#NSale: Best of What’s Left

Well, we did it again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends tomorrow night at midnight, and then we can all get back to business as usual.

Before that, I always like to round up the Best of What’s Left for anyone who is doing some last minute shopping.

I always use these last few days of the #NSale to reassess my purchases and go back through the site to see if there is anything I want to grab before prices go back up.

There are usually a few items I’ve been debating about, or some hidden gems I didn’t notice before. I’ve learned in past years that it’s better to grab them now while they’re on sale and decide later what I want to keep.

Almost every year, I end up paying full price for something after the sale ends, so I’m trying to avoid that this year. (HINT: it’s usually a pair of shoes or boots.)

It’s hard to know at this point in the season what I’m going to need or want come September, as most of my fall/winter clothes are boxed up in the basement, and I’m still in full-on summer mode at the moment. But I’m doing my best to think through complete outfits and be mindful of fall events that may be on the horizon.

All that to say, here’s my roundup of the best of what’s left, for those of you who are still shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

HINT: Get a $10 Rewards Card when you buy online, pick up in store

#NSale: Best of What’s Left


There were a lot of really fun shoes in the #NSale this year, and tons of choices if you want to update your ankle boots for fall. Here are my favorite shoes from the ones that are still well-stocked.


I found some great bags during this sale, and I’m still debating a couple of these.


The denim deals are probably the best of the #NSale, and many styles are still fully stocked. Premium denim rarely goes more than 25% off, so this is the time to purchase!


I love a good sweater, and while the selection got picked over fast this year, I found quite a few good ones left in stock.

Lingerie/Loungewear Essentials:

These are all great basics every woman needs.

Beauty Exclusives:

A category that is easy to overlook, but don’t. So much good stuff here!


Any of the below make nice gifts, or feel free to treat yo’ self!

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22 Responses

  1. Jolynne,

    Just ordered the throw and the turtleneck. Thought I was done shopping Nordstrom sale until I saw your post this morning. Ha! Just wondering what color nail polish you are wearing with the booties?


  2. Great list Jo-Lynne! I’m considering the Vince Camuto booties. Do you have  them? I have finicky feet and need comfort, good support and a very low heel.

  3. I really appreciate this post!  There are a few things I am on the fence about, so I will be checking them out via your link.  Have a fabulous day!

  4. I’m trying hard to wait til fall when I change over my clothes. Sometimes I forget what I have. I love your posts though. Helps with what I already have. Have a great weekend with your friends.

  5. Went to the store this week. There was nothing left. I just wasn’t into the selection this year. I bought one cardigan online after it opened for non card holders. I usually find great sales from Loft later too. I hope I don’t decide later I wish I grabbed some boots from Nordstrom but nothing really caught my eye this year that I don’t already have in good shape. You did a great job with the NSALE coverage. 

    1. Styes were very similar to the last 2 years so if you’re pretty well set with boots/booties, I can see why nothing really wowed you this year. I’m glad you found a couple of goodies!

      1. I obviously don’t know my bags. I thought they were all totes, excepting the one crossbody. I could certainly learn from a post on bag types, JoLynne.

  6. Thanks for the chance to take a last look!  I ordered the diffusers and Kut from the Kloth bootcut jeans.  I hope the 33″ inseam is enough for my 5’11” frame!  I need a bootcut that works with flats so hopefully these work.  Do you know if they are TTS or not?  I may go back and order another size based on your response.

  7. Thank you for this post and for the many others during this sale. While I only bought a couple of items, I certainly have learned a lot from you and your followers. Most of all, it’s been a ton of fun!

  8. Evil temptress!  I was proud to have been living in the moment.   But you got to me at 40% off jeans.

    I’ll remember to thank you later! 😘🤣

  9. I went in Nordstrom yesterday and ended up buying one more blanket throw! The salesgirl said all the girls in cosmetics were having a competitive buying spree on those blankets buying multiple colors. She said they were so popular this year! 
    It was odd though because the store was very quiet and signs of the sale were almost gone. 

  10. Loved all of your coverage this year! Thank goodness for free shipping since I placed a bunch of single item orders lol! I need to get to the mall to pick up a few orders and hit up Loft also, hoping to find that zebra sweater!

  11. I did get some of the jeans you recommended – the AG Prima and Relaxed Boyfriend, which I don’t need at all, but couldn’t resist LOL.  Very happy with them :). I also LOVE the Vince mules – if only they were just a bit shorter heel – I feel like at 4″ I wouldn’t be able to wear them as much as I’d like to for that price :(.  I also love that Vince cashmere hoodie sweater that you got – but living in CA I don’t know if I’d get to wear that as much as I’d want to for the price.  Sigh…  

  12. Love your blog!! 😘I’ve been a faithful reader everyday this summer. I live an hour away from any kind of decent shopping  and 2 hours or more from a Nordstrom. You can say my UPS deliverer and I are on a first name basis.  With that being said, I have to start my Christmas shopping very early.   Thanks to your blog I’ve already made a very big dent into my list! Also, I’ve got some pretty cute things for myself that I’m very excited about!!  Have an awesome day! 

  13. Just ordered the AG Prima! Fingers crossed the size I ordered fits!! Thanks for your post today! It really helped narrow my choices! Sale ends tomorrow! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  14. The description on th lucky brand wedges does not say they are water proof.  Is it only for a specific print or color?  Do you know?  Hoping these could work for work in the winter.

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