What I Wore Lately Vol. 15

Happy Saturday and happy First Day of Summer! Even though I’ve been in summer mode for a while now, it’s nice to make it official.

Today I’m sharing what I wore lately. I was going to combine this with a few try-ons that I have saved up, but then I got a bunch of stuff in from LOFT last night, as well as a Trunk Club delivery.

It’s way too much to combine with what I’ve worn over the past few weeks, plus it will take me a few hours to take pictures and compile the post, so I decided to wait and share the try-on haul in a separate post. I’ll publish it later today.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve actually been wearing over the past couple of weeks!

What I Wore Lately

Two weekends ago, our county and those around us had just moved into the yellow phase of reopening, which means restaurants can have outdoor seating at 50% capacity. I wasted no time making a reservation for lunch at one of our favorite spots in town, and that meant breaking out the white jeans.

(I don’t wear white jeans much around the house, or to the doctor appointments and mundane errands that pretty much comprise my social life at the moment, but they’re my go-to for dining out in the summertime and I was so excited to get to wear them.)

First, I tried my white straight crops with this black floral blouse.

Even though I’ve worn that entire outfit once before (I believe it was Mother’s Day) this time I wasn’t feeling it. The blouse tends to balloon out around the middle, and with the straight jeans, it seemed like too much volume overall.

I swapped out the straight jeans for a crop straight, and I like that a little better, but I was still feeling like the blouse just wasn’t very flattering.

Looking at these pictures, it seems to work, but I wasn’t feeling it.

I tried a front tuck, but it still seemed like it added volume in an area where I definitely don’t need it.

So I decided to tone down the look with a more casual shirt, and I swapped the ruffled blouse for this this floral fitted tee. (I have the small, but you may want to size up for a little more wiggle room.)

I was feeling better about that outfit and had about decided to wear it when my 14-y/o popped into my room looking fresh and pretty in shorts and a t-shirt.

She gave me the once-over and informed me that I would roast sitting outside in the mid-day sun wearing jeans, even white ones.

I decided she was right, so I went back to my closet and pulled out these taupe utility shorts and paired them with my black LOFT linen henley. So much for getting to wear my white jeans!

This top seemed like the perfect pairing because it’s lightweight and breathable, and not as form-fitting as the black Everlane tee I’ve worn with these before.

I added my new snake print thong sandals and a black crossbody, some of my favorite jewelry and I was ready to go. (Size up in these sandals, and size down in the shorts; I have a 4.)

It turned out to be a good decision to wear shorts because it was quite hot, and our table was indeed in the sun.

henley tee // shorts // sandals // bracelet // earrings // necklace

The next day was Sunday, and I don’t have any photo evidence of what I wore. I expect I spent the day in pajamas and a swim suit. (Not at the same time, of course!)

I don’t have any pictures of that Monday either, but I wore my new skort and this simple grey tank around the house on the following Tuesday. My daughter had a friend over, and we had dinner plans that night.

tank // skort // sandals // necklace // bracelet

To go out to dinner that night, I ended up going the shorts route yet again.

Funny, I’ve never been one to wear shorts to go out to dinner, but now that “out to dinner” means dining alfresco, I’m learning that shorts make a lot of sense! At least we were on a shaded patio that time, but it was still a warm night, and I was comfortable in this.

floral tank // shorts // sandals

The next day, I had an early morning PT appt, and I kept this on all day.

This cloudlight stratus tee from Athleta is the softest ever, and I love the cut of it and the drape. (My link is defaulting to the petite sizes, so click on Regular if that’s what you’re looking for.) It’s a small, for size reference.

And you’ve seen these Lululemon joggers a gazillion times before. I’m definitely getting my cost per wear out of them! I have the 6 but sometimes wish I’d sized up to the 8. They’re on the snug side.

t-shirt (Volcanic Violet, size small) // joggers // sneakers

I wore this next look to visit Ozzy last Thursday. 😢

My scoopneck tee is sold out in this color, but there are a few sizes left in the black. It’s such a soft, comfy tee.

And these are probably my favorite pair of jeans at the moment. They’re the ones I reach for first when I’m not sure what else I’m going to wear, but I want to be casual and comfortable.

They’re true to size; and they have a 9″ rise, 27″ inseam, and 10″ leg opening, for those who know the measurements they prefer.

This exact wash is gone, but there are more of this Cate style on the rag & bone website, and they’re all marked down right now. This is the closest wash to the ones I have, and they’re fully stocked. This one at Nordstrom is close too.

tee // similar jeans here and here // Birks // pendant // bracelet

And this was last Friday. We had family in town for the weekend, and we spent most of it in the pool.

This is my favorite swimsuit. I got it last year, and I thought it was gone, but I recently discovered it at Her Room. It’s pricey, even with the sale, but this brand is the best I’ve found for fit and support without the frump. In fact, I just ordered this one because I need a smaller size this year. Plus, I only have two suits, and I could really use a third.

My pareo keeps going in and out of stock. I love this for throwing on over my suit to go to and from the pool.

tankini top // matching bikini bottoms // pareo // sandals

I actually think I wore this outfit that morning to go for a walk, and then switched into my swimsuit for the afternoon. The skort is a size 6, and the tank is a small.

tank // skort // sneakers

Paul and I took some outfit pictures last Saturday morning, and I wore this for the rest of the day… or until I switched into my swimsuit. You can see more of this look in Thursday’s post.

tank // skort // sandals // earrings // necklace // bracelet (option) // sunnies (option)

I believe this was Sunday. If I’m not wearing my pareo over my swimsuit, I wear this dress. I like it when there are other people around.

Also, my sun hat is spendy, but it’s gorgeous, and it’s the only sun hat I own. I expect it to last me a very long time.

I bought it because it has SPF and claims to block 95% of UVA and UVB rays, and I wear it when I’m not in the water to help shade my face and chest. I believe it’s the Peanut color.

dress // hat (option) // sandals // sunnies (option)

This was the day I had allergy testing… I guess that was Monday. It was a little chilly, so I wore jeans and a tee.

I actually pulled out my Athleta Pranayama Wrap to wear to the doctor’s office, and I was so glad I did becasue it was FUH-REEZING in there!

Unfortunately, this tee is sold out, but I love these jeans, and they’re currently on sale.

They have a 26″ inseam, 10″ front rise, and 10″ leg opening, and they run small. I’m still in my usual 28, but they’re very snug. If you tend to run in between sizes, you may want to size up.

tee //  jeans (30% off) // Birks

I wore this to take the girls to Target. I first tried on this linen henley with my black cropped utility pants. I loved these pants last year, and they still fit me okay because they were pretty tight back then, but the 8″ rise feels sooo low to me now.

It’s weird how uncomfortable they felt now that I’m used to the higher rises. I even thought they looked kind of funny, and because they’re cropped, the low rise really shortens the line of the leg.

Isn’t it funny how your eye (and your comfort level) adjusts with the trends?

LOFT henley top // Joie utility crops // similar leather espadrilles (option) // pendant // bracelet (option)

Anywho, I decided to take them off and switch to my white Levi’s, and I was soooo much more comfortable. (And I finally got to wear white jeans!)

I think it looks a little more modern too, but I still like those black cargos. I just wish they had a higher rise.

LOFT henley top // Levi’s straight crops // TB Miller sandals (option) // pendant // bracelet (option)

This next look is what I wore after my photo shoot with Alison on Wednesday.

I really like this tank, and it comes in some other patterns and some solids as well. It’s soft and stretchy and comfortable, but it’s a little long. I hope it shrinks some in the wash.

Also, I would not typically wear these earrings with such a casual outfit. (I still had them in from my photo shoot that morning.) They’re really pretty with dresses and blouses, though!

tank // shorts // Birks // earrings

I had to take Paul to pick up his car at the shop early on Thursday morning, so I threw this on.

It was chilly, so I ended up adding a cardigan.

I still wear this Splendid cardigan a few times a week in the summertime. It’s perfect for throwing on over a tank top and shorts or summer pajamas on mild mornings. My off-white color is no more, but it currently comes in black and white.

tank (old, last year) // shorts // cardigan // Birks // specs

And finally, I wore this yesterday. We were planning to have friends over, but our evening fell apart, and I ended up cancelling. We’re going to try again tonight.

This top is so affordable, and it’s easy to wear with jeans or shorts. I’m considering another color.

The shorts run big. I’m wearing the 4. The top is a size small. Also, size up in these sandals! I have the 8.5, and I’m usually an 8.

linen henley // utility shorts // snake print sandals // earrings // bracelet

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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19 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 15

  1. Congratulations on the reopening news!  PA seems to be very cautious and smart, to help reduce the risk of an uptick in cases.  I hope that the get together works out for tonight!  Thank you so much for sharing the outfit challenges you have at times, and how you adjust pieces so that you feel good about what you are wearing.  All of us struggle at times, don’t  we!  Have a great day!

    1. Yes, PA has been verrry cautious. Our governor has gotten a lot of heat for it, but I think he’s done a good job for the most part. I mean, it’s time. I was hoping to go green this weekend, but I think overall he’s called it right.

      And I guess we all struggle, but I bet no one takes that much time to figure out what to wear to Target! HA! When it’s your only outing for the week besides PT, it suddenly matters! 😉

  2. Love the red Loft sleeveless top! Almost bought it and wish I did as it’s sold out. And, please stay safe! The world is opening up but Covid is alive and well!

    1. Yes, it is. We are opening very slowly up here, and there are lots of requirements… including masks. I’m definitely aware, but I’m ready to get back to life. It’s been over three months for us.

  3. Loving the WHBM shorts. I’m ordering them today. My book club met in person for the first time in months yesterday morning, in a member’s garden and it was soooo hot. I’m going to have to rethink my “going out” clothes for the summer because it looks like most gatherings will be outside. (We also went out for dinner for the first time in months and sat on the deck) That might be a great post, Jo-Lynne. What to wear on date night when you’ll be sitting outside and its 88 degrees! My go-to is usually white jeans and a cute top and that’s not going to work outside in Delaware this year. Happy first day of summer!

  4. Good morning…congrats on things opening up soon.  We’ve been open in the Texas panhandle for a while and I have yet to go out to eat.  Just haven’t had the inclination yet.  Lol. But here in Texas I’ve heard the COVID cases are on the rise again, but more in the Dallas & Houston area.  Our local area stopped reporting cases, but in a small town about 50 miles from here in Oklahoma, there’s 950 cases…crazy.  I’m concerned that people aren’t taking it seriously now…they’re tired, want to shop and get out like “normal”.  

    I always enjoy these posts on what you’ve worn lately. I do have to say that the black floral top from Banana Republic looked great on you. It actually made your skin pop.  But everything looks good on you. 

    Have a great weekend. 

    1. Yes, I have friends in Dallas and Houston, and it sounds like a whole different world down there. The thing is, you all haven’t really had your first surge yet. We had ours early b/c of our close proximity to NYC. It sounds to me like TX opened up before they really peaked, and with no mask requirements, and people not really knowing many who have had it, they are careless. That’s just my take on it as an outsider.

      Up here, most of us have been touched by it to some extent. I feel like people are a little more cautious. Plus the mask thing. I know it’s become a political issue, but I don’t get it. I”m typically very conservative, but I think the mask wearing is just common sense. It’s easier when it’s required b/c you don’t feel silly wearing it or draw attention to yourself or get treated like you’re making a political statement. You just do it b/c it’s the law, and no one has really made much of a fuss that I’m aware of. That’s just my 2 cents, which is worth about that, maybe less. 😉

  5. Happy Summer!
    Yes, love the white jeans and bright colors.
    Your pool sounds wonderful with family!
    Taking it slow in my area still too many cases.

    1. Yes, you’re Chicago, right? Here it is mostly in nursing homes, which is terribly sad. Our numbers are going down, but slowwwwwly. I’m hoping b/c of our mask requirements, and b/c we have reopened so slowly, we won’t see a surge.

  6. Congrats on reopening soon! Our phase 3, which we moved into at the end of May included salons. It felt so good to have a cut and highlight. It was amazing how good that felt. Here in Illinois, many people are after our governor to move faster, but our numbers are so much lower than they were, I can’t help but believe that moving slower is the right idea. We’re on track to move to Phase 4 next Friday.

    I’m tempted by the Rag & Bone jeans, but since currently I’m only wearing shorts, I’m holding off. Plus, I need to go through my jeans anyway. I’ve got way more pairs than I need right now.

    1. I agree, we were the first to close and are one of the last to reopen, but I do think it was the right move. Our governor has gotten a lot of flack for it.

      I hear ya on the jeans! We had a few cooler days this week but it’s getting hot again.

  7. Congrats on reopening. When Oregon starting opening up I was happy but nervous at the same time. Going out isn’t as relaxing as it use to be. Most places require mask inside and some counties our Govenor has mandated it for people while indoors at places. We’ve had low cases in our county so people are getting brave and now already spikes are showing up. Spikes are showing up all over the states but they keep opening dispite them saying they’d close back down if it happened. You can rally but you can’t go to church. I just don’t know what to think. Anyway we all do the best we can to keep each other safe while we get this window of time to get out and about. Enjoy your hair apt. I sure did mine.  The one thing we all can do and keep doing is pray. God knows what’s up. Enjoyed your outfits you shared. I haven’t worn shorts yet this summer. I really don’t like them on me plus our weather has been so rainy until recently. 

    1. You’re right, it’s definitely not relaxing to be out and about! I’ve already gotten used to it, though, I think b/c I have had so many doctor appointments, and I go to the grocery store a lot. Masks are required here, which I am grateful for.

    2. Yeah, the rallies are something else. I am all for going to the salon but they can control how many people go in and out, require masks, etc. I am not interested in big groups of people or crowds.

  8. PS I finally Friday got to put my white jeans on and eat outside with a friend. It was wonderful. Weather was sunny and just right. It really boost the spirits. 

  9. This is a great “what I wore” post and I really like how the white shorts and jeans make the coloured tops really pop. My area of Ontario just entered phase 2 and I actually have a hair appointment in 2 weeks. I can’t wait as my pixie cut looks like an overgrown shrub now. I look forward to a post on what to wear dining when it is crazy hot outside.

  10. I haven’t eaten out yet. We’ve gotten take-out a couple of times. We have been going to the grocery store and done curb-side for everything else (except the book store). Our state is having a major surge, so we won’t be going anywhere but the store and the farmer’s market for a while yet.

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