Fight the Frump: Get A Bra Fitting

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Fight the Frump! Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite subject: bra fittings.

Haha, well anyway. It may not be the most desirable thing to talk about, but getting a proper bra fitting is probably the #1 thing you can do to fight the frump. No matter how cute your clothes are, if you’re sagging and dragging, ahem, you will look schlumpy.

How long has it been since you’ve had a professional bra fitting? Have you ever?

It is estimated that something like 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and the older we get, the more of a problem it is. Our bodies change, yes, but I think we also put less of a priority on our undergarments because let’s face it, we’re not as cute and perky as we used to be, and they’re just not as much fun to shop for as they once were.

But it must be done.

And not just once. If you were fitted for a bra back before you had kids when your metabolism was still working in your favor, you’re probably not the same size anymore. As we age and our weight hems and haws, our bodies change.

Every woman should get a professional bra fitting every 5 years or with any major body change (weight loss or gain, childbirth, pregnancy, etc.)

The other issue with our bras that can affect the frump factor is the age and condition of the bras we’re wearing.

How long has it been since you replaced your bras?

Uh-huh. Thought so.

Experts say that bras we wear on a regular basis should be replaced every six months. I’ll stretch that to about a year, (haha, stretch… I’m so punny) but after that, it’s time for a new one.

In fact, I just took a break from writing this post and ordered 2 new bras because I’m due.

Again, this is not just a brilliant marketing strategy on the part of bra manufacturers. Take a look at the straps on your favorite bra — especially the band that goes around your back. Does the elastic look stretched out and worn? See that? It’s time for a new one.

Have you ever bought the same bra as one you have in your closet and compared the new with the old? These babies don’t hold up for much more than a year of regular use. Once they start to stretch out, they don’t do their job, and the next thing you know, your saggin’ and baggin’ and no one wants that!

Another bit of advice I have for you is not to wear the same bra two days in a row. Supposedly they will last longer and provide better support if they are given a break, so I try to heed that advice.

I keep track of this pretty easily because I usually toss my bra on the floor when I go to bed because I’m classy like that. Haha. Then in the morning when I go to get dressed, I intentionally pick a fresh bra out of my drawer so I’m not wearing the same bra two days in a row. When I make my bed and pick up my room, I put yesterday’s bra back in the drawer. Or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Here are some quick bra fitting tips or ways to know if your bras are the wrong size: 

  • Your bra cups should be large enough to prevent breast tissue from bulging or spilling out over the neckline or armhole edges. Conversely, your bra cups are too large if they have wrinkling.
  • If any breast tissue falls out from under the bottom of your cup when you raise your arms, your cup may be too small and/or your bra band may be too big.
  • If your band slides up in the back with you raise your arms or bend over, your bra band may be too big.
  • Ideally, the center panel between the bra cups should sit firmly against your chest. There are exceptions, but this is the goal.
  • If your shoulders have dents from your straps, then you probably need a smaller band size to give your bra more support. The straps shouldn’t be doing most of the work.

So this is your task. Take an afternoon for yourself, go to the mall, ideally go to Nordstrom or Soma or a place that provides professional bra fittings, and freshen up your foundation garments with new ones in the right size that put the girls back where they’re supposed to be. Then see how much better your clothes look.

You are welcome.

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