Shop Your Closet: Memorial Day Style Inspiration 🇺🇸

I blinked, and suddenly it’s Memorial Day weekend. How about that?

Now that many states are opening up and small gatherings are happening, I’m assuming a lot of you have fun plans, even if it’s on a smaller scale than usual.

I don’t usually plan my Memorial Day outfit too far in advance, but I usually shop my closet and wear something a little bit festive… or, at least, with a nod to patriotism. I’m not sure festive is the right word to describe a Memorial Day outfit.

While Memorial Day is most certainly a time to commemorate and remember those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy, it’s also the weekend we consider the kick-off to summer. Many of us gather for backyard barbecues and picnics, attend parades, or head to the beach for fireworks and bonfires.

Outfits for these events are generally casual, so I shopped my closet and put together a look that’s classy and pulled together but still comfortable and casual for the holiday weekend festivities.

I usually wear some combination of red, white, and blue. Usually I pick two of those colors and just add the third color sparingly; I feel like that’s classier than trying to make all three colors equally represented.

This striped dolman v-neck tee isn’t new to any of you regulars, but when I took a look at my closet, it seemed like the most obvious hero piece.

The navy and white stripes (it also comes in a red and white stripe — another good option!) have a patriotic vibe without being too literal, and it pairs easily with white or blue denim. This top runs TTS; I have the small.

I decided to go with white shorts. If it’s chilly, I can wear it with white jeans, but I think it’s going to be warm enough for shorts this Memorial Day. Go figure!

After an unseasonably chilly May, our weather is warming up just in time for the kick-off to summer, so yay for that!

These shorts are from White House Black Market, and they’re currently 40% off! They’re made of rather thin (but not see-through) and stretchy white denim, and they have a 5″ inseam. The sewn cuffs keep the look elevated and chic.

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They run TTS, or size down if in between; mine are a size 6.

I didn’t have any red accessories, although red nail polish would be perfect with this look. Unfortunately I didn’t think that far ahead for this photo shoot, but I plan to paint them before Monday rolls around. Instead, I grabbed a Phillies tumbler and filled it with a berry drink. Hey, it works in a pinch!

My sandals are a light metallic that works well with either gold or sliver jewelry, and I added a delicate layered necklace and a two-tone bangle. Oversized sunnies complete the look!

Outfit Details:

striped top // white shorts // sandals // necklace // bracelet // sunnies

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. This is a very nice outfit!  Is PT helping your hip/back?  We don’t have any special plans for the holiday weekend.  Late Sunday into Monday, we are supposed to have rain/storms, and Fri.-Sun. the highs will be in the 90’s with high humidity.  Staying inside sounds pretty good to me.  I hope that you have a great day!

    1. Hey Ginger. I think I’d stay inside too. I’ve only had 3 PT sessions so it’s still too soon to tell. No significant progress yet, but I haven’t been consistent with my exercises either.

      1. I can’t say anything about you not doing the exercises because I’m not good at that either, even though I might be in pain and know that the exercises will help.  Take care and try to do better!

  2. I am a 55 yof and just dont like myself in shorts anymore. I tend to wear skorts instead. Is this a fashion NO or a fashion DO??

  3. I’m waiting for my Dolman top to arrive! And I have a pair of white shorts– it might actually be warm enough to wear them this weekend!

    I do have plans for the weekend and I am so excited. Saturday morning, our local produce farm is offering a “drive-by” where you can follow a gravel path all over their property, seeing the various crops (asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, apples and peaches) and at the end, you can buy a flat of freshly picked strawberries. Then one of my sons and his wife and their 3 children ages 6-1 are coming for dinner for the oldest’s birthday. He’s an OR nurse so this is the first time we’ve seen them except for drive-bys since March 1. The adults are going to practice social distancing and we are cooking and eating outside.The children are so excited that they keep swiping their parents’ phone and Facetiming their Yaya. That’s me!

  4. I agree about Memorial sneaking up on us. Wow – when this month is over, we’ll be half way thru the year. Of course this year has been filled with challenges, but we’re making it with God’s help. 

    Have an amazing weekend & Memorial Day!!

  5. Yup its hard to believe that even with the slow down of life, its managed to go by rather quickly. Our long weekend was last weekend and it finally started to warm up. This week has been sunshine all week and yesterday the warmest yet, with more to come. I am loving it…. We will be staining our deck over the weekend now that its been all prepped. We have had our department store re open only 3 days a week from 12-5pm and it seems some other stores may start to follow but on reduced hours. I will say it is very strange when you first walk back into your old stomping grounds(for shopping). I had a curbside pick up yesterday , and then decided to do a couple returns at our department store(The Bay here in Canada) I went in did the returns and left right away. I got back to the car and yes I actually shed a few tears… Not sure about the new normal. My son who came with me for the company was in the car, he’s 23 said” its ok mom it won’t always be like this, it will eventually go back to the old way”…It just hit me differently then I had thought. I guess I have become used to the trips to the grocery store. I have a feeling its going to be just business in get what you need and out.. We shall see. We have also been able to bubble with another immediate family, and we can now gather in no more than a groups of 5 preferably outdoors for a small gathering but no meals to be eaten at others homes for now. Small businesses in the retail sector are starting to open on reduced hours and days.
    I think they plan to start surgeries the first of the week again, and more to be done by June 1. Medical fields like chiro, PT, massage, dentist etc, are still all closed. No restaurants or hair salons open yet either. I also thought your cute skort from Talbots would be cute too:) Have a good one!

  6. Very classy look!  In the past, I’ve been known to be the one that wears the t that screams red, white and blue!!   Since following your blog, I have toned down my taste in tops.  I find I’m happier with a top I get more wear out of than a “themed” one that I only wear a few times a year!  I’m hoping to get the pool opened with a little help from the family, as the temps are supposed to be seasonable for a change!  Wishing you and yours a relaxing sun filled Memorial Day Weekend!  🇺🇸🌞🏊🏻‍♂️

  7. Great look. Will you be able to branch out. I never got a chance to say how sorry I am about your father in law. Prayers for your family. Stay safe.

  8. This is the weekend we usually plant the vegetable garden and fill some of the pots with flowers. Weather forecast is for warm and sunny – hurray! Usually we have a big kick-off to summer around the pool, but it will be just us. We are just not ready until things calm down. I went out yesterday (first time in a long! time), for essential errands (my husband has been doing the food shopping), and I was very anxious. I wore my mask and gloves, and when I returned home, it was nice to be here. Some places are opening here, but not all. It will be awhile until facilities (like nursing homes, memory care) open, and I can visit my mom. She doesn’t know me or miss me, so that makes this a bit easier to handle.
    I am certainly ready for white shorts 🙂 if only I had some place to wear them. I may wear them after cleaning up from gardening over the weekend to enjoy a drink (during my window) around the pool. Because we’re worth it, right?!

  9. Cute outfit.  Do you have any Memorial Weekend plans outside of your immediate family?  Its just doesn’t feel like its time for kick off of summer when its in the 50’s and pouring down rain today.  UGH!!!!

    1. It’s beautiful here, but tomorrow is going to be nasty. After that, it should get nicer and stay that way… at least, that’s how it looks now. Crossing my fingers!

      As of right now, it’s just immediate family for Memorial Day.

  10. very cute outfit! As you said, classy but seasonal. I ordered this top and I personally think it runs big. I am normally a small and even a medium sometimes but the small was huge on me. I am very small chested so maybe take that into consideration. I didn’t bother ordering the xs so don’t know if that would work.

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