Fall Transition Outfit with Nordstrom

Greetings, friends! I hope this week is treating you well so far. Today I’m teaming up with Nordstrom to share a fall transition outfit that features several of this year’s hottest trends — cardigans, fall florals, and slides.

Fall transition outfit featuring several of this year's hottest trends -- cardigans, slides, and fall florals!

Cardigans are definitely having a moment right now, and this cozy ribbed cardigan in a luxe camel color is a great piece to have in your wardrobe this year because it will go with so much. I love this color for fall.

This sweater runs quite big. I have the small and I could probably wear an extra small. It’s lightweight enough to start wearing as soon as there is a nip in the air, but it’s also cozy and will add warmth on colder days as well. It also comes in black and oatmeal.

Fall transition outfit featuring several of this year's hottest trends -- cardigans, slides, and fall florals!

Sizes are limited, unfortunately, but this rib stitch cardigan is another great option, and I also love this long ribbed cardigan although it doesn’t come in camel.

STYLE TIP: Push up the sleeves for a more flattering look and to give it a little extra style. Of course, when it’s cold, you can enjoy the extra long length — so cozy.

Here’s a look at the sweater from the back. Long cardigans can tend to add bulk and extra visual weight, but I find this one to be quite flattering. The drop shoulders are a fun detail as well.

My instinct was to wear a white tee or cami under this sweater, and I’m sure I’ll do that at some point, but when I saw this floral lace trim cami, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into this outfit. Fall florals are a huge trend this season, and I love the punch a bold floral print like this adds to an outfit.

Fall florals and a camel cardigan.

If I want a fun date night look, I can wear this cami with black or white jeans on its own, but I’ll usually wear it under a sweater or blazer.

The straps on the floral cami are adjustable, which is nice. I think I had them a little too high here.

Fall transition outfit featuring several of this year's hottest trends -- cardigans, slides, and fall florals!

Also, I should have worn a strapless bra for this shoot; I wasn’t really planning to remove my sweater. When I got home, I actually took the straps on the cami down just a little bit and tried it on with my favorite strapless bra, and it looked great. I wish I’d taken the time to work with it a little more before our shoot. #liveandlearn

I love camel and black together so I decided to wear black jeans and my black suede crisscross slides, although I think this outfit would also be amazing with white jeans.

Fall transition outfit featuring several of this year's hottest trends -- cardigans, slides, and fall florals!

These shoes are super comfortable, and slides are trending right now. I’ve not always been a fan of the crisscross style, but for some reason, I really like these. This pair is another option if you prefer a simpler style. Both of these sandals have a modest 2 1/2″ heel which is perfect for daily wear.

I finished off the look with gold accessories and a black satchel.

Teaming up with Nordstrom to share a transitional outfit that features several of fall's hottest trends -- cardigans, slides, and fall florals!


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45 Responses

  1. I love to see how we can transition our more summery pieces into fall when it gets chilly! I think it makes me feel better about the versatility of what I purchase!!
    I actually liked seeing the cami with your bra straps, Jo-Lynne!! If you hadn’t pointed it out, I would have thought the camis straps were dark on the edges and floral in the middle. And even if I did realize those were your bra straps, I find personally, I’m trying to not freak out when they show here and there. We all wear bras, so it’s not such a snafoo when the straps show anymore. Not that I’m trying to have everyone look at my bra straps, but it’s life!!

    1. I agree about the bra straps, but this is the sort of thing someone always mentions so I figured I’d mention it first. LOL! And when I got home and tried it with the strapless, it did look so much better, so I’m not sure why I didn’t do that to begin with. 🙂

  2. GM! I purchased a camel long cardigan last fall so glad to see if will still be in style. But agree that this one is not the right fit for you. But the rest of the outfit looks great.

  3. Fab fall outfit!! Love the camel and black together. I bought a black satchel the other day that I was on the fence about, think I will be keeping it now.!

  4. Great post! What size did you wear in the cami? I have the burgundy BP cardigan. Would the cami pair well with the burgundy cardigan? Thx!

  5. I am on the hunt for one long cardigan, so I need to check Nordstrom out online. Maybe I’ll find one within my price range. The dark floral cami is fabulous & feminine. I too thought your bra straps were part of the camo straps. The whole look is spot on.
    We did not have the eclipse glasses either, and I wish we had. The most interesting observation we had was how still all of the wildlife got, just like at night. But the crickets went to town, even though we did not have much darkness here. We are surrounded by woods, so for it to get so quiet mid day was something else.
    Make it a blessed day.

  6. I loved your outfit! It is a great transition to fall and looked so nice on you. The style of the shoes are definitely growing on me and I know I’ll be picking up a pair in the next week or so. I was wondering about the satchel. I really liked it, but it’s different the link at the bottom.

  7. Update: I ordered the sweater in oatmeal, along with the cami. Wearing the cami will be stepping out of my comfort zone, so it will be fun!

      1. I’m excited! I have maybe six pair of the Nike no show socks that just don’t work on my feet. Since I know how much you wear them, I’d love to send them to you instead of taking them to Goodwill. If you private message me your home address, I’ll send them to you at no cost.

  8. Love this outfit on you! Do you have any tips on keeping black jeans from fading? Can you help us with wardrobe planning, so I have a fall wardrobe I love?

    1. I’ve heard that washing them with some vinegar the first time helps the color hold. And that you should wash them inside out. I don’t bother, lol. I’m lazy. The other piece of advice I hear over and over is not to wash them very often. I don’t wash my jeans until they start to look dirty.

      Did you see my Fall Essentials and Fall Trends posts? Those should give you a head start on wardrobe planning… those and 26 days of fall fashion, which starts on Sept 1st! 🙂

  9. Ugh. I had the same cardigan from the anniversary sale but returned it as I was afraid it looked sloppy on me compared to some other long cardigans I purchased during the sale. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t! Lol. I did just scoop up that cami though. Beautiful colors. Thanks Jo-Lynne!!

  10. Loooove this! I have this cardigan and have been playing around with it here and there. I immediately went to my leopard flats (perfect pairing) and stripes. I never once would have pictured it with a floral top under, but I love it! Another one of the many reasons I love following you 😉 I agree it runs very large. I have the xxs (still roomy) and I never wear xxs, haha.

  11. Nice combination of pieces to transition into Fall.

    This is a little off-subject but since this outfit is from Nordstrom I know you use Trunk Club and I think StitchFix? Have you ever tried ThredUp, LeTote or Front Door Fashion? If so would you consider doing a post about pros and cons of those?

  12. This outfit immediately put me in the mood for fall! I love the camel, black and floral mix. The slides look so comfortable. I have flat slides but I haven’t tried any with heels yet. Looks like I’m gong shopping!

  13. Love the long, cozy cardigan and satchel! We had a 90% eclipse here and were among the many who didn’t get glasses either. At the last minute we heard that my daughter’s college was giving them out, so we rushed over there, but they were all gone. As we were leaving, a police officer working at the college asked if we had any luck and offered us his glasses! The eclipse was cool, and I’m glad we got to see it, but it was really great to come across such a nice police officer. 🙂

  14. Love this! I’ll reverse the camel and black pieces as I’m a cool skin tone. And the white jean option is perfect now. Thanks for mentioning the sizing. I’ll probably bump up.

  15. I love all the cardigans and this one is no exception. I had two of the Halogen cardigans ordered during the sale and they were on backorder. I was notified they’d been cancelled and I was so sad.

  16. I love the outfit and especially the necklace. I think you provided a link in an earlier post. Can you repost the link for the necklace? Thank you!

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