Winter Outfit Inspo: Plaid Infinity Scarf + Knee-High Boots

We’ve been talking lately about quality wardrobe basics and changing up simple looks with accessories, and today’s look is another example of that.

This camel crewneck cashmere sweater is one I’ve worn a lot of different ways. I usually like to put a vest or structured jacket on top, but this time I left it plain and added a plaid infinity scarf.

If I had a navy blue quilted vest, I would have worn it, but I don’t and it’s fine without. While another layer would be nice, it’s amazing how much warmer you can be just by wrapping a cozy scarf around your neck.

Unfortunately this one sold out before I could post it. Womp… womp… I just bought it a week or so ago, but scarves just don’t seem to stay in stock for very long.

Here are a few more plaid infinity scarves at Nordstrom, or you probably have something in your closet. This is really more of an outfit formula than an original look anyway.

What I like about this outfit is how dark denim echos the navy in the scarf, and the cognac boots compliment the camel sweater. Then the red and the light beige tones in the scarf pop the look.

For accessories, I wore a few of my favorite designer jewelry pieces to keep the look classy but simple. I also love how the dark raspberry nail polish contrasts against the camel sweater.

While ankle boots and over-the-knee boots are having a moment, I still think knee-high boots create the most flattering overall body proportions, and they just have a ladylike appeal that I appreciate.

These boots have also sold out, but this pair is similar. While they’re a little dressier than mine, they would be a great choice if you want something to go with both jeans and dresses.

I would probably normally carry my Neverfull tote with this, at least that’s what I carry most days and it would certainly complement this outfit, but for these pictures I opted for my R Minkoff Love crossbody.

This bag is my go-to when I don’t want to carry a big tote or hobo because it holds my full-size wallet and a few other essentials. If you need a good functional crossbody that looks great too, I highly recommend this one. It comes in a lot of colors, but this is the mushroom and it pretty much goes with everything. I love how it resembles a Channel but without the four-digit price tag.

I think what makes this look work so well is the fit and proportion of everything, and I really love the classic navy and camel color palette.

Halogen Crewneck cashmere sweater 20% off // Paige Verdugo crop skinnies (similar for less) // Sam Edelman Camellia tall boots (similar / similar for less) // brushed plaid infinity scarf // R Minkoff Geo Quilted Love Crossbody 33% off // faux pearl earrings // D Yurman oval large link bracelet and Belmont curb link ring

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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26 Responses

  1. I have the same sweater and love it! I wore it to my 60th birthday photo shoot with an animal print scarf and jeans. Turned out really well!

  2. Beautiful outfit! Also, I loved your family Christmas cards and am placing an order today. What paper did you use for them? Thanks!

  3. You nailed this outfit! I think this on one of my favorites that you have styled. Those boots fit you perfectly and all the colors in the outfit compliment each other so nicely! I’m also thinking a David Yurman bracket is is my future. Maybe my next big birthday! I hope your ankle won’t hold you back and you’ll have a wonderful week. 

  4. Great post Jo-Lynne!  Of course, you look fabulous, but your remarks help us use what’s in our closet to duplicate the look, and you help us understand proportions.  Thank you!
    Good luck with your ankle!  I don’t know if you recall, but I’ve had extensive ankle surgery because my left ankle was a mess.  Along with tightening the tendon, my shredded ligament was replaced with one from a cadaver.  I would love to wear all of the fashionable boots, heels, etc., but protecting my ankle trumps being in style or being completely ‘put together’ at times.  My ankle lets me know when I have not been wearing the appropriate shoes with arch support!  I’ve also had surgery in my right ankle, but it was not as bad.
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Love the “formula” posts and how you talk about proportion and what complements what without being matchy matchy!

  6. Man, I’m so impressed how you take everyday items & turn them into something eye catching!  And  thats why you are a fashion blogger & I’m a copycat!  Thank you for all you put into your blog.  I can’t even begin to imagine all the work that goes into it!  

  7. Love the colors! You are always such an inspiration! I have a question for you. I have been hearing that white boots are trending now. Not sure if I like them (uh probably not!) How would you style them?

    1. Yes, they definitely are! I can’t really get excited about that trend but I’ve seen them styled with white or off-white pants as well as light blue jeans with white on top or light colors on top.

      I met Erin at a blogging conference, and she shows a few ways here: https://busbeestyle.com/2017/09/10/how-to-wear-white-boots/

      And Shana did the all white thing here: https://themomedit.com/2017/12/how-to-wear-white-in-winter/

      It’s definitely an edgy look but I think it can be done in a classy way.

  8. You’re absolutely right.  I could copy that outfit from my existing wardrobe. I love how you matched the boots to the sweater and picked up the navy in the scarf with your dark wash jeans. The grey purse surprised me though. I’m seeing that purse, in different colours, all over the internet. It’s very popular, so if anyone wants one they better grab it quick! 
    Good luck at your doctor’s appointment today. Crossing my fingers that it is just something minor like a sprain. 

  9. Great outfit Jo-Lynne! I love the whole look. The scarf makes all the colors pop and I especially love those boots!

  10. This outfit is super cute and you look extra pretty! So sorry about your foot pain! Hope it’s something minor. 

    Ugh- we’re still hot, hot, hot out here in So CA! (And not in a good way ????) No scarves needed, that’s for sure. I took my 4th graders out for PE this afternoon and it was 85 degrees on the playground- we were all sweating, no breeze, no humidity,….my skin is so dry right now I feel like a lizard. It certainly feels more like summer than Christmas time. Climate is a’ changin ! I was born and raised a California girl, and I don’t ever remember such a warm fall and December especially. It’s so weird. And now with all the wildfires ravaging our beautiful state, it’s heartbreaking to turn on the news each night or talk to friends from those areas. So, all in all, I’m thankful and grateful for the safety of my family and our home. I know it’s a blessing to feel the warm sunshine that greets me each morning and know that I never have to shovel snow, or drive in bad weather, or spend lots of money on warm coats and boots. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to being uncomfortable so I guess I’m in the right place. ???? 

    I wonder how CA fashion bloggers handle the lack of cool weather when trying to style and promote fall/winter clothing. I follow a couple local peeps but they still are styling sweaters and boots (they must wear it for the pictures then change immediately afterwards). 

    Anywho…. I’m loving your David Yurman jewelry & have put a couple pieces on my Christmas wish list for my husband. We’ll see…..(fingers crossed!) ❤️

    1. That is so crazy about your CA weather! As much as I love warm weather, this time of year I really do like the cold. It just seems right. 🙂 Now come March, I’m going to be ready to move south!

  11. Thank you for showcasing beautiful knee high boots–a real classic worth spending $$ on.  You look great in camel 🙂

  12. Jolyne, I think this is one of my favorite outfits on you.  It is such a pretty color combination and looks very comfortable, too!  I just tried to order the scarf, and it’s sold out. Can you tell me how the sweater you’re wearing runs….tts or what?  Does it pill?  Another question…with skinny jeans, do the tops need to be longer (as if you wearing leggings)?  That’s where I can get confused, is betweeen “skinny” jeans and “denin jeggings”. There doesn’t seem to be much difference in them between fit, so I am not sure how long the sweater or top should be.  I know with leggings the fabric is usually thinner so the top needs to be longer to cover certain areas.  Thanks in advance!  🙂

    1. Hey Lori, yeah, I know, I hate that the scarf sold out. 🙁 It was a good one!

      I don’t feel the need to wear a tunic with skinny jeans or legging jeans – as long as they have back pockets and the front has a button and a zipper. Even if they’re tight or skinny, I wear regular tops with them. If they are jeggings – and actually have an elastic waistband and no zipper, I’d be more likely to want a longer top. If there are no back pockets, then they really look like leggings, and a longer top is definitely in order. Also, I would take into consideration how thin they are, but usually denim is thick enough that I don’t feel like I need to cover up.

      I hope that helps!

    2. As far as the sweater goes, it runs TTS. I have the small, but I would size up to a medium if I wanted to wear a blouse under it. It does pill some, and I bought one of those sweater stones but I always forget to use it. I don’t think it pills terribly, though. I don’t really notice it once it’s on.

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