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Hello, friends! Cheers to the weekend! This is our last weekend before school starts so I’m hoping to make the most of it. My daughter who does cyber school actually started on Wednesday, but Monday is the first day I’ll have to get the other two kids up and out the door on time, and that’s always fun. (NOT!)

I’ve never been the mom to gradually start moving their schedules up so they’re getting up earlier to prepare for going back to school. We’re more of a rip-off-the-bandaid sort of family so it will be a rude awakening for several members of our household come Monday morning, but they’ll get used to it soon enough.

ANYWAY! Today I’ve got a fun summer look featuring this gorgeous floral neck tie blouse. I actually wore this outfit to church last Sunday.

I picked up this top when I was shopping in the Lucky Brand store last week, and they’re still running a BOGO 50% off deal on most apparel!

I played around with the neck tie and decided to loop it once and let it hang in the middle. You can tie it or let both pieces hang down as shown on the website, but this way seemed to work best for me. For size reference, I’m wearing a small, so you can probably size down if you’re in between. It fits perfectly, I just hope it doesn’t shrink at all!

Inspired by the muted color palette, I paired this top with white jeans and blush peep-toe booties.

I considered wearing my grey platform espadrille wedges, which would also look great with this outfit, and I hope to try this top with grey jeans and more casual shoes sometime as well. Wouldn’t these rose suede loafer slides be cute with that combination!?! There are so many possibilities with this pretty print.

These perforated peep-toe booties with the block heel and split shaft are great with so many outfits, and I’ve worn them a ton this summer. I’m going to be sad when it’s time to put them away for the season. As has been my experience with all my Vince Camuto boots, they’re supremely comfortable for a high heel and very easy to walk in.

My pedicure is Zoya Natty, by the way. I love this shade of blue.

These are my go-to white jeans — the Paige Verdugo ankle skinnies. I love how these fit, but I definitely recommend sizing up in these. They never seem to look worn or stretch out, and I’ve been wearing them regularly for going on two years now. I even wear them through the fall and winter. Stay tuned for styling tips and some fun looks with white jeans after Labor Day!

For a similar style at a more budget-friendly price point, check out these Penny skinnies from Liverpool Jeans Company. They have almost the same measurements for inseam and leg opening as the Paige Verdugo style but with a higher rise. You can also take a look at my White Jeans Review for more white denim options.

Here’s a look at the outfit from behind. I really like the length of this top. I find it so much more flattering than the longer, more voluminous tops that have been trending for a while.

I accessorized with a mix of gold and silver jewelry. I’ve mentioned these D Yurman bracelets before. They were both gifts from my husband and I wear them often. I don’t believe in saving designer jewelry for special occasions. They’re made to be worn and enjoyed, and that’s what I do!

And these earrings are new from the Lucky Brand store. I like them because they’re big but delicate so they don’t overwhelm my outfits but are still visible under my dark hair. They also have a combination of silver, yellow gold, and rose gold metals so they go with just about anything else I’m wearing.

With summer quickly coming to an end, this is one of the last summer outfits I’ll be posting! It’s hard to believe it, but 26 Days of Fall Fashion starts one week from today on September 1st!

Cyndi and I are super excited to team up once again for our 3rd annual fall fashion challenge, where we will bring you a total of 52 new outfits for your fall style inspiration so stay tuned for that!


And it’s Friday, so that means linkup day! If you have a fashion blog, I’d love for you to join us. If you’re here for your weekly dose of style inspiration, you’ll find plenty of that here. Have a beautiful weekend!

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55 Responses

  1. Jo-Lynne, this blouse is gorgeous! The color palette is so pretty on you! Oooh, here comes fall fashion! I always look forward to seeing what you and Cyndi will be styling! We still have 1 1/2 weeks until school starts and I have been trying to wake the kids earlier….they have been sleeping until 8 all summer and I have been enjoying the quiet mornings by myself before they wake…so it is a hard transition around here as well! We may be ripping off a band aid in 12 days just because of my #momfail!


  2. Such a cute look! Love the top and shoes. I like your comment “rip it off like a band aid” mom. I was the same. The kids preferred it that way too. Why give up summer any earlier?

  3. I love that you’re a “let them learn on their own” mom, Jo-Lynne!! Your words made me laugh.
    I don’t remember my mom working me back into the school time, but then again, she never let me stay up really late either!!! Good and bad, ha ha!!
    Love this outfit–it’s something that any of the three of us on the blog would wear!!

  4. Love the pretty floral top! School has started for us and it’s nice that the kids have an early bedtime again. 🙂

  5. Ooh, I really love the color palette of this outfit! Great jewelry too, and that bag is the perfect neutral taupe shade. I’m also on team “rip off the band aid” for those early wake-ups. Like you said, they do adjust and I’d rather let them enjoy as much of summer as they can!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. I had to laugh at your “ripping off the band-aid” comment! My oldest son has been working at the golf course by our house, so has had to be at work between 5:00-6:00am 6 days a week. Once school starts, it will feel like sleeping in, as he won’t have to get up till 7:30am.LOL! Not so much for my other son, who has been like yours – staying up late and sleeping in. Here’s to all the Band-aid moms! 🙂

    TOTALLY pumped for your and Cyndi’s Fall fashion series!!!

  7. Cute outfit. Love the booties!

    Sorry to hear you hurt your foot again. Praying for a quick recovery with no issues!

    Have a GREAT last weekend before school! 😉

  8. Love that pretty top. It would be beautiful with grey and or coral or blush. Thank you for showing us such pretty clothes!

  9. I’m that mean mom too! I don’t ever prepare their sleep schedule, it sort of just happens 🙂 Love that you paired that blouse with those white jeans and open tow booties. Super stylish!


  10. Love how all the colors go in this whole outfit. Very pretty. Everytime you show those boots I drool over them! Looked for them at Nordstrom anniversary sale when we were in Calgary this summer but they didn’t have them. Was hoping I could score a great deal on them but alas it wasn’t meant to be. 🙁

  11. Gorgeous color combo and I love everything about this entire outfit diwn yo the accessories! Sorry to hear about your fall yesterday. Praying it’s not a reinjure again. Be Blessed!

  12. You look so pretty. The blouse is so pretty. The Lucky Brand seems to be a good length top for you huh? I know you said you were over the longer length. I sure hope its not going all the way out though. I bought several last Fall and love them still and want to keep wearing them. 🙂 I’m so ready for the Fall series you and Cyndi will do. Its so fun each AM to open emails to fun options. BUTTTTT…..its always so hard to resist wanting to buy, buy, buy. 🙂 I was looking on the LOFT clearance not long ago and was going to buy cute clearance summer tops, but said, NO, the Fall series is coming soon, so save for that. Ha Ha. Is that terrible? I think most our husbands would like to give you and Cyndi a call. :)LOL No, I have a great hubby. He doesn’t care what or how much I buy. He’s the type that will sit out on the bench outside the store on his phone, researching and be perfectly happy that I get to shop. 🙂 Hope your ankle is okay and I always get that going back to school feel this time of year, but no kids at home anymore. I never got my kids ready for the new early wake up time. They learn to adjust and why get back on a early schedule before you have to. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for your great post as usual.

  13. PS Is the striped tee you are wearing in your instagram photo sharing about injuring your ankle one of the Caslon ones from Nordstrom? Love those. I bought 2 colors already after you shared about them.

  14. PS Is the striped tee you are wearing in your instagram photo sharing about injuring your ankle one of the Caslon ones from Nordstrom? Love those. I bought 2 colors already after you shared about them. Also, could you send me the link to the blush circle cardigan in the other instagram photo, you said is back in stock?. I don’t have instagram, so not sure how to access the outfits. Thanks.

      1. Thanks…..not sure why the post above duplicated. Link doesn’t show blush color in stock. Will try going straight to Nordstrom site.

  15. LOVE this outfit, Jo-Lynne! I am really loving your booties but don’t think it would be worth the investment for me to pick a pair up at this point in the season! I am also super excited for you and Cyndi’s fall series to start — fall is my favorite season to dress for!
    I am curious if you would consider doing a post on destructed denim for us moms?? I picked up a pair and it is the only pair I have but I haven’t taken the tags off yet because I am not sure I am comfortable wearing them or am wondering how age-appropriate they are! haha silly I know. Would love to see how you might style them.
    Here is the pair I picked up from Loft: https://www.loft.com/modern-skinny-jeans-in-destructed-indigo-wash/438589?skuId=23573277&defaultColor=7393&colorExplode=false&catid=catl000015

        1. BTW – I am working on a new site design and you’ll be able to see a lot more posts at a glance on my category and tag pages, which will be nice.

          Plus each post will have a list of tags at the end that you can click on to see more of a certain style (like ankle boots or destructed denim) – I am actually sitting here today tagging all my outfits with relevant keywords.

          I can’t wait! It goes up at the end of next week, if all goes as planned. 🙂

  16. Love the soft colors of this outfit. It suits you well! And I’m so glad I”m not the only one whose teens are staying up until the wee hours of the morning and sleeping until the afternoon. We’ve got one more week before my kids go back to school. I try to encourage them to get back into a regular sleeping pattern, but they usually wait until the Saturday or Sunday before school. Doesn’t usually work out well for them!


  17. I’m loving the muted tones of this outfit. I hope that your ankle is okay and you are back running soon. I agree with you, the fall is the best time to run!

    1. I used to enjoy that too, and now my middle daughter does cyber school at home. LOL! So it’s not quite the same. Still, no fighting siblings for 7 hours sounds sublime!

  18. I love the look of summer tops with white jeans! You mentioned trying gray jeans with this top, which I think would look great, too. Are you planning to style any gray jeans in your fall series? I have a light and a dark pair and would love seeing some new ideas on how to style them. Looking forward to your fall series!

    1. Hey Debbie, yes, I just got my grey jeans out of the attic. I had a pair I loved last year, then I lost weight and they got too big, but I saved them in case. Well, I think they may fit again. LOL. I’m kind of excited, though, b/c I haven’t found another pair I like as much.

  19. Love the top, I have a question being raised that southern girl your not suppose to wear white after labor day which is coming up quick, does that still hold true? I still have some cute outfits in white I haven’t had a chance to wear yet. And its still in the high 90s here in FL.

    1. No, the white after Labor Day thing is a bit antiquated, however, I advise putting away summery whites, like white eyelet and materials like that. It’s more about the fabric than the color. So I’ll keep my white jeans out, but I’ll put away my eyelet chambray top. If that makes sense?

  20. Oh my gosh I love those blush shoes! (The Vince ones you are wearing) They look fantastic with your jeans and top! I am very sorry about your ankle, and I hope it is not seriously hurt. I’ve done one of those injuries that was months before it was better and its no fun at all! So I’m hoping its back good as new in no time. I am really looking forward to your fall fashion series with Cyndi!

  21. Question….Your polish looks brighter blue on your toes than in the picture on amazon. Amazon almost makes it look black on the picture showing it on nails. Would you say you can tell its blue on your toes? I really like the look of it?

    1. It’s pretty much navy blue. I think colors often look brighter in my pictures because we tend to overexpose them a bit and lighten the shadows to be more flattering to my old lady skin. LOL!!! And I just like the look of brighter pictures. But sometimes that causes the colors of my clothing or nail polish to look brighter than it really is.

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