Help A Sister Out | Rehearsal Dinner Fashion Advice

I’m trying to think up a name for this new “column” here at Musings of a Housewife! People are sending me pictures and fashion questions. SO FUN!!!

Monica writes in:

I hope your readers might be able to help with my dress for the reception. It is custom made by one of my friends who (I believe) is an up and coming Perth fashion designer. It is a long flowy red dress. My first time wearing a red dress too! 🙂

And so far, I am thinking – tear drop gold necklace with a gold clasp belt (I am not pregnant although I seem to look it in the picture) and gold earrings. The gold theme stems from my gold coloured heels. Lol! I have no idea what other colours to match so I have just gone off from the gold coloured heels! 🙂

What would you and your readers recommend? Tips for hair/makeup and nail polish would also be much needed.

Going through all this because I am the emcee for the reception. Gotta dress to impress if all else fails! hehe!


First of all. MONICA! You look A-mazing in red! (And you SO do not look pregnant!!)

I think accessorizing in gold is definitely the way to go — a matte gold, though. Nothing too shiny.

Jewelry: Since a red dress is so powerful, I would go easy on the jewelry. I might look for a necklace that fill in the neckline, rather than a long pendant. If you go for a statement necklace, then opt for smaller earrings.

Shoes: I like the top ones best, I think. It’s hard to be sure, though, without seeing the heel on the bottom one. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

Bag: Don’t forget a handbag! A cute clutch of course.

Check this out:

Rehearsal Dinner Glam

Rehearsal Dinner Glam by allthingschic featuring pave earrings

Hair: What about pulling the top and sides back into a fancy clip, and teasing the back a bit to give it some height? Or a sleek up-do would be gorgeous.

Nail Polish: Have fun with it! A dark navy blue or black is always nice, but it’s becoming kind of expected and not as edgy as it was a year or two ago. Maybe try a bronze or gold (to tie into the accessories and also for a fall look.)

gold nail polish | Opi Swiss Shades Glitzerland

Or even brown or gray. You Don’t Know Jacques! is one of my absolute faves. You can’t go wrong with that.

gray nail polish | You Don't Know Jacques!

Makeup: I’d go with a smokey eye – thick black eye liner, and then nude lips a la Jessica Alba. (photo credit: People Style Watch)

smokey eye

You could even go to a makeup counter and have it done for you. I’m always tempted to do that when I have somewhere special to go, but I’ve never actually DONE it.

I reached out to my stylish friend, Grace, who is Korean, to make sure I wasn’t giving you bad makeup advice. She agreed with the makeup advice, and added this:

Like your idea of smokey eyes and nude lips.

Here’s a smokey eye tutorial. We have the same kind of eyes and I find that as the evening wears on, the dark shadows fall onto my cheek bone. To prevent that, she needs to wear mascara. And to keep the mascara from giving her raccoon eyes, she can wear clear mascara over the black.

Tell her NUDE lips for an olive skin is not the same as for white girls. We have to go for something that actually has a color for it to LOOK nude. AND how about nude nails too?

Did I forget anything?

What do you say, oh faithful Musings readers? How should Monica accessorize her gorgeous red dress!??

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