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I’m sitting here at my desk with my coffee. I can feel the cool morning air and hear the birds chirping through the open window in my office. The sun is shining (finally!!), and the sky is blue. Mornings like this make me feel like I can conquer the world.

We’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend, although busy. Friday night, I took my youngest daughter out to dinner while my husband dropped the other two off with friends. It was really neat to have that one-on-one time with her. I hear other moms talking about taking their kids out for “date nights,” but that’s not something we’ve ever done — not intentionally, anyway. I made sure to ask her questions and give her my full attention (except when I had to capture these AMAZING stuffed mushrooms we had as our appetizer for Instagram.)  

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.09.23 AM

Seriously, though. It was nice. I wish we’d taken a selfie or had some proof of our time together besides the aforementioned mushrooms, but this kid is crazy about mushrooms (yes, really) so I guess this picture is appropriate in its own way.

After that, we went to her piano recital. Yes, another one. She had two this year because she was invited to participate in a combined recital with several music teachers in the area, as well as the one with her teacher’s full studio. She’s becoming quite the little pianist, and it’s exciting to see.

piano recital becca

Yesterday I met a few girlfriends for breakfast at a local diner, then my husband and I packed a cooler and headed over to the Chester County Blues BBQ. We go to this event every year, sit on the lawn, soak up the music, sip wine, and stuff our faces with BBQ. It’s just good old-fashioned fun.

On our way home, we stopped into a graduation party (congrats, Lindsey!!!) and saw some old friends, which was fun. Then we just came home and turned in early like the old folks we are. In other words, it was pretty much the perfect weekend.

Oh yeah, and I’m test driving this Buick Encore for the week.

Buick Encore

That’s been fun. I was contacted by General Motors and given the choice of several cars in their lineup. I chose this one because I hadn’t heard about it before, and it looked fun to drive.

When they pulled it into my driveway to drop it off and I saw the color, I was stoked. It’s not big enough for our family, so it’s not a car we would actually consider at this point in our lives, but I’ve had fun tooling around in it this week. I’ll write up more of my thoughts next week after I return it.

We’re off to church this morning, and then I’m looking forward to a relaxing afternoon reading on my deck. I hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday! We are finally out of school here so it really feels like summer !

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