How to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket for Winter

The older I get, the more I appreciate the value of a fitted jacket. The younger girls can get away with the oversized, slouchy sweaters, but after you’ve had a few kids and gravity has taken its toll, structure is a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds? Meh. Give me all the structured jackets!

How to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket for Winter: Winter Outfit with BlankNYC suede moto jacket in Midnight Toker over black turtleneck with AG raw hem ankle legging jeans and Rag & Bone Margot booties.

Even if the sweater I’m wearing underneath is a little boxy or my t-shirt is slouchy, putting a structured jacket on top is a total game changer.

I’ve been wearing my black leather jacket so much lately that I decided it might be nice to have something similar in a lighter neutral, so over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, I snagged this taupe suede moto.

BlankNYC suede moto jacket in Midnight Toker over black turtleneck for a chic street style winter outfit.

I’m pretty sure I see at least one of these BlankNYC suede moto jackets every time I scroll through my Instagram feed. It’s practically a requirement as a fashion blogger to have at least two.

They’ve been around in one iteration or another for several years, and they occasionally come out with new colors. I’ve always loved the look of them, but I wasn’t crazy about the dangling waist belt so I kept holding off. But then this fall, I noticed this newer, more refined style making its way around the Interwebs, and I started jonesing for one.

I debated and hemmed and hawed, thinking that with winter setting in, I may not get a ton of wear out of it, but then I told myself, Just try it. You can always return it . . . #famouslastwords (I’m pretty sure I’m not returning it.)

How to Wear Suede Moto Jacket for Winter: Winter Outfit with BlankNYC taupe suede moto jacket over black turtleneck with AG raw hem ankle legging jeans and Rag & Bone Margot booties.

I like how it’s fairly plain. There are no epaulettes to add bulk to the shoulder area, there’s no belt to futz with, and the lapels actually snap back so they stay in place.

I’ve already worn this jacket over a burgundy sweater with black skinnies, and it looks amazing over ivory and beige, but for these pictures I put it over a black turtleneck with distressed blue jeans and black booties.

This look is pretty basic, but adding the taupe jacket on top gives that instant cool girl vibe. Shhh . . . don’t tell them what a dork I really am!

How to Wear Suede Moto Jacket for Winter: Winter Outfit with BlankNYC taupe suede moto jacket over black turtleneck with AG raw hem ankle legging jeans

Size-wise, this jacket runs a little bit small. I have the medium, and when it came in, I wasn’t sure if I had the right size so I took it in to Nordstrom to try the large. The large was definitely too big — it didn’t look good from the back, and the sales associate agreed the medium is the right size, especially for wearing over t-shirts and camis in the warmer months.

The shoulders fit well, and that’s the most important part. I can zip it if I absolutely have to, but I doubt I ever will. The arms are plenty long, and they fit over a medium-weight sweater. All that to say, if you’re in between sizes as I often am, you’ll want to size up.

Winter Outfit: BlankNYC suede moto jacket in Midnight Toker over black turtleneck with AG raw hem ankle legging jeans and Rag & Bone Margot booties.

I chose black booties to “bookend” the outfit. I like how they echo the black in the sweater.

These booties were a major splurge, although I did get them on a pretty significant sale. I’ll link to a few similar for less options below.

Rag & Bone Margo Booties

I get a lot of questions about how to wear skinny jeans and booties. In this case, I just let my jeans fall into them, and I guess it works okay. I tried cuffing, and that looks okay too. Because these booties dip in the front, I think I like them better with the jeans un-cuffed.

This is the kind of outfit I love to wear this time of year when I’m meeting friends for lunch, running errands, or going to the mall. Since I’m not outside for extended periods of time, I’m warm enough with the turtleneck and jacket on top, and there’s no bulky coat to contend with when I get inside. I’m comfortable but I feel chic and put-together.

How to Wear Suede Moto Jacket for Winter: Winter Outfit with BlankNYC taupe suede moto jacket over black turtleneck with AG raw hem ankle legging jeans and Rag & Bone Margot booties.

BlankNYC suede moto jacket // similar turtleneck // AG legging ankle jeans // Rag & Bone Margot booties // R Minkoff Love crossbody // sunnies c/o

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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36 thoughts on “How to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket for Winter

  1. Hey Jo-Lynne,
    Love this look! Are the Margot booties comfy? Love the way they look but need comfort for that price!

  2. These jackets are everywhere, Jo-Lynne and there’s a reason for that—they’re fabulous!!!
    I know with mine though it’s not always as warm as I wish it was to wear it right now, so I’ve gotten a little crazy and been layering a vest over it!!
    Happy Hump day!!

  3. 1:00 is good for me. 🙂 One question I have is how old is too old to be wearing leggings and slim jeans. I’m self conscious about trying them. Thanks.

    1. My two cents, my mother is 79 years old and was wearing slim jeans with boots the other day when we went shopping. She looked fabulous!

    2. Hi. I am 60 yrs old. Myself and two of my closest friends (same age) wear skinny jeans and leggings ALWAYS. We are all three from 120-124 pounds and 5’2” in height (don’t know how it happened that we are all so much alike)!  With the leggings, we just make sure our tops are long enough to cover what others might not want to see????. I surely hope there is no age limit!

  4. Question for you…I’m curious what is on your Christmas wish list (if you don’t mind sharing) and what pieces you are hoping to add to your wardrobe in the next month or so for winter.

  5. I can’t make the Facebook live event this morning but I have a question. When it’s cold out (20’s or 30’s) and you’re running errands, what shoes do you wear? I usually wear jeans and a sweater or long sleeve shirt but don’t want to wear boots if there’s no snow on the ground.

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne! Love your jacket. I have a oxblood red one that I’ve worn for years, but now it’s getting a little tighter, so I can only wear it over a thin t-shirt. But that’s OK, I wear it as an “indoor” jacket in the colder weather.
    Just an FYI, QVC has the Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite cardigan with pockets as it’s Today’s Special Value ($69.98!). It’s item #A-293849. You and your readers may want to check it out, it’s getting good reviews. And there are 5 colors right now.
    Take care of that ankle!

  7. This is a fabulous look!  I have to change my mindset about wearing more fitted pieces to camouflage the mid-section thickness, instead of opting for big and lose fitting jackets.  

    Question for the FB live today:  What nice fitting, but very casual Jackets, would you suggest for those of us that live in warmer climates?

    I’m glad you’re ankle just needs some down time!

  8. “Structure is a girls best friend”…. Love this advice! Every time I see a photo of myself in something slouchy I want to slap myself for trying to pull off something that doesn’t do me any favors lol
    1pm eastern time is quiet time for the little guys I babysit so I am excited that I won’t have to feel guilty about watching a video when I should be watching the boys 🙂
    Glad you picked that time….looking forward to the live chat…

  9. Love the look… you can’t go wrong with a black turtleneck and jeans in fact I wore that yesterday lol… but with a long grey comfy coat that stays open like a sweater( and my black sneaker shoes) mays well before we actually get snow:). … love the color and style of the jacket it’s very flattering. Have a great day???? 

  10. Great outfit- you always style the best! I look forward to your 1:00 eastern time for those of us on the west coast! Thank you! If you have a chance, could you please comment on the number of accessories rule? If you wear a necklace and earrings, then no bracelets; a scarf but no necklace…..? Maybe there are no rules or maybe there should be just one statement piece. Just like to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for all you do!

  11. Love it now would like to get jacket !
    Would be good for our winter transition
    To spring,yes I’m looking ahead!
    Sorry to miss live will be at Christmas tea.
    My question as mother of bride next fall
    do I need to match wedding colors?
    Blush pink but I hv found a navy dress that 
    I like…. so many choices!

  12. I have a question. How do you care for your sweaters? Dry clean, wash by hand, washing machine? Special detergent? How often to wash, or after how many wears? How do you store them?

  13. Another question. Speaking of dressing for parties, when you don’t know what others will be wearing, is it better to be a little overdressed or underdressed? Which would make you feel more comfortable?

  14. A final question. Should you always match your coat to what you’re wearing under it? For example, if you’re wearing a red coat, are there some colors you would or wouldn’t wear under that? This is what keeps me from buying bright colored coats and jackets.

  15. I am so glad your foot injury is not severe and I pray for a speedy healing . I love this outfit and that jacket and boots are awesome . I always love the outfits you style , Thank you for all of your hard work. I am going to watch your FB live in just a little bit, been looking forward to it all day .
    Have a wonderful evening!!!!!

  16. Love this, Jo-Lynne! And I was wondering why you hadn’t styled one of these before. Honestly, I didn’t care for the ones with the belt either. I seriously thought about trying one and just removing the belt, but I just never could pull the trigger on one. I absolutely love this style though! I can’t wait to see all the different ways you’ll be styling it.

  17. This outfit looks fantastic on you! I really like the jacket and the advice on structured pieces. It does make a world of difference! 

  18. I just love this outfit on you! The taupe color is really beautiful plus it will go with so many things. I was sad I missed getting this suede moto jacket last season, however I just happened to Google it today and Nordstrom actually still has a few sizes in the Midnight Toker color on SALE! Woohoo! I just ordered it, I hope I love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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