Master Bedroom Closet Makeover with EasyClosets

Last month I attended the Getting Gorgeous event in NYC along with about 600 other lucky ticket holders. This was my 3rd Getting Gorgeous event, and they just keep getting better. Audrey and Vera do an AMAZING job at pulling together a group of awesome brands and making a fun and worthwhile event for the bloggers attending.

When I arrived, I bypassed a long line of women waiting to try on jeans and found myself in front of a gorgeous booth hosted by EasyClosets. They had actually set up a sample closet for demonstration purposes. I made a beeline straight for it because we have been dying to make over our master bedroom walk-in closet for years. In fact, my husband had already put together a sample plan from EasyClosets, and we were just waiting for it to fit into our budget. And waiting… and WAITING.

You know how it is with home improvement projects. Something else always comes up, right??

I visited with my good friend Molly and chatted with the representatives from EasyClosets and entered to win their drawing for a closet makeover, which included tweeting this photo.

Later that night, I was sitting at dinner with a small group of close friends, and I happened to check my Twitter stream and discovered a series of tweets congratulating me for winning the closet makeover.  I literally screeched and jumped up and down in our booth in the middle of this swank restaurant in NYC cuz I’m classy like that.

This totally makes up for all the times I haven’t won something cool. This is about the best. win. EVER.

Because now? My shoes are no longer in a pile on my closet floor.

My drawers are no longer overflowing onto dresser tops and the ironing board. We have more than enough room for my eleventy-zillion pairs of shoes and jeans, and better still, I can actually see what I own.

Yes, my friends, THAT is how we live. This was my closet, pre-EasyClosets.

That was the view from the doorway, and this next photo was Paul’s side of the closet. We just had one rack and one shelf, so we would stack all sorts of junk and extra clothes on that shelf. To the right, you can see that he had stuck an Ikea bookshelf on the inner wall to hold some of his massive book collection.

And this was the other side, where I had my purses hung and some special baby clothes that I’ve never bothered to pack away. I know. I’m pathetic.

Can you see why we needed this makeover so badly??? More organized people could probably make do with that closet setup. At the very least, there was plenty of space. But it needed some major organizational help, and we always knew we were going to do a closet system eventually, so we never wanted to spend money on a makeshift setup until then.

So here is what it looked like when it was emptied out.

The EasyClosets process was so simple, I was shocked. We submitted our measurements, and they came back within an hour with a suggested closet plan. You can do this yourself online, or you can have them do it for you — all free of charge.

If you do it yourself online, then a representative will email you and ask you if you need help or have questions — not a generic auto-reply, but a real live human being that gives you their direct phone number and invites you to call at anytime. I know, because I went on to do a design for our pantry last week, and I got the same exact service that I had from my prize win.

It is truly SO easy. You can see the price change with each addition or change you make to your design, so you can stay within your budget.

And you see where it says, Ships FREE next business day ???? Well, we received our order the day after we placed our order. It was amazing.

Fortunately my husband is handy, so he got right to work. If you are not so handy, EasyClosets will give you a list of contractors in your area to contact.

easy closet diy

We put the kids to work too.

easy closet DIY kids

We kept the design pretty simple, as our closet is large and the cost added up quickly. Two options we did go ahead and add were tie and belt racks for my husband.

easy closet tie rack

So you wanna see the finished product?????? I know you do . . .

It is amazing to me how much space this closet system freed up. I haven’t even used all my new space, so when I drag out all my winter sweaters and boots, I will have plenty of room for it all.

I am so sold on the EasyClosets products, now I’m hatching plans to make over every other closet in the house . . . starting with the pantry!

For now, though, I am THRILLED with my new closet. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the most of the space, but it is a fun project.

Thank you, EasyClosets!!!!

disclosure: I won this closet makeover from EasyClosets at Getting Gorgeous with no strings attached, but I couldn’t help but share!! 

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17 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Closet Makeover with EasyClosets

  1. So, so gorgeous, Jo-Lynne! What an amazing win – and I don’t blame you for wanting to make over every other closet now!

    I’m pretty excited that they offer the ability to map things out ahead of time online, so I can do a little dreaming of my own. Our closets are a bit smaller (yay for very old houses, ha!), so it would be my dream just to have my husband’s and my clothes share the same space. Someday!

  2. Awesome!! We have something similar to easy closets in the 2 closets in the master bedroom and 1 in a spare room. I was shocked I didn’t lose space adding in pieces (which was my big concern) but it worked like a charm. And it keeps me focused on “only as many as will fit in THAT space”.

  3. Oh Jo-Lynne!!!! I’m so excited for you =) Your closet looks amazing and I love how wonderfully you shared your before/after pics ~ we can all see ourselves there! Very cool to see the design tool, learn how fast your got your product and as well get a peek at the real deal when it comes to boxes, installation, and completion. Getting started is half the battle, finishing is the prize. Now you can add all kinds of beautiful fall fashion right??? Thanks for sharing!

  4. I so needed this post. Thank you very much. My closet in my condo is spacious but the former owner put in this completely inaccessible wire rack at the very top. Time to dive in and remove it and start over.

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