Game Changer: Supergoop CC Cream #BeautyBuzz

I’ve been hearing about BB and CC creams for ages, and I keep meaning to try one and see what all the hype is about.

Last week when DeAnn recommended this Supergoop CC Cream in the comments on my Quick & Easy Makeup Routine blog post, I impulsively ordered it. Then I eagerly checked my mailbox every day until it arrived.

Daily Correct CC Cream

What is CC cream?

CC Cream combines the functionality of a primer/foundation with the anti-aging benefits of skin serums to protect, correct and smooth uneven skin.

Sign. Me. Up.

It’s basically an all-in-one product that allows you to simplify your beauty/makeup routine in the morning, and IT REALLY WORKS.

Here is more information on this particular product:

The Supergoop! skincare product line delivers three distinct benefits to the skin: superior broad-spectrum sun protection, amazing anti-aging benefits and super antioxidants to help fight free-radical, wrinkle-forming damage. Supergoop! takes seriously its commitment to formulating with healthy ingredients and natural preservative systems: no parabens, fragrances, petrochemicals or oxybenzone to provide an environment- and skin-compatible choice for UV protection.

So, What’s the Verdict?

To put it simply, I LOVE IT.

It goes on quickly and easily, and I could actually see it filling in my fine lines as I spread it with my fingertips. It’s been ages since I’ve tried a product that had such immediate and noticeable results. I love my Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer that I wrote about a few weeks ago, but it has nothing on this CC Cream when it comes to coverage. It also doesn’t have the anti-aging benefits, so it’s out with the old, and in with the new for this girl!

(If you’re younger and don’t need the anti-aging benefits and coverage of a CC Cream, I would still recommend that tinted moisturizer; it’s a great product. I just think I’ve outgrown it.)

Here is a picture of me wearing this CC Cream that my husband took last weekend, straight out of the camera. No photoshopping, no airbrushing, nothing. See what you think.


I was really impressed with how easily it filled in my fine lines and uneven skintone. I did apply a light dusting of my favorite mineral powder (Jan Iredale PurePressed Base) to my entire face, but I didn’t do all the building and layering in my skin’s problem areas that I normally do after applying tinted moisturizer or foundation.

For me, the true test of a foundation product is always the angry scar on the bridge my nose where I split it on the edge of my bed a few months ago. It is still quite deep and noticeable, and I work hard with several makeup products each morning to fill it in so it’s less glaring. This CC cream filled it right in, instantly, with no extra effort on my part!

The other thing I noticed is how effortlessly this CC Cream matches my skintone. I wasn’t sure, with only 3 shades to choose from, how well it would work. But it did. (I ordered light-medium, since I’m going into summer.)

In fact, it matches my skintone so well, I can wear it alone with no other makeup, and it just makes my skin look more even and youthful, but not like I’m wearing makeup at all. This is perfect for going to the gym or anywhere that you really don’t want to wear makeup but you hate to look ruddy and bare-faced. I have mild rosacea and lots of redness to my skin and acne scars as well, so this product is exactly what I need to feel more confident when I’m not wearing makeup.

I did a quick video to show you how quick and easy it is to apply.

If you’re in the market for an easy, effective all-in-one product to simplify your morning routine, I highly recommend trying Supergoop CC Cream. It’s a game changer for me! (Thanks, DeAnn!!)

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