What I Wore Lately Vol. 16

Hello and happy July 1st!

Not only is it a new month, but it’s also my birthday! #thisis48🎂 I also want to wish a happy Canada Day to my friends to the north! 💥🧨

Now that we’ve wrapped up 22 Days of Summer Fashion, I’m bringing What I Wore Lately back to Wednesdays. These posts are the answer to the question I get a lot, “But what do you really wear?”

In my outfit posts and try-on hauls, I challenge myself to include a variety of budgets and trends and outfits for an assortment of occasions, whereas What I Wore Lately is all about my personal style.

I’ve gotten into the habit of snapping a picture of what I’m wearing almost every time I exit my bedroom. I save them up to share then every other week on Wednesdays, and here we are!

What I Wore Lately: Everyday Summer Outfit Inspo

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish, with a slight hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe. If you have any questions about fit and sizing, don’t hesitate to ask!

This first look is one that I wore on a Saturday evening to have friends over for dinner on the deck.

You’ve seen this ruffle neck top before with the winter white linen sailor shorts, but this time I paired it with these crisp white raw hem cuffed denim shorts for a more casual look.

I added a necklace at the last minute, and I also wore these pearl hoop earrings.

I’m not sure why I have a picture of the back of this outfit, but I’ll go ahead and post it. I think I was taking it for my own use — sometimes I take a picture to see what I look like from behind. I feel like I can tell better in a picture than just looking in the mirror.

These shorts have a 4″ inseam, so they’re on the shorter side, but they still give enough coverage to be decent, and the pocket placement is good.

They’re thick and soft and not see-through, and they’re comfortable to wear. They don’t ride up or crease in awkward places, if you know what I mean… 

floral top (40% off) // white shorts // metallic sandals // earrings // necklace

FYI, these sailor shorts are fully stocked and 40% off. In fact, this entire outfit is 40% off now. This is what I’m planning to wear out to dinner tonight for my birthday.

The next day was Father’s Day, and we had reservations for outdoor dining at one of our favorite restaurants. It was HOT and our reservations were for mid-afternoon, so I was trying to find something cute and comfortable. I didn’t even bother to style my hair down because I knew I’d be wanting to put it in a ponytail.

I first tried on this sandwash dress. It’s very cool and comfortable, and I think it’s cute. I tried to jazz it up with jewelry, but my daughter told me I looked like I was wearing a swimsuit coverup.

Once she said that, it’s all I could see. I think it’s because I have this dress that I wear as a swimsuit coverup, and they’re similar in style, but the ponytail probably didn’t help matters either.

So then I switched into this floral jersey midi dress. I forget what her analogy was for this one, but she wasn’t terribly impressed. Plus, as I moved around, I could see that it’s just too low-cut. It needs to be altered if I’m going to keep it.

Finally, I tried on that Lou & Grey drawstring dress, but it seemed heavy for such a hot day.

By that time, I was running late, so decided to call it quits on trying to wear a dress. I threw on this pink linen tee and white cuffed shorts with my new cork sandals instead. There’s something to be said for the tried and true.

linen tee // white shorts // sandals // earrings // necklace // bracelet

Here’s a picture of Paul and the girls at lunch… D was at camp.

Speaking of that pool coverup… this is what I ended up wearing after we got home.

I was planning to go in the pool (I did have my bathing suit on underneath), but it was so pleasant on the deck in the shade with a gentle breeze that I ended up just sitting there while Paul swam.

The next day, I had PT and then a strength training appointment, and I never changed out of my workout gear for the rest of the day.

I absolutely adore each one of these pieces. The cloudlight stratus tee is the softest thing, and it has such a good drape, plus the neckline and sleeves are super flattering.

And the joggers are also very soft, and fit so nicely without clinging. I did size up in these, by the way. I have them in the medium.

The Nikes are very padded and comfortable, and the gold emblem against the black shoe is kind of chic… or as chic as a running sneaker gets.

Athleta cloudlight stratus tee // Vuori joggers (size up) // Nikes

The day after that is when I had my x-ray, MRI, and bloodwork appointments. I wore this casual jeans and t-shirt outfit.

My graphic tee is sold out, but these are the Paige destroyed hem straight leg jeans that I was debating about a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve started wearing them, I really like them. They were on sale, but they’re back to full price now.

Boden graphic tee // Paige jeans // toe ring sandals // cuff bracelet

Later in the day, a friend came over with her kids to swim in the pool, and I ended up getting in too. Afterwards, I threw on this comfy t-shirt and shorts to make dinner.

This tee is so good. I mean, it’s as plain as it gets, but it’s soooo soft, and it washes up well and maintains its shape, and it never needs an iron or a steamer. It does run small, though. I have it in the medium.

Oh, and guess what!?! These jean shorts have just been restocked in a couple of sizes. They’re TTS, or size down if in between. They do tend to stretch out some with wear.

grey Splendid tee (size up) // Gap jean shorts // Birks

I’m losing track of days, but I guess this is the day R and I went to Kohl’s because that’s what the picture is named. It sure is helpful that I do that!

It’s just simple jeans and a tank, but I pulled out these Agolde crop straight leg jeans that I haven’t worn in a while.

When I bought those jeans, I thought I’d wear them a lot once the weather warmed up, but I don’t find myself reaching for them very often. I guess I still struggle with the crop straight tend. My long legs are one of my best features, and I feel like these make me look stumpy. I liked them better with the sock booties in the wintertime.

You guys… look how short my hair was back in January before Covid, lol!!!

Okay, back to this outfit… I went with black sandals to bookend the look, and because these are sooo comfortable for doing a lot of walking.

I added some casual jewelry, and then I’m not sure why, because I have no problem with plain outfits, but this one just seemed to need a little something something, so I threw on a leopard belt.

black Madewell tank (also at Nordstrom) // Agolde jeans // Cole Haan sandals // leopard belt // Madewell layer necklace // Lucky Brand bracelet & earrings

I guess I was on a black and denim kick, because I wore this on Friday for my microblading appointment. (I don’t have a picture of what I wore on Thursday; I had PT and strength training again on the same day.)

Definitely size up at least a half size in these Sam Edelman sandals. I have the 8.5 and they just fit.

linen henley // Rag & Bone ankle skinnies // thong sandals (size up half) // Lucky Brand earrings // initial necklace // Lagos bracelets

And I guess you can see here that I had the microblading done. My eyebrows look really harsh right now, but they will lighten up over the next month or so.

I wore this next outfit to the spa on Saturday to get my nails done. After that, I hung out at home for the afternoon and did some work, and we ended up having friends over on the patio that night. I think I kept this on all day, but I can’t remember for sure.

This tank is $5, you guys. FIVE DOLLARS. And free shipping for Madewell Insiders. It’s really cute on, too. I love the colors.

Madewell stripe tank // Paige jeans // toe ring sandals // Lucky Brand earrings // stretch bracelets // Madewell layer necklace

This was Sunday, and we had a few families over for a going away party. It was another really hot day, so I kept it casual in jean shorts and another Madewell tank. I love these tanks, can you tell?

I started to wear the tank front-tucked, and then I realized this one is short enough to leave out. Plus, the shorts are longer than what I typically wear, so that helps keep a good balance.

similar Madewell tank (Old Navy option) // Kut from the Kloth denim shorts (also at Evereve) // TB sandals // Lucky Brand earrings // initial necklace // Lagos bracelets

And then on Monday, I wore this comfy dress to hang out at home after my early morning PT appointment.

Here’s a view of the back. It’s really flattering for a t-shirt dress. It has some shaping through the waist, and the curved hemline is a nice feature.

Daily Ritual dress // Cole Haan sandals // Lagos earrings & bracelets

We ended up going to a local state park for a picnic with friends for dinner, and I changed into my skort. I know the dress is super casual and would have been appropriate, but I just cannot get comfortable in a dress. I always feel like everything’s hanging out, and I wasn’t about to wear shapewear to sit outside in the summer heat.

The instant I pulled on this skort, I felt so much better. I just like to have something over my belly. It helps me feel like something is holding it in. Plus, it has the built-in shorts for modesty so I didn’t have to futz with an extra piece of clothing.

One of you tipped me off to the CALIA By Carrie Underwood line at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I ordered this tank. It’s it a great color?

And cute is the back with the criss cross straps? It’s very soft and comfortable too. I just wish it wasn’t quite so long. I did a front-tuck but let it hang out in the back.

crossed back tank // Athleta Soho skort // Cole Haan sandals

And yesterday was pretty much a wash. I just wore an old tank top and the 3″ Gap jean shorts with my Birks. No makeup, 3-day hair… It wasn’t picture worthy, trust me!

So, that’s it! I have a photo shoot with Alison this morning, and then I’m excited to be going out out dinner for my birthday tonight at one of my favorite restaurants.

Even though restaurants are now allowed to have indoor seating, we still opted for the outdoor dining. I feel safer that way. I just hope the weather holds out.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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90 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 16

  1. Happy Bday Jolynne!! Btw, finally was able to order that leith ruched dress in sage. Wrote to customer service and there was some issue with my info but they cleared it up. 😊

  2. Have a ver Happy Birthday! I’ll send every possible good vibe your way.(Hoping the weather holds off…it’s a bit looney here in NJ!).  Than you for a fun post!

  3. Enjoy your special birthday dinner! 🍾🥂🎂 You deserve all the best!
    Here in CA they’ve just closed back down all bars, brewpubs, and beaches. (So bummed about no beach access on July 4th!) The virus is spiking to higher levels, so unfortunately we’ve gone backwards. Restaurants are still open with minimal indoor seating. In some areas, certain  streets have been blocked off to car traffic so restaurants can put more tables outside. The weather is still a mild 71 degrees,  so sitting outside is great. (We start getting our hotter temps in end of July). However, we’ve only eaten out once since things reopened. I just feel better cooking at home. So we’re hunkering down – just started another puzzle with one of my sons & I’m redecorating our guest bedroom and turning it into a small office for myself since we might be continuing with online teaching in the fall. 
    Happy Birthday!🎊🎁 

    1. They’re doing that in our little downtown area on the weekends – closing the street. It is really cool to see how innovative people are being now that eating outside is the norm. I feel pretty safe in outdoor spaces, and I don’t go anywhere that gets terribly crowded. I don’t like the idea of being indoors though, at least when people aren’t masked, which you can’t be while you eat, of course.

      1. Yes- eating outside is more my jam these days too! My husband wants to go out to eat this week so we’ll probably go somewhere down near the beach. I love the outdoor seating arrangements I’ve seen; you’re right that we’re seeing lots of creative innovative thinking to keep business going! 

  4. Happy Birthday! I think having a July 1st Birthday makes you an honorary Canadian!  🇨🇦🇨🇦🎂🎁🎉

  5. Happiest of birthdays to you! July babies are the best, if I do say so myself as one, too! Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day celebrating you.  🙂  I don’t feel safe eating indoors…..we’ve done it twice now, but one time we didn’t really count it as we were the only ones in the place. 🙂  I don’t like feeling uneasy, so we opt to dine out and we really don’t do much of that right now. We are in Oregon and the 4th lowest of cases, but we started having an increase now that things have opened up, so now our governor mandated mask starting today for all inside.  Your sure do entertain a lot. Do you cook for everyone when they come?    

  7. Happy Birthday, Jo-Lynne! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your special dinner celebration.
    Our state opened indoor dining last week but we don’t feel comfortable doing that. Our family ate outdoors at a restaurant for the first time on Sunday. The tables were far apart and we felt pretty safe being there. It was overlooking the harbor so there was a great view. It felt good to be going somewhere!

    I hope it was a wonderful one. I’m sure your family made sure it was a special day you enjoyed celebrating. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday, Jo-Lynne! You look fantastic at 48! 48 seems a long time ago for me as I’m 62 now. Hope the weather held up and you were able to eat your birthday dinner outside. I’m in SW Ohio and we’ve had indoor dining for a month maybe? I’m only eating outside for now and still mostly staying home other than hiking or walking with my dog. The infection rate was a lot higher where you are so we opened up earlier here, although sadly our rates are now higher than they’ve ever been and steadily increasing. No surprise with people not wearing masks. I really wish they would so we could get rid of this pandemic sooner and get the economy back on track again. 

  10. Happy belated birthday! I’ve got a question about the CALIA tank. Does it run TTS? What kind of bra are you wearing underneath? Racer-back? Sports bra? Thank you!

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