Wear Now & Later: Striped Sweater for $29

Good morning, friends! I’m moving a little slowly today. It definitely feels like a Monday.

So how about that game last night? I couldn’t care any less about football so I wasn’t really watching, but it was on in the background while my son and husband watched and I read a book. I have roots in New England, and my family in Maine are all huge Patriots fans, so I was happy to wake up this morning and read about their big comeback. Yes, I found out this morning. I went to bed when it was still looking like a Falcons blowout. It sounds like it was pretty dramatic; I wish I’d stayed up.

I didn’t watch a single commercial, but I did tune in a bit to the halftime show. (By tune in, I mean I looked over my shoulder at the TV once or twice and listened as I continued reading my novel. Ha!) I was happy that Lady Gaga kept it classy… or as classy as she gets, anyway. I will never understand the costumes (or lack thereof) in these performances. I know, I sound like my grandmother, but seriously, I wish they’d leave something to the imagination.

I guess that’s a decent segue to the outfit I have to share with you today!

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

Every season I come across one or two items that are so cute and so versatile and also so affordable that I get super excited to show you because I just know you’re going to love them as much as I do. This sweater is one of those items.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

One of the reasons I love this sweater so much is that it’s a perfect wear now & later piece. It is warm enough to start wearing now, but the colors are springy and cotton is the main fabric component, so it will carry me well into spring.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

And also? There are stripes. I’m a sucker for stripes, although admittedly, I don’t wear prints very often. I think that’s why this spoke to me so loudly. I love that it is different from anything else in my closet.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

And then there are the details. I hate layers because I find them bulky and uncomfortable so I love how this sweater has these cool contrast cuffs that give it an almost-layered look. It comes in 5 color combinations, and best of all, it’s 50% off, bringing it down to only $29!

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.
It also comes in petite sizes, which is a good thing because it runs big. I have the small, and it’s still pretty roomy. (I go back and forth between small and medium in most brands.)

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

This sweater is so easy to throw on with jeans and ballet flats (or booties or sneakers.) I find myself wearing it with distressed blue jeans and grey ballet flats most of the time. The distressed jeans help counter-balance the preppy stripes, and I like how my grey flats coordinate with the grey waistband and cuffs. It would also be adorable with white jeans and the grey ballet flats, or how about these new Sam Edelman perforated Felicia flats in hot coral!?! That would be too cute.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

I probably could have worn a long pendant with this sweater to add interest, but I felt like it had a lot going on already so I just wore these silver triad hoop earrings. I felt like the overall look was pretty casual so I didn’t want to overdo it with the jewelry. These earrings are great because they have the illusion of multiple hoops with the ease of a single earring, and they’re also only $29.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

I love this easy breezy outfit for this time of year. This sweater is such a great buy, and I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it. Definitely size down if you order one. As I look at these pictures, I’m hoping mine shrinks up a bit in the wash.

Wear Now & Later: This Striped Sweater is super cute and only $29! Size down; it runs big.

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contrast cuff sweater // AG raw hem distressed skinnies (non-distressed version HERE and similar for less HERE) // Tory Burch ballet flats (similar for less HERE; I also love THESE) // Stella & Dot triad hoops // similar crossbody (similar for less HERE and HERE)

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47 thoughts on “Wear Now & Later: Striped Sweater for $29

  1. I remember when I first started blogging, how many bloggers would say they were obsessed with stripes. And I just didn’t get it (then). Then last year I bought my first striped shirt and I have to laugh because I feel the same way now! Of course, I’ve tried to analyze it—maybe it’s the fact that they go with everything? Maybe it’s the fact that they are slightly whimsical? Who knows, but they are a great staple. And I do love your because it has the different colored ribbing!!
    It was a good game (the advantage of living in MST—we could stay up to watch the entire thing and not miss our bedtime, LOL) and even though we were routing for the Falcons, I have to admit that New England really did a great job!

  2. I really enjoy the daily newsy intro, but maybe having personal stuff in the daily posts would be fine too. ????

  3. I look forward to your emails each morning, and the way you include us in your day . Love the outfits you style, I find myself copying as close as I can with what I have in my closet your style

  4. Yea, you missed an exciting game. I’m always in the market for a good read, I’ll be checking out that book. I personally am all about convenience. If one way is easier for you to send your posts, I say do it. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Your extra newsy personal notes are the reason I switched from reading in my rss feed to subscribing. It took me forever to realize what other commenters were responding to. LOL. I like this sweater. I’ll have to look at the other colors.

  6. I love the newsy email, it’s different than the post. I how you keep it. Onto fashion, I love the sweater and I wish I could wear stripes like that. Have a great day!

  7. I look forward to your emails every morning. I enjoy the personal things you share about your family. If this new way is easier for you, go for it. I’m going to to read that book. Sounds like I’d enjoy it. I’m from Georgia so that will make it even more interesting. I love your outfits! I actually wore a dress to church yesterday that you told us about on the blog. A steal from Old Navy, black and white strip. I added my denim jacket and what I call a statement necklace. You have taught me to put things I already have together in different ways. Thanks! Have a blessed day!

    1. I agree. Actually, I would enjoy getting one fewer emails each day. 🙂 For a long time I only read on the blog but as someone else mentioned, I’d be lost when others were talking about things in the comments so I ended up subscribing to your emails.

      I’ve been looking at this sweater off and on for so long. It’s a great price right now…maybe I’ll finally just go ahead and get it!

  8. Although I enjoy the newsy commentary that links us to your larger post/blog, why not just try the new automated system and see how it goes. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. Just keep including the personal information – love it, you, and the outfits you style.

  9. I personally love and look forward to your emails. I started subscribing about a year and a half ago and I love your style (classy mom!) and one of the first things I do every day is read your email. I love how you include personal touches. Your the bff I’ve never met! Lol

  10. You missed a great comeback game! I really like your personal email first, but if it makes life easier to do it the other way who are we to judge! Ha!

  11. I love the personal touch. But I know it takes a lot of extra work on your part. As I’ve said many times before, I love your posts and will continue to follow. Blessings, Sharon

  12. I love your daily emails and the feeling like we’re family, BUT I can adjust to whatever is easier for you, and frees up some of your time. I am so excited to see you in that sweater today. It caught my eye hanging to the side in the fitting room. It is a great piece for so many reasons. I think I can wear it during the winter here since it doesn’t get really cold down here.

  13. I like your current email but I’m always up for new ways of doing things. I think whatever you decide is best we will still enjoy seeing your ideas and hearing from you.

  14. I like your comments, but knowing how busy you are I am all for supporting anything that makes your life easier! LOVE the stripes! I was just looking at a red striped top on line the other day and was debating about getting it. We missed the first half of the game, as my younger son had an indoor soccer game, but caught the last half. It was pretty exciting!

  15. I love your blog and really look forward to your news each morning. Maybe news at the beginning of the daily blog post would do the trick! I was drawn to this sweater when I caught a glimpse of it in your Nordstrom dressing room. So glad you styled it! One question…is it a coral/orange stripe or is it more pink. Sometimes colors are hard to tell if you aren’t seeing it in person. Looks great on you and I love the sleeves, too.

    1. That is what I was just contemplating on my run. If I start every post out with the news of the day, that is what would show up in the email snippet. It might not always end perfectly, but it would at least give the gist of the day’s happenings. I really liked the insider feel, though, of giving more info in the emails. So I’m still on the fence.

      The sweater is definitely more coral than pink. It is also not as bright as it is in these pictures. I kept trying to tone it down when I was editing them but it still looks brighter than it is. It’s sort of a muted coral in person. VERY pretty.

  16. You find the cutest clothes! I appreciate your efforts, because I don’t have the time or patience to go through big websites like Nordstrom, even though I like their clothing.
    I’ve decided to order the sweater in the solid blue color. I’m going down a size. I think I’ll be happier with the fit. Thanks for the heads up about sizing.
    And thanks for maintaining a great blog!

  17. I love your newsy personal stuff at the beginning of your posts. They make me feel like I know you, so as long as you still include that stuff then I’d vote for whatever makes your life easier.

  18. I really appreciate the comment above, that states that all “newsy stuff” makes us feel abit more like family (yes, I know we are not 🙂 haha) …. but I also understand being a busy momma, too…. with that said… I will remain a loyal follower with whatever you decide…. I love all the inspiration you give us!!!!!

  19. I love your newsy email intro. but understand its a lot of work. As long as you give us some personal in the blogs, it should be fine, but I like hearing about your family life, books you read etc. so please don’t give all that up. As for the book you mentioned, I’ll have to check it out. I love to read too. I like a little mystery to the book. My girl friend just gave me the 3 book Hidden Indentity series by Lynette Eason. I had never read her books and am enjoying them. She’s a little like Terri Blackstock if you have ever read any of hers. I like her too. The sweater is very cute on you and I Iike the stripes for something different and great transition piece like you said. Around here in Northwest Oregon, it doesn’t look like Spring is even close. We just had a huge snow event all yesterday and still snowing today. I have 9 1/2″ plus so far and when I went for a walk, trees had fallen everywhere. We had a huge one fall last night and my husband and I ran toward the front of our house. It was a short enough one, thankfully, o or it would have hit our new shop we built. We’d really be snowed in if the snow had been a little drier. As for the Superbowl…… I was sad to see Atlanta lost. 🙁 I wanted them to get to experience the chance to win. The Patriots have had their share. 🙂 Keep up the good work. Love your blog.

  20. I would love for you to continue to write about your personal newsy stuff and include it in your posts. Do what is easiest for you.

  21. I love reading your newsy intro each day. I think that personal touch sets you apart from other bloggers I follow. I would miss it if it went away!

    The book you are reading sounds very good! I’ve got it added to my wishlist!

    Cute sweater. I can’t pull off stripes but they look great on you!

  22. JoLynne,
    As Kathy commented above, I love the newsy email intro and agree with her that’s it’s fun to hear the family details you share with us.
    Part of the reason I follow your blog is that you are so “relatable”. Hope this input helps……Happy February!

  23. I like your newsy emails too, but if it makes it easier for you the other way would be fine and you could just put that info in the blog post. Feels like you are a friend 🙂

  24. I must admit your blog is my favorite because of the personal emails, which I look forward to every morning! 🙂

  25. I would be very comfortable with just a link to the posting. As a relative newbie to the email subscription, I was actually surprised that you had time for this extra step. I have read every email since signing up. However, your blog writing already engages me enough to come back again…and again…and…

    You are doing a wonderful job and discontinuing the email (as much as I like it) would not change my habits one bit. You. Me. Coffee. WhatamIwearingtoday?

  26. Love that sweater. I am plus size with my problem area being midsection so I avoid horizontal stripes like I do people coughing in an elevator! I haven’t watched an entire football game since having my first child – he will be 34 in March – but the 2nd half of this game was exciting. I am old enough to not “get” Lady Gaga but was intrigued how her crazy eye makeup disappeared during the show.

  27. I subscribe to the email because I enjoy the newsy format. That said, if you include more of that feel in your blog feed, then go for it!

  28. Jo-Lynne – I know you have participated in the Adore Your Wardrobe course. Would you mind sharing your shape and skin undertone color? I’m in the course now and I love many of the clothes you style and it would be helpful to know what you so I can better assess if the clothes you show will work for me. Thanks!

    1. Absolutely! 🙂 I’m a #shortwaistedcurvy and I’m cool. Hopefully that helps! 🙂 I don’t always follow the rules to a T, but I think knowing them helps when you want deviate a bit. Plus you learn a lot in the 2nd course that helps you know how to bend the rules more and still look balanced. I hope you’re enjoying it!

  29. I like the newsy email they you always do. With that said, I understand it’s a lot of work and another way would make life easier for you. What I would suggest is use the new format and include the newsy part that you would normally include in the email and put it at the beginning of the blog post then get to the regular post stuff. It would still give those of us your news that we like to read while making things easier for you; the best of both worlds.

  30. Oh happiness…a Nordstrom box came today, I ordered the sweater you had featured here. The coral is bright enough with the ivory that it really looks good on me!! I was unsure as I am a winter/cool. And thanks to you I ordered a size down (M) from my usual large and it fits perfectly!! Thank you so much for the help. I want to make sure that if I order thru your Shop the Post that you get credit…did I do that right? Thanks again…wearing it right now and I love it!

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