The Last Haul

My husband is a die-hard do-it-yourselfer.  Over the years he has taken on more household projects than I can possibly count — everything from tiling bathrooms and rewiring our former 100-year-old home to finishing the basement in our current house and all sorts of odd jobs in between.  He’s always hauling something.  So almost six years ago, back when gas prices were somewhat reasonable, he decided to get a pickup truck.

One cold, snowy January day, I got on the internet and scoured used car listings until I found a few possibilities.  I got on the phone and wheeled and dealed until I got one down to a price that we could afford.  Then I called my husband at work and told him where it was and what the price was, and he drove out to take a look.  Later that day, he drove home in a big black Dodge Ram pickup.

The truck has been good to us, and my husband and his friends have certainly made good use of its hauling capabilities over the years.  But lately it’s been requiring a lot of maintenance, and between the maintenance costs and gas prices, we’ve decided that it’s time to trade it in for something more economical.

Last week, we made one last haul with the truck — we picked up columns to replace the ones that were rotting on our front porch.  When I went outside to take “before” pictures of the porch, I realized that it was probably the last haul with my husband’s beloved truck, so I snapped this picture for posterity.


Sure enough, on Tuesday of this week, after weeks of researching and hunting and haggling, my husband drove the big black gas guzzling machine to work for the last time.

And at lunchtime he gladly traded it for this:


Oooooh, are we ever having fun driving it.  The truck was fun.  But this is fun in an entirely different way.  For almost six years, we have owned an over-sized pickup truck and and a minivan.  We almost forgot what it was like to drive a car.

I do sort of miss the truck.  I tend to get sentimental about our automobiles.  I know my husband will miss it at times, more for practical than sentimental reasons.  But we are enjoying our new set of wheels, and we certainly don’t miss the gas charges.  Now, if we can only manage to drive it without getting a speeding ticket…