Summer 2014 Fashion Trends for Kids


Summer styles are hitting stores, and it’s time to stock up for summer while you still have a great selection! I always love the change of seasons and putting away the old worn-out clothes and stocking up on a new wardrobe. My kids are all growing like weeds right now so I can totally justify shopping for them!

These are a few of my favorite fashion trends for kids this summer.

5 Summer 2014 Fashion Trends for Kids

1. Brights. My girls love this trend. The brighter, the better!

2. Short shorts. Fortunately we have been able to find shorts that are trendy but still modest enough to suit this conservative mom.

3. Cropped tops. Keep them modest by layering a tank underneath.

4. Graphic tees. There are some really cute ones, and then some no-so-cute. I’m definitely careful about what they say, but I do find this a fun casual trend for kids (and adults too!)

5. Animal prints. Yes, this is still a hot trend!

I recently placed an order from my new favorite store for kids’ clothes, P.S. from Aeropostale. As a VIP with Aeropostale, I receive a gift card with each new season so I can experience their newest styles and report back to you.

My younger daughter chose several graphic tanks and bright athletic shorts. She’s been wearing these constantly. The second she gets home from school, she changes into them. She also has a few of their t-shirts that she wears to school with her jeans or “shorty shorts.”


My older daughter, predictably, ordered herself a dress. It’s hard to find dresses for girls her age that aren’t too short, so she wears a lot of maxi dresses. Aeropostale usually has several to choose from.  She’s loving the crop tops right now. She wears them over a longer tank so she doesn’t have to worry about baring her midriff at school.

Aeropostale is also a great place to pick up a few lightweight zip-front hoodies for cooler spring and summer evenings. We have a couple of those, and the girls wear them often.

I am being 100% genuine when I say this is my new favorite kids’ clothing store. I routinely go over my gift card amount, and when I need more basics, they are the first place I go now. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the clothing as well as the options for style. Most of their designs are age appropriate, and my girls and I can find things we all agree on, which, considering their ages (they are 8 and 11) is a huge plus in my book!

What are your favorite summer fashion trends for kids this year?

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  1. THANK YOU for showing us stylish clothing that is more modest. I’m hoping when my now-2-year-old is in middle school, the “shorty shorts” trend is over. Luckily she’s on the shorter side so shorts naturally are a little longer on her.

    I love the idea of a tank under a cropped top. Maybe I’ll steal that for myself!

    We really like the Joe’s Jeans brand for our son (5) and daughter (2). My son is very active and these jeans do not wear out in the knees the way his other brands do. My daughter has the cutest pair of cutoffs from Joe’s. Also, the waist band is adjustable.

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