What I Wore Lately Vol. 36

Happy Friday, friends! Normally I do What I Wore Lately on Wednesdays, but I had a few sponsored posts to put up in the last few days, so I decided to move it to Friday this week.

This is basically a roundup of my daily outfits, and sometimes I share some “outtakes” or outfits I tried that didn’t quite work out. I try to explain why I like the outfit or why I chose it for the occasion.

Of course, these days, there are very few occasions to get dressed for, so these outfits are very casual… even more so than usual!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Starting out last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I was nose-to-the-grindstone working on my Black Friday Sale Guide all day. I barely took time to eat, much less shower and get dressed… which is probably when I jacked up my back and shoulder, now that I think about it. Suffice it to say, I don’t have any outfit pictures from last Wednesday.

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, and after working for a while in the morning, I went out for a nice brisk 3-mile run. Then I got showered and dressed even though we just spent the day at home. It was unseasonably mild, so I took the chance to wear my Everlane alpaca sweater tee, and I ended up with this monochromatic look.

I like the elegant simplicity and the subtle mix of textures, with the heathered black knit, the washed black denim, and the luxe leather loafers with edgy studded detail.

For accessories, I added a Victoria Emerson boho cuff with shades of silver and ivory and charcoal grey, along with my trusty Yurman hoops.

Everlane sweater tee (S) // Good American jeans (6/28) // AGL flats (8.5) // Levis boho cuff c/o // D Yurman hoops

That brings us to Friday, and after I worked all morning, I got dressed to go to the tree farm with the family to get our Christmas tree. I knew I wanted to wear my Sorel duck boots for practical reasons, so I started there and worked my way up.

Favorite jeans, check! Cozy cashmere sweater, check! Sporty quilted jacket, check! And I’m assuming the hoops were still sitting on my bathroom sink from the day before, so I threw them on and called it done.

FYI, these jeans are 25% off, and they come in black too. They are one of my all-time favorites, and they run TTS. I actually cut off about an inch of the bottom so they look better with sneakers and some ankle boots, but the original inseam length is the same as the AG Farrahs I’m wearing below with the grey v-neck and grey booties.

Also, there are a few sizes of these boots still left at Nordstrom Rack for $69. I have the color called Major from Zappo’s, but the Quarry/Black is close. Also, these run really small. I needed to size up a full size to the 9.

The North Face jacket (S) // Reformation sweater (M) // AG jeans (28) // Sorel boots (9) // Yurman hoops

Saturday was the day I got my massage, and I threw on a hoodie and joggers for that little excursion.

Zella hoodie (S) // Vuori joggers (M; also at Nordstrom) // P448 sneakers

That afternoon, we went to visit Paul’s mom. I pulled on a sweater and jeans, and I felt like wearing something besides sneakers for once, so I pulled out these booties from a couple years ago.

They’re supremely comfortable for a 3.5″ heel, but I don’t care for the way the hem of the jeans falls into the booties. I was too lazy to change into jeans with a shorter inseam, even though I have other options, so I just wore it like this.

Vince sweater (S) // AG jeans (28) // Jeffrey Campbell booties (8) // Lagos necklace & earrings

On Sunday, I went for a run and then showered and did some try-ons. This sweater dropped to 60% off for Cyber Monday, so after I photographed it, I just kept it on. It’s back to 35% off now, with a few random sizes/colors left.

Since this sweater is an inch or two longer than what is ideal for my body, I always make sure to wear it with longer jeans to help balance out the proportions. Or I give it a front-tuck, but I like it best left out.

Nordstrom Signature sweater (S) // AG jeans (28) // Vince sneakers (size 7.5; see this year’s colors) // Lagos earrings

Monday was my chiropractor appointment, and I wore a hoodie and joggers. This hoodie is a little pricey for what it is, but it’s on sale, so that helps. It’s incredibly soft and lightweight — not as bulky as the Zella hoodies I have.

Z Supply camo hoodie (S) // Vuori joggers (M; also at Nordstrom) // P448 sneakers // Lagos earrings

I was mostly at home on Tuesday, but I did have to run out to take my daughter to the orthodontist, and I reverted to one of my favorite combos — this Vince sweater and rag & bone Cate skinnies. (The sweater is still at Nordstrom Rack for 57% off, but the jeans in this exact wash are long gone. However, this pair is currently 25% off, if you like a darker wash; they are the same length as mine; the model is just really tall.)

My Sorel orders had just came in, and it was freezing cold out and windy, so I wanted to play around with some of my new boots. I don’t plan to keep both, and I’m having a hard time deciding between these two. I have a couple other pairs in consideration as well, so I was planning a whole post on winter boots. Would you all like that?

These are the Lennox Shearling booties (size 8) from Bloomingdales, which I grabbed on sale for $150. I see they’re lower now, but also mostly sold out.

I do like those, but I also ordered these Explorer Joan boots (size 8.5) when they were $105 at Sorel. These definitely have a little more of a rugged, casual look, and they’re also lighter and more flexible and shearling lined inside. SO warm and cozy.

To make matters more complicated, I also have a pair of kinetic sport booties I’m considering, but they’re black, and a totally different vibe.

They will serve a different purpose in my closet, but I can’t justify two pairs in the Sandy Tan, so I need to make a choice between these two. Or order the Explorer Joan in a different color… lol!

Since I couldn’t make up my mind, I switched into my P448 sneakers to go to the orthodontist. And yes, I was cold. Also, I switched jeans because I realized there was a stain on the rag & bones.

Vince sweater S // AG jeans 28 // P448 sneakers

On Wednesday, I dressed in yet another v-neck sweater and jeans.

I know… if it’s not a hoodie and joggers, it’s a v-neck sweater and jeans.But whatever. My life these days pretty much consists of working from home and making the rounds of all my doctors and therapists, lol! At least I’m wearing makeup every day. That alone is an achievement.

This is the Nordstrom Signature cashere v-neck that I have in black, and I snagged in the olive over Black Friday weekend when it was $97. I wore this outfit to my chiropractor appointment, and then R and I ran some errands afterwards.

And again, because it is on the longer side, I made sure to pair it with black jeans and black boots, to create the illusion of longer legs.

In a weak attempt to add some variety to my life, I tried on a quilted vest, but I decided it was too cold and I ditched it for a coat. It’s a good thing I did because it was very windy, and I was freezing even in my coat.

Nordstrom Signature sweater (S) // Good American jeans (6/28) // Vince Henderson boots (8) // Andrew Marc vest (old, sorry!) // Lagos necklace & earrings

And that brings us to yesterday, when I wore this sweatshirt and jeans to go to my podiatrist for a followup visit. I really didn’t need to go, my feet are doing great for once! But he had some advice for my neck/shoulder/back situation, so I’m glad I went.

Also, it occurred to me that I rarely take a variety of shots for my daily outfits, the way I do for try-ons. I really love the fit of this top, and the way it dips just a bit in the back, plus the dolman sleeves, so I took pictures from a few different angles.

Zella pullover // Frame skinnies (similar for less) // P448 sneakers

And that’s all I’ve got! After I run, I’m off to the salon for a fresh manicure… what color should I get? I went light last time for a change, with Winter Glow, but I miss my dark, moody colors. I’m thinking Oxblood or Asphalt this time… or maybe Masquerade.

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22 Responses

  1. Do you find Frame jeans bag out on you? Do you wear your regular size? I have two pairs of Frame jeans, and while I love the look of both, I feel like they grow at least a size within an hour of putting them on. I got them at the Rack, so maybe they’re different because of that. I have thought maybe I should size down, but I’m so consistently one size, that seems wrong. I guess maybe a decent belt would help. Love those black joggers on you!

    1. So funny thing, the first Frame jeans I had – black skinnies – slid down and drove me nuts. They didn’t get baggy, they just slid down as I wore them. I finally gave them away. Got another pair of grey with some distressing, same deal. Loved the fit, but they would slide down. Finally gave them away.

      Then I got this pair, against my better judgement b/c of my issues with the other 2 pairs, but I loved the wash and couldn’t find anything else quite like it. These are awesome. I had them in the 29 and loved them and wore them a ton, and when I lost weight, they started to look big and slide down, so I got them in the 28. They fit a tad snug if anything, and never slide down.

  2. I would like a winter boots post also. I have an ugly pair of black Ugg-type boots from Lands’ End that I only use to take the dog out or to shovel snow, and a cool berry/fig pair that doesn’t go with everything. Question:  I am intrigued by a pair of white combat style boots that are not really clunky but I still wonder if they are age appropriate for a grandmother. Thoughts?
    And I like the sweater/jeans outfits. That’s how I roll, too!  Oh, and I have been waiting for your Zella stripe fuzzy top to come back in my size, and it did early this morning!  Score!  

    1. My standard answer is that it’s more about your personal style (and lifestyle and body type, etc) than age. I think if you love them and they work for your lifestyle and body type, go for it! So glad you snagged that Zella fuzzy top. You will LOVE it. Of the 3 I have, it’s the coziest and most comfortable.

  3. Love your casual, real life outfits! How do you wear cashmere around home, I ALWAYS spill on my tops when cooking, eating, etc.  Don’t you have to dry clean cashmere? Also, are vuori’s your favorite joggers? I want to get my daughter joggers for Christmas.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know, because I’m kind of a mess, but I only have to dry clean them a couple times a season. It depends on the one – some I wear more than others.

      I guess I would say my Vuori are my favorites, but I like all 3 that I have. The Vuori are slightly shorter and slimmer than the Zella. The Lululemon Align are nice, but sometimes too snug. Maybe I should have sized up tho.

  4. I would love a boot post. Also, I’ve been looking for a rain boot but all I can find are ones that weigh a lot or are not comfortable according to the reviews. Any suggestions? I have finicky feet too!

  5. I hope that Paul’s mother is doing okay and staying healthy.  I really like the outfit you put together for Thanksgiving Day.  Going to a Christmas tree farm sounds like so much fun.  That is something this GA girl has never done.  I like the Joan Explorer boot the best, between the two light colored ones.  Even though I don’t need more winter boots, I would enjoy a post on what’s popular now.  I suspect you enjoyed having your mani/pedi today.  Have a great rest of the day!

    1. Thanks, Ginger. She is well and very upbeat – that’s just the way she is. But I’m sure she’s lonely. It was really nice to see her. We all wore masks and tried not to get too close, which is weird and awkward at times, but better safe than sorry.

  6. Hi Jo Lynn, I love all your posts and this is unrelated so I apologize, but have you and your husband been in a Hallmark Christmas movie by any chance?  I was watching one the other night and there were a couple people with smaller parts that looked like you guys!  just curious…

  7. Would love a winter boots post! Enjoy all your posts to be honest…..but since I love in a cold climate, winter boots would be great. We are enjoying unusually mild weather 55-65F – yay for that! Love the Asphalt and Oxblood nail colors. Perfect for the holiday season even if we aren’t having parties and get togethers: at least you’ll be happy looking at your nails. Hope your shoulder is on the mend and you can get some time away from the computer this w/e to give it a break.

  8. Great post. I’ve adopted your uniform of jeans and sweaters. It is always looks pulled together and is easy to do if you have pieces that fit well. About the boots, I like the Explorer better. The Lennox appear to have the shearling squished and that looks uncomfortable; like slim boots with thick socks trying to get out, and the laces hurt! The Explorer are wider, but look more “cute” and cozy on the foot. With the white fur on top everything appears to “go up”, a lighter less complicated look if that makes sense.

    1. Interesting analysis! I also feel like the top of the Lennox is too narrow, and it makes the jeans look bunchy. I guess I could try with socks… but you know how lazy I am about socks, lol! The Explorer are soooo comfy without socks.

  9. Love these posts! It all seems to be about comfy and cozy these days but yet put together. I find I’m reaching for my black leggings most days just because, but do make an effort to put on jeans and a nice sweater when possible. Yes please do a boot post.. I just bought a black Colombia pair for those really messy days if we get any🤷‍♀️. Feeling too much like fall still and  not much like winter…  yet! 

  10. Thank you for this post…love it! Are the cashmere sweaters itchy? Is there a brand that’s less itchy than the others?

    1. Most aren’t but a few are. The ones I have are not, but I did try an Aqua turtleneck from Bloomies that I had to return b/c the neck was itching me. That’s unusual though.

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