Coffee Talk + Adore Your Wardrobe Registration Info

Has this weekend flown for anyone else? I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. For not having much going on, my weekend really did fly by.

So I started watching the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix, and I’m full-on addicted. My husband and kids want to throttle whoever told me about it, haha! The production is a little cheesy, but I love watching people dump all of their crap in a big pile and then clean out every nook and cranny of their houses over the course of a month.

I wish they would spend less time on the person’s story and more time showing techniques for organizing, but I also get that they can’t give away all her secrets in the first show… or even the first season. So they seem to draw out a lot of the emotional stuff and spend less time on the actual process, but the more shows I watch, the more I understand why they do that. Purging is truly an emotional journey, especially if you’ve never really done it before, and I still pick up a cool new organizing tip in just about every show.

I’d been saying I wanted to clean out my closet again, so I did that yesterday. I didn’t try things on because I pretty much know how everything fits, but I did go through and handle each item and get rid of some things I haven’t been wearing, and I reorganized the space to work better for me. I’ll have Alison get a couple of pictures when she’s here this week because my iPhone pictures never turn out very good.

I also folded everything in my drawers the KonMari way, which I don’t usually do, but after watching her teach her clients on the show, I could see that I wasn’t doing it quite right before, and it works out so much better now. I have to admit. It really is very satisfying!!!

Here’s a link to her book, if you haven’t seen it. It’s not just about clothing, either. That is just the first step of the process. She goes through every area of the house and tackles things in a specific order that makes sense when you read the book (or watch the show.)

I definitely have some areas in my kitchen that need an overhaul. I’m looking at you, pantry!!! So I’m planning to work on that this afternoon.

And speaking of getting our lives organized, registration for the next round of Adore Your Wardrobe starts today!

For the uninitiated, this is an online course designed by Kelly Snyder to help you demystify fashion with the principles of math and science. Kelly teaches the science and math, formulas and rules behind creating an amazing looking silhouette on your individual body.

Adore Your Wardrobe made SUCH a difference in how I view my body and how I dress myself. Don’t believe me? Look back through my blog archives, and see the outfits I was wearing 3 and 4 and 5 years ago. YIKES!!!

I don’t always get it perfect now, but I’ve come a long way, and AYW was a big part of that evolution.

In this course, you start by determining your unique body type, and then you learn what styles and colors look best on you and how to put outfits together that create proper balance and proportion.

I’ve had people ask me to address these topics on the blog, and I try to slip some tips in here and there, but there is no substitute for the personal attention you get in a course like this. Plus I’d never want to compromise Kelly’s course by sharing information here that is for paid members only. I do always try to be mindful of that, but honestly, there is so much about this course that is personalized to your individual body type that it’s impossible to convey even a fraction of it in blog post format. You really need to take the course to learn how to apply the information.

Adore Your Wardrobe‘s Signature Course will be open for registration from January 6th through January 13th, with classes starting on January 14th. The price is $219 for the Designer Membership, and that is the one I’d recommend taking.

Yes, it is an investment, but as Kelly says, “for the cost of one bad outfit” you can learn how to dress for your unique body and quit wasting money on styles that don’t work for you. CLICK HERE to learn more or sign up through my referral link.

So with that, I need to get myself geared up to run! It’s in the 40s this morning, which is absolutely perfect running weather, and the rain moved out so I have no excuses.

Have a blessed Sunday!