Try On Haul: LOFT, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic & Nordstrom

Greetings and hello Saturday! I feel like we just had a weekend, but I’ll happily take another, thankyouverymuch!

Today I’ve got another try-on haul. I’m going to try to do these weekly… we’ll see how that goes.

Try On Haul: LOFT, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor & Nordstrom | Featuring fashion finds for women over 40 with Jo-Lynne Shane

This one is a lot of tops and sweaters. #ooops For one thing, it’s sweater weather and I’m loving cozy knits right now. And for another thing, I’m pretty set in the pants department, but a girl can always use another sweater, amIright?

I’ll try to get more variety for the next one, but I did create complete outfits with most of these tops so you can get an idea of how I’d style them, and also the pants and shoes may not be new, but most are still available so I’ll share sizing and fit info on those as well. Oh, and I got a couple new pairs of shoes in the mail before this went live, so I just added those too!

Try Ons: LOFT

I went to the mall with a friend on New Year’s Eve, and we stopped into LOFT, where I found some really cute new sweaters that will take you right into March. I know spring is a loooong way off, but these sweaters have an after-Christmas vibe that I’m digging. They just feel a little fresh and pre-spring, if you will.

For size reference, I’m wearing a small in all of these LOFT tops, and outfit details are below the pictures.

LOFT Geo Fairisle Sweater // This cozy fair isle sweater screams Valentine’s Day! I love the fresh color palette. It’s kind of long and boxy, though, so I did a front tuck to give it some shape. It has a lot of cotton so it’s not going to be as warm as wool or cashmere, but it’s pretty thick, so it’s fine to start wearing now.

also wearing:

Paige Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans // I’ve had these jeans for a few years, and they’re still my very favorites for tucking into tall boots because the cropped length doesn’t add any bulk or require rolling or folding. Plus they look good with taller ankle boots and wedge sandals in the summertime. The wash is a nice dark wash with just a hint of distressing, and it hasn’t faded much over time. Paige jeans never bag out, and the Verdugo fit is fantastic. I have this style in several colors. For reference, I always size up to a 29 in Paige denim.

Blondo Olivia Knee High Boots (the Blondo Ellie is similar) // This is my second winter with these boots — they were a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase in 2017, and this year they brought them back in a shorter shaft and renamed them Ellie. They’re so comfortable and also waterproof, making them my go-to in messy winter weather when I want to look chic but still be practical. I wore these on my day trip to NYC last month and walked miles in them, and my feet felt great all day.

LOFT Patchwork Dolman Sweater // This tunic is sooo cute. I like the bracelet-length sleeves, the wide rounded neckline, and the loose weave. The colors are really pretty too. It’s not too lightweight to start wearing now, but you may want a layering tank underneath for added warmth.

This is definitely not a sweater that is going to show your curves, but it has a nice drape and a cute and cozy look to it. You could wear it with leggings, but I’ll probably stick with skinny jeans and maybe a grey bootie.

also wearing: Paige Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans (size 29; my favorites for tucking into tall boots) and Blondo Olivia Knee High Boots (similar style)

LOFT Jetsetter Sweater // Pardon the black bra, but this jetsetter sweater is so cute and kind of has a Parisian vibe… although I doubt most stylish Parisians wear graphic sweaters, but anywho… I like the thin knit and the black stripe pattern, and it’s a nice length too. It’s very lightweight so best for those of you with milder winters, or it can definitely be worn this spring.

also wearing: Paige Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans (size 29; my favorites for tucking into tall boots) and Blondo Olivia Knee High Boots (similar style)

LOFT Love Sweatshirt // Another cute Valentine’s Day find that you don’t have to save for V-Day, this Love sweatshirt is soft and cozy, and it has a nice shape to it. It sort of flares towards the bottom and has a split hem.

also wearing: Paige Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans (size 29; my favorites for tucking into tall boots) and Blondo Olivia Knee High Boots (similar style)

Try Ons: Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Cozy Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater in Iceberg Grey Heather // I ordered this sweater after seeing it on another blogger. I ordered both grey and navy to see which I like best, and I like them both so much, I can’t decide which to keep.

I styled the grey to wear to our Shane Christmas party I hosted last Saturday, but then I had second thoughts about keeping another grey sweater, and I changed into a different sweater for the party so I could keep the navy instead. LOL!

The exposed side seam is a fun detail, plus it’s such a nice length, and it has some shaping through the waist without being body-con. The turtleneck is the perfect relaxed style, and the wide ribbed hem is also a nice touch.

also wearing:

D Yurman Crossover Pendant // My “big” Christmas gift from Paul, this pendant is so pretty, and I love that it has both silver and gold metals so it goes with everything.

The Legging Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans // These are almost sold out so not really worth mentioning, plus you’ve seen them tons if times before, but they’re so good — fit, comfort, quality, stretch, and recovery… it’s all there. Any of the AG legging ankle jeans are fabulous, although I do recommend waiting for a sale.

L.K. Bennett Women’s Sersha Dress Pumps in Oxblood // Fun fact: Kate Middleton is fond of L.K. Bennett pumps, and I always feel a little bit royal when I wear these… although she probably would not be caught dead in ripped jeans. Ha!

I do love these pumps, though. The lower heel makes them super walkable, and the almond shaped toe is flattering and timeless. They also come in black, navy, biscuit, and charcoal.

I did not size up as recommended. I got my usual 38.5 (US Women’s 8), and they were snug at first but they broke in easily, and I’m still wearing them a year later.

Ann Taylor Shimmer Pearlized Cuff Sweater // I also tried on this sweater when I was at the mall on New Year’s Eve, and I couldn’t resist the $28 price tag so I snapped it up. I wore this outfit that night for the NYE party I hosted.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but this sweater has some silver sparkle to it, making it really festive. It’s also ribbed with a body-con fit, making it more dressy than most of my sweaters. I love the pearl button detail on the wrists and the wide v-neckline.

It also comes in a vanilla color, and it’s 60% off the sale price AND (as of right now) fully stocked in all sizes. For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

also wearing:

Nordstrom Bezel Stone Station Necklace // I purchased this necklace when I was at the mall last weekend to go with this top, but also because lately I’ve found myself needing a delicate necklace that fills a rounded or v-neckline and compliments bigger earrings without competing with them.

Kendra Scott Kirsten Drop Earrings // I included these in my best purchases of 2018 for just this reason — I needed an earring that wasn’t overpowering but still made a statement, and these were perfect. They have a lot of shine to them, they’re larger in scale but lightweight, and they show in my dark hair without being overwhelming. They also look great with the bezel station necklace.

AG Legging Ankle Jeans with Raw Hem (see above)

Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps (similar color) // I’ve had these for several years; they are so comfortable, and I love the magenta color.

Try Ons: Banana Republic

Confetti Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater // I was totally drawn to the fun multi-color knit in this sweater, plus it just looked so cozy. It’s made of baby alpaca and Merino wool, so it’s very warm.

I do love the material, and while the cut is boxy, it looks intentional. I tried the front-tuck, but no thanks. I’d rather leave it out. Bonus, it has traditional shoulder seams. I’m really trying not to buy anymore drop shoulder sweaters… although the last few I bought are. 🙈

also wearing: rag & bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (sold out, sorry!) & Vince Ridley Booties (see above)

Aire Turtleneck Sweater // This sweater is almost the same as the one above, at least the design seems to be the same. It is less expensive and is made of their blended Merino wool yarn (no mention of alpaca). It has the same oversized turtleneck, straight cut, side slits, and it’s 3″ longer in the back than the front.

I have a love/hate relationship with this cut — the split sides with the longer back. J.Crew has a few like this as well. They’re meant to hang straight, and I guess that’s fine, but it doesn’t do much to accentuate a woman’s curves. That said, I like them better than the cut that was all the rage last year, where they dipped into a longer back. Those always laid funny on me, and I think I got rid of them all.

In my perfect world, all sweaters would be cut straight all the way around, but then, no one asked me!

also wearing: rag & bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (sold out, sorry!) & P448 John Sneakers (see below)

Try Ons: Nordstrom

P448 John Sneakers in White Rose/Metallic // Okay, y’all are going to think I’m nuts for ordering these, but I’ve been wanting to find something to replace my Converse. The appeal of the Converse is wearing off for me, I guess because they’ve been so popular for a while.

At first when I saw the young’uns sporting their Golden Goose sneakers, I thought they looked ridiculous. I mean, they’re designed to look pre-worn. Ripped jeans are one thing, but these dirty sneakers just have me channeling my dear Gramma, who would roll over in her grave at the thought of spending $500 on any one item of clothing, but dirty sneakers? #noway

But the more I see them styled, the more I like the look with jeans and sweaters and sweatshirts. I hear they’re super comfy too… but the price tag. Ugh. I have spent that for a pair of classic boots, but not for anything this trendy, and I don’t wear sneakers a lot.

Then one of the bloggers I stalk linked these P448 John Sneakers as a similar for less option to her Golden Goose, and I ordered them on the spot. Well, they’re cute, but I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull them off. The sole is also really stiff, which was what the reviews said about them. I walk right out of the because there is no bend to them at all, which is a shame because they’re comfy inside.

All that to say, they’re going back, and I’m relieved because I didn’t really want to pay $250 on sneakers anyway. I ordered them more to check them out than with the intent to keep them, although if they’d fit comfortably, I would have been tempted. Well, except for that gaudy gold thing on the heel.

I think maybe the fashion sneaker trend may just not be for me. The only ones I have that I’ve kept and worn with any regularity are my white Converse Shorelines and my black leather Vince leather slip-ons.

I’m getting tired of the Converse, and the Vince seem heavy for some looks, so I’m still looking. I’m actually considering ordering some Veja sneakers to try — the price point is much more palatable, and they look great. But they sound like they require a lot of breaking in, and I’m not sure they’re worth that.

How about you? Do you have any fashion sneakers you love?

Caslon(R) Cozy Crewneck Sweater // I ordered this from Nordstrom a while back, and it came last week. I’m such a sucker for a bright pink sweater. It’s super cozy and soft, and while it’s longer than my ideal length, I like the details enough to keep it.

also wearing: D Yurman Crossover PendantThe Legging Ripped Ankle Skinny JeansVince Ridley Booties

Gibson Cozy Turtleneck // This top is by Gibson, and it’s got their signature super-soft and lightweight sweatshirt feel to it. I don’t love the shape, though. I have the small, and it still seems a little big on me. I think it looks better on the model, but the layered back is such a fun touch… I’m undecided on this one. It also comes in black, grey, and plum. Maybe I need to try the XS.

also wearing:

Good American Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans // These jeans came in my last Trunk, and I shared them in my last Try On Haul, but I wanted to speak to them now that I’ve worn them all day. These jeans are known for their advanced stretch recovery for a flawless fit, and I really like them. They were comfortable right off the rack, and that saying a lot for me!

They have a 29″ inseam with a 10″ leg opening and a 11″ front rise. I’m used to a much lower rise, but I like these for a change. They hold everything in without being binding or bagging in the crotch area. (Ugh, I hate that word… but it is the only word I know to use.) The inseam is an inch longer than most of my jeans, so they will be hard to wear with ankle boots, but they look really good with loafers, ballet flats, and pumps. That extra inch really elongates the leg.

I also like the wash a lot. I kept these mainly b/c I have been wanting a pair of jeans with a darker wash that isn’t cropped (usually I wear the Paige Verdugo crop jeans, shown above, when I want a darker wash.) The rear pockets are larger than I prefer, but they’re not a deal breaker.

All in all, I’m really enjoying my first pair of Good American jeans. Definitely go down a size, as the website suggests. I am wearing the 28.

Vince Milo Loafers in Pewter // These are not new to any of you regulars, but somehow they’re still available at Nordstrom Rack in quite a few sizes.

These shoes are like slippers. They are leather lined and so soft and supple. You guys, if they have your size, order them right now. You KNOW I don’t say that about many things. I am not one of those bloggers.

I’ve had them for over a year, and they’re still one of my favorites. In fact, I’m wearing them as I sit here writing this post, and I’m very tempted to order the black. For reference, I found them to be true to size.

Treasure & Bond Seasonal Pullover Sweater in Olive Sarma // This is another piece that was brought to my attention by another blogger. She has it in black, but I have a few black turtlenecks, so I ordered the burgundy and olive to try, and I like both equally.

The fit is definitely oversized, but it isn’t unflattering, and I love the wide rib knit bands on the collar, cuffs and hem. And no drop shoulders. #hooray

also wearing: Good American Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans (see above) & Michael Kors Natasha Leopard Calf Hair Slides (old)

Treasure & Bond Seasonal Pullover Sweater in Burgundy Russett // I styled this sweater a few different ways to show you some options, but I realize they’re all with skinny jeans and ankle boots. I should have showed it with bootcut jeans too, and maybe an OTK boot because I think it’s really versatile.

I definitely want to keep one, but I’m undecided: olive or burgundy? What say you???

also wearing:

AG The Legging Ankle Jeans in Shadow Fog // I featured these in my best purchases of 2018 because I have been looking for grey jeans for years, and I finally found a pair I love. Of course, they’re my holy grail — AG The Legging Ankle Jeans. The wash is superb, and as always, the fit is fantastic.

Rag & Bone Margot Bootie // These booties were a big splurge for me last year, but they’re one of those that I saw in store, thought about them for several weeks, and then when I saw them go on sale, I grabbed them thinking I could return them if I didn’t love them.

Verdict? I love them, and I wear them several times a week during fall and winter. I wouldn’t advise anyone to pay full price, knowing that they do go on sale, but if you ever do see them on sale, and you dress casually a lot, go for it. You won’t regret them. They’re super luxe, leather lined, so soft and comfortable, and I can walk all day in them despite the 3 1/4″ heel.

Dolce Vita Coltyn Snakeskin-Embossed Leather Booties // These are on trend and really fun. I also find them quite comfortable, despite some of the reviews. I also found them TTS and had no problem with the zipper. I dunno… I’m pretty picky, but I don’t know what those reviews were talking about!

My only complaint is the shaft is stiff, and after a while it starts to rub on the calf, so I just wear crew socks when I need to wear them for any length of time. I like these a lot, but I haven’t worn them a ton because the snakeskin often seems a little over-the-top for my casual lifestyle here in the Philly ‘burbs.

That said, I think they’re a great way to add texture and interest to this basic look. I did get them on sale, by way of disclaimer. I don’t think I’d pay full price, but if you like them, keep an eye on them. Hopefully they’ll go on sale again before end of the season.

KAANAS Women’s Santorini Infinity Loop Woven Flat Slide Sandal // My last try-on is actually an Amazon Fashion find… and they also have them at Shopbop. I have been told these will be the “It Sandal” for summer 2019. Well, that is a ways off, but I wanted to order them and see what I think. Plus I’m going to Florida in March, so I’m already keeping an eye out for things I may want to purchase for that trip.

Well, they’re cute! They also come in black and white, and I ordered the black as well, but they haven’t arrived yet. I couldn’t walk a lot in them because they’re slightly loose on my thin, flat feet, but I think the could be pretty walkable for an average foot.

They only come in whole sizes, and it says to size up if in between, but I’m pretty much a solid 8 in sandals, so I ordered the 8. They just barely fit, but I know a 9 would be way too big and I’d walk out of them.

All that to say, if you’re one of those who likes to have the next big thing, you may want to order yourself a pair. If you don’t like to look like everyone else, maybe wait and see how it goes.

I do think they will be popular — they remind me of the Hermes dupe that I think I saw on every blogger I follow last summer. This Kaanas brand seems to be higher quality than Steven, and I like this style better. I tried the Stevens and didn’t care for them.

And that’s a wrap!

I’ve already ordered some cardigans and pants for my next try on haul. Let me know if you have any other requests!

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72 thoughts on “Try On Haul: LOFT, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic & Nordstrom

  1. I’m looking for a light wash pair of skinny jeans. I know it’s early for the stores to be stocking light wash but could you keep it in mind for later? Thanks very much! And thanks for being our fashion guide and lookout captain!

  2. All those sweaters look great! Do you wear anything under your sweaters? I have fairly sensitive skin, so generally have to wear a thin t-shirt or some layer and wondered if you had anything to recommend?

  3. I found Taos footwear last year (Star style) — comes in tons of colors on Zappos — I’ve never been a big fan of Converse. I have a greenish/gray canvas color now in the Taos and will add another color this year. As all of the reviews say, they do run small (i had to size up a full size).

  4. A few years ago I bought a pair of Ecco sneakes. We were headed to Europe for vacation and I needed a good walking shoe. They are leather, kind of a taupe color, and I wear them all the time. They come in lots of fun colors. My 27 year old daughter was home for Christmas and told me she liked them, she thought they had a “hip, funky look”. What? That never happens!!

      1. Yes, the “warm grey” at shoes,com look like mine. So many colors at Zappos! I may have to order another pair. 🙂

  5. Even though I’m a huge fan of grey, I love the navy Ann Taylor sweater. I think that one would be my choice. I’m tempted myself but after buying the layered vest, the AG jeans (amazing sale price!) and snagging the Madewell cardigan, I’m calling a halt to my shopping. At least for a week or two, lol. I’m still waiting for notification that the jeans shipped though. When I ordered them, it said they were the last pair in that size, so I know it’s possible I may miss out on those. 

  6. Lots of good sweater options but I think I’m only going to order sweaters that will move into spring with lighter colors. Most of the dark colors I wore I the fall and winter and I know before we know it spring will be here. But there are lots of good sales on the winter colors as well and a good time to stock up for next fall. 

  7. I’ve been curious about that Gibson sweater. Seems like it would be a fun change from the standard basic shapes. I may have to check it out again. And I love, seriously love, both of the T&B sweaters on you. I honestly can’t help on which color because they are both gorgeous. I’m gonna need the olive though since I have tons of burgundy and rust tops but no olive since my last purge. I need a sale too though!

  8. Love the Ann Taylor sweater in the dark blue. I too have an arsenal of gray sweaters. Im not a fan of the bell sleeves on anything although I do own a few. As for fav sneakers, I dig my Tretorns. Tretorns were all the rage when I was in high school in the late 70’s. Comfy, cute with jeans, always looked neat. I was so excited when I saw they were back in stores. I’m pretty sure I gasped & shrieked with joy. Of course I HAD to buy them. Mine are white with navy velvet side design and lining. They came with a second pair of laces that are navy for an alternate look. Every time I wear them, I receive compliments from strangers.   Love your blog!  I truly appreciate all your hard work. You save me gobs of time.  Thank you!

    1. LOL, you crack me up. I’m not sure I want to do Tretorns again (also had them in high school) but I may take another look if the others I ordered don’t work out. I want to find something before my Disney trip in March.

      1. I hope you will do a follow up post if you find sneakers you like and if they work out for walking at Disney. We may go in the fall and I would love a nice pair of fashion sneakers instead of my althetic sneakers for a change.

  9. I so wanted the Ann Taylor cozy sweater in navy to work for me, but the wool content was a bit too high – under 10% usually works best for me – so back it goes. For fashion sneakers, I’m back into Tretorns following a long break since high school in the 80s. Tretorn Nylites in the white with navy swoosh look really similar to Vejas but are so comfortable right out of the box,

  10. Have you tried Superega sneakers?  The are cute and not too heavy. I also have some cute Pumas.  Vans are always fun too.

    1. I have, I don’t love them. I also have done Pumas in the past, but I found them kind of stiff. And yeah, there are Vans. I guess I’m looking for something a little more new — I really like the style of the Golden Goose, just not the price tag. I just ordered the Veja to try, although I’m skeptical about comfort, and then I ordered the Ecco and the Taos too, but I really want leather.

  11. I love when you share your “try-on sessions”.  It’s one of my favorite things you do!  That bezel necklace is very nice. I’ve been looking for a 16” neutral necklace and that one looks perfect. 
    Ok, the tennis shoes…I’m with grandma on that one. Have you tried the Soft 7 by Ecco?  I’ve seen them styled and they look like a comfortable option. I’d like your opinion on them. 

  12. Hi – I wanted to give my two cents on the Gibson convertible top (did you know you can wear it with the cross-cross in the front too?). I purchased the top a couple of months ago. While I’m an inch or two shorter than you, I have a similar build and ended up preferring the XS. I bought both red and black. The top is cute and cozy…but they pilled and looked worn way too soon for the $50-60 price. I returned mine but would consider buying again only if they went on sale. Just something to consider – especially if you’re wanting the light pink. I’m afraid the pilling would show up even more with a light color. 🙂

  13. Would you be able to explain your issue with drop-shoulder styling sometime in a future post? I know what it is (at least I think I do!) but would be interested in how it can become a negative and what to watch out for. Also, I don’t really understand the concept of the blogger algorithm numbers. You mentioned several times that you didn’t want to complain about it, but I can tell that it is an important factor in measuring performance. I would really love to know how my online actions affect a blog — We learn SOOO much from you, and I would like my “clicks” to count in a beneficial way when I am at your site and shopping your selections!! THANKS!!

    1. Hey Pam. No problem! The drop shoulder adds visual weight and bulk, and with a large chest and fairly wide shoulders, it doesn’t really do much for me. They’re not altogether bad, though. Women who have narrower or sloped shoulders or are smaller chested like them.

      So the algorithm works like this. Facebook and Instagram no longer show you the posts of everyone you follow in chronological order as they did when they first launched. They use an algorithm that they are always tweaking, and use your behavior on the platform to determine what they think you want to see. They also penalize business pages in favor of personal profile posts. For example, I have 18,000 followers on my Facebook page. On average, a Facebook post gets shown to about 2,000 people. If I put an ad on it, it will show it to more, but these are people who followed my page b/c they want to see what I post, and it’s very frustrating to work so hard on putting content out there, only to have it shown to a small percentage of my followers.

      So if I posted all my blog stuff on my personal Facebook profile, it would do better and get shown to more people, but I’m not supposed to do that b/c I’m a business. Plus it feels icky to me. Not all my Facebook friends want to see my fashion stuff.

      Instagram works much the same way. And they have changed things recently, making it even harder to get our posts seen. The algorithms also penalize any posts with language in them that sounds super salesy. So when I say something is on sale or 50% off or whatever, they show those posts to even less people.

      I get it. They’re trying to make it a better user experience, but most people I know would prefer to see everyone they follow in their feed. They can always unfollow if they don’t like something.

      That’s it in a nutshell. I could go on, but you probably get the idea. 🙂

  14. So much fun!  Since you have several grey sweaters, I’d keep the navy one from Loft.  The fair isle sweater from Loft is awesome!  Between the olive green and burgundy sweater from Nordstrom, I vote for the burgundy.  I am not sure that the olive looks as good close to your face.  I hope that you will post try on sessions more often because it’s a great way for you to share more items at one time.  I hope y’all have a fun and productive weekend,

  15. I received the Vince Blair 5 sneakers in the color Woodsmoke in a Trunk Club last August.  I almost returned them because $195 seemed a little much for sneakers. I’m so glad I kept them. I wore them daily for months until it got too cold.  They are so comfortable and the cost per wear is very low at this point.  I did go down a half size. 

  16. WOW! That was a major haul. I love the patchwork sweater and Love sweaters from Loft. The crossover back from Nordstrom gets me every time, but I’ve yet to order it…may have to change that. I thought it looked cute on you. The Veja’s remind me of Tretorns (I used to love those back in the day) and the sandal at the end really reminds me of the SE sandal from last year, but I think I like it better. Happy Saturday!! XO

  17. I love your try on sessions… they always look like such fun. When I want to change up from my converse I usually go to another type of sneaker of course, so I bought a nice Michael Kors pair they have a gold backing and the letters on them very casual, comfy and a nice change up. The ones you’ve shown are cute, they do look a little big in the back but may just be how your standing. I’ve not seen this look yet, but it may grow on a person.

  18. it is so good to get your blog again! 😉 (and expensive….I ordered the black Ann Taylor sweater! I’ve needed a piece like this in my closet!) Thank you for all the great deals and steals today! Also, my 9 year old son, Valentino, is obsessed with Gucci sneakers… that may be my advice for a fashion sneaker! (They might be around $500 though however!)

  19. I have a Florida Disney trip planned for March as well, so I am really looking forward to your styling suggestions for Spring. Love the necklace, lucky girl. And thank you for your work…you have totally transformed my style since I found your blog last summer.

  20. I love all the sweaters! But, I have enough. My closet is overflowing but organized. 😉
    I’m with you! Why pay all that money for dirty looking  sneakers? Why want dirty sneakers? I just bought a pair of Ecco runners in a gun metal grey. I tried them on with shorts and a skirt and they look cute. They are super comfy! I was tempted to get them in the pale pink, too. Fortunately, I had the will power to walk away. They might not be trending with the young set but I think they look good on me. 

  21. Hi:  thanks for the post yesterday I picked up some new workout gear and great prices.  I have to mention my favorite sneakers.  Linea Paolo Anna Wedge Sneaker I purchased at Nordstrom.  Very comfortable and TTS.  I got the black but I have my eye on the Rock Suede for spring.  I almost always get questions (where did you get those?)  and compliments when I wear these.  

  22. I searched for fashion sneakers last summer and found the Naturalizer Morrison. They are super comfortable and cute… even my teenage daughter commented that she liked them! : )

  23. This is such a great post!  I was looking for another sweater or 2 to finish my winter wardrobe.
    What size did you get in the coral Caslon sweater?  Not sure what size I need..I’m 5’6” and 125 lbs
    Thank you!

  24. You should definitely wear more fitted sweaters. The black one looks amazing on you. The ones with the fitted band also are very flattering on you.

  25. I like the loft in navy.  Tempted by it but our winters in the south last about two months so I have to be careful about not buying too much winter wear.     I love the burgundy sweater on you as well 😀

  26. Burgundy with the gray bottoms. Beautiful! I wish I could wear turtlenecks/cowlneck sweaters, but I look like I have a shelf on top when I do. You styled some very pretty sweaters.

  27. I recently got a pair of Liverpool high waist pull on jeans and find the waist rolls when I sit. Have you had this problem with yours? Wondering if I need a different size. 

  28. What a fun post!  So much to love! I really like grey, but I that navy Ann Taylor sweater is so pretty.  And that Loft Fairisle sweater -so cute!  As for sneakers….I am loving my Steve Madden quilted slip ons, Toms Avalon slip ons,  and my simple Target “Mad Love Lennie” canvas sneakers.  I have to add my insole to all of them, but  they are super comfy.

    1. My daughter wears the Steve Madden quilted ones ALL the time. I do like those, but I don’t want us both to be wearing them, although I would get the grey…. so maybe! (Hers are black.)

  29. I love every single thing you styled. I have finished shopping for winter as we have very little in Savannah. But if we did I would be shopping after this. Ready to focus on spring after I purge.

  30. I vote navy and especially burgundy russet on the sweaters. Have you seen Gola sneakers? I haven’t tried any on, but I like their look. I first noticed some on a Loft model on their website.

  31. Lots of pretty things. I love the Banana Republic lavender speckled sweater on you, and the olive green Treasure & Bond.

    When I was looking at Nordstrom necklaces, I discovered a Nadri Cubic Zirconia Bezel Station Necklace that looks very like the one you featured, but this one is on sale:

    I went ahead and bought it!

  32. I actually am kinda enjoying some fashion sneakers, maybe because these particular ones are comfy & I am a bit “adventurous”. I am “old” so I can be. I have some leopard ones with black sequin stars, some dusty pink ones with a knot/bow on top & some black with a granite sequin bow on them. That being said I lucked out at a great sale with decent brands at $20 pair. Fun shoes at an amazing price.

  33. I always love the try on posts. So many great options here! I bought the Loft fair isle sweater online just before Christmas and wore it for the first time yesterday because we had a cold day in Louisiana. I happened to go to Loft and the girl there was excited to see it in person. They didn’t send it to our store because it’s thick and warm and we get so few really cold days. It’s such a beautiful sweater and it kept me warm!

  34. For casual sneakers, I really like TAOS. I have them in a blue/gray that goes with everything, super comfortable and I get a ton of compliments. I find them true to size and have purchased from Amazon.

  35. Thanks for this post. I like when you try on a bunch of clothes with all the details. I hope Nordstrom, Loft, and Ann Taylor appreciate you!

  36. Thanks for the post.  I love seeing All of your outfit combinations.  I just cleaned out me sweaters from my closet and it feels good.  I have so many already!  I separated them by color.  I realize I too have so many gray, navy, and black sweaters. 

  37. I love the try on sessions!!!! I like the navy in the first turtleneck sweater but I think you already chose that. Also, in the burgundy/olive that’s tough but I’d go with the burgundy!

  38. Loving several of the sweaters you tried. I have the Geo Fairisle and wore it on Christmas Eve, super comfy! 

    My favorite outfit of the bunch is the burgundy sweater with the snakeskin booties.

    For fashion sneakers, I love my Steve Madden Ecentrcq. I have them in the gray and black, wear them both a lot. I bought a pair of white Sperry’s for the summer, they are just okay. I think the Maddens are way more comfortable.

  39. Fun post Jolynne!  I always love the try on hauls,  and usually find something I want to buy!  Unfortunately I’m trying to spend a little less on fashion for the next couple months.  Would you consider doing a try on haul from some more affordable vendors?  Maybe a “fashion under $50” kind of thing?  I’m sure lots of your readers would enjoy it!  
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  40. My favorite sneaker is Josef Seibel Caspian sneaker. Nordstrom has them. I have them in 3 colors: silver, blue and kind of an army green. They are all on Nordstrom. I don’t wear socks with them but you could wear some super low no-shows, I guess. But I can wear them all day with no problems. Love them!

  41. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I’ve been liking the darker colors on you. You seem to wear lighter colors a lot but the dark looks really good too! Just my opinion!! Loved all the try-ons in the post today.

  42.  I was also a Converse Shoreline fan for years and felt like I had outgrown the trend. Although it has taken some time to break them in I love my Veja sneakers. They look cool but are not over-saturated like Adidas. I also love that they are ethically made as well. 

  43. Hi Jo-Lynne, Love your try on hauls, saves us all so much time and such great finds. I know you have no duplicates rule but I’m all for keeping both the Navy and Grey from Ann Taylor, as I also couldn’t choose and ended up keeping both.
    Just wanted to know if you had also checked out the Vince Tillie boots in addition to the Ridley. I’m thinking the lower heel might work better for me. Did you find them true to size?

  44. My vote is for the navy and burgundy sweaters. I don’t think you can have too many sweaters! 🙂 I am definitely going to put those snakeskin boots on my radar – I just love the look of them. As I work full time, those would be a great addition to my work wear and a fun addition for the weekends. Thanks again for all your hard work! 🙂

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