Fall Shoes Under $150

Fall Shoes Under $150

Hello, there! Happy Monday! We had quite the busy weekend here at Casa de Shane, and for the second week in a row I was unable to get a Coffee Talk post written.

Thanks to those of you who checked in on me. I’m fine, just trying to fit it all in and sometimes something has to give. Lately it’s been Coffee Talk. I was able to fit in a run and a photo shoot before church, but that leaves time for little else.

For today, I put together a roundup of fall shoes under $150 for your outfit inspiration as you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. When it’s still too hot outside for cozy sweaters, simply swapping out your shoes can make a summer outfit more fall-appropriate, and it’s a fun way to give new life to an old outfit.

Later this week, we’ll discuss tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall, but today I thought it would be fun to talk about the fall shoes that are trending this year.

Fall Shoes Under $150


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  1. Hi Jolynne! I am really not a mule fan, but those yellow suede mules with the bow! Oh my, those are cute! I am also looking for some grey suede booties! Thank you for the ideas! Have a great week!

    1. Try DSW shoes. I found some great ones there 2 years ago and they still were there last year. comfortable and lower heel for comfort. Held up good too.

  2. Good Morning! I am almost happy to say, that there is not a pair of fall shoes, I can’t live without….yet! I tried on a few mules over the weekend, but those with the higher flap on the sides, made my foot look awkward? I love the fall booties and glad they are back but most of them seem to now have a chunkier heel, so they don’t look as feminine? But, I did purchase some Vince Camuto booties last fall with the angled heel and they are so comfortable. So, anyone hesitating about those booties with this type of heel, should still try them on. The ones I got are grey and I plan to wear them a lot again this fall 🙂

  3. I realized a couple of weeks ago, when I purchased a pair of spruce booties, that I have too many pairs of footwear already, so they went back. I was qute proud of myself. ???? Shoes/boots and jackets are my weakness.

  4. I would try a pair of mules if I can find any with arch support. I have my booties, so I just need to brush up on styling them correctly.

  5. Already bought the Pumas in olive and I’ve been thinking about those scalloped suede flats in grey. Shoes are my weakness.

  6. I just bought a pair of red leather scalloped ballet flats I an trying to find more pointed toe flats but not many out there that I like.
    Thanks for the information!

  7. I just order a pair of the black booties last night. I wore a pair of brown ones over the weekend to an awards dinner and thought hay I like these I want another pair similar in black. Loved the way they looked with my Palazzo pants and long solid color top with long necklace.

  8. Jolynne

    I’ve heard you remark that you have a narrow foot. Do you buy shoes in a narrow width or a medium width? I find narrow cute shoes difficult to find.
    I can get away with a medium width on boots, but not much else.

  9. I loved this post and the Fight the Frump post about shoes. I realize that I do not have a neutral dress shoe that I can wear with skirts and dresses like the olive green shirt dress I just got from JCrew. I have dark brown wedges, leopard ballet flats, navy blue slides, but no good neutral shoe I can wear with anything and everything. Yikes! I don’t want a high heel unless it is uber comfortable because I am on my feet all day as a teacher! I like some of those open toe pairs you showed but since we are heading into fall/winter/messy weather in NJ, I don’t know how appropriate those will be. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by dress shoes – I think of pumps, but that sounds dressier than what you want. I have those open toe booties and the suede strappy sandals and some wedges. But they’re all more open. For fall, I think of booties or pumps or ballet flats/loafers.

      1. Thanks Jo-Lynne! I’d love it if you did a post on pumps and wedges then for fall- that might help. I’m not sure I would wear the booties with a dress or skirt. Maybe I will try it and see if I like it!

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