Good morning! Today is Day 10 of my 21-Day Sugar Detox. I’m back from the beach and feeling pretty chipper this morning. Quick recap this time, promise!

So yeah, yesterday we went to the beach for the day. It was a glorious day for the beach.


I ate a bacon & spinach omelette for breakfast and then packed a green apple and some tuna salad in a cooler along with a separate baggie of spring mix salad greens. When I got hungry at the beach around noon, I dumped out the salad greens on to a paper plate I’d brought along and topped that with the tuna salad. I ate that sitting on the beach, feeling quite virtuous, I must add. I followed it with a half a green apple – one of the only fruits allowed on the program. I’ve never cared for green apples, but I am telling you, it tasted like such a treat! My tastebuds are definitely adjusting.

I also drank a TON of water throughout the day. I think I went through 3 16-ounce water bottles. (That’s a ton for me.)

My husband, lucky duck, was able to snack on those yummy YAWP! Bars. I didn’t dare touch them because they affected me so harshly last time, but I really do need something like that in my arsenal, and I hope I can find a bar that is tasty and primal/paleo-friendly. I’m open to suggestions! Not sure if Larabars and KIND bars will qualify or not.

I did get quite hungry by dinnertime, but it wasn’t the ravenous hungry that makes me cranky. I just felt like I needed to eat.

We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner, and I ordered the plainest thing I could find on the menu — a baked salmon. It was tasty, and I know I needed those good fats to replenish my body from going so long without eating. The only option they had for a side dish that I could remotely justify was the green beans, and even they were probably not really 21-Day Detox friendly, but I decided it was more important to eat something so I ordered them. They were tasty, but cooked with something — probably liquid smoke? And I have no idea what else. But I felt fine afterwards, so yay. I also ate a salad with oil and vinegar and salt & pepper.

I felt satisfied and pleased that I made it through my first restaurant experience without any major setbacks.

I have no photos of my food (bad food blogger) and really not much else to say. I felt good all day, no headaches, no irritability, never felt shaky and no cravings.

I definitely feel like I’m on the upswing of this process, and I cannot wait to find my new normal and make this feel more like a lifestyle than a diet.

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  1. loving all of your 21 day detox posts! I did the whole 30 paleo in January and I have never felt better in my life! I keep trying to go back but my will power is less than stellar, I think I will try this way to ease into it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Try RX bars they are whole 30 approved they are so delicious (not sure about 21 dsd) …..primal pacs or bearded brothers are two other places I order from as well ……

  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has some paleo bars in her nogii brand. I really enjoy the “nuts about berries” flavor.

      1. Yeah, my friend who posted it said she wished she was doing it with a friend so they could have text convos like that. 🙂

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