What I Wore Lately Vol. 29

Well, friends! It’s Wednesday once again, and that means it’s time for What I Wore Lately. This is where I share my real life outfits from the past week… and you see what a Plain Jane I really am.

Seriously, some weeks I feel like I ought to turn in my fashion blogger’s card after putting this post together. Oh, well. This is real life, after all!

Starting last Thursday, I had a followup appointment with my podiatrist. Then, I guess I worked from home for the rest of the day. I don’t quite remember.

Oh, wait. Yes, I do. I did a ton of try-ons that afternoon, and I ended up wearing a different top after that. But this is what I wore to my appointment that morning.

There’s some weird lighting going on here, sorry about that!

NYC tee (this year’s style is on sale) // Nordstrom Signature cardigan in black tweed (55% off) // similar rag & bone Cate ankle skinnies // Vince slip-on sneakers (size down half; more sizes avail in this year’s version)

By the way, Nordstrom is doing a massive clearance event, and the prices are unreal. Inventory is going fast, though, so don’t wait around if you see something you want.

Also, you can hop on Live Chat and ask for a price adjustment if you recently bought something that has just been further reduced.

After I did my try-ons, I threw this cozy coral sweater on to make dinner.

coral sweater // similar rag & bone Cate ankle skinnies // P448 sneakers

Friday night was the high school football game, and I finally got to wear this tee I ordered from Zulily last fall.

It arrived too late to wear to a football game last year, and I was beginning to think we wouldn’t be going to any this year, but our governor came through for us and lightened up the audience restrictions at outdoor events just in time for the marching band to get a chance to play at the last few home football games.

Of course, I had to wear my band mom tee!

band mom tee (see more below) // similar leather jacket (51% off) // AG Farrah skinnies (25% off) // Veja Esplar sneakers // Lagos earrings

Me tee is long gone now, but there are lots of similar tees at Amazon. I linked up a few below:

That brings us to Saturday, which was R’s birthday. It was unseasonably warm, and we were going shopping for the day so I wore jeans with a white tee and this lightweight leopard utility jacket.

Since our discussion about jeans length the other day, I’m especially aware of that right now, and I noticed these jeans *just* touch the top of the front of these booties.

I almost switched into the rag & bone Cates (above – they are like 1/2″ shorter) but I decided it didn’t really bother me since they weren’t falling down inside of them or getting stuck on the top.

It’s not ideal, but I don’t think it’s a huge fashion faux pas either. And let’s face it, not everyone has 25 pairs of jeans in their closet to choose from. Sometimes we have to make do.

Rails Collins military jacket // AG Farrah skinnies (25% off) // similar white tee // Franco Sarto booties (size down half; 55% off) // YSL camera bag (similar for less) // earrings // necklace // bracelet c/o Victoria Emerson

We got home just in time to change and head out to dinner. I could have worn what I’d had on all day, but I wanted a slightly dressier outfit so I changed into my new Everlane alpaca sweater tee and black suede pumps.

I wasn’t quite feeling it so I changed into black jeans, but that seemed like a lot of black for a family dinner.

So I switched to different jeans with a finished hem, and I swapped out the black pumps for burgundy.

I always like this combination in the fall and winter — black sweater with blue jeans and burgundy pumps. Denim wash does matter. I prefer a bit of a contrast, but I don’t want the jeans to be too light either.

I also switched to the Levis boho cuff and bold silver hoops.

I love my deep purple nails with this outfit. I wish I could figure out what color it is. I looked at the CND website and couldn’t tell which one it is.

Here’s the finished look. I wore the leather jacket to the restaurant, but I took it off while we ate. Even though we were outside, I didn’t need it.

Everlane alpaca sweater tee // AG Farrah skinnies // similar burgundy pumps // similar leather jacket (55% off) // boho cuff c/o Victoria Emerson// John Hardy hoops (old)

Sunday was another mild day, and it was kind of humid too, so I didn’t bother fixing my hair again. I just threw it in a ponytail and hoped it didn’t look too lame.

Why do some women look so chic in a ponytail, and I always look like I just came from the gym?

camel v-neck sweater // black jeans // leopard pumps (similar) // necklace // earrings // cuff bracelet c/o Ann Taylor // Michael Kors crossbody

And that brings us to Monday. It was a drab, rainy day, and I threw my hair into a pinch clip. Day 3 hair for the win!

I had to take my daughter to the dentist and run by the grocery store, so I did put on some makeup and get dressed. I was chilly in the house, so I broke out my UGGs from last year.

I love these boots so much. I wear them around the house like slippers throughout most of the winter. They were like putting on an old friend.

bell sleeve sweater // similar rag & bone Cate ankle skinnies // UGG boots // Lagos earrings // specs

Finally, I had one last visit to the chiropractor yesterday. I had him work on my lower back again, as well as my foot, so I jazzed up my joggers with a graphic tee and denim jacket.

denim jacket // similar NYC tee // similar joggers // Birk Madrid

And that’s a wrap for this week! I also rounded up some of my Nordstrom clearance sale picks below.

Shop the Nordstrom Clearance Sale:

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17 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 29

  1. It’s always fun to see how you really dress and of course, how you breakdown outfits with the whys and hows is top notch. Thanks, Jo-Lynne!

  2. I love your What I Wore post and appreciate you keeping it real.  I do not find you plane Jane at all.  I get much real life inspiration from these posts! Thank you .

  3. Love these posts and you keep it real! Glad to hear the chiropractor is helping. I have an appointment with mine today. We are getting Lots of rain today after several beautiful sunny fall days. Good day to be home!  My chiropractor is literally about a 5 min drive! 

  4. I love your real looks, they’re achievable and inspiring for everyday, plus you always pull them together with shoes and jewelry.  And just for the record, your ponytail always looks classy and chic.  

  5. Love these posts and I especially love the “band mom” tee!❤️😀 So glad you get to see the band perform!!

  6. I think you look nice with your hair in a ponytail and the outfit you wore to church is classic.  I love the tee you wore to Becca’s game.  Since our yard is very sandy, I usually wear shoes I can get off quickly to change into my yard shoes, so year round I wear slippers or sandals in the house, which means something like your comfy UGG booties would be challenging.  But they do look so comfy.  I just read yesterday’s post this morning.  You’ve had some great questions and I like your deals on Amazon.  The item I ordered for the last Christmas gift i needed to purchase was not on sale, but I ordered it any way.  I did order a few things from Amazon Essentials for me to try.  Have a great day!

  7. These posts remind us that we can dress casually and go about our lives while still feeling good about what we look like. I have an Everlane Cashmere short-sleeved sweater from 3 years ago and it looks as good as it did the day I received it. I remember at the time wondering if I’d get enough use out of it for the spendy price. I sure have. As always, Jo-Lynne, thank you for sharing.

  8. I always enjoy seeing how you dress “in real life”, and how you break down the combos and why you made the choices you did. Very helpful!

  9. I so get it about the pony tail! I think women over a certain age can look good in a pony but not me 🤨 Until I got my four inches of outgrowth cut off last week I was sporting a banana clip/ French twist. I think my county in California was the last in the country  to allow indoor hair cuts. 

    I really wanted that little utility jacket — the peach and sage are half price but only from large and up. Pooh! 

  10. How do you keep track of which jeans are which length? I basically put the jeans on, then choose the shoes b/c I can remember which ones are for flats, boots, and heels. Of course mine are bootcut, but still.

    1. I just do. I have a weird memory for numbers. 🙂 The rag & bone Cate are all 27″ and the Farrah are usually 28″. I cut one pair to make them shorter. I think my faded black Good Americans are 27″. Paige Verdugo is usually 28″. I am weird, lol!!!

  11. I echo the other comments: you are no Plain Jane at all! These posts are real and authentic. We love them! None of us are Joan Collins from Dynasty! 😉
    Oh boy, I’m dating myself. We got a light dusting of wet snow here… Its a pretty contrast against the colorful foliage. It will melt but its a rude awakening of winter is coming.

  12. JoLynne, your every day style is very similar to my own: jeans, tees, sweaters, moto jackets. I was just thinking today the very same thing, that I am such a fake, because so much of what I post on the blog is not stuff I wear! Ha, ha. I probably would wear it more, if I could go some where or if I was working more of an office job, but right now I am not. Oh well. We blog for the sake of our followers and that means we offer a variety of things. Still deep down, I think we are just jeans sort of girls! Thanks for sharing all your looks. – Amy

  13. I love to see what you really wear. And my chiropractor is one of the most important people in my life also….and I love a purple manicure.

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