Coffee Talk 08.04.19

Coffee Talk + My Daily Looks

I just typed the date into the title of this post and realized that not only is it full-on August, but tomorrow is my 24th wedding anniversary. 😳 I realize it’s totally cliché, but the only thought that comes to mind is, Where does time go???

Several of my younger family members have become engaged and/or married recently, and they’re all in their early to mid-20s — the same as we were when we tied the knot.

In a way, that time seems so long ago, and yet, I don’t feel much different now than I did back then. The past 24 years seem like a blur.

I can vividly recall my parents’ 25th anniversary party — I was in college and my brother was in high school, so my aunts put a party together for them when we were in Maine that summer. Of course, I thought they were so old. (My parents, not my aunts… well, maybe my aunts too.)

I realize I don’t have any new thoughts to share on the passage of time and the daunting realities of aging, but that’s where my mind has settled this morning.

In other news, I started reading a new book. Educated has been highly recommended to me by several, so I decided I should read it next. It’s unsettling and quite unbelievable in parts, but a good read.

If I didn’t know it wasn’t a true story, I would tell you parts of the storyline are farfetched and unrealistic, but this is a memoir, and I have to believe it’s all true. The author has even added caveats to the end of several chapters about parts that may not be remembered exactly correctly, based on the testimony of family members since her writing of the book.

I won’t say more for fear of giving too much away, but it’s definitely a fascinating read and a page-tuner. I started it on Friday, and I’m already about 70% done. I will definitely finish it today.

In fact, I had half a mind to read it this morning instead of writing this post, but I figured I’ll enjoy it more if I wait until I have a bigger chunk of time. I don’t want to be rushing through, trying to finish before church. Plus, as I said, it is rather unsettling, and I could use a break.

We’ve had a nice weekend visiting with family, and fortunately the weather was beautiful for our get-together yesterday. We swam, we ate, was played games, and we ate some more.

After our two weeks in Maine and now this weekend, my body is ready for a detox of some sort.

It always comes to a head in August. I’ve done several “fad diets” over the years — 21 Day Sugar Detox, Whole30, etc. They were helpful and definitely helped improve my eating habits, but I really don’t want to do anything quite that restrictive again.

I keep telling myself to just get the junk out of the house and eat only what I know I should eat, but that’s easier said than done — especially with three teenagers in the house who like to bake and cook all kinds of tempting goodies.

Anyway, something has to give, it needs to be easy and sustainable. I don’t want to count points or calories or macros.

I’ve tried intermittent fasting a few times, but I either didn’t stick with it long enough for it to become effective, or I was still eating too much (or too much of the wrong things) during my eating window to see any real benefit.

These are the realities of aging, I guess.

Speaking of such matters, I really should go run before church. It may not burn enough calories to cancel out the desserts and snacks I’ve been consuming, but at least it makes me feel better for a time.

I hope you are all having a good weekend and enjoying these last weeks of summer. I can’t believe I’m already seeing “back to school” pictures on my Facebook feed. It’s waaaaay too soon for that!

Oh, before I go, LOFT just put up a 50% off sale — see my LOFT Favorites in The Shop. I have a few more items that arrived yesterday that I’ll try on and maybe post to Instagram or Facebook this afternoon.

Have a blessed Sunday!