest closet might be nice. Ha! Not happening! 

    1. Oh, man. If we had a guest room, I’d definitely boot him out. HAHA! Boot him out… see what I did there?

      We don’t have any extra rooms (or closets) so we share. And really, it works out fine. I just wish he would keep his side neater… ahem. I could use the extra shelves, but I don’t need more hanging space. Maybe I just need to purge my shoes… Nah. Not happening.

  36. Ooh I missed your fb live yesterday- was busy doing a “konmari” style cleaning in my kitchen and dining room! ????! Next up are the closets full of clothes….have to really gear up for that! 
    Your closet looks fabulous!! 
    Will you ever do a late afternoon/early evening fb live chat? 

    1. Yay, so glad you’re making progress! I do hope to try an evening chat at some point. I’m not on my A-game at night, but I’d love to get a chance to chat with those of you who work. 🙂

  37. Just a thought — Can you store your boots under your hanging vests and jackets; tall boots in back with the shorter boots in front of them.  That’s what I do and and I also use the same system for lining up boots as you do for your shoes on the shelves.  Its amazing how many prs. of boots can be stored in that area. 

  38. I really love that tan handbag hanging on the end of the rolling rack!  ????

    And curious…..you said you had read that it’s better to fold jeans versus hanging them.   What’s the reason?  I don’t have room to fold mine either but inquiring minds need to know. Lol

    1. So I just spent 20 minutes on Google trying to find that advice and why, and I can’t find it, and it seems like most advice is that jeans can be folded or hung, depending on your closet space situation. So if it is that hard to find the advice, it must not be that crucial to the welfare of your jeans. LOL! Go forth and hang those jeans, if you want. I know I will continue to hang mine. 🙂

  39. Always enjoy organizational posts!  I’ve done a lot of purging and keeping what I really like to wear but I wish I had more room (I have a small closet with a slanted back wall due to living in an A-frame home).  Also tried Marie Kondo’s technique for folding clothes in drawers and that helped.   Love seeing pictures because sometime I might get an idea for something that would help me!  Thank you for taking the time to show us your closet!

  40. Great post- you just gave me a few more closet storage ideas. I also use bookshelves as well to store boots and shoes. I also hang boots with those pants hangers that have clips on them.  
    For storing winter clothes, I put the clothes or thick scarves in handbags so they keep their shape. My handbags also double up as bedroom/closet decor ???? For thin scarves I have these hangers with about 6 holes that you can loop scarves through. Great space savers and I can see what I have to create outfits.  

    Can’t recall what post it was but saw on the comments here about hair loss. Check out Viviscal tablets. They are for hair growth and strength.  Since I highlight and do keratin treatments often, I take the supplements as a preventative measure.  My hair sees more action and reactions than a chemistry lab! 

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