Ribbed Mockneck + Straight Jeans

Believe it or not, I’m almost out of outfits to share with you! After this one, I have one more in my queue, and then I’m done for 2018. It’s hard to believe we’ll be writing 2019 very soon.

This winter look pairs a ribbed mock neck sweater with dark wash straight leg jeans.

I’ve been trying to find straight leg jeans I like so I can switch up my casual looks sometimes, and these are Lucky Brand. Because I’ve tried the cropped straight style a few times with varying degrees of success, I decided to try a full-length style this time.

I like these okay, but I don’t love them. The washed out knees look dated to me, and they felt a little loose.

For reference, these are the size 29, so I would recommend sizing down if you’re in between sizes. Sometimes I need a 29, but I also wear 28 in a lot of brands.

This sweater is really cute, but sizes are selling out. It’s 25% off, which is a nice discount! That’s about as good as it gets at Madewell. You may also find some other sizes/colors at Nordstrom.

Both sites are offering 25% off, and Madewell has free shipping and returns for Insiders. It’s free to join, and well worth it.

I accessorized with this mixed metal pendant, and I carried my black bucket bag to coordinate with the black booties.

I’m not sure how I feel about this outfit, so weigh in and tell me what you think. I can appreciate that the silhouette is flattering, but I don’t love these jeans.

I do have two pairs of the AG Harper that I’m trying to decide between, and I will need to have them hemmed before I can style them, so stay tuned for more straight leg jeans outfits in 2019!

Madewell Belmont mock neck sweater (also at Nordstrom) // Lucky Brand Sweet Straight jeans (splurge option) // similar Club Monaco booties (budget option) // Lucky Brand pendant // Mango bucket bag

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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53 Responses

  1. I like the Lucky Brand Sweet Straight jeans, but agree that the faded knee dates this pair. I think they look great on you! I have a pair of these jeans and find that the stretch and style make them perfect for casual wear. I typically wear them when I am going more for function and comfort than style (a run to the grocery store, a soccer game paired with hikers and a sweatshirt, etc). I found that I actually had to size down 2 sizes in these jeans. So much stretch. Crazy! 

    While the color of the sweater looks great on you, the sweater is just too short. It chops up your silhouette and makes you appear much more short waisted than you actually are. The horizontal stitching adds to that effect. I don’t care for this sweater on you.

    1. PS… Have you tried the straight Silver Jeans (Elyse)? I tried a pair at a local botique the other day. I really liked them (definitely size down) and would have purchased them except the only pair in my size weren’t the right length. I’ll need to order online. 

    2. Totally agree with your comments.  I haven’t worn any of my straight leg jeans and I’m slowly working through my short sweaters.  I think a longer length is more flattering.  

  2. I love the sweater & color and the silhouette straight leg jeans is flattering…..except, I’m with you….NOT a fan of the washed out knee look. If the jeans had been solid, dark wash all the way, it would have been much better. Your eye goes straight to the washed out knee. Not good! Otherwise, you’re beautiful as ever.

  3. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the knees. Looking overall, I really liked the look. I like the shorter sweater on you because you are quite trim and the sweater hits you at the perfect spot hip-wise (in my view). Always look forward to your outfits and you are rockin’ this as usual!

  4. I always love you in bright colors, and this red sweater will work through Valentines Day. Thanks for your ongoing efforts to find a pair of straight jeans you love. At first glance I thought, yes! She found a great pair of straight leg jeans. Your keen eye and awareness of what looks good and doesn’t was very helpful. Once you mentioned you could have sized down and the wash at the knees, it’s all I saw. Once again, your analysis helped educate me to 1). Fit is everything and 2). Never settle. 

  5. This outfit looks great. Perhaps you’re just used to skinny jeans and they feel a bit baggy.  On myself I can’t pull off the cropped look, it just doesn’t look right but the full length works better and straight/boot cut styles are more flattering than skinny on me. It’s nice that there are many styles of denim to choose from for the many different body types and preferences out there!

    1. I agree, glad there are so many options! And I think most women, objectively speaking, look best in full-length bootcut or straight. I do like a straight jean on me, in theory. These aren’t the best – they really were too loose. But ultimately I think skinnies just look more current – at least for me. I’m posting a try-on today with 2 pairs of the AG straights in the right size. You’ll have to let me know what you think. 🙂

  6. I totally agree with your thoughts on the jeans. But, glad you were able to have a day to catch-up on all your computer work. I work part time and have Thursday’s off and I’m always torn weather to get out and run errands (which I usually do in the mornings) or stay home and do paperwork and clean house. I usually go by weather and if its a nice day, I prefer to be out because the lines are not as bad. I tend to stay away from shopping on the weekends this time of year. Online shopping is the best! 😉

  7. Good Morning ! I find the knees of the jeans fine and do not think they appear dated 🙂 I like the look but am so used to seeing you in skinny jeans so I feel that this is something you probably would not wear in “real life” lol. With that being said, I think that a more fitted sweater might look better with the jeans. Of course that sweater, cute with skinny jeans.

  8. The jeans are flattering but it’s definitely not “ you”. Maybe you might like them better with a top that is not drop shouldered? 

    1. Thanks, Susan. I do think the full length straight jeans with heels give a nice long, lean appearance. Which is why I’m not giving up on them yet. 🙂 I posted some more in today’s try-on haul.

    1. Very good question. You want someone who knows how to retain the original hem. I take mine to Nordstrom. They know what to do. It costs a little more but looks much more natural.

  9. This sweater is beautiful!  I love the color and it looks great on you.  The jeans look good too, but I agree, I am not a fan of the lighter knee color in this darker wash.  I have also been looking for a pair of straight leg jeans.  I have had some luck with the Gap.  They have a few styles with straight legs, but I have found the lengths can vary in the same style depending on the different wash – go figure?!   The Gap has a sale right now, so anyone that wants to try them out, it’s a good time for it.  Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.  Looking forward to your 2019 posts! 

  10. I love it. Those jeans make your legs look soooooooo long. If you run out of outfits to post could you do an update on your skin care. Do you use vitamin c oil on skin?

    1. I am so bad about skincare. I use different things, and feel like I can never really tell what is working and what isn’t. I go based on how it smells and feels, and I figure as long as I’m doing something, I’m okay. Ha!

  11. I honestly think you look amazing in the straight leg jeans. Although the skinnies also look great on you, I prefer the straight leg. They create a long slim line. Of course, you always look wonderful- so, as my son would say, “Follow your heart.”  Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas:)

  12. When I first opened your post my first reaction is that you look like you grew several inches. Your legs look soooo long in them. Other than the faded knees, which I don’t like either,  I think these jeans are the best straight pair you have styled so far! 

  13. I like the outfit and the straight jeans. They look a TON more comfortable than the skinny jeans do. Maybe once you size-down to the correct size you’ll like them better. I feel like the straight leg makes your legs go on for miles!

    1. Funny you say that, I find skinnies much more comfortable. I think it’s b/c they’re more like leggings and there is no extra material to fuss with. Plus these are Lucky, and their denim just isn’t as comfy as Paige and AG, which is what I have in skinnies. I agree that the silhouette is very flattering, but also remember I am wearing high heels. If I wear black skinnies with these black heels, it’s also very leg lengthening. 🙂

  14. This is okay for an example of straight leg jeans, but your best look, for your body type and.Comfort zone would be skinny jeans with the sweater and booties. The sweater is beautiful!

  15. I really like the sweater, but I think it would be more flattering on you with jeans or pants that are a lighter color.  The only thing I know for sure about the jeans I wear, is that high waisted are much more comfortable.  There are things about skinny, straight legged, and boot cut that I like and don’t like.  I’m glad you gave your body a day of physical rest yesterday.  Have a blessed day!

  16. I love the colors you choose because those are my colors (deep, jewel tones) and the red sweater is a perfect color! When I first saw the picture though, my eye went straight to the knees due to the washed out look and they were a bit baggy around the knee. I just can’t get used to the straight leg look with high rise…reminds me of the 90s…I give you kudos for trying though and educating the rest of us. Thank you!

  17. I clicked on the post because I thought the outfit looked easy to wear and festive — the look I want for Christmas Day!  I find it hard to keep up with the jeans trends, but when I look around I feel that I am the only one in cuffs any more! Maybe I can shop the after-Christmas sales. Thanks for helping us stay up-to-date!

    1. Cuffs? You mean cuffed skinnies? I still wear them that way sometimes, but yeah, it seems to be going by the wayside. Most people tuck theirs or just let them fall where they may.

  18. Other than the washed out knees, I like them on you. I’ve recently bought a dark indigo and black pair to change up my skinnies.it’s nice to a have a different look, albeit still jeans. 

  19. I really like this look.  To me, it has s really cool vibe to it!  I guess I’m either not very observant or just not that cool because I would have never noticed the knees if you hadn’t mentioned it. Are faded knees dated?!?  Ugh!  I really need to up my cool factor!  Anyway, love this outfit on you!

    1. Haha, no, not necessarily. I just think the wash on these is a little fuddy-duddy.☺️ It’s a subjective observation, and it seems from the comments, opinions are mixed. I was trying to pinpoint what it was about them I wasn’t loving, and that jumped out. But also they’re a little big, and that doesn’t help.

  20. I’m like you, I really don’t like the faded knees. The only pair I have are Old Navy Straight Legs. I do love this outfit. It looks fantastic. I do think you, look Great in Straight Leg jeans. Your legs look miles long. The Sweater is really Pretty. I love this color but it’s not one of my colors. Hope you have a Great day!!

  21. I agree with you about the faded knees. I might not have noticed them if you hadn’t mentioned it, but you are right. I think you rock the skinny jeans and the bootcut. The straight leg looks fine, its just that the other styles are better. (Do you remember when Stacy and Clinton were putting everyone in a straight leg jean?) About the sweater, it’s beautiful, but I’m not sure the dropped shoulders are the best look for you. Dropped shoulders work for me, but I have narrow shoulders and a flat chest, so I guess its a figure-type issue. I think they add visual weight to the upper body. For me, visual weight upstairs balances me out. All that being said, you still look gorgeous, as always.

    1. Yes, I do! And I guess that’s b/c it was the style during the years of that show. It really does go to show, what our eye views as flattering evolves with the trends to some extent.

      I totally agree on the sweater. Good eye.

  22. I love the straight leg on you!.   With the heel, and the dark wash, it is super flattering and a dressier look than skinnies.  The faded knee isn’t a deal breaker, but it would be better without, I agree.  I think the length of the sweater helps with the look of the mile long legs!  (I wish I could wear short sweaters, but I have too much belly to hide.)  The color is fabulous on you.   The only thing…I am not a fan of dropped shoulders, personally.  I think they just make me look wide at the top and I think they feel weird, but there are millions of them out there, so people must like them!  I have a few, but I have vowed not to buy any more, no matter how much I like the rest of the sweater.  Sometimes I just wait for a trend to move along…

    1. Yep, agree on the drop shoulders, and I was trying not to buy more… but I keep making exceptions. I think this sweater needs to go to a friend (one with narrow shoulders and a small chest, ha!)

  23. I like the outfit and think you look great in straight leg jeans! The wash on those however don’t look current (as you already noticed yourself). The stitching on the back pockets, the knees, and the slightly overly blue wash aren’t great.
    The sweater is so cute though and I almost bought it when at the Madewell store recently. I couldn’t do it though as it just hasn’t been cold enough around here except at night. (Today I wore linen pants, my TB Miller sandals, and a short sleeve blouse to work. We had a high of 72 degrees). Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to creep up to 78! ☀️ That’s So CA in December! (Although I’m usually freezing in the morning when it’s only 53 degrees when I leave for work at 7:00 am!) 
    Enjoy your downtime for self care and hanging out with your family ….you’ve worked hard all year and deserve a little break. 
    I have 2 more days until Christmas vacation!!! (Two weeks off!) 😊😊😊

  24. You look great in straight jeans. Tall and skinny.  Maybe it’s the length, ankle length can make women’s  legs look stumpy sometimes but they do show the shoes off nicely.  All my jeans are skinny, I’m getting tired of the look. 

    1. I agree the ankle length does chop off the leg, unless you wear shoes the same color. It’s all about balance, and of course our eyes adjust as styles and trends come and go. 🙂

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