Saturday Morning #CoffeeTalk

I’m sitting here with my coffee mug half-full at 4:30 on a Saturday morning, listing to the intermittent beep of the smoke detector trying to tell me it needs a new battery, making a list of all the things I don’t want to forget to do this week.

It’s chilly right now, but today promises to be milder than the last few frigid days, and I’m hoping I can get outside and take a walk at some point. I’m going stir crazy from lack of exercise. My strength training sessions are the only thing keeping me sane anymore.

I snapped this picture one frosty morning this week — the sunrise over the barren cornfield behind my house.

sunrise over the cornfield

I always find it depressing to see the corn cut down, but at the same time, I love this time of year with the warmth of the holidays looming.

Last night I was lying in bed (at 8PM, no less — yes, it’s been that kind of week) surfing Facebook on my iPad and I came across this video. I laughed until I cried. Sometimes you just need a good laugh, ya know?

The comments on my Facebook page make it even better. I am laughing all over again this morning.



Anyway, so yay Saturday!

Yesterday I had about 30 minutes when I thought I was coming down with a stomach bug. Turns out, I think I just got overheated sitting at my computer in my coat, ready to walk out the door, checking last minute email, which of course turned into a 30-minute project.

I laid down for a few minutes until I felt mostly better, but my head still felt swimmy and I’d already lost my window of opportunity to do the errands I needed to do. My dear husband came to the rescue and went out on his lunch hour to do the shopping I needed for an upcoming blog post.

And then I thought… we might be onto something here! If he did all my blogging errands, I could write more. This could work out nicely! Like he has nothing better to do on his lunch hour.

Oh well, it’s nice to know it’s an option when I’m in a bind.

I still felt a bit off the rest of the day so we ordered Chinese for dinner because if you’re gonna get the stomach bug, you might as well go out with a bang.

I went to bed at 8PM and woke up feeling fine this morning so all’s well that ends well.

I’m so glad because ain’t nobody got time for that!!!! Especially not this time of year.

This season is always the most hectic for this here blog. I feel like I could post four times a day and still not fit in everything that I want to. My gift guide launched this week. My Gift Ideas for Women is the first of many I’m working on. And our 12 Days of Holiday Outfits is still going strong. Plus I have a ton of other fun things I’m working on.

I know it will all slow down in January. I always do a bit of re-evaluating as I head into the new year, and I’m trying to decide what features should stay and which ones should go.

The Weekly Sales and Deals… do y’all like that? Use it? I was told that those posts are better when I highlight certain products from the retailers, which I can appreciate. So I tried to do that last week. I was going to skip it today because I have so much other stuff that needs to be done, but the deals keep flying into my inbox AND THEY ARE INCREDIBLE… so maybe I should whip one up!

Beauty Buzz as we know it is coming to a close. The linkup hasn’t taken off and the other bloggers aren’t interested in continuing, which I admit is a bit of a relief. The linky and giveaway isn’t really worth the time and effort, and I’m happy not to have to mess with that anymore. But I can still continue to post on beauty topics every Tuesday. Sometimes it’s a struggle to come up with something to write about, but when I asked on my Facebook page, I had a few people that said they really enjoy it and have found some great products from my recommendations.

And what about the Meal Plan and Grocery List? Does anyone really use that? I’d love to know. It definitely takes some time and effort to put that together every week so I want to make sure it’s truly useful — especially the grocery list part. That takes at least an hour to put together every week. I think it’s cute and all, but if no one is using it, I’ll ditch it.

Clearly my fashion posts are the most popular. I can see that when I look at my statcounter. Which is kind of funny because I’m really just learning as I go. I’ve never been particularly stylish, although I’ve always enjoyed shopping and keeping up with the trends. Maybe that’s why y’all like them. You can learn right along with me.

I’m excited about rolling out more gift guides this week, and Colleen has some festive new recipes in the works. Tonya has some fun holiday projects she’s going to share too so there’s lots to look forward to as we cruise into the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays, who has set up a Christmas tree? Anyone?

We always do ours the Friday after Thanksgiving when we’re in town. I definitely plan to get my “fancy tree” set up next weekend, and then we’ll probably go cut down our family tree after church on Sunday . . . next Sunday, not tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to decorating for the holidays, but we respect the turkey around here. Not a hint of red and green shall be unveiled until the last bite of pumpkin  pie has been savored.

How about you??