The Jacket I Never Knew I Needed

You all know that I’m a huge fan of Vuori for elevated activewear. I already have their iconic Performance Joggers in two colors, the black Halo Performance Hoodie, and the Elevation Performance Leggings in camo print; and I recently added their Alpine Sherpa Jacket to my growing collection. This is the jacket I never knew I needed, and now I can’t stop wearing it.

Alpine Sherpa Jacket // Mudra Fitted Tee // Weekend Jogger

The Alpine Sherpa Jacket is made of recycled performance sherpa fleece with an anti-pilling finish, and it has a zip-up design with a nice high collar to keep out the elements. The front zipper pockets keep your belonging secure, and I love how they made them with a contrasting fabric for extra interest.

Plus, this jacket is just so cozy and warm. I’ve been wearing it on chilly mornings when I walk the dog around our neighborhood, as well as to and from my workout appointments, and sometimes I just wear it around the house all day.

It’s also perfect for outdoor events, weekend camping trips, sitting on the sidelines at your kids’ sports games.

Not only that, but if you want to wear it for high intensity exercise on a cold day, this sherpa jacket works for that too because it doesn’t have any strings flapping around or flying up and hitting you in the eye… not that I’ve ever experienced that or anything.

The Alpine Sherpa Jacket runs true to size with a relaxed fit and plenty of room for layering underneath. I’m wearing the small.

Speaking of layering underneath, I’m wearing the Mudra Fitted Tee. Now, this top is… interesting. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about it at first, and I do wish I’d sized up. (In fact, I ordered the medium after we took these pictures, and I’ll let you know how I like it.)

But what is cool about it is that it’s the perfect length for wearing with your joggers or shorts, without having to deal with tucking or extra fabric hanging out. It falls right at the waistband of the pants. The modal fabric is dreamy too, as all Vuori fabrics are, and it has a good bit of stretch for added comfort.

And finally, these are Vuori’s Weekend Joggers, and they are like wearing air. They definitely don’t provide a lot of warmth, but they’re perfect if you want something super lightweight and stretchy and comfortable. I would even work out in these, whereas I wear my Performance Joggers more as streetwear.

The Weekend Joggers run similarly to the Performance Joggers, or maybe a bit smaller. I have the medium in both, but I definitely couldn’t take these any smaller.

Oh, and they also have side pockets. They aren’t bulky at all, and there’s this cute little zip pocket for stashing a car key or maybe some cash. It’s not very large, but it will definitely keep the contents secure.

So basically, Vuori has done it again. They somehow manage to make activewear in the most delicious fabrics with thoughtful functionality and modern styles that will stand the test of time. All three of these pieces come in other colors, so be sure to check them out on the Vuori website to see all of the options.

If you need an activewear refresh, or gift ideas for the holidays, I highly recommend Vuori. Not only do I love their women’s activewear, but Paul has quite a few of their men’s pieces as well. I’ve rounded up our favorites below.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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13 thoughts on “The Jacket I Never Knew I Needed

  1. Hi
    i was interested in the utility sherpa jacket since it is a bit longer. Did you happen to try that one too?

    Thank you

  2. We LOVE Vuori in this family! I’ve always ordered it on line but recently got to go to one of their stores while traveling and compare all the different legging styles. Super helpful! Anyways, here to say the men’s Transit Jogger is absolutely hands down the best men’s jogger for street wear. The fabric is great, hold up well for vacation and is very nicely fitted. We love the Sunday jogger also! I wish Vuori would make a gals jogger in either of these fabrics. Trust me I didn’t leave the store empty handed! Love this Sherpa coat and will stalk it for sizes to come back for Christmas gifts! Did they tell you if they plan to restock?

  3. You might want to try food sensitivity testing for your achiness. I ordered a test online and the results said I was sensitive to eggs and cow’s milk. Apparently there is a protein in cow’s milk that can cause sensitivity. Every day I was eating eggs and drinking whole milk. Once I quit that, my body felt better. (There is a difference between food sensitivity and food allergies.)

    I love the sherpa jacket. It looks very cozy. Today it was 27 degrees on my way to work.

  4. This is a timely post, as I saw you wearing this jacket in your What I Wore post from last week and immediately ordered it then. It arrived yesterday, along with the Daily Leggings in green camo, and I’m looking forward to putting wearing them today for my morning walk (and truthfully, probably the whole day). The jacket is a cuter and more stylish fleece style than I’m used to wearing so I can definitely see wearing it all day and even around the house. I’ve loved the Vuori performance joggers and shorts for a few years now and am happy to have a fall refresh of new activewear, might try the tee next. Your daily activewear and super casual ideas are the ones I tend to gravitate towards, as my life is veerrrryyyy casual :). Thanks!

  5. Whats the difference between the performance and weekend joggers? Is your terra-cotta heather you just recently bought the performance ones? Are your older black ones performance?

  6. PS I ended up reading the difference between the 2 joggers in your blog after all, so thanks. I’m still waiting on my terracotta heather color joggers to come and was afraid I might have ordered the wrong style. I wanted the performance like you have and I did order the right ones from your link the other day. I just checked. 🙂 Can’t wait to get them.

  7. PSS. Thanks for sharing about your ache struggle. Sometime you think you are the only one with things and it’s nice to read a blog with someone so real. As you know people follow you not only for your great fashion advice and detail to it, but also because you don’t put on faces. You tell it how it is and involve us in your life and family. All us ladies need that. I hope you get to feeling better. Prayers for you today.

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