Just Call Me Grannie

If you see a little old lady hobbling down the street in a picturesque suburban development in eastern Pennsylvania, pay her no nevermind. It is probably just me.

I got this bright idea to start lifting weights again. WHY? It’s all the usual suspects: I’m turning 40 next year, bone density issues run in my family, the middle age spread is getting . . . well . . . it’s spreading. Yadda, yadda.

Actually, I was inspired by my mother, who has been working out and looks AH-mazing. As I told my husband, I can’t have my mother looking better than me! (Sorry, Mom!)

So I finally got off my {rapidly spreading} hiney last Friday and went to the gym. I spent about 40 minutes doing lunGes and squats and leg lifts and push ups, with the heaviest weights that I could manage without compromising form (not that that’s saying much). I was literally shaking as I walked to my car.

I look at it this way: if I’m going to take the time to put on workout clothes, drive across town and put myself on display in front of all the hard bodies at the gym, I am going to make it worth my time. My philosophy of exercise is go big or go home.

I want to see results . . . preferably by next week, but I’ll give it till Christmas.

What I didn’t take into account is, it’s nice to be able to walk the day week after.

All day Saturday I could hardly move. I don’t think there’s a muscle in my body that I didn’t abuse.

I woke up on Sunday morning and didn’t feel much better so I decided to go for a run. (Makes sense, right? Ha.) I actually thought it might loosen up my sore muscles. Hmmm’kay.

I was planning to take a leisurely jog/walk, but I ended up running most of the way and even adding on an extra mile for good measure. Because while I’m out there, I might as well make it worth my while, right?

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Evidently that wasn’t the most brilliant of ideas. Running didn’t hurt at the time, but I’ve been hobbling around ever since. I’m literally limping. It’s utterly pathetic. And I’m not getting much sympathy from my husband. As he informed me, there’s a good reason he doesn’t put himself through this torture. He’d rather get his exercise hiking or playing tennis.

My kids, on the other hand, think it’s hilarious. Every time I get up and walk around the house, I find myself moaning ow, ow, ow, under my breath with each movement. Then I laugh at myself and my pitiful state, and that hurts too.

I am finally getting to the point that I don’t wince with every move I make, and today is the day I am scheduled to go back to the gym and start this dreadful cycle all over again. (Note: I didn’t run yesterday. I’m saving up all my strength for weight lifting today.)

I don’t remember how long it takes to get over the initial pain and agony of working out, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be hobbling for a few weeks, until my body grows accustom to this abuse.

Meanwhile, don’t get too close; you might knock me over. It’s all I can do to remain upright these days.

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18 thoughts on “Just Call Me Grannie

  1. You may want to do more “lunges” and less “lunches” while at the gym – I find it helps with weight loss!!

  2. Yes, those “lunches” will get you every time!

    Someone told me that it’s better to do the weight stuff at night and the cardio in the morning. I find my muscles need time to loosen in the morning so I do my arm lifts at night. I also recommend daily stretching which you’re probably already doing because you run.

  3. This made me laugh. I also started working out but I go at a more slower pace. Just Zumba one day a week and the cross trainer at least 2 days a week (or walking around the inside track). Even with that little bit I find my legs aching some nights while sleeping.

  4. Something must be in the air, I started back with the treadmill and exercise Saturday. Last night I was wondering around the house wondering why I felt so achy….didn’t think about the exercise-oops.
    Be careful!

  5. Good for you Jo-Lynne! I need some of that motivation. I am seriously struggling in the exercise department. I’m going to the gym today, but will probably just ride the bike. It is so frustrating to lose your fitness level and have to start over, but it is my own fault. I just need to prioritize better.

  6. No pain, no gain! Right??!! I find myself watching The Biggest Loser and wondering how those people who are 100 lbs heavier than me can do the amount of exercise they do. I’d be crying like a baby…well I am crying like a baby all the way home from pilates…who am I kidding???

  7. Good for you! The first few weeks are always the toughest. Take a warm Epsom salt bath!!!! That helps so much with sore muscles!!!

  8. There’s nothing I dislike more than lunges and squats! I’ve actually been doing a workout dvd by Tracy Anderson and I love it. She changes the workouts every 10 days so you don’t get bored. I even have my mother doing it as well!

  9. Mom here – Thanks for the compliment! And, glad to know I am inspiring. My motto is never never give up. Would love to try 40 again!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

  10. Bwahahahahahahahahahah I SO understand this! We had to walk 2.1 miles (each way) in a funeral processional in HEELS no less (cuz no one told us about said walk). I had blisters on the bottom of both of my feet that were about 3″ x 1″. And then….. they popped. Oh my gosh. I couldn’t walk for a couple days, I wore fuzzy socks and slid around my hardwood floors.

    I was quite the fascination to my teen – he’d say “let me see your feet again — oh GROSS how COOL”. Sigh

  11. I hear you! After I get off my weight workouts for a while and then start back up I am sore. Wait until you are not sore to give it another go and maybe do less reps and lighter weight,. You should always be a little sore the next day – but not a ton. It will get easier and if you strengthen those legs you should be able to run faster!

  12. I am 42 now…sigh…and any time I start on any new exercise regimine it practically kills me (sorry to scare you LOL.)

    I’m sitting at work typing this while sitting on an exercise ball, which I highly recommend. Seriously. Yoga and pilates is good, gentle, low-impact exercise, too. I do find that I have a lot of new aches and paints in my joints and I’ve started taking glucosamine, along with our 13-year-old dog.


    p.s. you look fab for nearly 40 girl! You can join me in the fab and 40 club! 😉

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