Paul’s Picks: Best of Men’s #NSale 2019

I’ve been promising my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men’s Picks for DAYS and I’m finally getting around to posting it!

Paul has really good taste when it comes to men’s fashion, and contrary to popular belief, I do not dress him.

The funny thing is, when we were newly married, he hated shopping. He was thrilled when I would come home with clothes for him because that meant he wouldn’t have to brave the mall.

Somewhere along the way, I guess my love for shopping rubbed off on him. These days, he is happy to accompany me to the mall, and he does all of his own shopping. He actually follows some men’s fashion forums to stay up to date on trends, even though like me, he’s a bit of a slow adopter.

He joined me at the pre-shop day of the #NSale and picked up a few things. Most of his pants are being hemmed so we didn’t photograph any of his looks yet, but we’re hoping to do that eventually.

Paul’s dress code at work is casual, and our church is very casual, so he pretty much lives in jeans or khakis and button-down shirts. In the winter, he usually adds a sweater.

Paul’s Picks: Best of Mens #NSale 2019

Below is a combination of what Paul bought, some of his favorites from Nordstrom’s men’s department, as well as a few things that caught my eye as I was perusing the site.

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Men’s #NSale Shirts & Sweaters

Paul wears a lot of button-downs and sweaters, so that’s mostly what we’re including here, along with a few polos.

Men’s #NSale Pants

Bonobos are Paul’s all-time favorite chinos, but unfortunately they don’t have classic neutrals in the #NSale. He just bought two of the AG Everett SUD slim straight fit pants, and we’re waiting to get them back from tailoring. They’re a nice hybrid between pants and jeans.

Men’s #NSale Denim

I’m not going to write captions for all of these because so many are similar, just different washes. If you’re looking to update your husband’s denim wardrobe, styles are slimmer and shorter these days. Paul’s favorites are the AG Everett and the AG Graduate — both are a slim straight style.

Yes, he’s a fan of premium denim too! He used to always complain that jeans were uncomfortable, and I finally drug him into the Nordstrom men’s department and forced him to try a pair of 7 For All Mankind. He was sold hook, line, and sinker.

He could not get over the difference in comfort, plus he admits they look better too.  He has worn different brands over the years, but most recent favorites are AG.

Men’s Shoe Picks

This is a mix of casual and dressy options.

Misc Men’s Picks

I just threw the rest of my men’s picks in here. Also don’t forget to stock up on basics like socks and underwear.

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13 Responses

  1. Isn’t it funny how our guys taste in clothes has evolved??  My husband grew up on his family farm = denim & more denim!  Then after college & into the workforce, office casual, then at some point into his career, it was back to denim & fluorescent t-shirts as he was a construction/engineer supervisor. And his land survey side job, more denim!  Soooo, when stretch was added to men’s denim, I got him a pair of jeans with that  Lycra content, he loved them!  Then when the dry-fit fabric came out, it became his preferred fabric for all shirts, whether it be a t or a golf shirt.  Our church is still somewhat dressy, so he wears an Oxford cloth style shirt w/semi-dress slacks. Bottom line –  he’s discovered & embraced the comfort of stretch, something us gals have all known & loved for many years!!  

  2. Great men’s picks. I’m jealous. My husband would look good in those looks but he refuses to buy good quality clothing. Don’t get me wrong, he looks good when we go out but he definitely needs to update his clothing. Btw, I’m excited. I finally got to buy the Barefoot Dreams circle cardi. Fingers crossed though, they didn’t have any smalls left so I’m hoping the medium will do. I’m around the same size as you. It’s the first time they had any mediums. 🤞

  3. My husband primarily wears jeans as he’s a farmer but after reading your blog, I have him talked into trying a pair of premium for his “nicer” jeans. We’re going to Nordstrom tomorrow. I double checked and the store we typically go to seems to have a decent selection in stock.

  4. I finally convinced my husband that better shoes would help his legs and feet feel better-he is a research chemist and spends a lot of time standing. He’s been wearing the Mephisto brand and they have a pair in the NSale. Even though he doesn’t need them yet, he bought them so he has a replacement ready to go. Hoping that’s a brand that Nordstrom includes each year.

  5. Another great post, JoLynne!  I’m hoping to get my husband to try premium denim…he has already surprised himself by how much he loves jeans with Lycra!  There is hope!  🙂

  6. Thanks to you and your husband for this post! My husband wasn’t into clothes either, and relied on me to purchase everything for him, and would only go in to have his suits altered. In February, his office went from a suit and tie dress code to what they call “cloud casual.” He kind of panicked at first, but between a wonderful sales associate at Nordstrom and me, he now has a basic wardrobe that a lot of his coworkers are jealous of. He loves to tell me when he gets complimented, especially by the guys who are still scared of the change and are either wearing sweaters and chinos from the 90’s or defying the new code and still wearing suits! It was such a treat to see him pick out two sport coats and a pair of black AG jeans last weekend during the sale. This dress code change was so good for him, it’s like he’s approaching work in an entirely new way!

  7. I can’t wait to see the items Paul ended up with.  Isn’t it great that you don’t have to select his attire for him!  Larry traveled on business for so many years that he picks out his clothes as well.  And many many years ago he managed a high end women’s clothing store, so he also has a great taste when it comes to women’s clothing.  I hope y’all are having a great Saturday!

  8. I enjoyed this post! My husband is a good shopper too. He’s a physician, so he wears scrubs and a lab coat to work every day . The man does love a good pair of khakis though! Fashion has gotten so casual. When he first started working, he wore a tie. We live on the Gulf coast and it’s even more casual! I’m usually the most “dressed up “ person at church. 😆 

  9. Hey there Jo-Lynne,

    Can you share the blogs your husband follows for men’s fashions? I’d love to know so I can my hubby out! 🙂

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