Try This: Utility Jacket + White Jeans with Grey Tee and Ankle Boots

When I was updating my post on How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day, I was reminded of this fool-proof outfit formula: olive utility jacket + white jeans with a grey t-shirt and ankle boots. (See #4.)

I love this look, so I decided to recreate it for the current fall season.

Try This: Utility Jacket + White Jeans with Grey Tee and Ankle Boots

This utility jacket was an #NSale purchase, and I love the updated styling. It’s a little shorter than a traditional utility jacket, and it doesn’t have a cumbersome collar or drawstring waist to futz with.

The material is lightweight with a bit of stretch, and this muted shade of olive is very flattering. I feel like it would look good on almost anyone, but I’m not an expert with color and undertones.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Olive Utility Jacket with Grey T-Shirt and White Jeans

I paired the olive jacket with a grey v-neck tee and wore my favorite white jeans. I have to say, though, I really wish I’d worn my white jeans with the lower rise. I don’t care for the vertical proportions of this outfit.

Maybe I could have pulled the t-shirt out more, but it’s hard to style a look perfectly when you’re dressing in the car and using a store window as a mirror. #thestruggleisreal

Try This: Utility Jacket + White Jeans with Grey Tee and Ankle Boots

FYI, there are a lot more sizes of these jeans at Nordstrom, but they aren’t price-matching with Madewell for some reason.

I went with a light grey ankle boot, to keep the look more fall than summer.

Try This: Utility Jacket + White Jeans with Grey Tee and Ankle Boots

These booties are so luxe and gorgeous. They’re kind of a cross between a western boot and a Chelsea boot, and they’re very comfortable to wear. I’m wearing the Cloud Suede, and they run true to size.

At full price, they’re on the spendier side, but I was able to get them for under $100 during the #NSale. I expect they will go on sale again at some point, so I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know!

Marc Fisher Oshay Pointed Toe Bootie in Cloud Suede

Because these pieces are all fairly plain, I added some fun accessories. I wore my rag & bone oversized square sunglasses because I like the muted brown tones with this look.

Olive Utility Jacket with Grey T-Shirt and White Jeans

And I added one of my favorite Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets.

I like how the neutral tones of this silver dorado on ivory wrap bracelet bring some sparkle and shine to these casual closet basics.

Victoria Emerson silver dorado on ivory wrap bracelet

Finally, these square circle silvertone earrings make a bold statement without being too heavy for the casual look.

I can’t wait for our weather to get cool enough for lightweight layering pieces so I can wear this outfit. In fact, it’s feeling an awful lot like fall out there this morning. Maybe today’s the day!

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Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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31 Responses

  1. Nice outfit ! I like the utility jacket. I was wondering what size you got and if you could comment on the fit. I’m 5‘ 4” And was thinking of trying the Petite. 

  2. I would never have thought to pair white jeans with an olive jacket but I love the combo! I do agree with you that the proportions are off and really appreciate your honesty. Also not 100 percent sold on the grey with it ( but no idea what would be better). I’m going to play around with my white jeans and olive tops today though! Thanks for the inspiration! 

  3. Glad to hear you weren’t cut by the broken glass. (I also love this vacuum, so light and easy to get into small spaces. I can’t wait to try the attachment on the couch and chair.)
    Hurray! I have similar items in my closet for this outfit. I don’t know if I will get a chance to wear it this season/year, but at least I will have an outfit ready if I do haha!

  4. Love this outfit and the color combination. It’s given me several ideas for things already in my closet. Might be fun to see a comparison…same jacket with black, gray or blue jeans and how you would adjust the accessories? Thanks for continuing to be a bright spot in our days!

  5. Dang on the broken glass.  I’m glad you had shoes on.  Maybe you should switch to Tervis or another no-sweat glass for your bedside.  Why is it that I like it when you wear pieces in different colors, but when I try it, I don’t like it! 🤪.  I sure hope the longer and fuller utility jackets are still current because I can’t afford to replace mine.  We are already having impacts from Sally, but the worst for our area is yet to come.  Thank goodness New Orleans is being spared this go around.  Have a blessed day!

  6. Love this updated outfit so much! It is a classic combo, but the little tweaks you have added here and there, like the newer cut of the jacket, make it feel so modern and of the moment. Quite possibly my favorite outfit of the fall!

  7. I just bought an LG cordless vac for a great price at Costco. I like it as well as I like my son’s cordless Dyson. Glad you weren’t in bare feet, Jo-Lynne.

    I love my Madewell button jeans, but I find that I don’t like them with certain pieces that create a weird vertical line– that includes short jackets with buttons. I just replaced my 5-year-old utility jacket with this one from BR. I love the elastic gathering in the back. It’s also a little shorter than my old one and the fabric is a medium weight. https://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=5506490120003&cid=1164570&locale=en_US#pdp-page-content

    Thanks so much for sharing outfits that later you aren’t quite satisfied with, Jo-Lynne. It makes me feel less neurotic!

  8. I love this combination, I don’t think I would have ever thought of it but I’m definitely going to try it. Thanks so much!

  9. I would never have thought of this combination! Thanks for the ideas as I often wonder how to keep wearing my white jeans a little longer but still look fall like.

  10. I love this and it’s a great outfit inspiration.  I wouldn’t have thought of this color combo, but it’s so cute.  I went in my local Loft yesterday to return something I ordered, and the store has such low inventory and essentially nothing for Fall.  Stores are really struggling. 

  11. What a great look! Love it!
    Glad you didn’t end up cutting up your foot. That vacuum sure is handy. We are still in thick smoke here. Feels like the twilight zone: its so dark and cold even though its mid morning. The sun can’t penetrate through the haze. Praying for rain and cooler temps for the west coast. Those poor people and firefighters need a break and soon. That will also help with our air quality thousands of miles away. Getting a good lesson on how the jet stream air currents work.

  12. This is a really cute outfit. I love the color combination and have all these pieces. My green utility jacket is longer and has a cinched waist. See if you like it better with a longer jacket 😉

  13. Woke up this morning and could tell it had rained a little.  Much needed here in Oregon, but it was just enough to wet the ground where I live(more by coast) and looks like the sun is trying to come through the smokey haze.  I haven’t been able to leave my house because of smoke since Labor Day.  🙁  Jo-Lynne, I too broke a glass yesterday.  I recently got 2 sets of new glasses and I’m not doing too well on keeping them intacted.  Glad, you didn’t cut yourself.  I LOVE this outfit on you and wouldn’t have thought of putting this together.  I usually can’t wear this color green by my face, so usually get pants this color.  I think the color green shows lighter and more of a color I may be able to wear in your pictures, but on the site it looks darker. Do you think your pictures show the true green?  I love the style of the jacket. For some reason I never grab my old style utility jacket…..longer style with the drawstring waist. Its a pretty Fall red color and the jacket is cute, but I just can’t seem to style it right or I never grab for it.  I think this one you have is so cute and I even like the leopard print one.  Never would have thought of adding the grey t-shirt, but can’t think of any other color I’d add.  I’m going to have to try this look but I need to be able to leave the house first. Ha Ha  Our fireman need a break, so please everyone keep them in your prayers.  If any of you are in the way of hurricane Sally, prayers your way.  Just crazy the weather extremes going on around our country.  

    1. The green is a bit muted but it’s definitely olive. I hope that smoke clears out soon. It’s definitely a strange weather year… along with everything else. Although I will say, this is the first fall in a long time that actually got cool and fall-like on time here on the East coast, so I can’t complain.

  14. I love this outfit! It’s definitely one we can wear in South Texas in the fall as we won’t need sweaters for a while. I’m actually picking up a Loft Utility Jacket today so I’m excited about trying this combination. 

  15. I love this look and even have these pieces but would not have thought to put this together on my own! Thanks for sharing! 

  16. Thank you for the inspiration. Never thought of this combo but I do have all these pieces. Actually I may not have a grey tshirt, but I like the Splendid one you have. Good price on sale. It looks like the perfect not too low and not too high v-neck. I got the jeans at the last sale for around $20.00! Had to order one size up from normal because my size was not available. But in the reviews some people ordered one size up in white jeans. They look great on and accommodate by quarantine fluffiness. I am checking for restock because at that price or even $35.00 I can afford to get a smaller size to wear later! They are a steal! BTW I just had an idea and did a quick search and found that Dick’s Sporting Goods has a pop up changing room in a bunch of colors! My teenage daughter takes photos in different outfits and costumes and changes in the car too. We put up the sunshade. Her little brother holds up a blanket or sweater. But I may end up getting her a tent. We are in California and we could use the tent to change at the beach. Just an idea.

    1. Yeah, I’ve thought of getting one, but I feel like that would draw even more attention to myself. At least in the car, I don’t think anyone notices. But it would probably be more comfortable to change in!

  17. You always look fabulous, Jo-Lynne! And I can’t believe you can look so pulled together when you have to get dressed in the car. Ha! Thanks for all your hard work. And I love this outfit!

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