Open Front Poncho + Bootcut Jeans

Good Monday morning! Today is our last day at Disney World. It was a whirlwind trip because I didn’t want to take my girls out of school for too many days. I had hoped to get a newsy post up yesterday with some of our Disney pictures, but I didn’t get the chance.

The Grand Floridian is so luxe and gorgeous, and the weather has been perfect. Unfortunately it is verrrry crowded. Evidently November is the new busy month. Who knew!?! We used to love Disney at this time of year, but I think we’ll have to try a different strategy next time. Despite that, we’ve had a great time.

Meanwhile, today is Day 4 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion.

25 Days of Winter Outfit Ideas: Open Front Poncho with Bootcut Jeans and Wedge Pumps

Want to know the easiest way to add pizzazz to a plain outfit? Add a cape or open front poncho! I usually think of a poncho as the typical pullover style, but this season I’m seeing a ton of “open front” ponchos that are designed more like a cardigan — like this Bonfire Poncho from LOFT.

Isn’t that the perfect name for it too? I totally want to bring this with me to the next neighborhood bonfire and wrap up in it while I sip a glass of red wine and chat with my friends. I mean, this practically gives you an excuse to wear a blanket and call it a fashion statement.

25 Days of Winter Outfit Ideas: Open Front Poncho with Bootcut Jeans and Wedge Pumps

It was the colors of this bonfire poncho that really spoke to me. I’ve seen a ton of ponchos like this in shades of grey and brown, but the vibrant combination of red and coral makes such a fabulous statement. Plus it has a subtle tribal thing going on that is so on trend right now. Here’s a look at the back.

25 Days of Winter Outfit Ideas: Open Front Poncho with Bootcut Jeans and Wedge Pumps

For this outfit, I actually bypassed my skinny jeans (I know, shocker!!) and pulled out these bootcut jeans that came in my last Stitch Fix delivery. These jeans are by Mavi, and I really like the fit and the softness of the denim.

Then I added these brown wedge pumps. These are seriously over 10 years old. I got them at LOFT back in the day, and I still find myself wearing them occasionally. Isn’t it crazy how some things just don’t go out of style??

25 Days of Winter Outfit Ideas: Poncho with Bootcut Jeans and Wedge Pumps

I accessorized with gold and carried this small brown clutch.

25 Days of Winter Outfit Ideas: Open Front Poncho with Bootcut Jeans and Wedge Pumps

The voluminous poncho works with bootcut jeans because the jeans are fitted through the thighs and don’t start to flare until below the knee. The heeled pumps also add height and help elongate the lower body. I also chose a layering tee that is body conscious, which also helps keep the outfit in proper proportion.

25 Days of Winter Outfit Ideas: Open Front Poncho with Bootcut Jeans and Wedge Pumps

Outfit Details:

open front poncho ($69 + 40% off with code SHAREIT)

layering tee, $25 (sale price)

bootcut jeans via Stitch Fix

wedge pumps (super old)

my Stella & Dot Milana Tassel Necklace ($79), Renegade Bracelet ($59) & Maylee Ring ($29)

similar hoop earrings

Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody (ebay)

* * *

Now go on over and visit Cyndi to see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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7 thoughts on “Open Front Poncho + Bootcut Jeans

  1. Love that poncho! You’re right about those colors. Nice & vibrant! I’ve been eyeing up a blanket style poncho in Kohls that would look great with jeans, I think I’ll go for it now!
    Sorry to hear about Disney being so busy. Don’t know if this is an option for you, but when we took our Disney trips (every other year) we flew on Thanksgiving Day into Orlando, picked up a rental car & drove to south Daytona Beach & stayed at a small family owned resort until Sunday morning, then headed to Disney. Everyone was checking out from the Thanksgiving weekend & it was not very crowded. We would stay all week & fly home on Saturday. Here in Northeast PA, our schools are off the Monday after Thanksgiving for hunting season, so that meant we could be gone 10 days & the girls would only miss 4 days of school. And, we got in 3 days of beach time as well as Disney. Which was already decorated for Christmas! This vacation system worked well for us until the last daughter graduated from high school, especially since we went every other year. We never missed out on a Thanksgiving dinner either, as we’d either go as a whole family & eat in a nice restaurant, or we’d fly into Atlanta & spend it with my mother in Georgia, then onto Disney. Sorry to be sooo long winded!!

  2. Wow! This is really a fabulous look on you. Gorgeous colored poncho paired with the perfect jeans, seriously love it. I would’ve immediately thought to wear a super dark rinse pair, but these look amazing with it.

  3. Love the poncho…wish it got cold enough here to wear one!!

    We’ve lived in Orlando for 26 years now. Unfortunately, there isn’t a slow time at Disney World anymore! Between the constantly rising prices and the huge crowds, we never go.

    1. Interesting. I’ve been really disappointed. It’s just so crazy. There’s no room for spontaneity. Everything has to be so over planned or you can’t get into a restaurant or even ride a popular ride without a 90 minute wait. I’m kind of over it, to be honest.

  4. Fabulous outfit! Love the colors in the poncho.
    For a substitute for the Loft tee (seems to be sold out), I have this tee from Penneys in white. It’s a wonderful layering tee. I love the fabric and it’s not see-through.
    It’s a long tee, so I bought a petite (I’m 5’4″). It’s somewhat fitted.


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