Tie Sleeve Top with Bootcut Jeans

Hello and happy Labor Day! What is everyone up to today? Cyndi and I are on day 3 of our 26 Days of Fall Fashion style series, where we each share a new fall outfit every day of September except Sundays, and I’m styling a floral tie sleeve top.

Fall Outfit: tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans and camel ankle boots

Statement sleeves and fall florals are two of the biggest fashion trends this season, and this tie sleeve top combines both! I picked it up back in July at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’m excited to finally get a chance to wear it.

Aren’t the bow ties on the wrists such a fun detail? They’re a little cumbersome, but I only dipped them in my soup once. Haha! No really, it’s a fun detail, and you do have to watch them, but they don’t get in the way too much.

Hinge tie sleeve top with R Minkoff unlined hobo in moss green

I like how it’s shorter in the back than in the front and doesn’t need to be tucked in, although you could do a front-tuck if you wanted. I might try it like that when I wear it with skinny jeans since they shorten the line of the leg, but in this case I feel like I need the length on the top to balance out the longer bootcut jeans.

Fall Outfit: tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans and camel ankle boots

This top has a flattering v-neckline with a 3-button detail that is pretty. For size reference, I’m wearing a medium. Sometimes I take a small, but it’s 100% rayon so I have a feeling it will shrink even when washed on cold and laid flat to dry per the washing instructions.

It fits fine now, but I’d like it even better if it were a little more fitted through the waist. That’s an easy alteration that I may consider, depending on how it looks after I wash it the first time.

Hinge tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans

It’s also available in solid coral and two black and white prints, AND it just went back on sale so it’s currently the same price I paid for it back in July. That means it will probably sell fast, just to warn ya.

I really like this tie sleeve top paired with skinny jeans and taupe ankle boots, as I showed in my dressing room selfies during the #NSale, but I wanted to style it differently for this post so I chose bootcut jeans and camel suede ankle boots.

Fall Outfit: tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans and camel ankle boots

These ankle boots work well with bootcut jeans because they have a pointed toe, which elongates the line of the leg, and the heel is the perfect height so the hem of my jeans falls within a half-inch of the ground. For a lower price point, Nine West makes a similar pair that I like a lot.

I’m actually not sure I love the camel color with this outfit. They sort of jump out at you. I think taupe or even a darker brown would look better, but these work, I guess.

Seven For All Mankind Kimmie b(air) bootcut jeans and Stuart Weitzman Grandiose ankle boots

I accessorized with gold jewelry. Either gold or silver would work with this outfit, but I like how the gold pulls out that beige tone in the blouse. This 3-disc necklace is a great little filler for shorter v-necklines, and I like how it compliments the beaded drop earrings.

fall 2017 fashion trends: statement sleeves and fall florals

These 7 For All Mankind bootcut jeans came to me in a Trunk Club, and they’re great if you’re looking for a classic pair of bootcuts. They fit beautifully, and the medium blue wash is perfect for pairing with either light or dark tops.

For size reference, I have the 28. (Sometimes I wear a 29 in premium denim.) In my experience, this brand stretches out some with wear, although these haven’t really stretched much. They’re comfortable, though, and they have a contoured waistband for a gap-free fit.

Fall Outfit: tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans and camel ankle boots

I debated about what handbag to carry with this outfit. I almost carried my cognac hobo to match my shoes but then I decided to go with this moss green hobo instead. There isn’t really any green in this outfit, but as Stacy and Clinton always said, It doesn’t have to match; it has to go.

Fall Outfit: tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans and camel ankle boots

Okay, I way overdid it with the pictures in today’s post. I usually try to keep them down to 7 or 8 total, but I was having a hard time choosing which ones to leave out. This last one is my favorite. All I need is a latte, I’d be all set!

Fall Outfit: tie sleeve top with bootcut jeans and camel ankle boots

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Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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37 thoughts on “Tie Sleeve Top with Bootcut Jeans

  1. Awesome post, and thanks for the look at boot cut jeans. Question (that I think I know the answer to…but checking for confirmation): can you pair boot cuts with flats or sneakers? I’m thinking ‘no’, but perhaps with Converse… 

    1. You CAN, but I think it’s harder to pull off. I would probably only wear them with a pointy toe ballet flat, but I understand wanting to wear them for casual wear. Try them with Converse and see. The biggest issue I have with wearing them with flats is needing different lengths, but I’m a firm believer in wearing what looks best on your body type, so if they’re the best way to balance out your figure, I say go for it. Looking good is always in style. 😉

    2. As I’m thinking about this, I think I’d try a STRAIGHT leg jean with Converse or other casual flats before a bootcut, but I am going to pop into the Adore Your Wardrobe alumni FB group and see if anyone is doing the bootcut with flats and how it looks. I know Kelly is a huge proponent of bootcut and straight leg jeans, so I think some women are probably doing it and making it work.

  2. You often talk about balancing proportions, and I think this outfit is a great example of one that is perfectly balanced. You look tall and perfectly hourglass. Love those sleeves!

  3. Bootcut jeans are actually a better fit for my height and figure so thank you for sharing this outfit!  The top is fun and right on trend! I just ordered it in the pretty coral! Blessings!

  4. What a nice surprise; I thought since it was a holiday there wouldn’t be a fall fashion post today. This outfit was put together so well and fits you perfectly. Although you rock the skinny jeans, those bookcut jeans look like they were made for you. Unfortunately, the top doesn’t come in petite, so those sleeve ties would be down to my knees. Lol
    I like the boot style but like Maryw, I would have gone with a taupe or more neutral color with this outfit. However,  I’m learning that having a color contrast is now, the in thing. But that’s why I follow you, or I would wear the same boring colors all the time ???? Thanks and Happy Labor Day!

  5. I was very excited to open this mornings email when I saw that it featured bootcut jeans…they are my favorite….I find them far easier to style…( I actually didn’t wear skinny jeans til I started following you and Cyndi….you’ve both been so much help to me)
    Thanks for mentioning a lower price point…. My mind is on our budget a lot these days because of trying to get kids equipped for a new school year.
    Love the purse…it goes so well with this outfit!

  6. Super cute outfit. I bought a pair of boot cut jeans last year that Cyndi styled. I have yet to wear them because I think they look silly on me and I always gravitate towards my skinny jeans. I’m going to give them another try this fall. Enjoy your day!!

  7. Just ordered the blouse in Ivory! Can’t wait to get it! Thanks for posting! Happy Labor Day to you and your family! Beautiful here in Alabama and hope your weather is great in Penn!!!

  8. I love this look, as it is simple but attractive. And that top looks like it would go well with my body shape. Hope you are having an amazing day. PS-Love the new look of your site!

  9. I love you in boot cut jeans!! You can wear anything! I think I saw that bag on sale again too, really debating it this time! 

  10. Such a cute outfit. Love the blouse, but this is a little different question. What is the color lipstick you are wearing. I don’t wear much, usually just chapstick. But I like the soft color you have on, it’s not too much which is my kinda style. Have a wonderful Labor Day! We are having beautiful weather in Alabama today. Hope you are having wonderful weather as well. 

  11. Thank you Jo-Lynne for showing boot cut jeans. I wear skinny jeans some but prefer boot cut. Appreciate any other styling tips for a boot cut. You look really pretty and put together. ( as per usual). Julie L 

  12. I just don’t think I can wear those ties at the wrists.  I find myself tying the waist and neck ties all day long on other shirts and the wrists move way too much for these To be tying all day.

  13. So good to know that florals are in for fall. Was debating whether to put my floral button-down away, but pulled it out today and wore it with straight jeans (I almost always wear ankle skinnies so they read kind of boot-cut to me and then I wore the same camel Weitzman booties as you are styling). I loved the leg-lengthening of the boots paired with a jean that almost comes to the floor). Love the ideas I get from your blog!

  14. The last picture is my favorite and makes me crave Fall even more!  I can’t wait to wear my boot cut jeans and boots or booties.  How exciting – florals are acceptable for the cooler months too.
    I hope you had a nice Labor Day!  I have cleaned house and mowed the yard, so I definitely labored.

    1. You sure did! We ended up cleaning out the attic instead of going to the pool. LOL! It feels SO good. We got rid of stuff that we hadn’t touched since we moved in 11 years ago.

  15. So cute!!!!  Love boot cut on you but once I put mine away several years ago I haven’t gone back. I’m sure I will someday. :). I think it’s harder to find the right shoes. Love florals and I just got a tie sleeve blouse but the ties are shorter so will work better. I found it at TJ MAX for great price and great fall colors. Has anyone received a post from Cyndi today? I didn’t. Maybe she hadn’t planned to on Labor Day. 

    1. I just checked and didn’t see a post or an email from Cyndi. Hope she is ok, because I also missed her usual Sunday post. 

    2. I agree that bootcuts make shoes complicated. Plus I only really wear them with heels, so I just don’t find a lot of opportunities to wear them, but I am going to try to wear them a little more, just for variety. 🙂

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