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If you’ve been following along for a while, you may know that I like to fancy myself a runner. For a while, I was up to running 20-25 miles a week, and one of my proudest accomplishments is training for and finishing a half marathon in 2013.

While I’m not putting in that kind of mileage these days, I still do my best to get outside a few times a week for several miles. My husband prefers to be hiking or biking, but sometimes he’ll come along to keep me company.

This time of year when the weather turns cold, it’s easy to make excuses and start skipping my runs, but I never feel as good as I do when I’m staying active. I’ve learned that the best way to stay motivated to get out there is to make cold weather running as comfortable as possible. Whether your outdoor activity is running, biking, walking, or hiking, having the proper cold weather workout gear is essential if you’re going to keep going through the winter months.

Good cold weather gear can be a bit of an investment, so I often have a couple of pieces on my Christmas wish list. For example, this Nike Therma Sphere long sleeve running top is great for chilly days that aren’t below freezing just yet. It’s roomy enough to layer a tank or tee under it, and you can also put a vest or jacket over top if you need extra warmth.

Paul really likes this Nike Tech Fleece half-zip hoodie, but he may have to fight my son for it. (They wear the same size!) It’s nice and thick with zip details for custom ventilation. His Nike Tech fleece pants have a tapered fit for ease of movement and multiple pockets for stashing keys and I.D.

Good quality thermal pants are key for winter running, and I love these Nike Pro HyperWarm training tights. They have a nice high rise and don’t slide down as I run, which is hard to find sometimes. They’re so super soft and cozy inside too.

In fact, the entire Pro HyperWarm collection is amazing for those who enjoy winter outdoor activities. Everything is super lightweight but designed to keep you warm in the elements.

Of course, Nike’s iconic running shoes look as good as they feel. They’re pretty much the only shoes my 18-year-old son wears, and my 12-year-old daughter is becoming a fast convert as well. She already has her eyes on my Port Wine Nike Air Zoom Pegasus running shoes.

Staying active is really important to us as a family. Besides the obvious health benefits, we want to be able to keep up with our grandkids in a few years, plus it gives us an opportunity to spend quality time together.

If you’re an active family or you have people on your shopping list who like to stay active, Nike has a gift for that! I’ve rounded up a bunch of ideas for pretty much anyone on your list.

Also, take $20 off your order of $100 or more at Nike.com with promo code HOLIDAY20 through 12/17/17!

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  1. Those shows are gorgeous. I love that running shoes give us an option to wear something. a little more fun. I want to try that tech fleece. It looks COZY!

  2. I really like the women’s training tights. Looks like you have the coverage needed and the flexibly to move in them. I am not a huge fan of leggins… but I feel this might be what I was looking for.

    New year means new goals. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Brrr. Outside this time of year is SO HARD! I love getting good quality socks as a gift, to stay warm and active. Looks like there are some nice ones here.

  4. Nike are our go-to shoes – especially for Dave and the boys. We always find just what we need and everyone is so friendly at every store we’ve been to.

  5. Besides the being active, I’m liking this Nike gear for layering me up when I’m outside for hours watching my boys’ hockey games this winter. Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. Great Post.  So nice your husband joined you.  You guys look like professional models. I did have to cringe when I saw the picture of you leaning again the tree……did you snag your Nike wear?  LOL.  I wish I was a runner.  It would be nice to just head out and not have to have any equipment to have around.  I like how you are real about your exercise.  So many people never miss and it makes others feel like that is the norm.  

  7. I love the mens half zip hoodie. It would make a great gift for my husband. Something about the half zip makes it look a little more pulled together than a regular hoodie.

  8. Socks and headbands make such great stocking stuffers. My 14 year old niece just got into running this year, and I’ve been stumped on what to get her! Thanks for the suggestions!

  9. OK this seriously is the inspiration I need to upgrade my cold weather running gear! I hate getting on the treadmill when the weather gets cold which I’ve done in past years once it gets below 45 degrees or so but I’ve now been meeting a friend to run outside a few days a week so it’s motivating me to get out in the cold! I’m eyeing those tights, socks and headband 🙂

  10. No one does it better than Nike! It’s a testament to their quality and innovation that they have stayed in top for what seems like forvever! Love that you and you husband run together! The looks you showed are nice! Thanks for the ideas!! 

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