Powder Room Makeover Reveal

I’ve been teasing this powder room makeover post for so long, you all probably gave up on me. I was waiting for my window treatment for the longest time, and then I haven’t had an open day to post since I got these pictures back from Alison.

So, anyway. Today I’m sharing my Powder Room Makeover!

We started this design process back in February of 2020… and we all know what happened after that. So yes, two years later, and I finally have my powder room finished!

Powder Room Before

This is pretty much how we found the space when we moved into this house four years ago. I just painted the walls to match the rest of our common areas in the house (Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey with Dove White trim.)

And I hung this print on the wall behind the toilet. It was from the powder room in my previous house, and I figured it would do until I could get around to redecorating the space. I think I found it at Home Goods or Target.

The wood blinds, towel rack, and light fixture were left from the previous owners.

Powder Room Progress

I’m kind of a Plain Jane when it comes to decorating, and most of our house is neutral with pops of blue, but for some reason I got it in my head to make our powder room special.

I’ve been working with Magda at ReImagine Interiors since the beginning, and it was her suggestion to wallpaper the powder room. I noodled on that idea for a bit and then asked her to send me a few ideas to consider.

She sent me these two ideas, and she ordered wallpaper samples of each. At first, I thought I liked this first one best — at least, the wallpaper and the mirror. I wasn’t sure about the blue vanity or the light fixtures.

And this was her other idea. At first I thought this was too formal, but after seeing the wallpaper sample, it started to grow on me. I also liked this vanity and light fixtures better than the ones above.

I thought I wanted a big square pedestal sink, but Magda eventually talked me into a vanity. We also considered some fancier options with marble and brass that were more open on the bottom. I don’t have links for any of these, sorry!

I liked a few of those, but I was concerned about the condition of the wood floor where the existing pedestal was standing, and it would be visible with one of those more open vanities.

Plus, I figured if I was going to give up on my dream of a big square pedestal sink, I might as well get something with some storage. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided on the one below.

I also wanted the mirror from the white wallpaper with the light fixtures from the blue, so Magda put together another mockup so I could visualize it. (I don’t have links, but the mirror is from Uttermost and the lights are from Hudson Valley.)

We decided to go with that plan, so we finalized the details started ordering the various components sometime last fall. I don’t even remember when it was exactly, but I know those light fixtures were in my basement for a few months.

Powder Room After

After months of waiting and planning and more waiting and then securing a contractor to do the work, we started the project in late January of this year, and this is how it turned out!

At first,  I wasn’t sure about the size of the vanity, but now I’m used to it, and I do really like having the extra storage space. It’s the Signature Hardware 30″ Robertson Vanity Set, and it also comes in navy and black and some other sizes.

I bought this basket at Pottery Barn, and that’s where I store extra toilet paper and hand towels. It’s the large size.

We went with a matte black faucet because Magda felt there was enough gold hardware going on already. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but now I like the contrast. We also have matte black doorknobs and hinges on all the doors on the interior of our home, and I added some accessories with black accents to tie it all together.

The Seagrass reed diffuser and Barr-Co. Reserve Soap are from Pottery Barn, and I moved this Voluspa candle in here from another room. I like how they all tie into the black from the faucet.

The towel holder and toilet paper holder are from the same collection as the faucet, but I went with the champagne bronze color.

And I love my Weezie Monogram Hand Towels. They’re so plush and soft and elegant. Because they’re pricey, I only got one set of two, and I put them out when we are having guests. Otherwise, I use old ones from the basket below the sink.

I do want to get more that match the vibe of the room. Any suggestions? (And I really should replace the outlet cover with something that coordinates better.)

And finally, the completer piece…. my roman shade! It was custom made, so I don’t have any info on that, but I love how it provides privacy without blocking out most of the natural light.

So yeah, that’s it! We have a lot of people in and out of our house, so this room gets a lot of use. I always get compliments when people see the new design, and I’m so glad I went with something bold and dramatic. It ties into the rest of the house, and also stands out in a very cool way. You can see all my home decor posts here.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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32 Responses

  1. JoLynne-
    I’m so glad you have the hard part behind you with your recovery, now you can enjoy spring and summer. Your guest bath is elegant and refined- thanks for sharing.

      1. I can’t even imagine being able to just shop off the racks for a bathing suit! So excited for you!!

  2. Your powder room is breathtaking. I love the wallpaper and the vanity is also looks like a piece of furniture. I am googling Magda’s design company and perhaps will use her for some changes I want to make in my house. The powder room looks classic & timeless.

  3. Jo-Lynne,

    I love your updated powder room! I had sworn off wallpaper, but have recently been thinking about it again for my bathroom. Back in the day, I was very skilled at putting it up and taking it down. We bought our house in ’98 and it was covered with wallpaper. My husband will remind me that I once told him to stop me if I even bring it up. Well, here we are!

    I am glad you are recovering well from surgery.

    Randomly your emails end up in my junk mailbox. It will be a streak of a few days and then they will go to my inbox.

  4. I’m so glad you’re doing well and your powder room looks so pretty! If you want to disguise the outlet, cover the plate with the wallpaper. It just disappears.

  5. I love the new powder room. The bold wallpaper is gorgeous. As others have said, glad you’re feeling better and yes, there’s nothing better than being on the downward slope of a medical procedure!

  6. Great to hear you got a good report from the doctor and healing good. It’s a good time of year to be looking forward to. We still haven’t got much warm weather. Been a unusually cool Spring in NW Oregon and I’m ready for warmer, sunny days. Too much rain. April hit record highs for rain. :(. Your powder room turned out so nice. Thanks for the reveal.

  7. Love this update..the next time you’re towel shopping, check out the resort collection from Frontgate, so plush and thick, with loads of color choices. The best time to order is during one of their sales or free shipping promotions

  8. This looks so pretty! Love the wallpaper, the gold accents, and that Roman shade! I’ve had good luck with towels from TJ Maxx, they tend to be decent quality at an affordable price. Hope you’re feeling better after your surgery!

  9. It looks fabulous! Changing out the outlet plate is super easy and something you can do. Home Depot and Lowes have a lot of options. I’m glad your post op appointment went well yesterday!

  10. I love the mixed metals — champagne bronze and matte black — and it’s definitely on trend right now (at the beginning of the trend, too, which is always a good place to be). 🙂 I just did my primary bath in three metals — matte black, champagne bronze, and brushed nickel with a dash of polished nickel, and I love it. I wasn’t so sure when the designer proposed it, but the end result is beautiful.

  11. Wow, it’s enchanting! Using that powder room would lift one’s spirits, it’s that charming!! Absolutely LOVE it, thank you for sharing!!!

  12. I suggest covering your outlet plate with leftover wallpaper. If you match the design it will be covering, it will blend in and will hardly be seen. Also, paint the screw heads to match the background and they will disappear.

  13. Every detail is just perfect!!! Makes me want to re-do my powder room! This is absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. So glad to hear you are on the upside! Your powder room looks so pretty! I think I would like to do something similar with ours. It’s right off the living room and sustained some hurricane damage, so it will be getting tended to anyway. (Yes, we are STILL trying to get hurricane damages from 2020 repaired. 😞)

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