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Coffee Talk + My Daily Looks

I just typed the date into the title of this post and realized that not only is it full-on August, but tomorrow is my 24th wedding anniversary. 😳 I realize it’s totally cliché, but the only thought that comes to mind is, Where does time go???

Several of my younger family members have become engaged and/or married recently, and they’re all in their early to mid-20s — the same as we were when we tied the knot.

In a way, that time seems so long ago, and yet, I don’t feel much different now than I did back then. The past 24 years seem like a blur.

I can vividly recall my parents’ 25th anniversary party — I was in college and my brother was in high school, so my aunts put a party together for them when we were in Maine that summer. Of course, I thought they were so old. (My parents, not my aunts… well, maybe my aunts too.)

I realize I don’t have any new thoughts to share on the passage of time and the daunting realities of aging, but that’s where my mind has settled this morning.

In other news, I started reading a new book. Educated has been highly recommended to me by several, so I decided I should read it next. It’s unsettling and quite unbelievable in parts, but a good read.

If I didn’t know it wasn’t a true story, I would tell you parts of the storyline are farfetched and unrealistic, but this is a memoir, and I have to believe it’s all true. The author has even added caveats to the end of several chapters about parts that may not be remembered exactly correctly, based on the testimony of family members since her writing of the book.

I won’t say more for fear of giving too much away, but it’s definitely a fascinating read and a page-tuner. I started it on Friday, and I’m already about 70% done. I will definitely finish it today.

In fact, I had half a mind to read it this morning instead of writing this post, but I figured I’ll enjoy it more if I wait until I have a bigger chunk of time. I don’t want to be rushing through, trying to finish before church. Plus, as I said, it is rather unsettling, and I could use a break.

We’ve had a nice weekend visiting with family, and fortunately the weather was beautiful for our get-together yesterday. We swam, we ate, was played games, and we ate some more.

After our two weeks in Maine and now this weekend, my body is ready for a detox of some sort.

It always comes to a head in August. I’ve done several “fad diets” over the years — 21 Day Sugar Detox, Whole30, etc. They were helpful and definitely helped improve my eating habits, but I really don’t want to do anything quite that restrictive again.

I keep telling myself to just get the junk out of the house and eat only what I know I should eat, but that’s easier said than done — especially with three teenagers in the house who like to bake and cook all kinds of tempting goodies.

Anyway, something has to give, it needs to be easy and sustainable. I don’t want to count points or calories or macros.

I’ve tried intermittent fasting a few times, but I either didn’t stick with it long enough for it to become effective, or I was still eating too much (or too much of the wrong things) during my eating window to see any real benefit.

These are the realities of aging, I guess.

Speaking of such matters, I really should go run before church. It may not burn enough calories to cancel out the desserts and snacks I’ve been consuming, but at least it makes me feel better for a time.

I hope you are all having a good weekend and enjoying these last weeks of summer. I can’t believe I’m already seeing “back to school” pictures on my Facebook feed. It’s waaaaay too soon for that!

Oh, before I go, LOFT just put up a 50% off sale — see my LOFT Favorites in The Shop. I have a few more items that arrived yesterday that I’ll try on and maybe post to Instagram or Facebook this afternoon.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. I’d love to hear more of your & others thoughts or ideas on how to accept all that goes along with aging.  Specially the change in appearance.  I feel vain & ungrateful for feeling like it matters about a little not unhealthy weight gain, wrinkles, sagging neck, etc.  I could get work done but then I feel like it’s all natural and wouldn’t that money be better spent on something or someone else?  I hear others talk about getting work done along with the media pressure to stay looking young…it’s just hard.  Any ideas about how to accept these changes gracefully would be much appreciated.  

    1. I’m right there with you on the aging process and the outside pressures we all face. I’m turning 49 this month and I see the wrinkles and sagging skin near my neck and have more of a challenge to keep my weight in a good range. BUT that being said, I do my best with what I have and truly try to appreciate that aging is actually a blessing and not a curse. Many of us have people we know who didn’t make it to our age. Following JoLynne and other bloggers our age for help on the fashion front is great advice too. It helps tremendously to put on something that looks great no matter what my weight is at the moment. Feeling put together with a nice outfit and doing my hair and makeup goes a long way towards not feeling so down about looking older. And no judgment towards anyone who wants to get some help in the surgery department. I believe we all need to do what’s best for ourselves. Blessings to you! And thanks JoLynne for always having great posts!

      1. Thank you.  Yes, I’ve been trying to dress in outfits that make me feel good & do my hair & makeup.  That helps but then I think that comparison monkey jumps on my back & weighs me down.  

    2. Kara, this age thing is a process, isn’t it! Acceptance is key…and we want those birthdays to keep coming! So much of it is attitude. Recently I was complaining about how I’m so un-photogenic when I smile..all teeth and gums, my eyes are squinty, all the lines show in my face. Then I saw a picture of me and my 6 year old granddaughter. We were laughing with our faces check to cheek…and she looked exactly like me! She was beaming! Her smile was all teeth and gums, hers eyes squinty, and her face was lined with pure joy. I will never complain again! 🤣 Take a look at this site… boombycindyjoseph.com . Go to the blog and read the stories of woman who are Pro Age. I think you’ll find some encouragement there! 

      1. Thank you.  I’ll check out that website I’m attempting to chance my attitude about it all but I’m having a hard time making it stick 🙂

  2. Your are SO RIGHT about everything!  This summer has flown, maybe because the weather turned summer perfect once July hit!  I’ve enjoyed a pool full of family almost daily and even nightly.  Diet wise, I’m right there with you!  What do you eat when there is a constant house full of kids & adults…..well hotdogs are pretty easy to grill….and keep on hand.  I manage to have grapes & cucumbers (grandkids favs), but the snacks outweighs healthy food here right now!  I did the WW thing last year & lost 25 lbs but wasn’t able to maintain the momentum. I just got tired of counting points. I, too need an end of summer jump start start to a healthier diet, so I’m thinking of going back again for a few months. I gave away all my size 16 jeans, so I’d better not put on any more weight!!  I found that the accountability of the WW program (it’s now called Wellness Wins) did help to jumpstart my eating habits into healthier choices.  We all have to do what works for us!  Plus I feel once the cooler weather arrives, I’m more apt to head out walking.  And thank you for the tips on the end of the Nordstrom sale, I snagged one of those throws in the rust color for fall, Kendra Scott Earrings & some Clinique. I’m a big fan of their Chubby Stick Lip Balms. Happy Sunday! 

  3. My biggest success in weight loss and feeling healthy has been to use common sense and of course daily exercise. I don’t do fad diets, count calories or restrict myself from a treat here and there, although any of the above can be beneficial for some people. I eat well balanced meals and stop eating at the first hint of feeling full. If I’m not hungry, I skip that meal altogether. Also, I fill my plate with small portions and take seconds only if I’m still hungry. We each have to find our own method that works for us but eating sensibly and being aware when I’m full has proved over and over to be successful for me.

    1. I agree!  The “common sense” method is the only one that’s sustainable for me.  Anything that involves either counting or eliminating a whole food group doesn’t last a week for me.  I do best when I try to eat healthy foods and limit the bad stuff to small portions on occasion.  All things in moderation! 

  4. I know what you mean about a post- vacation detox! For me, one week at the lake and one week on a big road trip= eating too many burgers, chips, and fries. Have you tried the Lose It! app? It is basically a calorie counter but it forces you to have portion control and make wise choices. Eat and drink whatever you want, enter in any exercise or activity, be honest, and see results. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. In the meantime, give yourself some grace- you are beautiful!

  5. I read “ Educated “ this past spring.  It was truly an eye opener. I could not believe it was such a recent event. I knew ideas, thoughts like this existed before but in the 90’s?
    On another note….over the past three years I have struggled with weight gain as never before.  I feel your pain. It is hard to look at younger people and realize I can NEVER again eat like that lol sad sad sad

    Thanks for telling us ..yesterday? I can’t remember…but I again went to Nordstrom site and ordered a few more items. Yes are right…better to try them as can always return easy. 

  6. If you come up with a plan that has no counting, I’d love to know! After our upcoming cruise to Alaska it’s time to get serious!  We’re going away for our 40th and it doesn’t feel possible! I think that I may do ww online, it works and it pushes me to make good food choices. Oh well…

  7. Yep, that was one of the best books I’ve ever read….but it did stay with you afterwards and I was ready for my next book to be a light chick-lit beach read to shake it off. Found some interesting interviews and speeches with the author on you-tube after I read it that are worth looking up…just seach by her name. I find it amazing that the whole thing was so recent.

    Definitely ready for a September cleanse and eating-reset! Not sure what form it will take either so I’ll be interested to hear what you’re going to do. In three short weeks I will officially be an empty-nester!

  8. I’ve been using the app Carb manager and love it. I’m eating low carb, low sugar. I’ve been doing that for a 8 months now. I wanted to lose #20 pounds. I did that in 3 months, now I’m maintaining and feel great.

  9. Have you looked into Noom for helping maintain a healthier lifestyle? You do record food, but what I really like is that it digs deeper into my mind, behavior, and feelings to help me develop a healthier relationship with food. Today’s lesson was, ironically, about guilt. Guilt over eating something I think I shouldn’t have (and why I think I shouldn’t have), guilt over lack of exercise, all the guilt. It’s not been quick results, but it’s definitely not a difficult, time-consuming process. I spend maybe 10 minutes a day reading and logging food. 

  10. Happy Anniversary!  I’m glad y’all had nice weather for the family gathering yesterday.  Some schools in GA are already back in session.  The kids in our area start back tomorrow.  They start back early due to all of the week and two week long breaks they have during the school year, which we didn’t have when I was in school. I know what you mean about riding of the unwanted pounds without so many restrictions.  Over the past seven days I confirmed two of my big downfalls by not consuming them and dropping the pound and a half.  Now I just have to stay the path!  Have a fabulous day!

  11. I always gain over the summer. The gym falls off and the bbq starts up. I’ve started to watch the amount I’m eating early this year when my shorts/pants became too tight. I do the intermittent fasting, eating between noon and seven, up my protein and cut my carbs, and keep the drinks to only once or twice a week. It’s harder to do during lazy summer days. 
    Happy 24th Anniversary! 

  12. Happy Anniversary – my 24th is August 26.  Crazy to think I’m hitting 25 next year – it doesn’t seem like it can be that long

  13. August is my least favorite month of the year. It’s always jam-packed with appointments (I try to get things out of the way before school starts back up), back-to-school planning (since I’m a teacher), it’s hot weather, my garden is wilting 🌿, I don’t sleep as well…..
     I’m happy when Labor Day weekend comes around and September arrives. I miss the old days when we didn’t start back at school until after Labor Day. I’m actually heading into school today to work in my classroom. Enjoy your Sunday! 🌞

  14. Wow!  Where to start!?

    Happy Anniversary!!!  It’s 33 for us this year and we are returning to one of the scenes of the crime.   Taking the now adult kiddos to our honeymoon destination.   Does time fly? And how!  Our kids are all bookending the ages we were when we first went.  Yikes! 😬

    The weight/shape/wrinkly thing is a plague..haha.   But wisdom comes from my daughter who reminds me to celebrate what I have today, bc it doesn’t get better tomorrow. (Wow that’s optimistic…and yet).  

    Been down the road you’re all traveling and felt much the same way; hope when you get “here” you likewise suddenly find yourself pretty content with where the next decade takes you.  It’s actually not so bad. 

  15. If you like fruit, veggies & fish try the Mediterranean diet. I did to lower cholesterol. It was not hard except sweets but you can have dark chocolate. Just a suggestion.

  16. Happy Anniversary 🎉 We will celebrate our 59th on August 28th. Love your blog & clothing ideas. Keep up the good work!!y

  17. I am trying hard to accept the changes age is bringing me (I am 65). It is not easy, but I am very low maintenance (I won’t have any work done and minimal make-up). I am trying to keep up with my exercise. I am trying to think – this is part of the process, and I have too much to do to spend too much time worrying about aging and trying to stop the inevitable process. Enjoy the moment! Happy Anniversary! (We will be 6 years next Saturday!)

  18. I stopped dieting about 20 years ago. I somewhat watch my sugar/processed carbs, but in a common sense healthy way, not an extreme restrictive way. I am 54, 5’3” and weighed 114 until this year when I lost 4 lbs. I kept thinking they’d come back but they haven’t. 
    I eat smallish portions and allow myself a favorite thing (for me it’s tea and pie every afternoon). I eat about 5-6 times a day. I never go hungry and try not to eat to be really full, just satisfied. For me, it’s mostly easy now. I go through spurts where I want ice cream after supper and do on occasion, but usually I just remind myself I’ll be glad I didn’t tomorrow. 
    I really think having your favorite thing – sweet, salty, wine, whatever- as part of your eating plan makes being disciplined other times easier. 👍🏻

  19. Happy anniversary tomorrow 🎉🎉.. we just celebrated our 30th the end of July . My in – laws 60 th and our daughter just got married end of May so yeah where does the time go??? It’s another long weekend here and weather remains beautiful:) I have a feeling this month is going to fly by. Looking forward to more fall fashion and trend ideas. Have a good one.

  20. Happy Anniversary!! I will celebrate my 24th this year too in Sept.  I enjoyed Educated.  It is hard to believe some of the things she went through but I was glad that she was able to overcome all the difficulties and make a better life for herself.  I just finished “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” today and it was captivating.

  21. I think I read a excerpt of Educated in Vogue a while back. It’s fascinating. I just put it on my wish list…too much to do to read a book right now. Thanks, Jolynne! 

  22. And Happy Anniversary! I totally relate to what you’re saying about time. I celebrated 19 years this summer and it feels like yesterday in a way. 

  23. One thing that has helped me with body image is lifting weights. I’ve been doing that for 4-5 years (I’m 48 later this month). It hasn’t bulked me up and has given me some nice arm/shoulder/back definition. Plus, building muscle helps you burn more fat. I highly recommend this as a way to build strength (most important) and give your body some definition.

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