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Good morning, and happy Labor Day! I hope everyone gets to relax today. I’ll be going through our closets and weeding out the outgrown and summeriest of the summer clothes. I always do this on Labor Day weekend. I hate having things cluttering up our closets that we aren’t currently wearing. I hope to get everyone’s rooms and closets organized and ready for the new school year — focusing mostly on the kids today.

Then we plan to close out the summer at a cookout with some friends. There will be plenty of pulled pork and veggie side dishes so I should be able to enjoy the gathering without depriving myself of much, food-wise.

Day 13 on The 21-Day Sugar Detox was fairly uneventful. My husband made us some fried eggs for breakfast, and we went to church. Again, I know I need to be making a veggie with them, or at least they needed a side of breakfast meat. But we were in a rush so we just ate the eggs and moved on with our day.

We decided to go out to lunch, which we often do on Sundays. I chose a chicken salad plate, and it was delicious. I’m sure it was full of mayo, which is not approved on the detox, but when dining out, some concessions have to be made. There wasn’t anything like a plain chicken breast or piece of fish on the menu, and I’d had a burger for dinner the night before. So I felt like it was one of the better choices on the menu. It also had almonds in it, which is awesome because I need to eat more nuts but I don’t usually keep them in the house because of my son’s allergy. I also enjoyed a glass of white wine.

After lunch, I indulged in a Sunday afternoon nap, which is my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’ve been waking up very early and not going to bed as early as I usually do so I think I needed to catch up on some sleep because I slept for three hours! I KNOW. Nuts.

We never cook dinner on Sundays; we just scrounge so I didn’t eat much for dinner. I wasn’t really hungry. I had an espresso while visiting with a friend, and later on while watching TV with Paul, I drank a big glass of water and shared some of his goat cheese with Mary’s Gone Crackers. I’m so loving that they’re allowed on this detox!


So that’s about it.

People everywhere I go are curious about why I’m doing this. I know it’s extreme, but I have struggled with food addiction and compulsive eating my entire life, and it’s no fun. It’s easy to say that I need to be more disciplined, but when your body is addicted to carbs and sugar, discipline isn’t enough. You need to retrain your body to not want those things. That’s why I’m doing this.

Of course, some people can eat those things in moderation and be fine, and to them, this must seem crazy. I always wanted to be one of those people who didn’t WANT to eat everything in site. Those people exist. I have good friends who I watch as they eat intuitively, and I envy that. They can eat some carbs and sugar and not overdo it, but I can’t. It’s no fun constantly battling the temptation to eat.

Now that I don’t crave those things, it is like living in a whole new world. It’s not that cupcakes and wine and Glutino pretzels with Boursin (one of my favorite snacks — and I CAN eat that entire pack of Boursin at one sitting. Don’t judge.) don’t sound good to me, but I’m not struggling to say no thank you. I feel like, sure, I may have that again, once in a while, in small amounts, but I don’t need it right now.

That’s HUGE for me.

I really hope I can stick with a paleo/primal eating style when this is all over. It’s so freeing not to feel a constant pull to eat and overeat.

For those just tuning in, you can see all my sugar detox updates here. And this is the program I’m following.

* * *

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Now go forth, and enjoy your Labor Day!

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3 thoughts on “THE 21-DAY SUGAR DETOX DAY 13 RECAP

  1. I’m curious about something….when I did a short stint of low carb a while back, I felt like my brain left me! I was not able to concentrate at work, had to read everything 4 times, and could not write a coherent sentence. Did you experience anything like this? I assume it would pass after a period of time, but I was afraid I’d get fired in the mean time, so I bailed! I’d really like to try this because I think it help me a lot, but I’m afraid of the same problems again. Any advice?

    1. I was a bit foggy for a few days, but it wasn’t too bad. Remember, I had already gotten rid of the gluten and was eating a lot of whole foods, just a lot of other stuff too. I think it can be worse for people who are making a more drastic change. It is definitely normal and it should definitely pass. You have to make sure to get a lot of good fats and you would probably want to do Level 1, which allows some grains and beans.

  2. You have me pretty convicted to start this. We eat a primarily real food diet, but like you, it’s the glass (or two) of wine every night along with the chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, or delicious homemade cookies that throw me off. We aren’t gluten free, so I’ll miss the convenience of making a big pot of oatmeal for the kids a few times a week, but dinners shouldn’t be a problem. Did you order the package from her website, or are you just going from her book? Thanks for laying it all out there for us!

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