Spend vs. Save: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Happy Friday, friends! Public Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens today at 12:30 PM EST both online and in stores, so I thought I’d do a Spend vs. Save post for you today. I’m going to do my best to feature items that are still stocked, but of course that can change very quickly.

By way of reminder, you can click here to see all of my #NSale coverage, and if you want to keep tabs on restocks and other #NSale news, join us in my #NSale Insiders facebook group!

Also, congrats to Kathy and Dina, the two winners from my Nordstrom Gift Card giveaway!!! Both have claimed their price and received their gift cards.

Before I dive into my Spend vs. Save roundup, here are my best tips for shopping the sale today.

My Best #NSale Public Access Shopping Tips

#1. Get online RIGHT AT 12:30 PM EST.

Every minute really does count if you’re hoping to snag something specific.

#2. Start making your Wish List NOW.

You can add the things you want to your Nordstrom Wish List now, and then when Public Access opens, log in to your Nordstrom account, find your Wish List, and add things to your cart.

Or, make a list of links in a Word doc or email, and at 12:30, start clicking and adding to cart.

#3. Check out early and often.

People in my #NSale Insiders Facebook Group who ordered one or two items at a time have had better luck receiving their orders without cancellations. It is the larger orders that are delayed the longest, and those are getting the most cancellation notices.

#4. Order multiple sizes.

If they’re available, and you’re at all in doubt, order 2 sizes in case one doesn’t fit. Or if one gets canceled, the other might work out.

#4. If you’re waiting for restocks, keep a list of links and check back regularly.

As I’ve said before, I predict a LOT of returns and restocks this year because people are wising up and ordering multiple sizes, and also ordering more than they really want to keep.

A lot of people haven’t even received their orders yet from last Friday, so more returns (and restocks) will be happening as the sale goes on.

Okay… now for the fun part! You guys always seem to like Spend vs Save posts, so I thought I’d do one for the #NSale this year.

Spend vs. Save: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Spend vs Save Nordstrom Anniversary Sale #NSale 2019

Pullover Sweaters:

Spend // This Vince turtleneck is gorgeous, and I’ve been stalking the green in the size small all week, to no avail. I also love (and purchased) this dark blue Vince rolled hem hoodie (FULLY STOCKED!) The luxe meets sporty vibe is perfect for my casual lifestyle, and the quality is superb. Both are TTS for Vince; I wear the small.

Save // This Caslon turtleneck is super soft and cozy, and I love the exposed hem details. It comes in a bunch of colors, and stock is limited but fluctuating daily. It runs big, as Caslon typically does, but I have it in the small. I could possibly wear an XS, but I prefer the looser fit of the small.

Shoulder Bag:

Spend // This is more of a splurge, but I think it’s so gorgeous, and I just had to include it. If I needed another tote, I would definitely get this. It has a divided interior, for those who like to stay organized, and a nice big interior slip pocket for your smartphone. I also love how the logo part is just on the sides.

Save // This is a super save version, for just $33, but I wanted to give you all a non-leather option. This bag is such a classic. I love the minimalist styling, and both colors are really nice for fall.

For a more mid-price shoulder bag that’s still in stock, I love this slouchy R Minkoff hobo, and I think these two croc embossed leather totes are so elegant. Plus their prices are fantastic.


Spend // This extra long fine-gauge cardigan is elegant and luxe. Another cardigan option in the “spend” category that I really like is this Nordstrom Signature ribbed cashmere sweater.

Save // For a more casual vibe, this v-neck cardigan with the large contrasting buttons looks really fun. I also really like this similar one by J.Crew, and also this Treasure & Bond open cardigan.

Then this Leith long line cardigan is a little dressier and also really good. It has a slim fit and a ribbed texture and side slits — very flattering.


Spend // I’ve been enjoying these AG Prima cigarette leg ankle jeans for a change from my usual skinnies. They have a wider leg opening than my skinny jeans, so they read more like a straight. I like them best cuffed for more of a cropped look. The wash is so good, and they’re super soft and comfortable. For size reference, I went with a 29.

Save // This Kut from the Kloth pair is very similar but more budget-friendly.

Wrist Watch:

Spend // This is definitely a splurge, but for anyone who has been wanting a Michele watch and has the budget, this is the time to snag it!

Save // This is the watch I purchased from the #NSale this year, and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s more delicate and a little dressier than the TB watch I got last year, so I will wear them for different purposes.

Ankle Boots:

Spend // Aquatalia does waterproof suede like no other, and these booties are gorgeous. If you’re in the market to splurge, I highly recommend them.

I really wanted to love these Vince booties, and they are amazing quality, but when I tried them on in store, I didn’t like how they fit my flat/narrow feet. They looked too big around the shaft opening. If you have a higher arch, or wider feet, you may really like them. They’re lined with the softest, most luxurious leather. So good!

Save // For a budget-friendly bootie, these are really good. I love the shape and the simplicity — they’re classic and versatile.

For a more in-between price point, these Blondo waterproof suede booties are gorgeous and super comfortable, and I have and love these Lucky Brand wedge booties (also waterproof suede.)


Spend // I think this flap saddle bag is so cute, and the size is perfect for carrying just the essentials.

Save // This bag is leather but under $100, and it looks very practical and roomy for a smaller bag. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Nordstrom brand bags because you’re not paying any extra for a logo or brand name.

My favorite crossbody in the sale is this R Minkoff feed bag, and I cannot believe it is still in stock. The price point is fantastic for the quality, and it’s super practical with an outside slip pocket for your phone and a long, adjustable strap.

Winter Coat:

Spend // This hooded parka is another one of my personal #NSale purchases, and if you need a long puffer coat for cold winters, I highly recommend it. It is such good quality, very flattering (or as flattering as a puffer coat gets), and super warm.

Save // This packable parka is similar in style, but the price point is a little more palatable. I doubt it’s as warm as The North Face, but if you don’t have super cold winters, or you want something for in-between weather, this one is a good pick. I also like that it’s packable.

Tall Boots:

Spend // In my opinion, these Frye boots are one of the most underrated picks in this year’s sale. I am surprised more bloggers aren’t featuring them. If I needed them, I’d have snapped them up first day. Frye boots are amazing quality, the leather lining inside is so luxe, and this style is a classic. They will last you at least 10 years.

Save // There weren’t many boots in the “save” price range, but these Born boots are a good bang for your buck. Others in this price range include these Vince Camuto knee high boots, these Sam Edelman dress boots, and these Blondo suede knee high boots. Also these Vince Camuto OTK boots are really cute on and very comfortable.

In Conclusion

I hope this post is helpful as you continue to navigate this crazy sale. It truly does get more insane every year, although I think this year was better with the staggered opening.

That said, there have been a lot of cancellations, delays in shipping, and inventory shortages; but I truly believe Nordstrom is doing the best they can with the volume of sales they’ve had. My best advice is to be patient, keep a list of links to the items you’re looking for, and check back regularly.

If you claimed a Double Points Day last Friday, and your order was cancelled, you can have the Double Points Day returned to you. Just contact customer service. I find their Live Chat to be the easiest way to contact them.

I hope this helps! As always, I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments.

Also, I had some questions about how affiliate links work, so I thought I’d share a little more about that.

A Word About Affiliate Links

I’ve had a lot of questions about how to best support my business through this sale, and how affiliate links work.

I make a small commission when you click a link and make a purchase from my blog, emails, or Facebook.

You do not spend a penny more than you normally would, and it helps me provide all this information to you for free. Affiliate commissions, sponsored posts, and ads are how I support this blog and am able to do this as my full time job.

Here’s how affiliate linking works:

#1. The last link you click before you make your purchase at a given retailer trumps all other links.

If you follow other bloggers, you may be clicking on their links as well. The computer only counts the last click, so if you add 10 things to your cart from my site, go to another site, and add one thing from theirs, they get the commission for the entire sale.

This doesn’t mean I’m asking you to shop any differently than you normally would. The system is intended to work organically — meaning you should shop as usual and let the chips fall where they may.

That said, several people have told me they very much want to make sure I get credit for the items they found through me, and they were under the impression that I get credit for all the products they buy from my site. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

If you want each blogger to get credit for her recommendations, you would need to check out separately after shopping from each blog, but I am NOT asking you to do this. I just want to explain how it works for those who were wondering.

#2. When you shop through the Nordstrom App, we do NOT earn commissions.

If you want to support your favorite bloggers, shopping through the website (not the app) is best.

Again, I am NOT asking you to do this. Please shop the way it works best for you. I just wanted to give accurate information to those who are wondering how it all works.

I hope that cleared up any confusion or misconceptions about affiliate links.

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6 thoughts on “Spend vs. Save: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

  1. I always love the spend vs save posts,  and how fun to do one featuring items at the Nsale!  Great idea! 

  2. Thanks for all you do to inform.  I think you need to take a break when you are on vacation. 🙂 I think everyone would understand, but I know you tend to travel a lot during the NSALE, so makes it hard.  Enjoy your time away with family.  Sounds wonderful.  PS  Let us know what you think of the book you want to start reading today. I keep seeing that title everywhere.  

  3. Jo-Lynne, I just finished Where The Crawdads Sing on audio book! I couldn’t quit listening to it! Be prepared, it’s addictive and so very good!

  4. Great post!  This year I made myself stay focused on the items that I really need in my closet.  And I focused on the items that will work for my stage of life and what suits ME.  It is so easy to get swept up in the hype and excitement of all of the good sales and what others are buying.  This is one time that I haven’t bought gifts.

  5. You will love Where the Crawdads Sing, I could not put it down. On another note, am I the only person who loved that black watch dress coat?? I finally shopped online today, and I was sure it would be sold out. Lo and behold, I could even order it in two sizes! I also lucked out and got the yellow Pendleton raincoat that I’ve had my eye on. One sweater that I couldn’t resist, and I was done. Very conservative year for me, but I got what I wanted. The boots were great this year, but I didn’t need any and really didn’t see any that I couldn’t live without.

    Thank you for all your hard work keeping us informed about all this. You must be sick of everything Nordstrom by now!!

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