What I Wore Lately Vol. 40

It’s the first Wednesday of 2021, and as usual, I’m sharing my outfits from the past week.

I’ll warn you, this week is a little, erm… repetitive. This is the time of year when it’s cold, and I’m spending a lot of time inside. I just want to be warm, cozy, and comfortable.

That means I tend to fall back on old favorites, and a lot of the items are old or low inventory, but I’ve rounded up my outfits nevertheless!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Last Wednesday, I had a workout appointment in the morning and a mani/pedi afterwards. I made a stop on the way home to exchange a Christmas gift, and then I just stayed in my workout gear for the rest of the day.

I wore my Vuori joggers with a Zella tee, and this Zella hoodie is perfect for throwing on after a workout.

My Cloud sneakers are new, I laughed when I saw Cyndi wearing this exact pair last week. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while, and I’ve tried a few pairs and returned them for various reasons, but these are keepers.

I love the color combo, and they’re very comfortable. I went with my true size 8, and they fit perfectly.

Zella tee // Vuori joggers // Zella hoodie // sneakers // Lagos earrings

Thursday was a work day for me, but it was still Christmas Break for the kids. D and C had plans with friends, and R went with me to the mall to make a return and pick up a few things for a photo shop this week.

I wore this white mock neck sweater from last year and my favorite rag & bone Cate skinnies with my Sorel Lennox booties. I love this combination of light neutrals.

When I went to the closet to pick out a coat, I was going to grab the black quilted coat I usually wear, and R suggested this one. I love how the bright color pops against the neutrals in the outfit.

old Vince sweater (teal at Nordstrom Rack) // similar rag & bone Cate skinnies // Sorel boots // REI puffer // Yurman earrings and bracelet

We stayed home on New Year’s Eve, and I worked most of the day, and then we did pizza takeout for dinner.

This sweater was from the #NSale. I almost didn’t keep it, but I had a feeling I’d enjoy having this pretty pink color in my wardrobe after the holidays. It works really well with the grey high top sneakers.

I picked up these sneakers at DSW, and they’re still well stocked in both grey and black. I love the faux fur lining, and the wedge platform gives a good bit of support for finicky feet.

Vince sweater // AG jeans // Dolce Vita wedge sneakers // similar pearl earrings

New Year’s Day was another long day at home. After I did some blog work in the morning, I was so tempted to crawl back in bed for a nap. But I looked at the weather, and it was going to be cold and rainy the next day, so I forced myself to put on running gear and go outside. I surprised myself by completing 4 miles!

When I got back, I stretched and showered and got dressed and made up, even though I had no place to go. It’s amazing what that will do for your state of mind.

I threw on this old black turtleneck with grey jeans and my P448 sneakers for the rest of the day.

This is the same turtleneck I wore in yesterday’s post with the Mother Tomcat jeans. It’s old, but I show you a close-up so you can see how it’s made.

I love the chunky ribbed cuffs and hem, but it definitely wasn’t my best choice for pairing with straight ankle jeans.

old Vince sweater (similar option) // Frame jeans // P448 sneakers // Kendra Scott earrings

We stayed home on Sunday — the roads were icy, and I really needed a down day. In the interest of keeping it real around here, I snapped this picture.

I switched from pajama pants into leggings, but that’s as far as I got. I just kept on my pajama shirt with the sweater I always throw on first thing in the mornings. It seemed close enough to a t-shirt and cardigan. 💁🏻‍♀️

old pajama/t-shirt // similar cardigan // Zella leggings // UGG slippers (more at Zappo’s)

I decided to get my act together on Monday, and I did the shower/makeup thing. I can’t remember if I ran or not… oh, wait! I had a photo shoot with Alison. After that, I switched into another sweater/jeans/sneaker combo.

Vince sweater // AG jeans // P448 sneakers // Kendra Scott earrings

And then yesterday I had a chiro appt after my workout. I just showered off and put on some makeup and left my hair in a pony.

Yes, another black sweater with my grey jeans… #sorrynotsorry This time I wore boots, and honestly, the only reason I didn’t put on my sneakers again is to try to have some semblance of variety in this post.

Also, this sweater is long, and the heeled boots help achieve a better balance. I also felt like the v-neck is a dressier style and needed a more elevated shoe… but I would also front-tuck the sweater and wear sneakers with this.

I realize most people don’t put this much thought into an outfit to wear to a doctor appointment and the grocery store, but on some level, I’m always thinking ahead to this post. Plus, I have a lot of clothes that I love, so I might as well wear them, even if I’m just working at home and going to mundane appointments.

Nordstrom Signature sweater // Frame jeans // Vince boots // Lagos earrings

I don’t see my daily uniform changing much over the next couple of months, so I may start doing these posts every other Wednesday instead of every week. Especially now that I’m not posting on Saturdays, I could use another few days a month for other types of content.

So anyway, for now, that’s a wrap! I’ll be back tomorrow with some at-home workout looks with Zella, and I’ve got a Try-On Haul planned for Friday, if I can get my act together. Otherwise, I have some outfit posts in the queue, so I might share one of those. Which would you prefer?

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53 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately Vol. 40

  1. Hey Jo-Lynne love your blog! My dog has had her teeth cleaned and when I brought her home she was a little wobbly and sleepy the rest of the day. She was back to normal the next day.

  2. I’ve been wanting some of those On Cloud sneakers and put them in my cart when Cyndi styled them last week as well. My daughter has a pair of the slip on sneakers which are super cute for running around in but I do kickboxing and need a little more support so I’m going to try them. 
    I may have asked this before but what’s your favorite sports bra for running? I’ve been on the hunt for a good high impact sports bra. 

  3. Hmm, I think I’m going to have to check out that Zella hoodie…I like that! I bought a pair of Vuori joggers, and I love them, but I kind of wish I’d sized up. After thinking about it, didn’t you size up with those? I bought a pair of the Balance joggers from Athleta and got them yesterday, and because of wishing I’d sized up in the Vuori, I sized up in the Athleta…or, actually, since I’m often between sizes, I went with the larger size. As soon as I pulled them out of the package, I was pretty sure they were going to be a little oversized, which they are. I put them on and thought, these will be fine. But by the end of the day, I wished I’d exchanged. They will be ONLY for wearing at home. However, they are super cozy and comfortable. I’m actually ordering another pair (different color) in the correct size. I love the Vuori, but they seem pretty light weight to me. This time of year, I prefer cozy.

    And I love the Try-On Hauls, but I also enjoy your outfit posts, so I’m good either way. 🙂

  4. Good morning JoLynne, 
    I love it when you are being real (your Sunday pajama top outfit) and find comfort in knowing you don’t always put makeup on or put on a social media perfect outfit. 

    Regarding your sleep issue. I’ve been working with a functional medicine doctor and now take 3-4 magnesium tablets/ day. I’ll take 1 after our evening meal and the other three about an hour before bed. It took three weeks before it kicked in, but it did and hallelujah, I am sleeping. 

    As far as posting a try-on session or the outfit in your queue; I suggest if what’s in the queue are items still available, go with that.  I love your try on sessions because I always learn from them. 

    1. I’ve been saying I need to find a functional medicine doc. My hypothyroid isn’t being treated, and I’d like to work with someone who understands and believes in IF. I now of a few, that are remote, but ideally I’d find someone in my local area.

    2. Deb…. what type of magnesium and mg amount do you take? I just started about a month ago on magnesium Gycinate 124 mg at bedtime and I thought I felt more tired and slept better. At first it dragged into my morning too that I didn’t. This type is suppose to be for sensitive people and less Mg. Other magnesium and 300 mg daily caused  bowl issues. It’s to help with my migraines. 

      1. Kathy, I  started out with NOW Magnesium Gycinate, but Dr. Jennifer Haessler (I do virtual visits with her) switched me to Magnesium Citrate 200 mg. due to lose stools and still struggling with sleep. I take 1 at dinner and 2 about an hour before bedtime. If I am still having problems I can take one more. I haven’t had to do this, but won’t hesitate if I need to. It’s really been life changing for me. 
        It did take about 3 weeks before it finally worked. 
        I hope this works for you. Not sleeping is no fun

        1. Deb….. That is funny.  I was doing 300mg. of the magnesium citrate and it was the one that caused loose stools for me, plus did nothing for my migraines. I have no trouble with magnesium glycinate so far, but taking lesser dose(124 mg). I’m not on it for sleep, but for my migraines, but have noticed I’m not waking up as early as I was before with menopause, so bonus for that.  I may need to up the dose to help my migraines.  Thanks for responding, I just didn’t know it was given for no sleep.  

  5. Hello! I’m up for trying the ON shoes! I do laugh a little before even beginning this process as I’ve tried at least nine million pairs of P448’s! I still don’t own a pair though because I think I just need to come to terms with liking them on others and being jealous!! 
    I’ve only tried ONE pair of ON’s so clearly I have many more to go before giving up 🤦‍♀️
    I vote for a try on haul or at least a pic of the GG you’ve got coming so I can get started on ordering several pairs of those as well. 
    Enjoy your day, lovely one! 

    1. You’re funny. The GG aren’t here yet, and I keep checking my tracking. 🙂 They’re in a nearby FedEx facility, so maybe today!

      I tried 3 ON before keeping these, so you may need to try a few pairs!

  6. Quite frankly, these are my favorite posts!  I like seeing what you wear on a daily basis and what pieces you actually use, rather than always seeing an idealized form of a wardrobe.  I don’t think it’s as redundant as you think it is, rather it’s realistic compared to the pressure of showing different outfit looks all the time 🙂

    1. Yeah, I used to feel pressured to do that, and I guess I still do to some extent – for variety’s sake, but now I at least wear what I want to, not what I know is in stock and might sell well. It’s a rather freeing. 🙂

    2. I agree with your comment. I love seeing the “What I Wore” outfits and I’ll second that it’s not as redundant as you think.

  7. I purchased that same red REI coat last winter & I still love it! Such a great shade of red.

    I really enjoy your ‘what I wore lately’ posts. Thanks!

  8. I’ll it again, these are my favorite post! While you really help me keep my wardrobe ready for any occasion, these post help me get more wear out of things I already have purchased. Love the ON cloud shoes!!!

  9. My previous dachshund had pretty bad breath and the vet advised a cleaning under anesthesia. He asked permission to pull any teeth that were past saving, and I agreed. When they called me, they said that they had to pull 7 teeth!  I was horrified and wondered how he would be able to eat. The vet said he would be fine, that dogs use their back teeth to eat (all the pulled teeth were in the front). I was skeptical but when he came home, he ate as normal and it never slowed him down. He was only 7 then, and lived to be 12, and he never had a problem with it. I gave him the pain medicine, but not for long, because it made him sleepy and he never seemed in pain. Anesthesia is harder in older dogs, but I am sure Savannah will be fine.
    In addition, I saw when Cyndi posted about those shoes, and I thought about it, and after seeing them on you, I went ahead and ordered them. One of the nurses at my chemo treatments always wore that brand, and I asked her about them, and she said they were so good for her feet, she no longer wore any other brand of athletic shoes. We’ll see, since everyone has different issues with their feet. 

  10. Don’t apologize for how you really dress.  I love seeing “real life” photos.  They align better with how many really live.  Not that I mind the dressed up ones either … but I like that you keep it real.  😊

    As far as your fur baby – I hope everything turns out ok.  🐶❤️ When one of our dogs had dental surgery they were just kind of “eh” the rest of the day and part of the next.  Also because of what ours had done we had to go easy on the harder food and treats for a few days.  

  11. Good luck to Savannah! Our girl was put under anesthesia and had her teeth cleaned earlier this year (none pulled this time but she had 5 pulled a couple years ago) and she was loopy for a good week afterwards. Just seemed like she was in a fog. She’s only 16 lbs and 11 years old. Hopefully Savannah will fair better! 

  12. Your outfit from Thursday when you ran to the mall with Becca.,,,What purse are you carrying. You have carried it before and I ran across it on a web site and started to purchase it and did not. Now I’m regretting it. Can you find a link to it so I can look again. To me this is the perfect size to run errands. I think it is Gucci. And YES I am the one that just donated over 50 purses to an animal shelter second hand store. So I definitely deserve this one…right??

  13. Love these real life “what I wore when….” posts.  You are keeping it real and authentic.  I love your try on hauls but if you have an outfit post ready to go for Friday, use that and will enjoy the try on session later.  I look forward to the day when we can get pedicures/ manicures here.  It is feeling like a wearying marathon under this lock down.  Can’t walk outdoors with friends anymore. My husband raises his eyes when I dress up to go grocery shopping (date night at the grocery store is getting old) but I figure I can wear joggers/ leggings only so much.  With the cold weather, it is blah here.  Sorry, my mood is blah as I read/ write this. Will end off: our dog just got sleepy after dental cleaning and napped more; nothing dramatic. 

  14. Your daily outfits look a lot like mine- but I agree, it feels good sometimes to put on makeup and do your hair just to go to the grocery store. I would prefer you not do every other Wednesday for the reason that so much gets out of stock, and at times one needs a reminder to get that clothing item or lose out. I love the try on hauls but your outfit posts are always good too.

  15. My dog just got two teeth removed in November. He actually stayed overnight because the surgery was going to take place early in the morning. I picked him up in the  afternoon and he was somewhat out of it, but ok. He came home with pain medication. He had to eat soft food fir a week. He did fantastic’ 

  16. Thanks for keeping it real. I have also been eyeing those sneakers at Nordstrom. If your between a 7.5-8 would you suggest the 8? Also in the fall I saw a Registered Holistic Nutritionist consultant with a follow up before Christmas. What a game changer! They will test and detect anything from hormones to allergies to sleeping issues.. my  results were really good but my magnesium was low which was funny  because normal blood tests always said differently. My Adrenal glands were off a bit which can make for a nasty transition into menopause( one reason I wanted this done) so not skipping meals, stress management ( exercise for me and down time) and magnesium at bedtime was recommended! I sleep so much better as the magnesium acts as a muscle relaxer! Just what I needed. Maybe look into this … good luck! Hope Savannah has a good day and is not uncomfortable. My sisters dog had teeth removed and they just dealt with bleeding
    and had down time.  our dog never had teeth removed. All the best:)

  17. We have had our cats teeth cleaned and then they had to remove some during the cleaning, under anesthesia.  They’re usually groggy the rest of the day and then fine the next.  No problems eating with less teeth.  Savannah will do great. As far as what to cover, I love all your posts.  What you wore lately is great because it’s real life for most If not all of us, especially this past year.  But I love your photo shoot outfits for ideas and more purchasing options😂
    We usually travel a lot but obviously couldn’t lately, so will be looking for outfit ideas later this year that pack well.  We can dream! Give Savannah lots of hugs when you get here back.

  18. I like try on hauls and outfit post so which ever works best for you.  Remember you need to do the pace that works best for you this new year. I too struggle with making myself dress, put on make up etc if just going to stay home all day. I end up in leggings so often with a closet full of clothes to wear. I miss social and just going to a mall… face mask free to roam and shop for fun. Thanks for sharing your what I wore. It motivated me to dress some more. 

  19. Savannah will probably be tired and a bit out of it (from the anesthesia.) She will be back to normal the next day.
    I love the try-on posts. Your outfits give me ideas from what I have in my closet. I need to start thinking about how to make an outfit. I never think it through, and that is probably why I don’t like some of my outfits. I like the pieces, but I don’t know how to put them together. And I never remember the 1/3 2/3 idea. For now, I just put on my work-out/yoga pants, a comfortable top (not sweater) and maybe a cardigan. Then I am ready for getting on the yoga mat and our walk. If I have to change, I am more apt to postpone. Since I am not going out at all, working at the computer, and then doing some purging/organizing/packing, I don’t want to dress in something nicer (and have it get messed up with the housework.

  20. Becca made a great suggestion regarding wearing a bright colored puffer jacket to the mall!  If you can put together a try-on haul for Friday, that would be great.  However, I know that trying on so many outfits is very time consuming, so I’m okay if you share outfit looks that have already been photographed.  The wedge sneakers from DSW are awesome.  How is your neck/arm pain doing?  In regards to my jean jacket, I have the good one that you have and the fit is very feminine.  I really want to like it, but if I don’t start wearing it by early Spring, it will no longer have a place in my closet.  I hope you are having a great day!

    1. Thanks for asking, it’s sort of better, but not 100% b/c I keep working, lol. My neck and back are fine now. Arm still bothers me some but this chiro works wonders with active release. I love how my new Apple watch tells me when I need to stand up and move around. I think it’s helping me not stay in the same position so long.

  21. I love seeing and hearing about what you actually wear.  I agree it makes sense to go every other week. I have some go to outfits too, I can relate. It was so good for me to hear it helps you to get dressed and put make up on! Very encouraging reminder.

  22. Yes, your dog will need some nursing. My dog had dental surgery a couple of years ago and he was just pitiful when I picked him up from the vets office. He had his back teeth removed. It took him a few days to get back to normal. I wanted to take off work to look after him, but my husband thought that was going a little too far. Did go home and check on him at lunch and the funny thing: my husband did the same thing!!!!

  23. I take 500 mg of magnesium every evening as per my doctor’s recommendation. You need to consistent. My BFF takes melatonin and finds that helps her sleep. I had no results with melatonin so I guess it’s trial and error. We are all so different. 

     Do you always wear sneakers in the house? I’m a bare foot kinda girl. My feet do get sore sometimes from walking on hardwood though. 

      1. Oh, and I had blood tests which showed my B12 was really low. My doctor called and said no wonder I don’t sleep well. I’ve since started taking it every night under my tongue. 

  24. Jo-Lynne – Love the black turtle neck with the grey jeans – much better than the turtle neck paired with the jeans from yesterday’s post 🙂

  25. PS. You must wear the REI puffer more often. The color is great on you and just added so much to the outfit. Good call for Becca. :). 

  26. Would love a Zella post!  BTW, I went through menopause over the past year or so (I’m 52), and have been experiencing the same issues with sleep as you recently described. I’ve finally just started getting up to read until I’m sleepy and can easily doze back off. Before, I’ve spent many EARLY, EARLY mornings just lying there getting frustrated. 😬

  27. I am expecting the same sneakers in a citron color (Zappos) tomorrow, so I hope I like the color. I wanted something bright & fun for Jan/Feb and beyond. Love those Vince boots, may have to get the gray since their sold out in my size in black! You look great for doing errands!

  28. Could you explain why the chunky sweater was not a good choice for your gray jeans? Love your easy outfit combos! Laurie

  29. Our Shit-poo has had many dental cleanings with teeth being pulled.  It is not much trauma at all. She will sleep more and may not eat evening meal. The only issue we have ever had is her not being out from anethisea long enough. Make sure she is awake otherwise she will not realize she needs to go to bathroom. Lol

  30. Every year we get to February and I start wishing I had a more brightly colored coat to counteract all the late-winter BLAH. I really love the color of your REI puffer, and you’ve inspired me to restart the search for something I love.

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