August 3, 2019

#NSale: Best of What’s Left

Well, we did it again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends tomorrow night at midnight, and then we can all get back to business as usual. Before that, I always like to round up the Best of What's Left for anyone who is doing some last minute shopping before the prices go back up.
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Fall/Winter Fashion
July 30, 2019

5 Must Have Shoes for Fall #NSale

I'm a summer girl through and through, but I do love fall fashion, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and start stocking your closet for the best fashion season of the year. Today I'm sharing my 5 must-have shoes for fall, and all of these are currently on sale.
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July 22, 2019

#NSale Best of Beauty Exclusives

While the initial hype is dying down, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale continues through August 4th, and the one area I tend to neglect (but shouldn't) is their Beauty Exclusives. These are some of the best values in the #NSale. Today I'm rounding up my favorites and the ones I think are the best deals.
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July 20, 2019

Paul’s Picks: Best of Men’s #NSale 2019

I've been promising my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Picks for DAYS and I'm finally getting around to posting it! This is a combination of what Paul bought, some of his favorites from Nordstrom's men's department, as well as a few things that caught my eye as I was perusing the site.
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July 19, 2019

Spend vs. Save: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Happy Friday, friends! Public Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens today at 12:30 PM EST both online and in stores, so I thought I’d do a Spend vs. Save post for you today. I’m going to do my best to feature items that are still stocked, but of course that can change very quickly.
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July 15, 2019

5 Favorites {Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition}

Today I'm sharing my 5 favorite items across 9 major categories from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Now that I've had a chance to fully peruse the website, watch other people's coverage, place a few online orders, and try on a lot more styles from the #NSale, I decided to round up what I feel are the best of the best.
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July 12, 2019

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On Haul

Greetings and cheers to Friday! 🥂 You know what else we are celebrating today??? It's opening day for Early Access of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!I know you all love try ons, so I decided to do an #NSale Try On Haul from my dressing room selfies at Nordstrom earlier this week.
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Fall/Winter Fashion
July 11, 2019

2019 Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Game on, my friends! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is live online, and this is my much-anticipated Guide to the #NSale! I tried to make this post as comprehensive as possible, while also keeping it highly curated and only sharing my absolute favorite items in each category. I also have a fun giveaway at the end of this post!
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July 8, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview

Greetings and happy Monday! This is it -- the week we've all been waiting for. Tomorrow I'll be able to pre-shop the #NSale and get all the nitty gritty details for you. For now, I'm sharing a preview from the Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog and some of the items I'm excited to try tomorrow.
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