Our Wedding…

I’m a little late to the party but I thought this was a fun carnival.  Kara-Noel at Eli’s Lids wants us to Remember When… You Got Married!  She’s asking us to show off our weddings.

Now, before I show you mine, allow me to offer a disclaimer.  My wedding occurred in 1995.  Just remember the fashions of 1995.  Considering that, my gown and hairstyle choices are quite commendable.  And also.  I was just a baby — 23 years old.  Imagine that!

So here we go.

I scanned photos from my professional album, so forgive the funky frames and stiff poses.  This is one of my very favorite photos, taken by a window before the ceremony.


This is one of the cheesy posed photos after the ceremony. This is the photo I have in a Lenox frame in my living room.  Every time I look at it I think, “We were so young!  And why didn’t someone tell me to grow out my bangs!?”


This is my cake. I love, love, LOVED this cake. It was when fondant frosting was new (at least I had never heard of it) and the cake designer advised not to have all those pillars separating the layers. She told me this was more modern. At the time, it was unusual.

She also specialized in “sugar art” and she took a picture of my wedding gown and made the floral pattern that decorated the cake match the floral pattern in the lace of my wedding gown. Not that anyone in the whole world knew this but me, but I thought it was the coolest thing. The fondant frosting was amazing. It looked like porcelain. In fact, my FIL asked me at the wedding ceremony if it was fake. It was that gorgeous.

And besides all that, it tasted divine. I still dream about eating that wedding cake. Maybe for our 15th wedding anniversary I should order a single layer. Wouldn’t that be fun!?


Feeding each other cake. We were both very polite. Could my bangs have been any more plastered? And also. Look at my waist. I weighed 120 pounds that day.  I’ve never been that weight again.


Finally, on our way out, here I am with my two best friends. They’re gonna kill me, but I love this photo, and I had to post it.  We all got married within a year of each other.  I was the last.


I changed into that “Going Away Dress” before we left in a rented white Ford Mustang convertible. Not that the 1986 Chevvy Caprice Classic that my husband drove at the time wouldn’t have been equally charming.

I kept that dress in my closet for years in hopes of wearing it again one day.  I think I wore it once, to a friend’s wedding, and I looked like a sausage in its casing. I finally gave up any hope of wearing it again and sold it on eBay. I do still have my wedding dress, however. It’s packed away at my mom’s house, and every once in a while, we take it out and look at it and relive that magical day.